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  1. How did you get the message to pop up? I've been sleep around camp and walking around, with no luck.
  2. The reason why I am scared of missing a trophy is because the dlc mission appears on the mission list @ social club. So instead of having X number of missions in the base game for Chapter 4, I have an extra mission. It seems that I can't find the DLC mission, probably because I'm really late in the chapter (I've been sleeping till noon for a few hours trying to camp it out with no luck). Are you absolutely positive I won't miss anything?
  3. I'm already two missions near the end of Chapter 4, and I just found out that I had an extra mission in my Story progress (Used social club to check). It turns out to be the special edition mission you get (bank robbery) Has anyone already done it late in chapter 4? Can I still access it despite being so close to the end? I'm assuming by missing the mission, if I do. I won't get the 100% completion. /sigh
  4. On my mission log, I completed both Javier and Sean house-raiding missions, but the mission log still has them glowing (like they are not completed yet). Dunno why. I checked social club and it says that my trophy % towards completion is 66%. I'm assuming it is 33% per activity, until you go to chapter 4? Is 66% normal for me, I just started chapter 3 (I already completed the camp activity for 3 as I started). My 'Lending a hand' trophy is at 20% as well.