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  1. Probably not gonna happen unless they make a PS5 port in the future, but I wouldn't count on it. Downgrading the game is super easy if it bothers you that much, and the comrades dlc does not take long at all to get through if you know what you're doing
  2. Top 3 Persona 5: 113 hrs Trails of Cold Steel: 89 hrs Rayman Legends 85 hrs Hours Played 217 Days | 1014 hrs | 9 hrs streak 5 34 124 512 Proud of my games listed for the top 3. Though seeing how many hours i spent on rayman legends is starting to give me flashbacks about the painful daily challenge grind lol. My actual longest streak is probably over 9 hours thanks to the FF15 Comrades DLC, which I had to play entirely offline, I hated that shit 😒 Stats aren't that impressive but im happy that I got a lot of annoying multiplayer trophies out of the way.
  3. Looks like a simple list, probably a decent amount of grinding. Im glad to see a dragon ball game with a single player focus again. I played the hell out of the legacy of goku games on the GBA
  4. I bought a JP vita brand new on amazon for around 300 last September. You can get it cheaper if you don't mind used stuff, but i personally recommend paying extra for new when it comes to gaming hardware.
  5. Yeah you probably wont get the new trophy list. that'd be wild lol.
  6. Then I think you'll be able to buy the PS4 version on PSN for a reduced price. Not sure what it would be though.
  7. If you are already an owner of UNIST, then you get the UNICLR update for free. The only thing you would have to pay for is the new character.
  8. So I would have to go through survival on easy, normal, and hard for all 40 characters right?
  9. So now that champion edition is out, did FM end up getting nerfed again? Wondering if it's worth starting this game on ps4 for the plat. Been playing this on PC mostly.
  10. yes, you'll be able to get the trophies offline. i started playing it recently too
  11. A fair warning, the anime is not great lol. While it does wrap up events of the first 2 games, imo it's skippable. If you really get into the lore, I recommend just looking up what happens instead of wasting time with the anime
  12. please god let there be a localization
  13. It would probably pretty hard to do with the lag that comes with share play. the controls are already awful as it is lol. Just keep practicing and you'll get it eventually. You do kind of have to get lucky when it comes to the spaceships though, so try not to feel too bad about messing up. Some just fly across the screen super fast, while sometimes they cut you a break and move slowly, or even just hang around one area. I guess one tip I can give is instead of letting the stick go back to neutral every time you shoot the slingshot, keep holding the stick and slowly keep adjusting it from the position you shot it. That way you can get a better idea of where you are in terms of accuracy.
  14. The slingshot mini game is so ass. Can't hit the spaceships to save my life
  15. Trophy didn't pop for me, so its still glitched as of this date. Really did not want to do a second play through lol Edit- Got the trophy to pop on the second run. I ignored the red scrolls and crystals the whole time. Collected all the blue scrolls that are available before unlocking the fragment chapter. After beating the fragment chapter I went to talk to the leaf ninja in the Hokage's mansion, and pressed the see story view list button. Then after that I went to collect the 8 blue scrolls that are from the fragment chapter. Talked to the leaf ninja again and the trophy popped. I still don't know what exactly causes this glitch, and why deleting your save data and ignoring red scrolls/crystals would work exactly, but whatever. Unfortunately I cant guarantee that this works 100% but I think its worth at least a second run. It took me about 7 hours.