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  1. I think they all have a chance but I only got them in that pack. Them and I got a couple from winning challenges and opening them packs.
  2. Ah okay, my bad then. Still the health boost is a better help than the others I'd say. No problem. Yeah, it's a little confusing at times but upgrading right can make it a lot easier and the glitch makes it a joke really.
  3. Better than the 2 each the other way you mentioned. I think it was 2 each for them.
  4. I mean I'm proud of everything I get but it's not a game I particularly care for much. So I am proud but I'm tempted to update it a little.
  5. Don't need them at all. Go to IO Core > Hp Module (Middle) > HP Booster (It's the furthest left one at the top) and then literally just spam X as long as you want to really as long as you have the enery expansion kits in your inventory. Also, sidenote; There's some missions that take away all your augs and will give you 500 energy. Basically resetting it but you can just apply it again after the mission is complete.
  6. Yeah, that's a great way to earn them to. You can send up to 5 challenges a day. So it's worth doing if you're low on supplies.
  7. Thanks a ton for posting this link. Made this game mode a walk in the park really with the boosting at the start and methods on how to beat levels. As for the servers, they were fine for me. Had no issues connecting with the game. Lost connection last night just the once and then came back onto the game and connected instantly. I'd still recommend to anyone on the fence about the servers, get it done as soon as you can. It's not the most fun game mode to play but you get a ton of easy rare trophies for doing tiny things. Good luck to anyone giving it a go. Definitely follow the guide in the quote and use the energy glitch, you can literally walk everywhere without worrying about anything. I had trouble getting the expansion packs as well but got a ton when I opened up the 50k credit packs
  8. PSN ID: ImmortalFox- Looking for conversation from time to time, comparing trophies and the likes. Play all sorts of games but usually just stick to single player games. Gotta get through that backlog eh. Don't do party chats really, won't accept blanks either
  9. #161 - Lara Croft GO Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 Hadn't planned on playing this one at all for a while to be honest but a great friend of mine suggested. So I thought I'd follow in her footsteps and get it done around the same time. The games not too bad actually. There games basically get from A to B without getting killed by any of the enemies, debris, traps, anything at all. It starts off really basic, paths are simplistic and easy for the most part. The difficulty does gradually go up as you go further into it but some of the paths are really well done and you do have to think about how to get from one section to the next which is good. It's honestly a straight forward game where you will have to use your brain a little bit. There's not much of a story though, there's no text overview, narrator or even any voice acting in it really. Just your typical grunts and stuff. It's still a cool game though regardless. Trophies are pretty straight forward, complete the chapters, get all the collectibles and a few misc ones that should just come naturally. Nothing to worry about really, I mean trophy rarity says it all right? It's worth giving a go if you want to play something chilled after a big game or want to build up the trophies for the milestones. #162 - Assassin's Creed Origins Difficulty: 3/10 (I used the season pass level 45 boost) Enjoyment: 9/10 Now what can I say about this game, it's definitely different to the older AC games in terms of practically everything. From this basic customisation 2 type of weapon dealing assassin to this outlandish master of all weapons warrior. Very very different approach when it comes to the gameplay and combat. Not sure how many people liked the transition but I really enjoyed it. I think it needed it to be honest. The older games were getting a little repetitive. Cool in terms of stories but when it came to gameplay there wasn't a ton different from the older games back in the day in my opinion. Obviously they gradually got better but this one is really good in my opinion. I honestly don't think I mastered the combat that well to be honest. I played this with the season pass so as soon as I left Siwa I was able to jump straight to 45 so I guess I didn't really need to learn this time around? I mean, I could of set the enemies to level with me or played on a higher difficulty but I didn't feel like it this time. I'll learn better though for when I start Odyssey (hopefully) In terms of the setting, I might be a bit biased but like mentioned in the post above. I saw my best friend play this game not a month ago and I loved how everything was so I pushed it up on the to-do list. Luckily last year they travelled to Egypt so I was able to see some of the sights from the game but 2000 years beforehand, things haven't