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  1. Oh man, i thought i was almost done when i hit lvl150. But im at stage 22 on this solosseum, and i know i will have my hands full, i almost havent seen any ingots, so i guess i will be playing 1000 rounds here
  2. Im well into the regular superhot now, beat the game and both of the speedruns. I can confirm the speedruns here are 10x easier then the vr! But the real time speedrun took me a few hours though, due to annoying aiming with the analog, glad its done. But i felt an advantage having played the vr version
  3. Thank you, i got the regular one as well, is it easier or harder?
  4. This was a blast. What need to know going for the platinum First off i want to say that this was an amazing experience. At first the game okay, but after you learn the levels and the mechanics, it become an must play vr experience! The game itself and its trophies dont really need an guide as the trophies are very strightforward. If you are someone who only dives into a game if you are confident that you are able to platinum it, the low % may put you off. I wont say the trophies are easy, quite the opposite. For example when i first played the game i must have died 30+ times and used most likely 1h30min. And reading that you need to complete the game in 10minutes in real time, may be very tough. But after 5days i got the platinum and i can encourage you that its very doable, but you must put some effort into it. I was about to give up at 2 levels of game time speedruns, due to the requirement time being hillarious, which force to to throw two objects at one and being pretty much perfect(and throwing with left hand sucks....). The 10 min trophy was easy enough, took 3-4 tries only, and i died once, with the time ar 9.16, so guess you can screw up and still get it. At the end it all comes down to getting used to the game and knowing the pattern for each level, which are not that many. Over to some ratings: Overall rating: 9/10 - amazing VR title! Time to plat 15-20 hours - depending a lot by skill. Difficulty to plat: 8/10 - hard but doable for most!
  5. I found the real time to be quite easy, did them all in one go, but for those game time there was two levels which were horrible.... but i finally got my platinum in 5 days 16h, went better then expected
  6. After completing no death challenge this only took like 3-4 tries. But i see the two other speedruns has lower %.... that kindda worries me... cannot give up now!
  7. Guess im lucky, only had to grind 7 hours. But i just went and SS ranked everything in hard easy and normal, just to improve something, and alwalys playing at faster speed, was very nice. I still think i will be playing this game. Its fun and its a great workout
  8. 5-8 hors, it all comes down to champion difficulty. The rest can be done extremely fast. My move controllers vere not tracking correctly, so it made me hit soft when i did full swings etc. Rihno was the dont really difficult one for me
  9. And 1,5 hours later i got 233000 points an SS. Only have 6 hours of gameplay so far
  10. Anyone want to join me in a quick multiplayer match for the trophy? id: Megaman80
  11. I would like someone to join me in for that authentic plus trophy. at this point i only got the monastary level. (The one with the big castle at the end). Im very dedicated
  12. It was very easy. Got - 20 etc in all courses but that reg cup is pretty tough, got +3 on my first run on dino 18h
  13. hmm okay. then this should be quite doable. But where trophy say you need to do under par in every hold it should mean in both modes?
  14. Do anyone know if tornado cup works on the under par in 18H trophy and birdie in every hole? i went for it, and it seem very hard, but have -5 in 9 out in my 1st try, but putting is horrible