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  1. Just wanted to say on here in case anyone wanted to know. Started FIFA on this account and probably have about 10 Ultimate team games to my name. Joined a friend who had played waaaaay over 200 games. At the end of the first co-op game we had, I had the 200 matches played with a player trophy pop for me. This was on PS5. So for anyone who doesn't want to grind. Join someone who's played over 200 and it should pop. Wasn't sure if it had been said or not as it's late and I don't fancy reading through the posts. Good luck gamers.
  2. :platinum:#200 - Final Fantasy VII Remake


    Finally hit the big #200. Anything that happens now is a bonus. I set a goal of 200 platinums and I managed to hit it. I wasn't expecting to be anywhere near as close to this at the start of the year but you know. The world decided to take a turn for the worst so I've had a lot more free time.

    My Game of the Year honestly. I didn't play much in terms of new games but it's at the top for me. The feeling of playing something that kick started the whole gaming journey off for me is nostalgic and hits different. If it wasn't for this game or the original rather I wouldn't be where I am today with gaming or probably my tastes in general honestly..

    I wrote a lot of my thoughts on the game. I kept it as spoiler free as possible and I could of wrote a ton more but I feel like if I did I would of had to been spoilery and I didn't want that and neither did anyone else. 


    Here's to another #200


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    2. Fox


      Thanks a bunch everyone, it's much appreciated. :D 

    3. xxEliteCDxx


      Congratulations ImmortalFox for the platinum and for this magnificent milestone !!! 🙂🎉

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  3. Final Fantasy VII Remake #200 Master of Fate Time to Platinum: 78hours 34minutes | Difficulty: 5/10 | Enjoyment: 10/10 Big milestone done and it had to be a game I've been looking forward to for over a decade. Ever since the teaser of the PS3 demo I've wanted a remake of this game and in 2015 when I first saw that trailer. I couldn't believe it. I had goosebumps and was so happy that it was announced. Flashforward 4 years and it was a little worrying not knowing because not much information had still been handed out but as soon as the devs finished working on Kingdom Hearts 3 it was FF7 news constantly and boy it was such a good time. Getting closer and closer to that release date and the seeing more and more of the game got me hyped. I never really get hyped about games anymore but when it comes to a remake of one of the first games I ever played I can't help but remember playing it and thinking how this scene and that scene will be played out. If you're wondering why I don't get hyped about release date games anymore. I only need to say the title Cyberpunk and that's exactly why. I played this back on release date and loved it that much I decided I would make it a milestone. #200 sounded perfect for it since that's how many years I've waited since the announcement. I wrote quite a bit in here. Kept it as spoiler free as possible and tagged a couple of soundtracks into it. A milestone I really enjoyed deserves as much. Just didn't want to clog up the page with text but yeah. If you're interested in my thoughts. Give it a read.
  4. My placements put me in Division 4 which were 2-2-2 and I got the green arrow next to "Division 4" after 23-1-0. Just have to wait for the event to end a week today. Volta isn't too bad. The trick to never lose is basically whenever you are losing and know you're going to lose you just close the application. That's why whenever you see people say they have ridiculous records like you've mentioned it's because of that. I think if you were to use the glitch during the placements and get 5 straight wins. I'm sure you could probably just go straight into it and never worry about it. Not sure if it works for that though.
  5. :platinum:#198 - Overwatch


    Took about 6 months to get this done casually playing the first 5 then playing it a lot the last month and a bit! It's pretty difficult to do and managed to get 67 trophies out of 82 without boosting so I'm happy with that. Another UR platinum to the collection and can finally wait for the sequel.

    According to @Mayellie this is my best platinum and honestly. I think I can agree with her. I have rarer plats but this one is notoriously a pain in the ass and everyone that's played it besides the hardcore players know it to. I think this one is going to be sat pretty in my trophy cabinet. A big shout out to her as well as I wouldn't of even started it if she hadn't back in May. We played the game a lot together and gave me the push to get the platinum done. Thank you :D 

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    2. Fox


      Thank you everyone! Really appreciate it :D 

    3. xxEliteCDxx


      Congratulations Immortal Fox !!! This is definitely one of the most impressive platinum trophies out there!