changed much I must say that! It's gorgeous though. This has to be the best looking AC game to date. Everywhere was colourful and really stood (again, haven't played Odyssey yet so can't compare) I doubt it will grasp me as much as Ancient Egypt does. You play as Bayek a Medjay which is a protector of the pharoah and all of the people of Egypt. A life changing event happens to him and his wife and thus unravels the origins of the Broterhood we all know and love. It's really interesting how it all started out and the first two mentors were really great characters. There was a love story entwined in here, I didn't like how it played out in Unity but it felt much more natural with Bayek and Aya. They were great characters who always treated each other with respect even when their paths took them elsewhere. One thing I didn't like was it was really abrupt in terms of story. It did feel a bit more like a hitman game in that sense. You'd get your target, send him to Anubis and then be on to the next one. Not much structure to it. You'd do a mission beforehand to reveal the identity but that was about it. The game would force you to do side missions in order to level up before the next target but I didn't really have to do that. The modern day segments are still everywhere it seems, more people we don't really care about and I must say the voice acting in the modern day stuff was pretty tragic in my opinion. I don't know the guy who voiced Bayek but he was brilliant, right emphasis and enthusiasm at the right time. Hope he gets more voice acting gigs! I felt that the parkour seemed to be watered down a little bit, holding X to climb and stuff was a welcome addition to be honest but it was the simple things. When jumping across stuff in the older games if you held R1 you'd go further and such, with this one it just wouldn't happen and the amount of times Bayek fell to his death over small jumps kinda felt annoying to me. I didn't like the fact they took away the vault button as well. When you run at a small fence or something in the older ones holding circle you'd do some move over them to keep the pace and never slow down. This one, not so much. It still works most of the time though. The clear the map trophy was a little overkill in my opinion, the world has so much in it but only varies between a few objectives. Animal liar, camps, treasure locations. It just felt unnecessary to have so much. Every part of the world is gorgeous though so that kind of made up for it but it did make everything a bit of a slog, you could probably spend more time doing that then actually playing the story. Can't complain with side quests either, theres probably way too many but they all had some variety and offered some great stories to be honest. The DLC was a little confusing in some parts in all honesty. The first part wasn't so much. You basically did what you had be doing through the main game anyway with a nice new section to work through and explore. The curse of the pharaohs was pretty confusing as well. There was like 2 story lines going on at the same time which all connected but it felt so weird. I can't really explain it. I honestly can't say much more than that without spoilers but you do get to meet some pretty cool enemies and go to some nice places to conclude the journey of Bayek. I feel they kind of left it right at the start of the Assassin's stuff, Bayeks charter seemed to be a complete mess so it would of been interesting to see what happened afterwards similar to how they showed Ezio in Brotherhood after 2. It would of been nice to see them all after a while. Overall, a really decent change to the style of game and seeing the birth of the order. Definitely would recommend it if you haven't played it already.
  10. Not entirely against crossplay to be honest. I think turning it off against PC is a good idea, people can do all sorts of hacks and stuff on there but between consoles I genuinely don't mind it. Don't really know anyone over on Xbox but it fills the game up a lot more than just one side.
  11. The glitch did still work when I did mine. When you hit the side of the map, you have to make sure that you just roll off the edge and not go too far. The other way is standing on the edge, bullet jumping into the air and air slamming into the void. As soon as your Warframe stops doing the animation, wait a few seconds and then whip the K-drive out.
  12. This actually isn't that bad of a Call of Duty game. I remember playing this one quite a bit when it came out. It wasn't the best by any means but it was far from the worst as well. It's a nice offer so I'd definitely recommend giving it a go if you haven't already.
  13. I didn't have a ton as I was growing up really. I had a NES whenever I want round to grandparents house. I had a gameboy colour as well to play the classic Pokemon games but not much. Other than that though, I always had the PS1 PS2. Had an Xbox for a couple of years but didn't like the exclusives or the achievement system that much. Don't think I'm ever going to change from PlayStation at this point.
