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  1. The trophies for this game are definitely bugged. Mine bugged in a "good" way I guess. Doing the quest for Fela to get the invitation to the party. So I'm at Fiesty's drinking the 4 drinks. I drink the 4th one and the trophy for drinking 20 different drinks pops up. Which makes no sense because those 4 drinks should of put me up to about 10. So it seems the trophies for this game are really bugged.
  2. This trophy has definitely glitched for me along with All Endings trophy. I followed the Perfect Crime guide and it didn't pop at all. When I got to the end of that though the trophy for All Endings popped way before it was meant to as well? Has anyone else had this issue? I got all Endings on my second ending I guess. I did the one where everyone survives excepts you know who and then the PC one. I'm stumped. I'm gonna have to do another Perfect Crime playthrough now for the one trophy but I have All Endings trophy. I don't want to get flagged for these glitchy trophies. I hope I don't get flagged because of this. I'm thinking some part glitched after a certain point. I can't remember what part but when one of the scenes switched after a decision. I got an error that shut down the game. When I reloaded the game it was at the next section but I'm thinking maybe it didn't register what I chose beforehand? Why All Endings popped really early. I have no clue at all, maybe that's why? Edit: Okay so I figured where I went wrong with Perfect Crime. Madison was at the end so I had to go back and rectify that. The trophy popped after I did nothing with her in apartment and played the rest out. So I have the platinum now but it doesn't feel right because I still should have some more endings to do.
  3. Neither did I until you mentioned the three character method. It made me think of the Riskrunner run we did. If you do go that route. Let me know what happens. It'll help all people worrying about this trophy to. I'd do it myself but I got the trophy a long time ago.
  4. I mean when I did the second Riskrunner with a friend she got her trophy then. On the second one, something she already had. So it's entirely possible I suppose? Xur is offering Sunbracers currently. Not sure if you want to attempt or have enough shards but you could technically test and buy as many as you think you need to see if it pops?
  5. The ones he has on offer are always random. One week they could all be Forsaken. The next Osiris then Red War exotic. I meant more of the engram. The random drop you get from that. If you didn't have any of the DLC the drop always would of been Red War. Keep playing though, you'll get them in drops and just keep checking what he has weekly and you'll be fine. There's plenty to get.
  6. You need to hit a certain light level each season for the weeklies to show up. This season it was 1100. Season changes on Tuesday though so it will probably be 50-100 light levels above the starting light level
  7. Getting any Exotic that you can from Xur is always helpful. Most of the ones that are equipment are about 27 shards each. All worth putting in your inventory at some point. The gun is about 97 but again worth it. This is a trophy that works best if you don't have the DLC. Which means basically every engram that you get from Xur will be a Red War Exotic. If you did the Cipher as well that gives you access to two random exotics a week. (Unless you save the cipher for the vault) If you go your time vault near the post master and do the campaign that is offered. (If you're new you will start that campaign anyway) If you're a returning player you will have to get it from the time vault. Go through that campaign and at the end Banshee will give you a mission to get a Riskrunner Exotic. I'm pretty sure you can do this with each character and that adds up to 3. The rest you earn through activities, random drops from strikes, crucible and gambit. Could be even any world activity or any enemy that drops you. The drop rate seems to be much higher since the update honestly. Back when I was farming exotics back in April it used to be hard to obtain them but now the drop rate is much better. You can get them from pinnacle rewards too from each character that offers challenges. There's a number of ways you can get them but for this trophy. The less DLC you have the better. Especially when it comes to Xur. It sounds weird to say but with the DLC you have more options when you do get an exotic. Without you limit the pool that can be offered.