      Fantastic Job as always! 🙂

    4. Fox


      I appreciate it Elite, thanks a bunch :) 

  6. Overwatch #198 Overwatch Platinum Trophy (All that hard work for this amazing plat name woo) Time to Platinum: 80 hours | Difficulty: 7/10 | Enjoyment: 8/10 This won't be one of my typical platinum posts where I break down some of the stuff for the game like characters etc because there isn't much point to it as it has no relevance to absolutely anything. It's typically just a FPS 6vs6 game with classic game modes handed down from the past. It's a brilliant game to chill to if you're bombarded with grinding trophies or similar stuff in games you know? I've had this game since launch and typically I've played it over a number accounts really. Never really committed to the trophy side of it and when you start to do that you will more than likely get frustrated doing so. Not because the trophies are technically hard. I mean they are but they're very situation based. You need the enemy team to be bunched for the most part and depending on what game mode you play can be borderline impossible to do. There are 3 different classes of characters to choose from. Your tanks (it's in the name) absorb damage and basically sponge it all while others do the main damage. You have your damage classes which is exactly what it says on the tin. A number of variety attackers. Some situational and some straight DPS to hold your ground and push enemies back etc. Then you have your healers essentially. Each hero I do have to say is very well created. They all have perks which make them strong. Some are stronger than others but it's all subjective on who truly is the most powerful. Like some characters I can't use who I think don't do much damage. To someone else they would absolutely annihilate others. For that reason I can't say that I do have a favourite character to use as I tried to get a handle on the most of them if I'm being honest. Each character has 2 trophies associated with them. Usually a ultimate move one which involves killing 4 people. Not everyone has that but the majority do. The other trophy is tied to one of their abilities that you have to use and kill them with it or do a set amount of damage etc. Not going to lie. Some of them are really tough. From the base game, the majority of the trophies are really simple. You can probably do them with enough practice but the DLC list characters wow. Some of them don't hit that hard and their abilities require very precise situations. Baptise for example. You have use his ability and pray people shoot through it to amplify damage. If you roughly did this legit in game and people tried to help. You're looking at around 5+ attempts with his special just to get that. Not only that, it requires you to not die at all AND you have to pray the round/game doesn't end before it's done. So without boosting I think some trophies are borderline impossible to do. They are doable but you'd need a very good team and a very good enemy team honestly. The game is split essentially into 2 game modes. Quick Play and Quick Play Classic. The former is a game mode where you have to have 2 of each class. To balance itself out and make a fairly even game. This in all honesty is where you'd go for the longer games where you both have to go for the objectives. It's much more competitive in there than second to competitive mode itself. That's where the majority of the games can be done and where I got most of my trophies. Classic mode on the other hand is the same thing BUT you can choose any character you want from any selection and ususally its 6vs6 damage characters. People tend to play this a lot because in Quick Play there is ques for Damage characters. That usually have 8 minute wait times. I think this is down to mainly casual players who just want to full on attack then help team mates and help. Usually in it for themselves which sucks really. I hope they manage to balance this more when Overwatch 2 gets released. I managed to get 67 trophies out of 82 without boosting the game. The ones I had left I just couldn't find the situations to do them. I had many opportunities but they had to be pinpoint and the majority of you know now when you try something really hard. It makes it harder to do so I had enough and decided to join the boost group on Discord. The first week I only managed to get 1 trophy. Some people needed one trophy then all of a sudden had to go and this made it complicated and unsuccessful. You'd think 1 person leaving wouldnt be too bad but to even start a boosting session you need to have 12 players. Luckily the second attempt went a lot better and we had a ton of people and I managed to get all of my remaining trophies. There isn't much to say about the characters themselves. They are all unique, have different abilities and are good to use. Blizzard do have backstories and an ongoing story for the game but I dunno just feels out of place when none of it really matters in game. I heard Overwatch 2 will be a lot more story based as well and have a ton of PVE elements rather than just the PVP side. So if they can nail a story and some backstory for characters it should be a really good game. Trophies are difficult but can be done with enough practice. Some will be needed to boost though as by the time you get to the end you just want it to be over and done with. According to @Mayellie this is my best platinum and honestly. I think I can agree with her. I have rarer plats but this one is notoriously a pain in the ass and everyone that's played it besides the hardcore players know it to. I think this one is going to be sat pretty in my trophy cabinet. A big shout out to her as well as I wouldn't of even started it if she hadn't back in May. We played the game a lot together and gave me the push to get the platinum done. Thank you.
  7. :platinum:#196 - Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (GOTY)

    I do really like this game. Always have done and have platinumed it a couple of times. Nowhere near as fast as my last time when I did it. Still, a great game none the less. I did want to play it soon and when I heard about the server going down for the one trophy it just pushed it up my list.