  14. I think people get too caught up on it to be honest. People like playing the same again, it's just one of them things. There's literally nothing wrong with playing a different stack of a game. In some instances it's even great. Persona 4, Witcher 3, Ezio Trilogy etc.
  15. The more I see of this game, the more I want to buy. Definitely looks like a day one purchase for me! Thanks to all keeping us up to date with all the posts!
  16. Back in the day the higher numbers used to mean something. Not so much now if you look at it that way. Elite is always going to be subjective. Someone who barely gets trophies will consider someone with a higher level elite and someone with a higher level may see someone with x3 UR trophies than them and find them elite. So it's hard to pinpoint. I've never really considered anyone elite, I appreciate all accounts really whether you have 1,000 trophies or 20,000 trophies same goes for trophy rarity to.
  17. #158 - Assassin's Creed Syndicate Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment 9/10 This game is so much fun. This time set in London in the Victorian-era. During the Industrial revolution this time. You play as two assassin's Evie and Jacob Frye, twins. First of all, these two are really great characters have great chemistry with themselves and with other characters. It doesn't feel awkward like AC Unity was. So two assasin's who are great at different things. Evie is the thinker, the brainbox and also the ninja, She's lighter, makes less noise and is the better "Assassin" so to speak. Jacob is still great at it but he's more of a doer than a think. He'll act first then ask questions. His traits are he's an absolute powerhouse in battle. He doesn't let his emotions jeopardise the missions. He's cocky and arrogant but in a funny way. I think they wrote him really well honestly. Gameplay wise it's not much different than Unity but there are some different things which make it better and overall it is smoother. You get carriages in this game, so instead of running everywhere or waiting a while in fast travel points you can just drive around. You also, get a hook added onto your hidden blade pretty early so you can go around the map ziplining which makes it much more fun to travel. Not only that, it makes doing some sections pretty easy when trying to infiltrate with stealth etc. So in all honesty it's a lot of fun. Combat is a lot more fluid and there are more options to use stuff in battle and break defences. Varied weaponry as well which made combos different, some quicker, deadlier etc etc. Customisation is great in this to. It was great seeing slang you'd only really see in the UK as well, so when they were saying stuff it made it a little bit funnier to someone like me cause I understood it completely. This time it wasn't a glorified Romeo and Juliet sim but rather just mayhem. It was great, some of the missions were brilliant and the characters were just more nutty than anyone else. Satisfying ending as well I guess. Would of been nice to see more of Jacob and Evie after the events of the main game. Before the Ripper DLC I mean. Ripper DLC is actually a lot of fun. Mainly play as Evie but you get to play as Jack the ripper as well and the couple of stuff they added in like fear bombs and brutal combos were brilliant editions as well. Thought it was kinda mad though that Evie was only 41 in the game yet she looked like she was in her mid 70s in some points of the game. It's a great DLC honestly, not much you can really say without spoiling it but it was great regardless. I personally think this game is underrated in the AC series. I think it just came out at a time where everyone was a little fed up with AC and the formula of it all you know? I think if they released this game later or changed it to match the gameplay of Origins then maybe it would get the recognition a bit more. It's a great, fun game that should definitely be played if you're a fan of the series. Platinum wasn't difficult at all really. You literally do the main missions and completing their challenges and then clear the Burroughs really while collecting specific collectibles and a ton of chests for materials where you can craft better gear for your characters, upgrade your gang, upgrade your equipment So it felt meaningful to actually collect stuff this time.
  18. Nice work!! If that's all thats needed then you've got it all done. Congrats! Ascendant challenges does give the emblem, few of us have confirmed it recently in the thread. Not everyone is built for Gambit though, what may be easy to you may be borderline impossible for others. I'd say wayfarer is probably the most consistent one for people who aren't amazing at the game. Nice job on the Gambit one though, that is impressive! I never had much luck, never had the team mates for it really.