  8. Destiny 2 (PS5) #207 Traveler's Chosen Time to Platinum: 569 hours | Difficulty: 7/10 | Enjoyment: 10/10 Okay before I begin to say anything about this game. Let me explain the "Time to Platinum" part. I started playing this game back in March of 2020. I spent a lot of my time starting the trophy list by scratch. I spent the majority of this time doing mainly the DLC. For the seal back when Wayfarer was available. I spent the majority of my time doing this. I had access to the DLC for a long while and I basically had every other trophy unlocked almost instantly besides the trophies for the raids. I literally have had this list left with the two raid trophies on my list until about September 2020. I could of done it then but I'm usually a solo player when I play this game and the thought of joining a fire time to set up a raid etc. Kind of just put me off. So back in September @Mayellie and I decided we'd knock out this platinum for each other but we'd wait until the major DLC was being released. Since we realised the trophy would be changed. (Bungie are pretty good at changing the trophies rather than make them not gettable) We decided we'd wait for the big DLC to come out so see what it changed to. It made it basically worse in the fact we had to grind a lot more than we would of needed to do the Raid. When you start a big expansion. Destiny usually ups their light and you get dragged. So everyone starts at 1050. You then spend the next few months grinding to 1260. We had a pretty slow start figuring stuff out on how to get the best gear possible. Then all we did was just grind the same activities over and over again to get high enough gear to help us through. The time spent on this game has been astronomical and it will continue to rise. The platinum could of been done months ago but I decided to brave it out with my Destiny buddy and help each other out. There's a lot of variation to this game that makes me want to play it whenever they release stuff. I used to main a Titan character which is a powerhouse character built to tank damage and cause a lot of damage to. That's what I was at the start. Then I decided to go the Warlock route. Very good all round characters that are helpful for every activity. Then while I was doing my seal. I'm pretty sure I changed to a Hunter which is your agile, supportive class. Then I decided to go back to Warlock as that what I was most comfortable with. You tend to mess around with a lot of the characters so that takes a lot of time to go through them. So on my part I've spent a lot of time messing around on the game bc that is the type of game that it is. You get hooked and sink a ton of hours into it. They developers get a lot of things right with this game but at the same time they don't cater to solo players all that well. It was a little better this DLC giving you exotic rewards for doing certain tasks on your own. So things can get pretty stale if you don't have a team to get through anything and that's the case with me. I gave up playing it for a while because I didn't fancy going through the activities on my own. So I was dragged to do the rest by @Mayellie and honestly it's been a long grind. We've been trying to keep our sanity playing through it and towards the end, we got worried we weren't going to make it in time. Finding a third person for the strike was an issue but luckily we did and he was a great help. It took us 17 attempts to get through it.😂😰 We did it in the end. The grind was such a payoff in the end. The issue I have with the grind though is the lack of pinnacle rewards you need to level up your gear. It got to the end of the September and we both bought the Season Pass that is on offer. It's always worth the money with the stuff that you get. The issue with it is. They hide pinnacle rewards behind the season pass. 2 of them infact. The issue with that is without them, you probably wouldn't get all the pinnacles done in time. You could if you did nothing but sit on the game the whole time but the fact we found that out after worrying. Kinda annoyed us because it essentially makes buy it. We're probably above average players. So someone who's average would have a hard time levelling without it and we did to. The only people who wouldn't are the hardcore people. There is a way to maximise your pinnacles each week and it involves all 3 of your characters but I'll save that method for another time. It would take a hell of a lot to write so maybe I'll write a guide that helps the newer players out or something. Keep a look out. The season pass content was great as well for sure, the rewards are worth it but the fact you get more pinnacles to level up behind that paywall is frustrating. The reason it's frustrating is the requirements to even enter the Grandmaster strike. The max equipment light level this season is 1260. Your 3 guns can't go higher and neither can any of your armour pieces. The requirement to enter the Grandmaster is 1275 light. This means you need to level up somehow right? Each season there's a artefact that you get from doing a quick mission at the start of each season. This is something that is essential. This is how you make the difference to even enter the Grandmaster. I'm not going to go much into it but Grandmaster strikes are essentially normal strikes with a whole lot of modifiers to make the game a ridiculous challenge. Modifiers like if your whole team dies you go back to orbit and have to start again. Ton of enemies that can only be damaged with certain mods. Mods you can only get from levelling up your artefact. For the most part it's not too bad levelling it up because every piece of XP you get from the game goes towards it. So essentially everything you do goes towards it. I think after all our grinding. She had an artefact at level 21 and I had a level 20 one. So you can imagine how close it was. We both went into the strike at 1280 light. The extra light from the artefact. The average player if they don't play it constantly are going to struggle getting the whole thing done. If you ever go for the D2 