    I did buy the Definitive Edition for the sequel so was going to start it soon anyway. If you like Assassin's Creed parkour. Batman Combat set in the world of Lord of the Rings. Then give it a go. It may feel a little stiff and outdated since its over 6 years old but it's still worth the play.

    Next platinum will be Rogue Company. 5 wins away from the platinum but I won't make a post for that one honestly. I might make a status update but a post would be a waste of time for my current format with it. So close to #200 now.

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    2. Asuna Yuuki

      Asuna Yuuki

      @Mayellie Oh yeah, you said that to me weeks ago and now to poor fox? Your cold Elle. :D

    3. Mayellie


      @UltraFire121 I just want to see whether some people I know can do it so that I get the motivation to do it too. xD

    4. Fox


      @Mayellie You already know the deal😋


      @UltraFire121 It’s not just now. She’s been hounding me for months to start it. She knows I’ll start it when she does😁

  8. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (GOTY) #196 Master of Mordor Time to Platinum: 25 hours | Difficulty: 3/10 | Enjoyment: 8/10 Overview Set just before the Lord of the Rings trilogy. You play as Talion. A Ranger who has some very tragic circumstances happen to him. At the start of the game he is killed while being Captain of watching the Black Gate. You are cursed to never die. So basically you can die but you will come back to life time and time again. Once you awaken you have an unexpected visitor who tags along in your body. I won't say who because it's very spoilery. Your job is to find out about this mysterious hitchhiker and try and find a way to dispatch of some of Saurons biggest supporters in the game. It's not so complicated but you come across mainly new faces from the series but you do visit a couple of fan favourites from the movies. They don't have major roles but you do see them in some form. This isn't a canon story though so not everything is going to follow the lore of the books or movies. I mean if it was canon then Talion could of prevented the whole of the trilogy he becomes that strong. Just saying! Gameplay Gameplay is a mix of a few games really. Open world where the movement is a lot like Assassin's Creed with all the climbing and stealth. Then when you get into combat it's very much Batman. I'm sure you've heard about that 100s of times. It works really well though. The game is 6 years old so it's not as smooth as it should be but it's not bad all round. You get a ton of different moves that expand on this really. You can get moves that make you an absolute God in combat. Especially towards the end of the game when you can brand orcs and basically make your own army and use them to attack warchiefs and stuff. It's quite satisfying to play. I hope the sequel is more of the same but expanded on. I think I will wait to play it on the PS5 though. I want to enjoy it and not listen to my jet engine through every single cutscene. Not much to say here as gameplay isn't that complicated. All I'll say is Assassin's Creed Movement + Batman Combat = Great. Add to the fact it's set in Middle-earth it in my opinion is very satisfying. Characters There's only one you can really talk about in this game without being spoilery and that's the lead Talion. Voiced by Troy Baker. He's everywhere and he's literally one of the best in the business. Talion is a Ranger who captain of the watch on the Black Gate. Something happens at the start and he doesn't change much from being empathatic or anything really. He just hates orcs much much more. He has numerous conversations with the body hitchhiker where he is angry and said person tries to calm him down and see reason. The person knows that using Orcs as part of the army and being calm in