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  1. Also i sorta kinda finished the edit on the review. Still not satisfied, but honestly this game can't be explained through words without spoiling it. So yeah I'll leave it like this, top 10 right up there.
  2. So, here's what people normally say about Automata: it's an independent game, it has nods to the original NieR, the setting is happening around 8000 years later. It's a nice game and all. My opinion as a fan and someone who even dabbled in Drakengard lore just to get more Nier out of it(jesus christ that series scares me): YES Replicant IS VERY important to the story. Because there's certain aspects in Automata that hit even deeper once you know how fucked up everything is in Replicant. Without it, you might miss some stuff in Automata that won't make much sense. And sadly no, just reading the wikia won't help it's basically get depressed in NieR Replicant to get utterly DEMORALIZED in NieR Automata. I even had a friend who played Automata and thought the game is meh, but after playing Replicant he got pissed because "Automata has so much more meaning now in place x and y and so on". So...yeah. Don't sleep on Replicant (especially now that the PS4 version is excellent), it will really add to the atmosphere and story. You can play Automata and even enjoy it, but I don't think you can experience the full on existential crisis until you've got a taste of Replicant .
  3. Small update - I will rework Nier Replicant's impressions. Tried writing it last night, ended up listening to its soundtrack and Drakengard 3's soundtrack so I got the...mess from above Seriously even My Name is Mayo got a better "review". For whoever was reading that, it's not the final product. Fucking game got me so good, I have no idea what to even write about it that would make sense 😂
  4. [Tony Hawk's Pro Skater] I can't believe how much of an ass kicking I am getting from this game now xD I am at the part where I have to get all the Hard Get-there gaps. 


    I managed to do some easy ones (Roswell, Warehouse, School 1) but everything ended when I reached the stupid Mall one. I have to manual/grind over 3 sets of stairs on the entire levels and I just... Keep... Failing. Sure shows that I lost my practice since I can't hold manuals properly anymore. 

    Regardless, this is a very fun learning curve, but I expect to spend quite a lot of time on these damn gaps. Saw what's coming after Mall and... Oh boy. It will be awful. 


    At least I can play some Turok 2 to destress when I get too tilted. Should finish that game also. 

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    2. Copanele


      The thing is, on that manual, even if you are on the path, sometimes you bounce off because the planks aren't perfectly smooth so the game detects a colision. It's a stupid physics mechanic that gave me tons of headaches. I guess they were really focused on keeping the "old school" vibe, including bullshit mechanics xD  

      The next level Skatestreet is easier, buuut my thumb is hurting a bit. Will take a while until I upload it :D 

    3. Gommes_


      I totally forgot 😅. Venice Beach was pretty bad too.

    4. Copanele


      @Gommes_ yeah...figured 😂 Checked online after trying for 1 hour unsuccessfully just to see words like "worst transfer in the game ever" and "fuck that manual wtf". 

      ANYWAY Skatestreet done. This was...surprisingly easy. Not much to say, just daily reminder to never drink wine and play reflex based games. 3 MORE! (but for tomorrow)