  19. #157 - Assassin's Creed Unity Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 Don't know what it was about this game but I did not enjoy it this time around. There just seems to be more issues and glitches than what it's worth. The plot is a little dull as well in all honesty. Set in the French Revolution era this could of been a fantastic setting for a gruesome yet authentic Assassin's Creed game you know? What is it really? Glorified Romeo and Juliet sim. The characters just aren't that interesting. Arno is a pretty good assassin but they held him back quite a bit with all the lovey stuff really. Elise is just annoying as hell. I've heard nothing but praise for her but every time she was on my screen she was just irritating. Used Arno for her own vengeance and if he didn't do as she asked, he was pretty much a dick. Yeaaaaaaaaah, no. I don't know the story overall just wasn't that good. Great setting, wasted potential. Gameplay was hit and miss with me as well, the revamped parkour from your usual AC formula kept it flowing really well, no stupid jumps off some places just to move all the way around just to get the spot again. Climb leap is a saviour. Combat was just pretty much the same honestly except you have to time the parries so you can strike. I felt that when you get a rhythym though and you used stuff like pistols for quick shot or smoke bomb to get a few extra hits in then it would crash. I lost count the amount of times it wouldn't let me parry, strike or even run away for that matter so I had to stand there and get hit, lose a ton of health until the game woke up and decided I wanted to do something. The quick shot with the pistol is just straight up broke as well, when you get the Gold plated pistol which is the fastest and best pistol on the game, using quick shot with that may as well be called takes 5 minutes a shot or can't be arsed taking a shot. Luckily though all the co-op missions can be done on your own. You can get all the sync points on your own etc. The only thing you need someone for is the Revive and the 10 co-op sync kills and that's it. Some of the co-op missions were better than the actual story missions which was disappointing. The only positive thing about the game is that you got to see French Revolution, some parts of it at least. Shame they had to turn it into a love story though. The gameplay was good when it worked, the customisation was good to. Oh and the addition of the murder mysteries was a nice concept that they added in. I liked them too. Ohh and for those wondering what the platinum is like, 20% story, 80% collectibles which have no value, it's just money. I think I finished the game with about 1million in the games currency. Now it's time to juggle AC Syndicate, or AC jhjshsjhsoshoje as my playstation likes to call it with the russian language. That and Yakuza 0. Much much better games.
  20. I gave up pre-ordering games a long time a go. Some games were hyped to the moon and back and left me feeling meh. Same can be said about the FF7 remake honestly in terms of hype. I knew the amount of people interested was going to be high, old and new players to the series had taken interest, so they really had to blow it out of the water. I can honestly say this was one of the best pre-orders I've done. The game to me is just an instant classic albeit the changes and it's not the full experience and won't be for a few years (who really knows). I've sunk so many hours into it. I've shown it to special people in my life and they've loved it and they're new fans themselves. Very happy with what I bought.
  21. The recommended is 750+ but you're better off being 950+ because a lot of things can go wrong so you want to make sure you're as strong as possible. It's not necessarily higher light that makes you stronger though, it's more to do with the equipment and mods, that can help recharge your grenades, supers, ammo reserves whatever. EDIT: You can be 750+ and still pull it off no problem, just like most things when it comes to games like this, the higher the better.
  22. Very nice! If that's all you've got left to do then your 100% is done with no problems at all left to do! Congrats
  23. PSN is ImmortalFox- Not looking for people to add to just be a number. Hoping for a conversation now and then about different stuff really. Can be anything. I'm not a fan of having a lot of people added just boost numbers up so hopefully there's some like minded people here. I don't really jump in parties or anything like that unless it's absolutely necessary when I'm boosting or anything. I'm a bit of an all-rounder when it comes to games really. Trying to find people to do the raids with on Destiny 2, finishing up AC4 multiplayer and currently playing the FF7 remake as well. Won't accept blank requests either.
  24. I mean keep them open for people to see (I don't mean for entertainment purposes either) but maybe just automatically lock them as soon as one is created for only the CRT to reply to. Then if they need assistance, unlock it for people to have their say as long as it's helpful information.
  25. No problem at all, glad it's not the time trials at least. You got the Osprey a lot quicker than I did. Couldn't even tell you how many times I did that run! haha! Nice, you've got that in the bag easy!