platinum you're going to have to make the game a priority and barely play anything else. We've barely played anything since November and the countless late nights just to do what we can has essentially been worth it. We managed to tackle the beast. I'm sure some godlike D2 players will probably think we're exaggerating but unless you play this game religiously you probably will struggle making the cut. Not only that you need the right Exotics weapons to help do some high damage. They are a different grind in itself. Not entirely needed but some work better than others. Then aside from the grinding you need to play the strike you want to do over and over. Learn the enemies points, see what champions spawn etc. Not only that Grandmaster is only available at the end of the season. So it's on a timer. It's not something you can tackle when you want. Grandmaster and Master DO NOT STACK. If you complete a strike on Grandmaster and get the trophy. You will have to do the current nightfall on Master again for the other trophy. When they were the raids. They would stack but not anymore. Overall, I'm very glad @Mayellie dragged me back into the game. Thank you so much for holding me up and keeping me sane these last couple of months. We didn't realise the grind would be this long. Don't get it wrong. The grind to qualify isn't hard necessarily but more time worthy. The pinnacles you need are behind actitives that will need a co-ordinated team like Prophecy. We grinded that each week for the pinnacle and the badass armour. It took a lot our sanity. We literally had to hold each other up because of the grinding and wanting to just quit and move on but if we did we would have to start all over again. We can finally rest now. So the grind isn't difficult. Then you have the activity which is difficult. So it's just an all-around grindy game even if the trophy list doesn't suggest so. Don't let the PS5 rarity fool you. The majority of that is PS4 auto pops but don't let the PS4 % fool you either. The trophy has changed from a basic nightfall on prestige. (Easy) Then to a raid (Co-ordination rather than difficult) to Grandmaster (You need all your skill and sanity) So I know if the GM was the base list. It would probably be UR or VR. The gameplay overall is one of my favourite games. I do really enjoy this game so I'm not done playing it yet. There's a ton more to say on it but I've probably gone on for long enough. There is a stack for PS4 and PS5. We're both saving the other versions we haven't done as Milestones. The trophies for the most part are so simple. You could probably get all trophies bar the Grandmaster and Master trophy in one sitting probably. It's rather simple. The DLC list is a whole different ballgame. I haven't completed it yet and I don't really have anything to say on it. I think I may write up a guide for the game soon and try to fill it with as much information as possible. I just want to point out as well, the way we've worded out posts to make it seem like it's a ridiculously hard game. One of the hardest out there. It's not with the right preparations. The issue is in comparison to other games. You're on a seasonal limit. Most games you grind 100+ hours for will always have the progress there. You can pick it up any time. Finish it any time. Online games and SP games a like. Pick it up whenever you want. The issue with this game is you're on a timer and a pretty strict one if you don't play it properly. You may think a few months isn't that a big deal and sure we could of handled the game differently. We would know we know what we know. You just can't afford to slip up. You don't hit that threshold. You don't have the right mods, you don't have strong weapons. You will struggle and you're being pushed by a clock. If the light wasn't reset each month to a higher threshold making it a grind again and the fact GM are basically THE end game activity and on a timer. Not to mention some of them are DLC which not everyone has. It just adds to the grind, commitment and difficulty and the relief when you get it done. Anyways, I'll stop rambling. I'm probably going to play the next season so if you need help with something or have questions then don't be afraid to ask. I can try to help as best as I can. Hell, maybe we could even team up sometime if you're really struggling. Close to my next milestone now. I should be done with Resident Evil 7 tonight. So maybe I'll be back tonight to write something for it. Since it's a great return to form. My 10k trophy is going to be Cat Quest 2 platinum trophy since I have the 1st as my 150th. Milestones don't always have to be hard ass games you know. They can be chill to. Soundtrack: 10/10 Updated PS5 Graphics: 10/10
  9. Just wanted to say on here in case anyone wanted to know. Started FIFA on this account and probably have about 10 Ultimate team games to my name. Joined a friend who had played waaaaay over 200 games. At the end of the first co-op game we had, I had the 200 matches played with a player trophy pop for me. This was on PS5. So for anyone who doesn't want to grind. Join someone who's played over 200 and it should pop. Wasn't sure if it had been said or not as it's late and I don't fancy reading through the posts. Good luck gamers.
  10. :platinum:#200 - Final Fantasy VII Remake


