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  1. Don't think twice is the better song overall but this is really good. When I saw Skrillex, I thought "here we go" but nope, really good. Really need to play the rest again before KH3!
  2. This is the racing game I've been waiting for! Bring it on!
  3. PSN ID: ImmortalFox- Systems: PS4, PS3 & Vita Accept Blank Requests: Not blank, I'd rather you add me if we were going to communicate. Can be about anything. Bit of an all-round gamer really. I play quite a lot of different genres and I'm looking for people to play and talk with once in a while. Would be nice to get game ideas and share my thoughts also.
  4. Oh really? That sucks, graphically it does look great. I'm just glad it's being done honestly but I guess it's not to everyone's liking. As long as it strays away from 5 & 6 game-play wise then I don't mind. Action I like but on these kind of games, you want it minimal.
  5. The more I see of this game, the more I want to play it. Looks better and better every time I check up on it.
  6. Had to look it up and it looks really good. Not sure what to make of the trophies though. Looks simple enough but who knows.
  7. Your challenge trophies are completed within a couple of seconds of each other which isn't possible. You also seem to have every trophy related to The Riddler bar the 25% trophy, which is also not possible.
  8. How nice; thanls for following mister fox ^-^

    Wish you a nice and calm Friday and fine black Friday deals!


    1. ImmortalFox-


      You're welcome! :) 

      You too, hope you've had a great Friday!

  9. Story progression + everywhere can be accessed when you finish the game.
  10. I understand what you mean but people could still see it regardless pal that's all. On the activity bar even though you've said spoilers and done a lot of space it still shows it right next to each other so people could read on regardless. Highlight whatever is a spoiler and in the editor there should be an eye icon. You can keep it how it is if you want. Just trying to help, I didn't mean anything bad by it.
  11. Instead of saying spoilers, actually put them in one. If people read that on the feed, they'll be pissed.
  12. Another great leak, nice one pal. Looks a good list honestly but I wonder what the grind to level 100 would be like.
  13. Looks like a weird little game, quite interesting actually. Trophy list looks like a couple of playthroughs and not sure about the effects of a hardcore playthrough. May cause a couple of problems. Also, complete the game with eating only veggies Not a bad trophy list but hard to tell difficulty wise.