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  1. well, i really regret starting this game as i thought it was going to be an easy and quick 100%. at first it seemed very hard, but as i get used to the controls and such it got a lot easier. Good thing to notice is that you dont have to complete all levels in world 4 just get to the last level and complete it for the final trophy! Overall difficulty i would say 5 or 6 out of 10. And im sure a lot of people say its like 1 of 10, and thats just to boost their own ego. Im sure som people would bump this to a 7 or 8 even it they are not good at those arcade jumpers.
  2. True i have never used manual in a racing game and i have platinum at difficult racing games such at GT sports, GT5 and wipeout HD.
  3. So it seem like i only have to to the break skill "R2" many times in a row with high soul count and it will happen. will try when i get her back in NG+. Just started new round with all those goodies.
  4. hi again, yes but what wxcactly trigget her to use TD? Does she need to have enemies cast all 4 types of element toward her or what?
  5. Hi, i already completed all mystic arts except the dual ones this was, but i have no clue how to pull off the "Tetra Detonator" for that silver trophy.... that is what i need help with. i did all the breaking abilities, but trophy description is unclear if i need to pull off those other attact types like "Tetra Detonator" and such.
  6. Hi how can you do "Magilou's Tetra Detonator" thats the only one im missing. and i have no clue on how to activate it...
  7. oh well getting the "Ultimate edition" cose me around 10 bucks extra.
  8. Oh, good to know. Its not the game itself then
  9. Have tried friday and saturday. No luck. We were going to finish the last 2 missions of authentic coop today....
  10. no way, i just started the ultimate edition and it is not complete? can i apply the season pass to the ultimate edition?
  11. thank you that made it very clear.
  12. Do i understand correctly if i play solo then switch difficulty at the very last checkpoint it register all previous chapters as SE? The game as i see it you can do any chapters in random order, aand it register 1,2 or 3 starts after each time.
  13. still obtainable? and are there anyone willing to do all online stuff, and Authentic?
  14. I can guarantee you that getting platinum in G6 will not be an issue for you. I got platinum in this in 2020. at first winning online races seemed impossibe, but after getting to know a track racing for pole pocition before racing the race for about 1-3 hours, you will become one of the first starters and most likely be among the favorites. The way i did it was that my first "in-game" gold trophy was lap time on Nurburgring and a week or so after doing that the online weekly race was Nurburgring (my favorite course), and i had like 60 wins out of the 91 you needed that first week of online. The trick there was to get a great training time and then just dont mess up for an entire lap, that way no one can play dirty due to the track only being 1 lap. and the lap course requirements in GTS are nothing compared to GT5 nurburgring(which took me 12 hours non-stop driving after practicing a lot). grand tour, lambo and red bull.. To sum it up: There is a handfull of difficult races that most could handle and the onling is just about investing enough time in. Online i would recommend going har when you like the track.
  15. 1. Warhawk - 0,32% 2. Gran Turismo 5 - 0,60% 3. SuperHot VR - 0,67% 4. Bafflefield: Bad Company - 0,75% 5. Gran Turismo Sport - 0,87% (just short, Wipeout HD 1,01%)