    Finally hit the big #200. Anything that happens now is a bonus. I set a goal of 200 platinums and I managed to hit it. I wasn't expecting to be anywhere near as close to this at the start of the year but you know. The world decided to take a turn for the worst so I've had a lot more free time.

    My Game of the Year honestly. I didn't play much in terms of new games but it's at the top for me. The feeling of playing something that kick started the whole gaming journey off for me is nostalgic and hits different. If it wasn't for this game or the original rather I wouldn't be where I am today with gaming or probably my tastes in general honestly..

    I wrote a lot of my thoughts on the game. I kept it as spoiler free as possible and I could of wrote a ton more but I feel like if I did I would of had to been spoilery and I didn't want that and neither did anyone else. 


    Here's to another #200


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    2. WayfarerFox


      Thanks a bunch everyone, it's much appreciated. :D 

    3. xxEliteCDxx


      Congratulations ImmortalFox for the platinum and for this magnificent milestone !!! 🙂🎉

    4. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯 

  11. Final Fantasy VII Remake #200 Master of Fate Time to Platinum: 78hours 34minutes | Difficulty: 5/10 | Enjoyment: 10/10 Big milestone done and it had to be a game I've been looking forward to for over a decade. Ever since the teaser of the PS3 demo I've wanted a remake of this game and in 2015 when I first saw that trailer. I couldn't believe it. I had goosebumps and was so happy that it was announced. Flashforward 4 years and it was a little worrying not knowing because not much information had still been handed out but as soon as the devs finished working on Kingdom Hearts 3 it was FF7 news constantly and boy it was such a good time. Getting closer and closer to that release date and the seeing more and more of the game got me hyped. I never really get hyped about games anymore but when it comes to a remake of one of the first games I ever played I can't help but remember playing it and thinking how this scene and that scene will be played out. If you're wondering why I don't get hyped about release date games anymore. I only need to say the title Cyberpunk and that's exactly why. I played this back on release date and loved it that much I decided I would make it a milestone. #200 sounded perfect for it since that's how many years I've waited since the announcement. I wrote quite a bit in here. Kept it as spoiler free as possible and tagged a couple of soundtracks into it. A milestone I really enjoyed deserves as much. Just didn't want to clog up the page with text but yeah. If you're interested in my thoughts. Give it a read.
  12. My placements put me in Division 4 which were 2-2-2 and I got the green arrow next to "Division 4" after 23-1-0. Just have to wait for the event to end a week today. Volta isn't too bad. The trick to never lose is basically whenever you are losing and know you're going to lose you just close the application. That's why whenever you see people say they have ridiculous records like you've mentioned it's because of that. I think if you were to use the glitch during the placements and get 5 straight wins. I'm sure you could probably just go straight into it and never worry about it. Not sure if it works for that though.
  13. :platinum:#198 - Overwatch


    Took about 6 months to get this done casually playing the first 5 then playing it a lot the last month and a bit! It's pretty difficult to do and managed to get 67 trophies out of 82 without boosting so I'm happy with that. Another UR platinum to the collection and can finally wait for the sequel.

    According to @Mayellie this is my best platinum and honestly. I think I can agree with her. I have rarer plats but this one is notoriously a pain in the ass and everyone that's played it besides the hardcore players know it to. I think this one is going to be sat pretty in my trophy cabinet. A big shout out to her as well as I wouldn't of even started it if she hadn't back in May. We played the game a lot together and gave me the push to get the platinum done. Thank you :D 

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      Thank you everyone! Really appreciate it :D 

    3. xxEliteCDxx


      Congratulations Immortal Fox !!! This is definitely one of the most impressive platinum trophies out there!


      Fantastic Job as always! 🙂

    4. WayfarerFox


      I appreciate it Elite, thanks a bunch :) 

