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  1. Yeah, this is a good idea. There is a flood of those login cards going for as cheap as 700 during those days, if you dont have them yet, make sure to grab them.
  2. I think this would depend on what stage you are in the collection. If you have >2300 cards, most of your remaining cards will be in the 8k - 10k+ range (Heat Checks are currently priced at >9k), and I'm not sure the prices will go down anytime soon, so I no longer hesitate and just buy what I can. My fear is that once more players migrate to 2K21 this gen and especially next gen, the window for acquiring cards in the AH will gradually tighten. Personally, I'd just buy whatever I can afford right now because I don't know what the market will look like come November. Thanks mate, this will help.
  3. Grats. Just as a benchmark, how many HC cards did you acquire to get to this stage of your collection?
  4. I do this too, but in between waiting for my cards to sell, I grind the hell out of Triple Threat Offline - I don't know if 2K bumped the chances of opening the vault, but it has been opening far more frequently lately (could just be me), and when it does open it's either 10 tokens or 5k MT, so can't go wrong with the extra coinage.
  5. Do you know if there is any other way to acquire Bogey? I checked the Deluxe Iggy Pack and assumed he would be there with everyone else, but nada.
  6. The guide here states the game has 3559 available cards, of which around 150 are now unobtainable, which leaves 3400 that can still be gotten. If anyone with updated knowlege wants to confirm this to still be the case, then please do =)
  7. I'll be right there with ya... in about a month or two... or three lol. Goodluck mate.
  8. I'm currently sitting at 2275 with 30HCs. According to some posts on this forum, and some of the guides on Reddit, there are roughly 3500 available cards. Now take this with a grain of salt as these guides were written over 8 months ago and well before new cards were released (Moments, Player's Club, GOAT, NEXT etc) and so, some sets were not considered in the calculation for 2900. That being said, 441 HCs is still a huge chunk and I would say at minimum, you'll need 220 for any chance at it. =( UPDATE: Just to clarify. The game has 3400 OBTAINABLE cards (As of September 2020)
  9. Yup. TTOffline is the way to go for those who don't (or can't) play the Auction House mini game. For every 10 games I usually open the vault 4 times, and each open is a guaranteed 10 Tokens or 5K MT (forced to quick sell the GO card if you already have it). The games take between 3-5 minutes depending on your strategy and cards, It is slow, it is messy, and the AH will still net you more MT for less time, but if 2K just reintroduced Heat Check packs as a possible vault reward, everyone still reading this thread would have less anxiety LOL.
  10. Heat Check cards contribute to roughly 441 cards. Unless 2K releases them as token packs, or changes vault rewards to include a HC pack, the only other way outside of what's left in the AH is to play Unlimited (Win 1 Game, Lose 3)... and at the moment (September 2020), they go for between 9k - 15k. Unfortunately, as Tentativeuser stated, you are going to need at least half of them to have a chance at 2900. =(
  11. Thanks for this. My fear was that whatever Heat Check cards left in the AH was it, and the rest are either locked in or are rotting in people's collections that left for 2K21. Good to know there is still some way of acquiring them outside the AH, albeit tedious and time consuming. Really wish you guys luck!
  12. Thanks for the advice guys, I will chug on and just gut it out - 800 more cards. I agree with your sentiment, although I'm pretty sure the majority of basketball fans playing 2K games aren't micro-managing for the plat, we are just a bunch of OCD outliers haha. If I ever get it, I will update anyone reading this (as of September 2020) and in my situation still considering chasing the plat.
  13. Hey guys, Really curious for those still playing this game after the release of 2K21 - would it still possible to achieve the Kit And Kaboodle trophy, but more specifically Ultimate Collector despite the release of 2K21 and with no indication from 2K of putting Heat Check cards in the token market? I'm sitting at roughly 2000 cards, and as far as I know, Heat Check cards make up roughly 441 cards, which is a big chunk. Not to mention, 2K have not added any new limited time events, released any new locker codes, or even updated the vault rewards with new cards. In short, are the chances of obtaining these two trophies dwindling by the day given all the roadblocks 2K is throwing at us? I doubt 2K will release any new packs (or even previous packs) back into the market, so is it worth grinding the MT and the cards with the possibility of hitting a brick wall at 2500 cards only to find out there is no hope getting the rest? should we just take the L? Thoughts?
  14. It's possible, but very VERY frustrating. Because this is such a broken difficulty, you need to abuse the cover trick and the ammo trick (both tricks are described by previous posters) However, your worst enemy isn't the broken difficulty, but your own sanity. You will be dying so many times to the point where the game feels impossible. So, my advice is to aim for completing checkpoints instead of aiming to clear entire chapters - as in, take your time and don't worry about how many times you've died or how messy it gets, so long as you continue to trigger the next checkpoint you'll eventually get to the end. Enjoy mate, don't get too frustrated lol.
  15. Hello future adventurers, Just want to start out by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this title. Having no previous experience with prior entries in the series, I came into this one blind, and I was pleasantly surprised. If by chance you have this title sitting in your backlog or are contemplating purchasing it, I would say that the soundtrack alone is worth it (especially the song "Across the Seven Realms"). The puzzles are creative yet challenging, and the character banter and voice acting lull you into being part of the world. However, the game is not without its faults - specifically its less than optimal performance on the PS4. It suffers from occasional stalling, typically in battles if you input commands faster than the game reads, but if you can get past that, then this game is a gem. For those wondering about the trophy list, it is relatively straight forward and stress free. Besides choosing your class/character at the start of the game, there are no branching choices that will lock you out of trophies. You will have more than enough opportunities to re-roll characters or obtain new ones to fulfil the character based trophy requirements. There is a point-of-no-return, but the game clearly warns you when you come across it, and if you are ever in a roadblock, you can simply set the game difficulty to easy and enjoy the game from that perspective. Overall, despite its optimisation problems, this is a game you'd want to at least try, if not for the soundtrack. TL;DR Great game, mired by poor optimisation issues. If it's in your backlog or selling for cheap then give it a go - you will enjoy the soundtrack at the very least.