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  1. Haven't posted for a while but looking to make some new friends. Bit of an all-rounder gamer really, play a lot of different genres. I'm looking for people who are willing to talk about games and anything really. I'm on most of the time when I'm not working and always willing to play something if our interests are aligned. My ID is ImmortalFox-. If you do add me, make sure you let me know where you found my PSN.
  2. I'm mainly a mix.. I don't have a set in stone genre that I'll stick to so I'll play games from everywhere around the world. Most developers do good work in their own way regardless of where they are from really. It all depends on my mood! I will say though, it feels that the Japanese devs tend to put more into their games when it comes to content. Western devs seem to cut it all up and then make a plan to add said stuff in. DLC in other words. Where Japanese devs have it all done before main games. Most DLC they release is cosmetics. Not always the case I know but still.
  3. Having just done the PS3 version I can say the list is pretty much the same but with a couple more added on. Nothing too difficult really. Had no idea a remaster was coming out so will look to purchase this one soon while it's still fresh in the memory. It's a great game! Really surprised they kept the Co-op ones though but again, shouldn't be a problem!
  4. Only chalices and endings to go on Bloodborne! Let's do this!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ImmortalFox-


      Very nice addition actually :D really enjoying them!

    3. Hemiak


      Fox, I liked the main game version much better. It has begger scaling and you can imbue it with whatever you need. 

    4. ImmortalFox-


      Thanks! I've got both slotted to mix them up since the Holy Sword does better Arcane damage.


      Both great weapons in my opinion.

  5. I finally understand the love for the souls games. This is pretty epic so far, tough to get use to but great!

    1. starcrunch061


      Bloodborne is awesome (looking at your later status). Glad you like it!

    2. ImmortalFox-


      It definitely is. I'm glad as well!


      I guess my only real issue with it is that it feels quite short? Not sure if anyone else felt that way though.

  6. No problem. You don't have to copy the video bit by bit just take the idea and make it your own or whatever you want to do. Having Alchemy as part of your build though, does wonders. Keeps your health high all the time, weapon buffs etc. Worth a look. I agree though, for the most part you pretty much are stuck with Quen unless you can nail down the dodges but that can be really tough. Mainly monsters though. Humans I'd constantly dodge around with Circle and then use Axii to confuse them and jump in. The rest of the signs for me didn't do much.
  7. Heart of stone first definitely followed by Blood and Wine. Blood and Wine ties the story up pretty nicely really and it’s a huge new map really so definitely save it for last. In terms of builds, it’s all about personal preference really. I had a combat and alchemy build which made me ridiculously strong really. It’s all about mixing it up I’d say. This was the closest I had my build. Trust me, it’s a great one but you may want to play around with what makes you more comfortable. Yeah, lowering the difficulty is fine for when you’ve got the Death March trophy from the base game but the game is a lot more fun on DM. Good luck, you’re in for a treat with the DLC.
  8. Mass Effect 3 is a perfect example of why I have a love/hate relationship with DLC.


    On the one hand, it's great. Gives extra stuff to do and you see sides of characters that you don't see in the main game. Especially Citadel. On the other hand you have DLC like From Ashes or Leviathan which are heavy crucial to the plot but are locked behind the pay wall of DLC.


    Just wish actual plot/story content was all included in the full game and fun added stuff was added as DLC. 

  9. 1. Final Fantasy VIII 2. Metal Gear Solid 1 3. The Witcher 3 4. Kingdom Hearts II 5. Persona 4 6. Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 7. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 8. Assassin's Creed II 9. Fable 1-3 10. Mass Effect 1-3 I'm sure if I could remember some other games they might be in there but 1-7 are pretty much nailed on.
  10. In terms of the DVD it says on Amazon that it was released in November but the actual release of them episodes (online anyway) was mid May. Usual gaps between seasons were around 2-3 months but it's been 10 months otherwise. That's what's strange really, as far as I can tell after looking around a bit literally no news has been released on it. No stop to the Dub or even some sort of tease for the episodes beyond what we have. If not, it's probably best to continue along with the sub and then eventually go back. Think that's what I'll do. Since, I want to start the game series soon. I've been holding off on Pirate Warriors 3 as well because that's in Sub territory again. Really want to play this one too. It looks great.
  11. We’d be closer by now if they were actually still dubbing it. We’ve been at 575 for nearly a year now. Thanks for this though, I wanted to know too. Shame i’ll have to switch to the Sub for a bit but it’ll be worth it in the long run no doubt!
  12. It's actually really nice. The perfect shade of green for something like this.
  13. Leaderboards have never been my thing really. Sure, it’s nice to see where you stack against other people but only in a quick glance. My goal is to just have some sort of “complete” profile! Not literally complete but complete to the point where I feel I’ve got a great diversity of what I’ve played. I’ve got some stacks sure but I really don’t see the big issue people have with them. You like what you like I guess. its not entirely pointless to everyone though the ranking system. If it’s your goal then hats off to you. Do what you want, your life, money, time. I think it’s pointless to worry about other people’s ambitions. There’s too much negativity on this site at the minute and it’s all over pointless stuff. No one cares about anyone’s lists besides their own. It’s that simple. Just have a good time.
  14. Easy games are fun too. Always good to play one after playing something long or something tedious and annoying. I'll use my own case as an example. I literally spent a month or two playing through Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 for the PS4 and by the end of it I played a lot of shorter easier games to chill out to and get back into the groove really. That happened for a while and now I'm playing the Mass Effect trilogy. I'll no doubt play some easier games when I'm done with this too. It's a nice balance.