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  1. What a boring trophy list. Damn. 😒
  2. If you already bought them, you will be able to play them normally. If you haven't bought them, the PS Now version does not include the DLC's.
  3. Just wondering if the devs consciously made it impossible. And no, not even gonna try it with a glitch. These type of games makes me feel bad.
  4. Is it really impossible doing it legit? That'd be interesting.
  5. Cool guide, my man!
  6. Daaaaaamn! I was putting too much effort trying to get all stars until I read this. You just saved me a lot of time. Sheesh!
  7. Not even one trophy can be done in private matches.
  8. I really hope they do. Felt really dissapointed when the Casino Heists didn't get any trophy support. We'll see, though.
  9. Dear lord, the grinding! In my opinion, get 100% in BFH is way harder than SWB.