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  1. Played it because I had no Wi-Fi for like a week, so I gave it a chance. Had fun, not gonna lie. Don't remember anything particularly tedious or difficult.
  2. Is it worse than WRC 6 / WRC 7 grind?
  3. Harry Potter collection has been going on sale for so long, that is not surprising they're finally giving it for "free". It's kinnda old, though. Hope this is not true.
  4. This is the last time I hope somthing good comes out of Extra/Premium.
  5. That'd be great. I had hope, but not anymore.
  6. It's weird. Easy compared to what? By no means is an easy task.
  7. I guess this is your answer. I don't think many people enjoy sim racing because of the difficulty, let alone a sim rally game. This was my first sim racing game (and rally game, for the matter) and I fell in love with the graphics, the sound, and so on. There's only one trophy in particular that you gotta be aware of. It was something between the lines of "getting top 100 with the Audi Quattro on a daily challenge". Now, there was an easier way to get it, but can't rememeber the details.
  8. What about if one door is opened and you open the second and scape? Does anybody know if it still counts? My first scape was like this, so hopefully it does.
  9. Yes, indeed. You just gotta fly over (If I remember correctly, Gotham is pretty much below Metropolis). And there's also special locations, like Apokolips, where you have to travel through certain places. In this case, right on top of the Lex Luthor's tower (Metropolis) is a big red beam that gets you to Apokolips.
  10. I'd say you gotta choose between having fun in coop and going for the trophies. You can do both in coop, but at your own risk.
  11. From my experience, the server must register that you indeed got the collectible/completed the mission. I played offline some time in may first playthrough and everything I did while offline didn't register properly. What I mean by this is: the game recognized my progress, meanwhile the server didn't, thus having 104% completion and no trophies.
  12. I got the plat some time ago. The game itself is a buggy mess (trophy wise) since you basically earn the trophies only if the server registers your progress. For example, I got every collectible in the game and did every mission aswell, but since I played offline (and maybe because I played co-op, I don't know) several trophies were bugged and had to do another full playtrough to get every collectible again in hopes of the trophies popping. I'd say you just gotta be really careful while playing and make sure you're always online.
  13. Just got the trophy. You may be doing something wrong.
  14. Yes. It's possible.
  15. Yep. That's exactly what I did at the end. Had some alternate accounts to set every day a new event and then do them on my main. Have fun, man. Hopefully Stray isn't as annoying as that third anniversary event. lol