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  1. :platinum:#192 - The Evil Within 2

    A great sequel in terms of gameplay and continuation of the story to Evil Within. Not so great on the actual story itself. Not as much mystery, not much background to people and less intimidating antagonists. It's still a solid sequel. I'd highly recommend playing the first game if you wanted to jump into this universe. Stating the obvious sure but it just will make you appreciate the story more and it will fill in some holes.

    So the next game will be something a little different. Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter.. That will be platinum #193. I did give @Mayellie the option of 5 games to choose from to be my next platinum since I was little stuck on what to chose. Of course, she chose the 6th option and that's where we're at with the next platinum. :P So thank you😂

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    2. Fox


      Thank you everyone :) 

    3. Mayellie


      Hey, I think you'd enjoy playing Detective Fox for a while. It's actually a pretty good game with neat cases. The other 5 games can wait! Congratulations. xD

    4. Fox


      Well, it better be. I'm trusting you right now! :P  Detective Fox though? I quite like the sound of that.😂

  2. The Evil Within 2 #192 Learn to Survive Time to Platinum: 20 hours | Difficulty: 4/10 | Enjoyment: 9/10 Overview This is going to be really bland overview honestly. You can't really say much without spoilers so I'll be brief as possible. Set 3 years after the first game. The main protagonist Sebastian Castellanos now drunk and quitting the police force gets approached in a bar by an old friend he was looking for. Turns out this person needs Sebastians help finding someone in a certain place. When he finds out who it is, he has absolutely no trouble going back to it. This said place, was under control but had recent started to change. Similar to the first game by someone who has certain abilities. What he finds inside sets in motion quite a number of events. I honestly, hope that made sense. It's so hard to not say spoilers about this game. Especially consider the first one is heavily involved still. For those of you that have played it though. You'll understand what I mean. Gameplay Not much has changed from the first game honestly. Everything just feels a ton smoother. There's more variety with your upgrades, more variety with guns and you can do side quests and stuff now. I think there literally is about 3 but there's some all the same. The first game was heavily linear, due to how it worked and it made sense. Game of it's time as well I guess but this one is a lot more open. You have a lot more freedom to explore and essentially do what you want if you want to. The game probably encourages a lot more stealth now to I'd say. Some sections can be really tough if you don't stealth kill some enemies. Overall gameplay is massively better in the second game. A lot more variety, smoother and I'm always up for a more open game. Characters Going to be brief on this one to really without being too spoilery. Sebastian is the main character. He's been through hell twice. I think a character says it to him right at the end of the game. It's actually really sad to. It won't mean much to you if you haven't played the games but he literally has. Sebastian literally needs a break man. Some of the shit he's seen and done. Haunt your dreams. There's also Kidman. Who is a returning character, she was rather absent in the first game. DLC explains why which I hated. Pretty sure I wrote about that in the EW post I made. I hate when they force important story into DLC. Anyway, she's back this time and her relationship with Sebastian isn't all that great at the start but as things unravel and things make sense they get on. The rest of the characters are all side people with a few lines. The antagonists in this game aren't really as intimidating as Ruvik and yeah. It's hard to say anything because it's too spoilery. Just know they aren't as intimidating as the first games antagonist. Not even close. Trophies Trophies are pretty simple honestly. There's chapter specific ones where you have to do certain actions in certain chapters. None at all are hard to do to be honest. Just have to remember to do them. Misc are the same, isn't that many but it's stuff like kill 3 enemies while they are in upgraded smoke bolts. Shock enemies with shock bolts while they're in water. Stomp 15 enemies, not too hard honestly. The rest are for collectibles and fully upgrading. You can't fully upgrade on your first playthrough as you need 1 more red gel and about 3-4 high grade weapon upgrades. So honestly you can't fully upgrade for basically two playthroughs. One full playthrough without missing anything and then up to chapter 11 when you get the last high grade weapon upgrade. So that's basically two full playthroughs. Then, we have Classic mode. Which is basically your limited save run. So three playthroughs essentially. The reason I put 4 as the difficulty instead of higher is mainly because I played through the first playthrough without any of the in game cheats. It wasn't easy and it was a nice challenge to get through. Then I put them on during NG+ to blitz through. On my classic run I got to about half way through and the decided to switch them on for the rest of the game. I already had done 2 and half playthroughs so decided to just run through with the cheats enabled and get through it. I couldn't even call that a challenge. You can essentially put cheats on for all trophies and make this a super quick, easy platinum but I went for the fun route first of no cheats on playthrough one. It would of been a 6 or a 7 otherwise. Conclussion Overall, it's a pretty solid sequel in terms of continuation of the story and wrapping up some loose ends. Gameplay had improved massively and it was really enjoyable. The only downside to this game and even though I said it's a solid sequel. It's still not as good as the first one. For a horror game there literally was only an hour or two worth of scares at the start of the game. I think that's to keep people intrigued and then it becomes just weird honestly. The story just isn't as solid and I think it's mainly due to how weak the antagonists are in comparison to Ruvik. He was intimidating. He had a back story and his reasoning behind his actions were there. This time, not so much. A guy with a camera fetish and I'm not going to continue because it will ruin it. I'll put it in a spoiler if you want to see or already know. In comparison to the first game the story had mystery and what have you. The continuation after a certain death I had no idea about and was genuinely interested. Turns out to be meh because not intimidating. Still, a great game to play and go for the platinum. Especially those interested in horror games or the Evil Within universe. I highly recommend playing this series but I do warn you. Please, play the first game if you do. It makes everything make sense and you'll probably enjoy it more but still you'll enjoy this one to.
  3. :platinum:191 - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