interrogation moments will benefit them both but Talion is very hotheaded when it comes to anything Orc or Sauron related. Which is understandable with what happens to him. He treats every human with respect and empathy. Overall he's a pretty decent character. Voiced really well. I'm not sure if they expand on him in the sequel but I guess we will find out. The rest of the character I don't want to say names as it's spoilery but there is a classic character in there who hasn't changed at all. I will note though. That the only Dwarf in this game is Torvin and he's probably my favourite character in the game honestly. He's what you expect from a dwarf. He adds in a lot of humour to a very serious toned game. Shame you don't see much of him but he was very well needed. Trophies The trophies to this game aren't so bad. They do seem complicated when you look at the descriptions but there is so many easy methods to make them pop whenever you can. There are no missable trophies in the game at all so if you feel like you missed somewhere you shouldn't worry because you will be able to get it no matter what. There's the story trophies which you will get by getting through the story (makes sense right?) you have your collectible trophies which aren't so bad and really simple to do because once you've forged a tower in the region. They all pop up on your map. Making it really simple and easy. There's more misc than anything else and for the most part none are that hard. They just have to be a little planned out. They are all doable though so I wouldn't worry too much about this. There is one trophy that's becoming unobtainable at the end of the year and that is for completing a Vendetta mission. Very easy to do but still will be shutdown at the very end of the year. I may even see if I can get a copy of the normal edition of the game just to get that trophy done and then work on the rest whenever I get a minute. Where the game is probably the most tough is in the DLC. Lord of the hunt isn't too bad but the Test of the wild trophy if you use the right strategy won't be too bad. The same for the Bright Lord basically. This time you play as the hitchhiker while he was alive and the game was designed to be a bit more tough but it wasn't too bad at all either. Main list trophy difficulty: 3/10 DLC trophy difficulty: 5/10 Conclusion I've seen some forum posts recently about how trash this game is but it's really not. You can't expect to be overpowered from the start of the game. You get stronger and stronger as you go on. It will feel a little dated if you play it now but the story and gameplay are really good to be honest. There are a few things that can get annoying. Like you can become overwhelmed quite quickly so it's best to try and do as many side missions and challenges as you can to help build up your focus, your health etc. You will realise that after a certain point you will become really strong. Maybe, I'm a little biased because I loved Lord of the rings growing up add that in to the fact that gameplay wise is from two of my favourite series' as well. It just felt really good to me! If you want the platinum make sure you get it before the end of the year and give the game time to build before thinking it is rubbish etc. It's a fun game especially if you are a fan of Lord of the Rings. I wonder what happens in the sequel. It's been out for years I know but I still know nothing about it. So will start it soon as I can.
  9. I think I'll probably use this after playing through it again without transferring the saves. It's a great game and it would be a shame not to play it again because of auto-popping some trophies. Was not a fan of the DLC honestly so most likely transfer for that as well. All that's needed is a skip option for them damn MJ missions.
  10. :platinum:#195 - Resident Evil 5 (PS4)


