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  1. Well i always use those 45 degree turning options if there are. I remember doing that stardust ultra , and i had to close my eyes when turning, and that last vr trophy was insane for me to complete. It was my very first vr i think, and i was sweating and had to lie down on the couch for like 6 hours, even felt sick the entire day
  2. Topic. I can maximum play 1 hour at the time here, and inget really sick from these free movement games, such a shame…. Blood and truth was the perfect game for me with only tiny bit sickness.
  3. I think you are right. I dont think you can even level up offline, due to the game online feature, i may be wrong though. I was worried a bit but i plat the game in 2 months and 1 week, which isnt too long for such a grind
  4. Super luckys tale was a major success, this is the kind of game which really is manageble for kids. She started it on my a cound once and i got the trophy after watching the intro. Although the plat is 51% rate is was not that easy. I would even say 5 of 10 or so
  5. Kindda confised here, i thought wrigglemania no hit was that final boss…. Guess i did him no hit for no readon then…
  6. Yea hehe, i guess it wount be gran turismo 5 kindda hard, but i read at pstrophies that there was one of the trophies that is pretty hard, something about not getting hit.
  7. My girl started this game on my profile since the user login code was disabled, and now im in for a game i absolutely did not want to play….and whats sad is that a trophy popped just for seeing the intro video. Oh well, hopefully there are none glitched trophies… is this game any fun btw?
  8. We both love sackboy, its on an entire other level then littlebigplanet, we played 3 levels today and we both enjoy. I also have the platinum, which was quite hard to to the knight challenge.
  9. Never thought on kingdom hearts 3, i will show her, or get the demo if there is one
  10. Not really, i beat last level on extreme on second try, its all about using your powers on one enemy and then shoot then next. The only annoying part is those flying mines. In last level, save the shotgun for an easy wave of 5 flying mines. I had more trouble with training due to i thought the balls could not hit ceiling or floor, and i found that out at wave 50! although a fantastic VR EXPERIENCE!!
  11. Well i watched a video that someone gets sick from it. And im quite sensitive, which sucks. I even ger a bit sick in resident evil 7, so this free moving is not good for me, its okay when you move stright. But whenever you need to turn corners im done for, and it makes me sick for hours after playing.
  12. How is the motion sickness factor in this game. I just about to get 100% for «blood & truth» and didnt have much issues here. But is walking dead a free walk vr game or is it similar to blood & truth
  13. The second one is the easiest! By far!
  14. These two trophies wont unlock for me for some reason when im doing them in chapter select. Any ideas. I try also to combine them so while i have the middle finger up i shoot him in the balls. Also his leg is a bit in the way, but i clearly shot him in that area. Anyone know if these two trophies are glitched. Edit: you need to shoot him in the head. For below the belt it worked for me when aiming upwards while crouching in the floor in my living room.
  15. Did you find answer? Can you play chapter select for this one? Edit: i can answer this myself. You cannot do it on chapter select! Found out the hard way. Hard mode was very easy, but i tend to get a bit motion sich when i move vertically or sideways when looking stright.