    I don't know what it is about this series but it's literally one of my favourites. The whole setting, the conspiracy theories, the secrets, the gameplay, the characters. It's all interesting and keeps me interested the whole way through. The amount of freedom in this game is brilliant to. It's a nice change of pace where you can actually do what you want for the most part. So many options to do with upgrades, your personality. How you want people to treat you. 

    The only issue with the game is the abrupt end. When it started to get deeper down the rabbit hole the game just stops. I hope there's a conclusion to the Jensen story. Who is also one of the best protagonists in a game created in my opinion.


    The game on the store at the minute is really cheap so if it takes your interest. I'd pick it up. It's a nice little warm up for Cyberpunk 2077 I'd say. :P 

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    2. chiino82


      Great games!  

    3. Mayellie


      Well then, how come you've never mentioned it's so good?! Sounds like I'll need to keep it in mind. Congrats. xD

    4. Fox


      Thank you everyone :) 

      @ihadalifeb4this an absolute must for all stealth fans honestly!

      @Mayellie I'll write you up something for it later.😂 Then, I expect you to start it up and play it. Get you on the Deus Ex train. :P 

  4. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided #191 #CantKillProgress Time to platinum: 30 hours | Difficulty: 5/10 | Enjoyment: 10/10 Overview Set 2 years after the events of the first game. (Not even going to mention what happens, Human Revolution is worth picking up) The world is now at an imbalance. Humans and Augs don't so much live in harmony anymore and augs are treated like animals. You play as Adam Jensen. A badass person who had no choice but to get augmented because of the first game. You start in Dubai as basically a prologue mission which introduces you to the world of Deus Ex and the aftermath of the first game. Shortly after returning to Prague where his HQ is situated. A bombing happens in a train station when he just arrives home. Your job is track down the people who make the bomb but the closer you get the more you unravel about the real enemies, why they are doing it and the kind of power they have in the world. Your job is to try and stop it. Gameplay Gameplay is brilliant, there are so many different ways to approach this game. You can stealth the whole game without being seen, you can go in all guns blazing. The freedom is there for you. You can kill everyone or kill no one. I always try and take a stealth and pacifist way if I can as I feel it's much more rewarding that way. Killing people may result in other people being angry and not helping in certain situations. You are one in a billion in terms of your abilities. The reason why is story related but that means it's better for us to. You can literally have different upgrades that help you in any situation. You can upgrade a cloak to make you invisible. You can upgrade hacking to make getting through doors and everything easier. Silent footprints. Punch through walls. There is so many different combinations you can have in this game to make it suit your playstyle and that's what makes this game really good in my opinion. Anything you want to do, you can do. The games situated into main missions and side missions and the side missions are quite lengthy in terms of side missions and they have interesting back stories for each of them. Characters I guess there really is one consistent character in the game and that's the main protagonist Adam Jensen. You can have him be however you want him to be as there is dialogue options. You can be a dick, you can be sympathetic, blunt, focused on mission. Anything you want to be. In my opinion Adam Jensen is one of the best protagonists around. He really is one of the best.I think as a character he's very underrated and should get a lot more praise than he does. He's got a superb and unique voice actor to which really works. I know that's really brief but because there's a lot of choices to how you want to be there isn't much to say on his actual personality because it's your choice. I found being sympathetic and reasonable half the time would give you the best rewards. He's very smart as well so it helps a lot. He even says he was part of the debate team in high school so he knows how to talk to people. The rest are side characters and honestly are