  5. Been a while since I updated here, took my sweet time...but this one will be quite the unique entry. NieR Replicant VER.1.22474487139... Platinum Name: The Final Verse Hardest Trophy: The Little Mermaid- defeat Louise in under 5 minutes Difficulty: 3/10 Personal Impression: 10/10 Most of the time, after I've finished a game and gotten its platinum, I try to "analyze" it. Analyze is a strong word, mostly try to see what were its good points, its weak points, graphics, story all that stuff. But even now and then comes a game that actually blows my mind. It makes me go "fuck all these numbers, thinking what's good, what's bad, I just love this dumb ass pile of whatever I am playing". Although I am generous with my games, I rarely give a 10/10. Well, today another game gets this treatment from me. Nier Replicant is an odd thing. It's created by Yoko Taro, a madman with a mask (because he's shy) who specializes in writing fucked up stuff . The game has the most basic premise: your main protagonist, little Nier, is trying his best to survive into a world ravaged by disease and plagued by black monsters called Shades while taking care of his sick sister. He's your basic kid who knows how to flail a sword abit better than the others. Everything changes when he has to rescue his sister Yonah from an ancient shrine and encounters the magical tome Grimoire Weiss, a sassy old floating book that is basically your conduit for magic in this game. And from this point the entire game goes bonkers. The game itself is incredibly weird. You normally play in 3rd person, your textbook action hack & slash game. But at some point you go into 2D and hop on stones. Then switch to a bullet hell section in a mine cart where you have to gun down several robots. Then it turns into a 2.5 diablo-esque aRPG. Just to finally tackle a classic textbased RPG story. It's such a wacky way to approach gameplay in a game! Gladly the combat itself was severely fixed in the PS4 version (original one had some serious issues in the combat department), now it plays more like Automata. But I guess this gameplay is picked only so you can't lose focus on the main selling point of this game: The Story. My god the story of this game is brilliant. It has Bioshock 1 levels of revelations, the world and characters are VERY well established, the side quests are actual gems hidden behind seemingly mundane fetching quests...nothing is what it seems here. This is most obvious with Nier's team, first consisting of the faithful book/companion Grimoire Weiss, then joined by Kaine, a foul mouth woman with a dark secret (and what a secret)and probably one of the best female representations in videogames. Last to join is Emil, the mascot of the game (and Yoko Taro's choice of mask), a sweet skeleton child who is also a magical powerhouse. All these are oddities in a weird and dying world. I can't spoil any more, it would detract from the enjoyment of the game. If I can find a massive fault of this game, it's this : IT'S NOT FOR EVERYONE! No really, the game is so weird and unconventional, many players will feel uncomfortable, bored or straight up annoyed at this game. And yes, it's totally understandable also, the release of the original game was met with heavy criticism.. BUT if you like obscure games with terrifyingly good story and a fierce cast of companions, if you love crazy music sung in Chaos language (made up language), if you like to just feel constant suffering and hopelessness, then by all means do pick up this game. You won't regret it. Because true to his original western name, the game is truly Gestalt: it's greater than the sum of its parts. Since I obviously can't string some coherent sentences about Nier, why do I like this game? Why do I think it's top 10 best games I ever played? To be honest, it's every wacky component of this game combined. I love the odd main character and his companions, this might be the best team of "Whatever the fuck are they even doing there" I met in videogames. I absolutely am crazy about that soundtrack in a made-up language, because using a made-up language means you can reach any note you want with any combination of words that you want. I like how utterly depressing and fucked up the story is, for real how can anyone think something like that? And most of all, I think the atmosphere is what gets me. When you reach the Lost Shrine, you FEEL the sense of abandoned place. Facade is the epitome of weird foreign desert city. Seafront gives you the feeling of a remote fishing village, and so on. Also the idea that you play the game and you only unlock Route A, playing several times to unlock other routes which are actually further reveals into the story is brilliant. You know how this will end, but do you know ALL the details? Maybe Route B will tell the story from another perspective. Maybe Route C will break your heart in a different way! Maybe Ending D-- you get the idea. The game has 4 endings, with an extra 5th "Epilogue" and no playthrough is truly similar. Although you are playing the same levels, through the same missions, you'll notice that things have changed, details or mysteries from a previous route being answered in this new playthrough. As a final conclusion, this game really deserves its initial Western PS3 release name. It is called Nier Gestalt, Gestalt being roughly translated "a whole is bigger than the sum of its parts" and I believe this applies to this game perfectly. Maybe action with bullet hell with multiple endings with intentional glitches and so on might make no sense on paper, but the entire chaos of this game is what makes it this appealing. I would say, if you are interesting in either niche stories or unique "experiences" (example being Brutal Legend, Asura's Wrath, games that can't fit in any specific category), do give NieR a try! THE GOOD: - A crazy good story with multiple branches - Soundtrack ripped straight out of Heaven - Smooth gameplay, improved over and over - the dynamic world that reacts to your actions - it made me suffer like no other game THE BAD: - incredibly niche even by niche standards. - farming materials for weapon upgrade is still horrible. - pretty much gets me ridiculed for giving it a 10/10 and not even being able to properly explain why.
  6. You are welcome! Best of luck there, it can be done! It's just a lot of work, but it's not THAT difficult. By the time you are done with Son of Sparda I'd say you learned all that it is to learn about the game (especially if you are playing DMC3). AH FORGOT! One last advice, @rockstarjazz included. For the love of god, REMAP NERO'S GUN! L1, R1, whatever you fancy. Nero can charge his gun once you upgrade it. At level 3 his charge shot is RIDICULOUS! So you want to run and do your sword/grab goodies while charging that bad boy, then finally land that kaboom! It does a TON of damage and gets you high Style points. Just...don't let it on default square you will find it very difficult to run and attack AND charge the gun.
  7. #No. 138: Nier Replicant


    Well, Existential Crisis Simulator is finally over. Played this game like a madman these past days(has it been a week already?)

