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  1. I know this is late, but for anyone else attempting MF (as of 2021, and especially with Terra), I can confirm he is much easier on Beginner than on Critical. I was able to beat him with Terra on Critical at level 65, and at level 45 on Beginner. On critical all of his attacks 1-shot you, but on Beginner with max HP his attacks take 2-3 hits to deplete your entire bar, giving you wiggle room to make some errors. This, along with Maestro will probably prevent most people from obtaining the platinum, so here are a few tips I can share from my experience: 1. Play the game on Critical with all three characters. You can ignore all of the collection stuff for Terra. Your aim is to just basically collect all the Xenohort reports to unlock then beat the Final and Secret episodes. 2. You can beat all of the bosses/arena/secret on Critical easily with Aqua and Ven by abusing their dodge (they are 100% invulnerable during dodges), so use these save files to complete their collection records. For an even easier time, I recommend being at least level 55. 3. Since Terra is much slower and is vulnerable at the end of his dash, he can't abuse dodges like the other two, so his Critical playthrough is much harder, and for some, making MF almost impossible. The easiest thing to do is start a new Beginner playthrough, this makes MF and the Mirage Arena bosses more manageable (giving you a buffer of 2-3 hits as opposed to being 1-shotted). And here are my tips for MF: 1. DO NOT EQUIP more than 4 cure spells, otherwise he will constantly cast doom outside of his invisibility phase. Regardless of difficulty, if this counter reaches 0, you will die. 2. @Tannerdark3's setup is the best, 4 Thunder Surges and 4 Curagas work well. Also removing Sonic Impact and Ice Slide is advisable. 3. If you ever get combo'd to 0 HP, make sure you DO NOT break out of it and let Second Chance and Once More trigger and only healing afterwards. 4. When he casts orbs of light that shoot beams at you, DO NOT attack him, doing so will trigger him to attack you in addition to the beams, the best counter is to just heal after each beam (roughly 4 sets of beams). 5. When he clones himself, Thunder Suge into them, once you hit the right one, all his clones disappear. If you get combo locked by the clones, either take the L and heal after, or mash Thunder Surge once there is a break in the combo. 6. If you get hit by his Fire Surge, DO NOT break out of it, he will rush you 4 times if you get hit, heal once you land after the 4th. Otherwise if you are able to dodge it, he will Surge 7 times. 7. After he has 2 bars of HP left he will go invisible for roughly 30 seconds. His move sets are the same except he will begin casting Doom, Mega Flare and Meteor. There are 3 ways you can counter this phase. A.) Either prevent him from going invisible by damaging him during his charge up B.) Dash and Surge around the arena, healing occasionally until you can lock on to him again C.) Constantly Surge through the middle of the area in hopes of hitting him, making sure to always dash afterwards. 8. Lastly, there are 2 good opportunities to damage him without suffering much of a counter. He will fly up into the air and cast Cross Slash, dash through it and towards him, and surge him just as he lands. He will stay still, and build up a whirlwind that removes all your commands, dash through it and surge him. With the Chaos Ripper equipped at level 45 on Beginner, this shaves off more than half a HP Bar. Hopefully this helps anyone still attempting this Plat. Good luck guys.
  2. I could be wrong here (almost 100% certain though), but I think once the servers shutdown, MyCareer (along with it's trophies) will no longer be available as you can't play MyCareer offline. You should definitely go for those MyCareer trophies at the same time because they are actually quite easy. Build a 7'3 C with max wingspan and you can get a chunk of those trophies when you hit 70-75 overall rating. The only thing I wasn't able to get were steals, so I built a PG and pumped his defenses up. In addition, you can use the VC you earn from MyCareer and buy packs in MyTeam. In short, don't let your hard work in MyTeam go to waste, get those MyCareer trophies while you still can, and get that Plat!
  3. To anybody else mulling over whether or not to play this game because the challenges look too daunting and potentially preventing them from 100%, I say, they aren't as bad as they look. I will reach and say you don't even need patches and rings to complete some of them, but of course they make it a whole lot easier. Some challenges can be "golded" in 5-4 attempts using trial and error alone, but for the harder challenges, typically the motorbike ones, you will need to watch a few videos to figure out the best ways to get gold. I say this not to gloat, but because I am pretty useless when it comes to the bike controls on top of my finger dexterity and peripheral vision being past their prime, but still, I managed to complete them. This is a great game, and I know some people are put off playing great games because of the trophy list (i.e. Multiplayer), I'm guilty of that too, but these challenges aren't impossible, they just require a lot of attention and moments of "being in the zone". You'll get frustrated for sure, but it just makes getting gold that much better!
  4. Yes. There are still more than 2900 cards accessible in the game, but around 400 of them will cost you >= 15K MT each in the game's current state, that is roughly 6Mil MT if buying straight from the AH. Definitely possible, but probably not worth the effort. You could 100% 5 other games in the time it takes to grind enough MT from TTOffline lol.
  5. Hey guys, I don't want to sound like the Grim Reaper, but I want to add a PSA for anyone still attempting this (or thinking about doing it). While it's still 100% doable even if you started today, I am currently 130 cards off with around 75 "offline" cards still available, so in effect only needing 60 cards from the AH. However, I am now struggling to bag cards less than 15k (and I'm not just talking about HC). I still find the occasional 12k-13k card here and there, but ever since reaching the last 150 card threshold, every card for the most part has been >= 15k. Now this could be due to my timezone (AUS), but I'm usually active when the rest of the world is awake. In saying that, I would still encourage those with at least 2000 cards to attempt it, and even those with less but for some reason are adamant about getting this trophy to go for it. As a reference for those who don't AH flip, I have completed all Domination modes, all All-Time Spotlight Sims, 7 Spotlight Sims, KG and Dwight Spotlights and 2300 games of TTOffline. As you can see, my main source of cards and MT come from grinding TTOffline, what's more is after finishing GO Dominique, TTOffline no longer rewards you with card packs or tokens and a vast majority will only come from opening the vault. I expect to have played 3000 games of TTOffline when im done, but obviously if you can flip the AH then you won't need to play this much. In short, while still absolutely 100% possible, the grind is only worth it if you really want this trophy. For me, this will be my first and only 2K plat, for Kobe.