only their for support with no backstory really. Miller is your boss, he just wants constant results. Not a bad guy just gets hounded by his bosses. Alex, she's basically your hacker friend. Gives you information and support but not much else to her. She's pretty monotone. The rest aren't worth mentioning because there's nothing to say on them. It's mainly them 3 for the whole game. Trophies Trophies in this game are really fun honestly. It makes you play the game pretty differently. Although, you can play the game however you want to do and going around killing everybody and rushing the whole thing is there to do. The trophies are rewarded for being a lot more stealthy and not killing anyone. That's what you want to do when going for this platinum. You do have to play through the game twice but that's honestly not a bad thing. The first time you want to play on easy or whatever you want to do. Going through without killing anyone and trying to not get an alarm state. You can save whenever you want in this game so if you fail you can reload a save. So it's not too bad. The second playthrough you have to play on Hard mode which is a perma death mode. If you die once, your save file deletes itself and you have to start again. The work around is constantly saving and going for a stealth playthrough without setting any alarms. The rest are mainly related to side missions and the rest are breach. A MP mode which was a good idea, just got boring really fast and there was literally nothing rewarding about it honestly and to be fair it wasn't the easiest thing to do. Also, this game is one of the rare instances where trophy images are really cool as well as the names of the trophies. There's a trophy for getting no alarms called "Foxiest of the Hounds" a nice little homage to Metal Gear Solid. My account as well, which was actually named after Gray Fox and not the animal but it's kinda turned into that. I blame one person and I know she'll read this. hahah Conclussion The game is brilliant, the whole setting is perfect and it's a nice little warm up for Cyberpunk 2077 honestly. I can imagine the games will feel similar in terms of technology and abilities and stuff but Cyberpunk is going to be much more massive. I think the game series in my opinion is underrated. I think the bad marketing they did with this game though is what ruined it for them. If they didn't try and force DLC into it and if they didn't stop this game literally halfway through it could of been great. That's my literal only issue with this game. Just when things open up and get a lot more interesting the game just ends. It feels like a halfway point and I wish they expanded on it a little more. Choices matter in this game and you can play however you want. Great characters and overlying story. I'd honestly give it a buy if you haven't already. It's literally like £4 on the store at the minute and worth getting.
  5. Luckily or unluckily, however you want to view it. We're not the only ones. I'm sure everything with be cleared up in no time. Thanks for saying though otherwise I would of sat here wondering if it was just me.
  6. I don't know if this is the right place to post thing but I'm just thinking maybe due to the update but on my profile it's saying I've completed my recent game at 100% with 33 out of 35 trophies completed. Just wondering if that's down to the maintenance? I doubt anyone really knows but it's a little weird. I'll try earning a trophy later on and then seeing if it changes when Slys worked his magic.
  7. I just got the update and it jumped from level 39, 67% to level 501. 42%. Still not convinced it's absolutely necessary and the having such a big number so easy kinda feels cheap the more I see it. Ahh well, I'll get over it. Road to level 600 has begun😅
  8. :platinum:#190 - Mad Max


    Not going to be everyone's idea of a great time. It's a fun game though and should be given a try. Everyone in this game is absolutely mad, pun intended and everything. There literally is no better way to describe it all. 


    The game does get very repetitive and can become a bit stale but for the most part the game is solid. I'd go as far to say underrated. Liked it when it first came out and still like it now.

    Server closure is coming up soon so if you want to get the scrap challenges done ASAP get it done now and then you can enjoy the game at your pace. If anyone needs to know a few tips and tricks to make some things easier let me know.