    The start of the downfall for the series really. It was a good game for what it was but it just doesn't even compare to any of the other Resident Evil games honestly. Good action game. Poor survival horror game which it tried to be at times.

    6 is up next and I already know it's much much more action but I like the series so I'll play it again. I know the game wasn't liked that much though. So much so that the whole series decided to change it's formula after this one.

    Oh well. That won't be just yet. Finishing up Shadow of Mordor and then hopefully play something on my PS5 next week. See what happens! :D 

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    2. Fox


      @Varhur I already have Infallible. Fall guys plat isn't a bad idea. I'll consider it. :) 

    3. Mayellie


      Well well well... if it isn’t a fitting game for these unfitting circumstances 😂 Well done. xD

    4. Fox


      You're not wrong. I've played waaaaay too many games recently with virus' in. 😂 Help me play something different. :P  Thank you :D 

  11. Resident Evil 5 (PS4) #195 RESIDENT EVIL 5 Platinum Trophy (what a platinum name btw) Time to Platinum: 25 hours | Difficulty: 4/10 | Enjoyment: 7/10 Overview Set roughly 2 years after Resident Evil 4. You return to a fan favourite in Chris Redfield. This time in Africa further finding out information about the new form of plagas from the original game. A company did research on them and modified them to be able to sell them to the highest bidder. Your job along with a your new partner Sheva is to find out as much information as possible. Going through areas of Africa slums, hidden research labs, oil fields etc. Bit of a basic overview really but the overall theme of the series is a continuation and there is so much information regarding events up until this point that the overview could probably take most of the page. We're not going to do that for everyone's sanity. Just know this time it's up to you and your partner to find out secrets about a big bad company like most of the other games! Gameplay As a fan of Resident Evil this kind of gameplay is what made the series have a downfall of some kind over the last decade. It worked in Resident Evil 4 because it was new. It just seemed to work a lot more. This time it's just full on action. You get bombarded with enemies. Big wait sections where you have to basically horde mode the game and kill wave after wave of people to advance. Random QTE everywhere in the game and honestly. It's not ideal for what this series is all about. You have your arsenal of guns and you have a way marker. Your job is basically get from A to B killing everything in your path. It's not scary. There's no moments where it makes you manage your resources. You can literally restart checkpoints to sort your inventory out. Don't get me a wrong. It's not a bad game for what it is. It is a fun game. The issue is. It's just not one I would associate with as my favourite Resident Evil games. It kinda put me off the whole series for a while. If you want a fun shooter with same character models, annoying dialogue. Then fine it's good to play but if you're a big Resident Evil fan. You've been warned. I think the only saving grace to the game was it's story. Everything was rather predictable though and not really shocking or scary like previous titles. I think the DLC game closest with it really. Lost in Nightmares. Set before the main game. It had that old school vibe with puzzles and a haunted mansion. No zombies though unfortunately. Overall, it's fun. It just feels stiff and can take some getting used to. Characters There's a few characters in this game but most are spoiler related so I'll just stick with Chris and Sheva and honestly in this game they feel like robots. Voice acting is spot on by the characters but they feel like robots. They bond in game by giving each other stuff so it's like "Take this, thank you, over here" basically that and then the cutscenes they are pretty robotic. They form this understanding for being in each others company for 5 minutes. Oh don't forget Chris can punch boulders but he can't kick a door down by himself. On a serious note. They are good characters but there isn't much to go on really in terms of building backgrounds and stuff. The game just assumes you know Chris' background while failing to help build Sheva. Which also sucks because you don't see her after this game. Resident Evil just has a habit of dropping characters and never making them return. Also, there are some returning characters but they are spoilers so I'm not going to say much about them. In fact I won't mention them. Sure the games 10+ years but not everyones played. Trophies Trophies for this game aren't all that bad. There is 3 playthroughs worthy of challenges though. 2 if you're good at the game. 3 recommended though for an easy time. 1 on amateur to get everything done. 2nd on veteran trying to get it done in 5 hours with s rank for infinite rocket launcher. This makes Professional mode a joke really which is basically a hidden difficulty. That with infinite ammo magnums. Kinda a joke really. There are collectibles which in return give points to use in some sort of shop which unlocks infinite ammo. Some character models etc. So it's not all that pointless. There a ton of misc really which aren't that hard. Overall the main trophy list is really easy. The DLC on the other hand make it more of a pain in the ass. They are actually harder and there is an online mode where it's basically pretty boring. Luckily I found a group to boost the wins and get it done first. The other DLC are about speed and efficiency really. Lost in Nightmares isnt too bad. Desperate escape on professional is pretty annoying but doable if you just do the checkpoint method. Trophy Difficulty: 4/10 Conclusion Overall it's not a bad game for what it is but it definitely doesn't feel like Resident Evil. It's a good action game overall with outdated controls. It's continuation of the series is kinda what saves it really but it's also the beginning of the end of the storyline to because I know Resident Evil 6 is much much more action and probably the weakest link in the whole series so. This is a prequel to failure. So much so the series changed it's whole formula to reinvent itself. I'm not sure what made them take this route. Maybe the success of 4 but they found a way to make it work with annoying but intimidating enemies. In this it's just overkill. It's definitely worth playing if you're a fan of the series just to see what it's like. Otherwise you're not missing much honestly. Easy platinum. Bit more annoying 100% but other than that it's a pretty doable fun game.
  12. Currently on my system. Cold War is 100.4GB. Also, tell me about it with MW. 218GB currently. It's a joke.
  13. :platinum:#194 - Dying Light

    A pretty fun game overall honestly. Plenty to do and like. Starts off a little stiff and slow until you level up but once you get deeper into the story and level up it becomes much much more fun.


