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  1. Platinum master!! Over 300, huh 😌

    1. ImmortalFox-


      Maybe one day eh😏 help me get there? 😋

    2. Mayellie


      It would be an honour!! 😆

    3. ImmortalFox-


      Woohooo. Let's do this :D 

  2. List is what it is. Could of been more of a challenge sure but it looks fun regardless. No doubt there will be some DLC for it, so just enjoy what we get. I'm just glad this franchise is back in business.
  3. Thank you for that information. I couldn't find that when I had a quick look online either that or I didn't look hard enough. Good to know they are still working on it though. Finding Frontlines is an absolute nightmare even with the method you provided on the previous page. Currently at 4 captures and it's taking a long time but hopefully be done soon. I'll be sure to be on the lookout for the next chapter though. Sounds interesting.
  4. Not even a slight hint as to when they will be coming?
  5. #123 - The Last of Us Remastered Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Recently played through on the PS3 so it was still fresh in my mind on how to do things quickly. It feels so much better playing it on the PS4. Not only that, the trophies are so much easier in terms of DLC. The PS3 ones were a nightmare to do so it was nice to just chill with this one. Wasn't planning on doing it again any time soon but I thought October is Halloween month so should get into the spirit of things and play a horror and that's what I did. I done the NG+ glitch to save myself a Grounded playthrough. Still a little bit of a challenge even with upgraded weapons and supplemented Joel. I found my ways of beating each area though and prevailed in the end. This game is really good and I'm glad I have both stacks now. Looking forward to the sequel!
  6. PSN: ImmortalFox- Don't just add me for numbers. I'd like to talk to people and talk about games whenever possible. Let me know you're from here too! Thanks.
  7. You do you pal. If you feel like starting again then good for you. Plan some milestones and you're good to go. If completion rate is one of your issues then try not to play so many games at once and it won't feel like a chore. Good luck on your new journey.
  8. After grinding to level 40, I highly suggest doing the grind with friends. The game is great, I loved it but getting to level 40 kinda sucked a lot of the fun out of it. Especially solo. I think the mastery challenges need updating. Example would be, the weapons first 4 challenges are simple enough with step 4 being get 250k damage with said type of weapon but then it jumps straight to 2million. I think there needs to be something in the middle of that. If you do go into this game. I highly suggest using every weapon. Get the first two weapon xp bars done. It's 300 first and then 900. So a total of 12 fights per weapon will help speed up XP loads. You could always buy the passes to speed it up but that's up to you. Overall, great game. Just one hell of a grind.
  9. Very nice month. Already have Batman but will give Darksiders III a try!
  10. That's Xbox.. I'm sure we'll get a platinum trophy.
  11. Soon as I saw this I pre-ordered. Shame us EU users can't have the theme until release day though. Would of loved the theme and music to hype it up a little more for me. Ahh well, looking forward to finally getting started on it!
  12. About time. I thought when we got 7 & 9 on the PS4 without 8 that they had given up on it. Happy to see we finally get it on the PS4, remastered too!
  13. Working on Dragon Ball Xenoverse as my 100th! Love the game but the RNG in this is heavy. Hoping my lucks in this next week to try and get it done!
  14. I really hate this debate. It really doesn't matter in the long run.
  15. Wait, does anyone hear Yuri Lowenthal when Cloud says "I'm Fine"? Or is it still Steve Burton? EDIT: After listening more, it's just that one thing he sounds like Yuri, the grunting and everything else sounds a little deeper. Regardless, it's nice to see things are finally coming along. Not sold on the gameplay just yet but we'll see more soon I guess!