  9. Mad Max #190 Halls of Valhalla Time to Platinum: 96 hours 21 minutes | Difficulty: 5/10 | Enjoyment: 9/10 Overview Okay so this game you start off in the big nothing or close to it. A term for most people in this apocalyptic wasteland to stay away from. You play as Max a man hellbent on just calling it a day as peacefully as he can. You start off driving his car black on black and having a fight. Unfortunately this fight takes a toll on Max. He loses his car, becomes injured and gets left for dead in the desert. He awakes to a dog licking his face and struggling to find some water. Soon after he meets Chumbucket. Someone who see's worth in Max and more importantly a car. He constantly refers to max as a saint and his car an angel. You two make a pact to build the best car so Max can drive it out into the big nothing. Essentially this game is about building a car but there's a lot more to it than that. It's quite hard to explain what his intentions are without giving away any details and the like. So that's the best way I could try to explain it. Gameplay Okay so gameplay there isn't anything too fancy or technical about it honestly and there's where it shines for me. It's simplicity is what make it a good game. You could say it follows what most companies do with their games these days. Big open map, get something from one point, destroy this camp, kill this boss etc etc. Not necessarily a bad thing but the thing about Mad Max is that it's good and fun to play BUT it does get very very repetitive fast. You essentially do the same thing over and over. Max is a very quiet person so when driving around or in combat or anything he barely says anything and there's not much of a soundtrack to go with it. So in a sense you could say with all these things happening it does kinda still feel empty in some aspects. The combat you could refer it to the batman formula. Not as technically and precise as that but still a good, more realistic take on it. You can fight, reverse attacks, use your shotgun, parry weapons, use shivs etc. Combat is one of the best things about the game but sometimes it does feel a little broken when doing stuff. Driving is simple really, you can customise your car however you want and you have to do missions or clear our camps to get the parts you need to upgrade strongholds and car upgrades and stuff. It's a very simple game but it works really well. Characters There isn't much to say honestly about characters because there isn't really any meaningful dialogue bar the story and it's only a couple of people. Max is a very quiet and reserved person. Not so much in the fact he's shy but because he's probably got more sense than anyone in the game although he's emotionally mush. He has no regard for anything and in this world that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Every person you come across is batshit crazy and it makes sense for what the world is. Max is the most sane insane person there is and that's whats always made him unique in the films and the games. Chumbucket honestly, the best way to describe him is a technically gifted Gollum. The Magnum Opus is his precious and he will do anything for it to be safe and in a working condition. He's your companion for most of the game and he probably talks most than anyone. Mainly just commenting on convoys approaching, any enemies, max leaving the car etc. I guess you could count Hope has semi normal but she wanted to marry Max within the first like minute of meeting him. So I guess not, she could tell he was different and she was right. The other characters at the strongholds and the enemies are quite unique but they don't have much to say other than they are batshit crazy. Fun to see Yuri play Stank Gum though. Trophies For the most part, trophies are really simple. Most of them are for collection and doing everything along with story missions. The main one you will have a problem with and it's not so much of a problem if you keep on top of it and try to get them done as soon as you possibly can is all of the challenge tropheis for Up to the Task. The Combat ones are completely fine and so are the wasteland ones but there are reports that some camps when completed dont count towards the tracker on the game so the best advice I can give and this is what I did to counter that is after every 2 scavenger locations I saved over the two next autosave slots and kept repeating and repeating. That way if a camp did not register I did not have far to go back and could just do it again but thankfully I had absolutely no issues with this game. The platinum will soon be unobtainable due to a challenge in the wasteland category which needs you to gather 500 and then 2000 scrap from scrap crews while being offline and off the game. The developers/publishers are soon closing the servers so those challenges will not be able to completed which means that the platinum will be unobtainable due to not being able to get every task completed. Other than the challenges the trophies are all pretty easy. They just take a long long time. Conclussion If you want this platinum you will have to start it soon. The severs go down at the end of this month (October, 2020) You will need to sink some hours in to even get the scrap crews and then you have to wait patiently offline by playing other stuff so it is doable in the future that should be your main priority now if you don't want to miss out on the platinum. I've had this game for years on my playstation and I hadn't planned on starting it just yet. I played it on Xbox when it first came out and I really enjoyed it then. I wasn't an achievement hunter or anything as much as I am now so I did more this time around. It's a game I really like. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea and it's always going to be one of the games that is either loved or hated. Cult Classic maybe? is that the right term? Just like the movies I guess. Some great ideas and the like, the only issue is that it gets really repetitive. I hope there's a sequel to the game because it kinda ended open ended. Things happened in the story that made Max angry and not do some stuff so would be nice to see what kind of sequel they could come up with. I doubt it though.
  10. Out of the reported changes and rumours, this one is the most needed in my opinion. Tracking that trophy you think has glitched or if you're worried you missed a collectible is going to be really really handy. I doubt they'll add it to the older PS4 games that you can play on the new system but with every PS5 game it will be great for everyone.
  11. Honestly, your list is a mess. I've played this game enough so I thought maybe I'd have some input that could help but there's honestly no helping this case. The way you earned everything just isn't possible.
  12. Hmm not sure if I like the idea of this honestly. Nothing really needed to change, Sony just needed to implement levels 100+ and it would of been okay to leave alone. I wonder how this is going to work honestly. Should be interesting to see.
  13. Will be interesting to see if they add any trophies related to this "Raid" I'm tired of raids. I don't mind what they add though to be honest. I wasn't expecting to jump back in so soon but take out clearing the map, side missions, complete admiration of the landscape and I don't think the NG+ will be that bad. Maybe unwanted by a lot of people but still. Guess we'll find out on the 16th.
  14. :platinum: #187 - Dead Island: Definitive Edition