    For this type of open world zombie games. This game probably sets the formula in my eyes. I'm excited to see what they do with the sequel. Fancy a carry on this one as well @Mayellie?😂👀

    Close to finishing up Resident Evil 5. Just one DLC and level up some guns but I'm kinda over horror at the minute so I think I'm gonna spend the next few days playing some online games. See if I can dent Overwatch, Rogue Company or Avengers. Maybe start Beyond Light Destiny 2 expansion or start Cold War. Lot to think about.

    See you next time for the Resident Evil 5 post. :P 

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    2. Mayellie


      After Dead Island, I need a long break from zombie games tbh. 😂

    3. Fox


      I hear you. Offers still there though. :P 

    4. xxEliteCDxx


      Congratulations ImmortalFox !! :)

  14. Dying Light #194 We'll talk about it next time I see you Time to Platinum: 40 Hours | Difficulty: 5/10 | Enjoyment: 9/10 Overview Set in the fictional city of Harran. You play as Kyle Crane. An undercover GRE agent who's been sent to blend in with the locals (what's left of them) to help recover a file who was stolen by a man named Kadir Suleiman. Upon parachuting into the city. Crane is bitten and unlike generic zombie titles. There is a way to postpone the virus turning you into a zombie. You get rescued and end up at the tower. Which helps with your cover. You then try to earn trust of everyone by learning the basics of parkour and becoming something called a runner. Someone who basically goes around the city doing jobs and getting supplies etc. As you try and find stacks of Antenzin (The suppressant to the virus) you learn of someone whos become somewhat of a warlord. After that a lot of shit goes down and it's your job to stop a series of events, uncover the truth about the virus, become an absolute badass. There's a ton more to say on it really. It's story is pretty interesting and fleshed out. It's not just do this, do that, go here, go there. There's meaning to most of the stuff you do. Gameplay If you've ever played Dead Island I guess you could say combat is similar to that. Except it's much more fluid, you have better upgrades that actually do something and it's all around a ton of fun. The best part of the game honestly is the parkour. Running around building to building levelling up. Getting faster, moving from A to B with loads of different routes and ways to do it makes the game feel really fresh and flow really well. Don't get me wrong, it starts off a little stiff and probably what some may call boring. The more you level up though the better it gets. You get more moves to help in combat like throwing enemies. You can literally run up zombies and bounce of their heads like you would in the old school Mario games. There's a trophy referencing that game actually which was pretty cool. Same with Parkour. When you level that up. It makes traversing the narrow streets, building rooftops, swamps much much better. You eventually get your hands on a grappling hook which makes it flow so much better. It's so much fun going from A to B in some scenarios. There's two main hub areas. Slums and Old Town. Slums is more the open area with houses and like a favela type construct to the buildings? Forgive me if I got that wrong. It's just all cramped and yeah. If you've played it. I'm sure you know what I mean. The Old Town is probably the best for all the parkour stuff as it's a lot higher up, there's more paths, you can go through buildings, you can do this and that. Overall it's a very fun game, gameplay wise. It does start off stiff and a little slow ability wise but level up and you will enjoy it so much more. Characters There isn't much to say on characters really as you only really deal with some people a handful of times. I guess you could say the main two are Kyle (you, protagonist) and Rais (antagonist). Kyle is your undercover agent with a mission to carry out. He has his orders but the good thing about him is he uses his own brain. He's not a government brained fool who think it's mission or dead. He thinks for himself and he tries to do what's best for everyone. He doesn't much at the start but as the story progresses he gets more and more attached to the situation and the people. As he uncovers more about the GRE, their intentions etc. He literally starts questioning his mission and yeah. I won't go into spoiler territory but he's a protagonist that has a brain. Also, he's voiced by a great voice actor to in Roger Craig Smith. He does, Chris in Resident Evil. Batman in errr Batman. Also, Ezio if you didn't know that. So a competent voice actor. To be honest, everyone has a good voice actor in this game. As for Rais. There's a lot to say but it's best to keep it short because of spoilers. He's the big bad of the game really and he tries to control everything happening in the quarantine zone. There is no government of police force inside the zone so he has full reign of what happens. He's ruthless and has no time for BS basically. You run into him a lot in the game and let's just say. Whenever he's around. Watch how angry Kyle gets, every single time, no joke. Great characters which make the game deeper and more fun than you probably think from Zombie game like this. Trophies Main Game: For the main part, trophies