  6. I get around 2-4 opens per 10 games myself, but I guess that's frequent in comparison to the terrible rate it was a few months back, not to mention the terrible rewards. Kind of glad 2K haven't updated the vault rewards - I would have probably given up if the reward pool still consisted of 1 token or 500MT. Sadly, no way around the grind - seeing red doors is demotivating, but once you've played 1600 games, you don't really take notice of it lol.
  7. Yes. This. I'm now 300 cards off, and my remaining HCs are in the 14-15K range. IMO, it is much easier and less stressful to earn the MT from grinding TTOffline or AH flipping and buy the card straight up than it is to grind Unlimited or TTOnline only for the chance at a HC Pack. Currently using 2 maxed evo cards (Lin, Howard) and GO Steph Curry from Historical All-Time Sim, and spamming corner threes, but you can use whatever shooter you get green releases with. Games take less than 5 minutes on average, and vault opens quite frequently. This is probably the best method to grind MT for those who don't like playing the AH.
  8. Hey mate, Have you tried applying any 3-point boosts? setting the quarter length to 12 minutes and the game difficulty to pro?
  9. I'm currently at ~2500 cards with around 170 HCs. Most of the HCs I don't have are being priced at 15k (and no way in hell am I going to start buying at that price), I am lucky to find any HCs at 10k. At this point, I don't know if prices will go down anytime soon, even if everyone in these forums colluded and stopped buying at those prices, the outside player-base / non-trophy hunters will still be trying to flip cards. Unfortunately, this is a variable we can't control, as it only takes 1 person to steal everything and re-list at exorbitant prices. If we were all to collude, it would be best to wait until most of the non-trophy hunters faded into next gen? as it would be easier to influence the prices in the market if the majority of the people listing cards in the AH were people like us willing to share cards around - one important thing to note is not to lock in collections, for those going this route. Honestly though, there's not a lot we can do at this point but to buy ANY card we don't own regardless if HC or not. Personally, if I can't find a HC in the 8K - 10K range, I just buy any card I don't have at that range, but most importantly targeting cards that cannot otherwise be obtained in packs through the token or MT markets. This is our bum life now, well for the foreseeable future at least. Exactly.
  10. Personally, I would buy all the token rewards up to PD + 3 GO cards. You will save a bit of money towards the end (around the 2400 card mark) if you buy token rewards to at least Diamond, as at this point of the collection your left over cards will probably be in the 8k - 10k range. And, as you will be grinding TTOffline, you will most likely be getting a ton of tokens from opening the vault, any excess tokens you have you should probably spend on Legacy packs.
  11. It's definitely still possible, but with 400 cards, prepare to walk through a swamp. I asked this same question about 2 months ago when I first started (around August), cards that were selling for 2k back then are now selling for 10k. You'll still have a year to grind, but your problem is going to be the thinning out of the playerbase come November - I would no sleep and get to grinding asap.
  12. Hey mate, I tried this myself, after 10 attempts I pulled exactly 0 HCs lol, I don't know what the odds are of pulling a HC card from that pack, but yeah obtaining the pack itself is not worth the effort, much quicker and less RNG if you earn the 10K MT and buy off the AH.
  13. Those are some interesting stats. You have 132 missing HC, which translates to you having roughly 300? Do you think with the current state of the AH that it would be cheaper to aim for 200HC and make up the rest elsewhere? Or is 300 the bare minimim to aim for? At the moment, I'm not hesitating and buying whatever HC I can grab, which is often priced between 9K-10K, in fear of what November will do to the availability of cards in the AH. Congrats mate, and GL with the rest.
  14. I am in the same boat as you - I started this mission at the end of August, and currently sitting on 2450 cards. At this stage, I'm lucky to come across a card worth less than 10k in the AH. There is 1 other way of acquiring Heat Check cards outside of the AH and that is to play 4 games of Unlimited. The first tier reward is a HC pack - so you have to win at least 1 game and then lose 3. In my opinion, it's not worth the grind as earning 10k MT for a HC is easier and less of a hassle. If you suck at playing the AH like me, the best way to earn MT (as @Malex595 mentioned) is to grind the hell out of Triple Threat Offline. I have played about 1250 games, and in my experience the vault opens roughly 2-4 times every 10 games, and you can breeze through games in 5 minutes. The advantage of 2K no longer updating rewards is that opening the vault is a guaranteed 10 tokens or 5k MT. Use the tokens to buy all the player rewards up to Pink Diamond, and then use the excess tokens to buy packs and sell them in the AH. You will come to a point (~2000 cards), where all your remaining cards will cost >8k, sadly, you have no choice but to grind this one out unless some miracle happens and 2K re-releases all the packs in the token market. I'm coming to the conclusion that the last 400 cards will cost more than the first 2500 cards. Good luck to us benchwarmers.
  15. Yeah, this is a good idea. There is a flood of those login cards going for as cheap as 700 during those days, if you dont have them yet, make sure to grab them.