    Not the most story savvy game out there but it's still a ton of fun smashing up Zombies with a wide variety of different weapons. It's kinda all over the place story wise but it's still a good run to. It's a game you wouldn't really enjoy alone though so it'd be best to get yourself a partner to run through it with you. 

    I'm going to be running through the game again soon with @Mayellie. So if you want the co-op trophies doing in a couple of weeks. Let me know, everyone wins.

  15. Dead Island: Definitive Edition #187 The Whole World Went Away Time to Platinum: 40 hours | Difficulty: 5/10 | Enjoyment: 8/10 Overview Set on the fictional island of Banoi (at least I think it's fictional, haven't looked it up) you get to choose between 4 characters with different backgrounds. You wake up in your apartment in the hotel you are staying at after passing out. As you go into the halls and start exploring you realise something is not quite right. After a few events you get attacked and bitten. Later waking up in a shack along the beach to find out that you aren't infected. You with this new information take action and start helping out everyone that needs help. I think that's the best way to describe it honestly. The story is kind of all over the place. There's not really an end goal. It constantly changes all the time and then something happens. I'm guessing the main goal is to get off the island but the story just throws you here, over there. Do this, fetch that. Gameplay It's a first person game where you have melee weapons that you can upgrade and mod and make them more powerful with super powerful items like you can set them on fire, electrocute them, make them sick with poison etc. I think that's the game play focus. There's basic sprinting and jumping but nothing revolutionary honestly. This game did originally come out in 2011 so I'd be surprised if anything revolutionary happened then. You can literally go wherever you want to go after the prologue and enemy scale with you so it's not like if you move to one area then enemies are going to be 10 levels up etc. It's pretty balanced all around in terms of that. It's a basic game with a basic principle really. Run around, take out soo many zombies however you want and complete quests. Characters Isn't much to say about these honestly. You get to choose from 4. All with different backgrounds but there literally is no information on them really. They just have a background and that's it. They don't expand on it. Nothing special happens to any of them. They literally just stick together throughout the whole thing and go with the flow. It's a weird game to write about because their is so little information on characters and what to do. You have help along the way from Sinamoi, Sister Helen, the guys in the forest. I've forgotten their names. In these kind of games. I wish characters had backgrounds that meant something. All it does in this game is some skills have changed and whoever you pick has different buffs and stuff but nothing truly worth noting. Trophies Trophies are pretty simple honestly and although they may seem a little overwhelming they're really not. Level 50 probably takes the longest but there is a nice spot at the start of the game where you can level up characters to level 50 in about 4-6 hours rather than 70+ like the game intends for you. You need roughly 3million xp to hit level 50 and after doing every side quest and tiny other things in the story I only had 800k so doing the trophy in the prologue saves a lot of time. A lot of the 250 kills with certain weapons are self explanatory and will happen pretty quickly. There are collectibles but when doing all the side quests you will most likely come across the 120 needed. They range from facts, personal IDs and Mods. There is well over 120 anyway so don't worry too much on that. There is trophies for doing games in co-op. The most annoying one is most likely 5 quests with 3 people. Easy to do but there are not many people left who play the game so whenever I tried to join someone I had to wait for others & also there are fools who have their games public but then will kick you out as soon as you join. Literally no point to it. It's all simple to do though. Conclusion Don't go into this game expecting to be a deep and meaningful story. It's really not. What you do have is a ton of fun, a lot of bad voice acting and smashing the faces of Zombies. What's not to love? The PS4 version does look a lot better than the PS3 version but it still has this ton of blur to it. It's hard to explain it but it's quite obvious when you play it. It's always going on sale for super cheap and the platinum isn't that difficult. I'd suggest giving it a go. Riptide as well which is the direct sequel. I haven't started it properly yet but so far it literally kicks off where the last story finishes. It's a game to be taken not to seriously and if you can get 3 other friends to play it with you. Makes it a ton more fun. I'll be doing another run soon of the platinum to help a friend out. So if anyone needs a few tips or wants the 4 player trophies out of the way. Let me know and everyone wins.