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  1. Did you ever find out?
  2. Do these show up as a icon when you find them? Glyps for exapmle. I recall i saw a small white triangle when finding it. But do these show up on the map either way? found out that they show as blue triangles.
  3. Nice to see som old names from the golfing comunity. Kind of hoping for a new hsg on the PS5, that would be freaking amazing, and bring back advance shots like they were on the ps3. I didnt like the way the previous game was, everything for distance. I just liked Anya with S in control and spin Another usefull tip: Make sure you always play the last course you have unlocked when playing VS matches. This always give you the most ammount of exp.
  4. Well wort being in ps extra
  5. Damn, its a shame that the game will require a great team to finish. Hopefully its manageble to get together a good enough team in psn profiles, but i hate to have a 100% tropylist locked behind getting help and dedication from others
  6. Topic. Wanting to start this game, and are really curious if the raids are as difficult as the division 2 raids. And is it possible to do it without a dedicated team.
  7. Well its not very smart to just think like that. The way i hoped it was is as long as you have ps extra you could play the games added to library. The same way ps+ was. But offcourse you need to have ps extra activated
  8. Would it be a good move to add all the games from ps extra and premium as they might switch out the games so that some which is free now, might not be free next year. what are you guys thinking?
  9. I think it was the continue that did the trick.
  10. Anyone else having problems with games running like crap. The intro was quite laggy, and the gameplay was not too crisp either. Havent really tried this out much. And is there any reason they could not allow to download the games locally
  11. I tried to stream this game on a 500/500mbit connection at my ps5. It runs terrible. Is there any way to download these classics? i really want to platinum it, but cannot play like it is now…
  12. Is rodger dodger glitched? i was racing and using the brake to stay safe for 30 min of so and did not see the slow down sign at all. do i need to wipe my savefile and have 20 min of fresh play to get the trophy, or does it need to be in the dlc tracks? Edit: found out it needed to be done in survival mode,
  13. After around 26k kills im deleting this game from my blank accound. What a shame. Just missing the 8k kills trophy. And i just wasted 10-15 hours on that one trophy that just glitched over and over for me….. tried downgrading to 1.00 and playing once on ps4 and twice on ps5, nothing! game over!
  14. I played trough the sets several times, and doing the 8000 kills twice. Eventually i got all the sets trophies after wiping the savefile several times. The one that is a pain is the 8k kills, i have done it twice now, and it just wont unlock. I might try a third time and then delete the game. Glad i did this on a blank account, just hate those glitch trophies. i even go as far as to downgrade to version 1.00 to se it that would help
  15. I have grinding level 4 and 18 about 6 hours, and still havent got the 100 kills….. started pressing cotinue instead of retry, hope that works better any ideas? I did quite a few rounds more where i pressed continue instead of retry. and got it!