on the main list are not hard at all. There's a lot of misc trophies. There's a trophy for doing all side quests. Story trophies, collectibles. Probably the most annoying trophy of the whole main list is doing 5 quests with the same 3 partners in one session. Luckily I had no trouble doing this with my partners in this game. That trophy was all set up and complete within 5 minutes of everyone joining. Honestly. I would say there's more misc than anything else really. You need to level up Power and Agility to 18. Couple of Co-op trophies that were no challenge at all really. Overall the main list game are pretty easy. DLC: The game has 3 DLC lists. A Parkour challenge which isn't that easy. You have to complete 10 parkour challenges which is where you go through all of the checkpoints in a certain amount of time and some of the turns and speed you have to get is pretty incredible but once you learn the patterns of them they're not honestly that bad. Those DLC trophies are sat at UR. There's 3. Open 5 GRE chests in quarantine zones which is simple enough. They have some pretty good weapons. The others are for completing the 10 challenges. One trophy is for completing all of the challenges at night. Which makes it even more tough honestly. You have a flashlight which shines in front of you but it can be really dark. Also, at night is when the harder enemies tend to come out so you have to dodge them as well but if I'm being honest. I think the game if you do the challenges tends to keep them away from you. So you don't really run in to any when doing the challenges. You do run in to enemies and some can actually help get faster scores if you vault on them for momentum. There's videos on youtube if you get stuck on them. The guide rates them at 7/10 difficulty but honestly. I'd put them at about a 4. It's not that difficult if you have level 24 agility which means you never get tired while running around. Another DLC list is for doing Bozak horde which is basically your challenge mode. You're put into a scenario with 20 challenges. You have a bomb strapped to your ankle. You have to then complete the 20 challenges in order to win. The trophies on this are a pain in the ass but luckily because I went into the Horde last I was quite OP. I recommend doing the Bolter Liver glitch in The Following DLC to level yourself up to make the Bozak Horde much much easier. It means you can end up punching zombies and they would die in one hit which means you'd be able to finish quicker in turn unlocking stuff you need for trophies. It's basically a big challenge mode where you have to beat 20 challenges. You do have to complete it with a co-op partner for one trophy because you have to down them at the end to kill them to win. The Following is a continuation of the story and there's a generic DLC list where it asks you to finish the story. Few misc and stuff. That's really easy to do. If you want to get to legend level 250 its highly suggested to have the following and to use the bolter liver glitch. I finished the game legend rank 203 due to it which meant I was ridiculously overpowered. Overall difficulty: Parkour 4/10 Bozak horde without legend rank 6/10 with 4/10 and following 3/10. Conclusion The conclusion of this game is that it's a ton of fun to play. It feels stiff at the start but when you finish quests and level up the story gets deeper and you become more agile and stonger it becomes really interesting and a lot of fun to play. I had a great time playing it. Some great characters and voice acting which make it much better. In these types of games you expect nothing but bad VA and boring content (looking at your Dead Island) but this was the opposite. It was even freaky when it needed to be which made it feel more like a horror than just a wooooooooo smash zombies. It sets the tone for how I want my type of Zombie games which follow this formula. The only thing that annoys me about this game is the continuation of the story on DLC. Don't get me wrong the content is great. It's a brand new huge map and honestly. It's probably my second favourite huge expansion after Blood and Wine from the Witcher. I don't think anything will beat that for quite a while. I just don't like finding stuff out behind a paywall. Like there's a serious question when I saw all of the Dying Light 2 stuff and was wondering why we don't play as Kyle. I'll say why in the spoiler as to why it annoys me. That's the reason I hate content behind a paywall especially important story. Other than that it's a great game that should be played. They regularly update it and do community events from time to time. We recently just did the Halloween one and got a nice brand new costume. (Which as of this is currently bugged because it doesn't load) They also released a raid recently as well I think which should hold people over until Dying Light 2 hits the shelves.
  15. Usually on new games. Recent players and game owners rarely align. It's because so many people playing it at different times. Also, the servers are brand new for all the information on it. It's much more accurate when the games died down a lot. Exactly right on the second point. Review copies are usually sent out to a ton of different social media outlets to help promote the game. Both are very common at the start of a big release of a game.