  14. Overwatch #198 Overwatch Platinum Trophy (All that hard work for this amazing plat name woo) Time to Platinum: 80 hours | Difficulty: 7/10 | Enjoyment: 8/10 This won't be one of my typical platinum posts where I break down some of the stuff for the game like characters etc because there isn't much point to it as it has no relevance to absolutely anything. It's typically just a FPS 6vs6 game with classic game modes handed down from the past. It's a brilliant game to chill to if you're bombarded with grinding trophies or similar stuff in games you know? I've had this game since launch and typically I've played it over a number accounts really. Never really committed to the trophy side of it and when you start to do that you will more than likely get frustrated doing so. Not because the trophies are technically hard. I mean they are but they're very situation based. You need the enemy team to be bunched for the most part and depending on what game mode you play can be borderline impossible to do. There are 3 different classes of characters to choose from. Your tanks (it's in the name) absorb damage and basically sponge it all while others do the main damage. You have your damage classes which is exactly what it says on the tin. A number of variety attackers. Some situational and some straight DPS to hold your ground and push enemies back etc. Then you have your healers essentially. Each hero I do have to say is very well created. They all have perks which make them strong. Some are stronger than others but it's all subjective on who truly is the most powerful. Like some characters I can't use who I think don't do much damage. To someone else they would absolutely annihilate others. For that reason I can't say that I do have a favourite character to use as I tried to get a handle on the most of them if I'm being honest. Each character has 2 trophies associated with them. Usually a ultimate move one which involves killing 4 people. Not everyone has that but the majority do. The other trophy is tied to one of their abilities that you have to use and kill them with it or do a set amount of damage etc. Not going to lie. Some of them are really tough. From the base game, the majority of the trophies are really simple. You can probably do them with enough practice but the DLC list characters wow. Some of them don't hit that hard and their abilities require very precise situations. Baptise for example. You have use his ability and pray people shoot through it to amplify damage. If you roughly did this legit in game and people tried to help. You're looking at around 5+ attempts with his special just to get that. Not only that, it requires you to not die at all AND you have to pray the round/game doesn't end before it's done. So without boosting I think some trophies are borderline impossible to do. They are doable but you'd need a very good team and a very good enemy team honestly. The game is split essentially into 2 game modes. Quick Play and Quick Play Classic. The former is a game mode where you have to have 2 of each class. To balance itself out and make a fairly even game. This in all honesty is where you'd go for the longer games where you both have to go for the objectives. It's much more competitive in there than second to competitive mode itself. That's where the majority of the games can be done and where I got most of my trophies. Classic mode on the other hand is the same thing BUT you can choose any character you want from any selection and ususally its 6vs6 damage characters. People tend to play this a lot because in Quick Play there is ques for Damage characters. That usually have 8 minute wait times. I think this is down to mainly casual players who just want to full on attack then help team mates and help. Usually in it for themselves which sucks really. I hope they manage to balance this more when Overwatch 2 gets released. I managed to get 67 trophies out of 82 without boosting the game. The ones I had left I just couldn't find the situations to do them. I had many opportunities but they had to be pinpoint and the majority of you know now when you try something really hard. It makes it harder to do so I had enough and decided to join the boost group on Discord. The first week I only managed to get 1 trophy. Some people needed one trophy then all of a sudden had to go and this made it complicated and unsuccessful. You'd think 1 person leaving wouldnt be too bad but to even start a boosting session you need to have 12 players. Luckily the second attempt went a lot better and we had a ton of people and I managed to get all of my remaining trophies. There isn't much to say about the characters themselves. They are all unique, have different abilities and are good to use. Blizzard do have backstories and an ongoing story for the game but I dunno just feels out of place when none of it really matters in game. I heard Overwatch 2 will be a lot more story based as well and have a ton of PVE elements rather than just the PVP side. So if they can nail a story and some backstory for characters it should be a really good game. Trophies are difficult but can be done with enough practice. Some will be needed to boost though as by the time you get to the end you just want it to be over and done with. According to @Mayellie this is my best platinum and honestly. I think I can agree with her. I have rarer plats but this one is notoriously a pain in the ass and everyone that's played it besides the hardcore players know it to. I think this one is going to be sat pretty in my trophy cabinet. A big shout out to her as well as I wouldn't of even started it if she hadn't back in May. We played the game a lot together and gave me the push to get the platinum done. Thank you.
  15. :platinum:#196 - Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (GOTY)

    I do really like this game. Always have done and have platinumed it a couple of times. Nowhere near as fast as my last time when I did it. Still, a great game none the less. I did want to play it soon and when I heard about the server going down for the one trophy it just pushed it up my list.

    I did buy the Definitive Edition for the sequel so was going to start it soon anyway. If you like Assassin's Creed parkour. Batman Combat set in the world of Lord of the Rings. Then give it a go. It may feel a little stiff and outdated since its over 6 years old but it's still worth the play.

    Next platinum will be Rogue Company. 5 wins away from the platinum but I won't make a post for that one honestly. I might make a status update but a post would be a waste of time for my current format with it. So close to #200 now.

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      @UltraFire121 I just want to see whether some people I know can do it so that I get the motivation to do it too. xD

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      @Mayellie You already know the deal😋


      @UltraFire121 It’s not just now. She’s been hounding me for months to start it. She knows I’ll start it when she does😁