    All I can say after going through the OG Nier again, INCLUDING the extra content and ending E....



    Anyway, this is definitely not a game for everyone(no really, it's a VERY weird game), it's the textbook definition of niche. It has the same idiotic material farming, the nonsensical flower planting, the fishing OH GOD WHY IS FISHING SO SHITTY IN JAPANESE GAMES JUST STOP IMPLEMENTING IT IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO CODE A TUNA AI, the 3rd person action turned into 2D platformer turned into 2.5D diablo mode turned into bullet hell turned into text based RPG system type of gameplay. It can be annoying and weird at parts. Most of the story makes no sense and the mad man Yoko Taro covered half of the references and stories in novels, stage plays and ...I don't know, mobile gacha games? PERHAPS?


    10/10, one of the best games I've ever played. It's in my top 10 for sure. 


    P.S. 7000th trophy achieved with Ending E. The description is perfect for a milestone xD 

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    2. Copanele


      Yeah, sounds like a good idea. I like Tony Hawk but man, some Hard Get-There gaps are stupid.

    3. Gommes_


      Some are indeed stupid but I thought many were a really good challenge.

    4. Copanele


      Oh yes they are very fun, I don't mean stupid as in "oh god why did they add this" kind of stupid.

      ....ok, MAYBE the Mall gap is stupid. But I will cover that in another status update xD in the Nier (kek) future

  8. That's exactly what someone with a high ADP stat would tell. Sneaky, got me there. Well, although it's pretty obvious and you definitely planned this, my request is to review ds2 last, after ds3 and demon souls of course.
  9. And you call yourself a scientist?? You added some extra Sins there! (I so wait for that hellish day 😂) Also in agreement with @FilmFanatic here on one point: DS1 is my favorite, but I played DS2 THE MOST out of all of them! HOW? WHY? NOBODY KNOWS! Maybe Science(and dumb builds) will explain that!
  10. Ah ok, cheesing means using a simple "exploit" method to get past a very difficult section that would take you way more effort if done normally. It's an in-game mechanic, indeed, but it's not a "stylish" way to do it. To give an example, you have to do S rank on Hell and Hell mode. You have some teleporting enemies. You can try to get very good at the game and Royal Guard them, or know when to strike OORRR you can use a special in-game weapon that nukes the entire area. That's "cheesing" Or, in DMC3, when fighting with Vergil, if you do the Beowulf Jump Cancel attack, you simply pulverize his health instead of actually fighting him fair. That's also one sort of "cheese". OP means overpowered in this context. In DMC4, while you can go skill mode with Nero and Dante, with Vergil and Lady you simply mash a button going " ha ha here goes boom" and everything dies.
  11. I would personally say this one is harder to get, but just because DMC5 has some cheesing mechanics that make the S ranking a breeze. This one however is more annoying /frustrating /backtrack-ish.
  12. Oh I didn't know this is a thread! Anyway, I have been recently reading Record of Ragnarok or Valkyrie of the End. Basically a huge Tournament Arc with mythological gods vs history's most famous human combatants. While nonsensical, it's oddly well written. Recommended if you wish to see Zeus getting whomped in the face, and not by Kratos
  13. A pretty fast way to approach this game is like this (at least that's how I did it) Human+Devil Hunter as Nero/Dante Son of Sparda as Lady/Trish Dante Must Die+Heaven or Hell+Hell and Hell as Nero/Dante Legendary Dark Knight as Vergil Use all these playthroughs to upgrade your stuff. Defeating the bosses with SSS should not be too hard if you learn their patterns and you max out your characters, the only tricky ones are Dante, Dagon/Bael(must be done on DMD mode since he has crap health) and Agnus(he loves running around and throw shit at you). Lady is a prime contender for this because of her charged moves, Nero being a close second. To give an example how to beat Dante with an SSS rank, I will slap a small spoiler below: NOW for Bloody Palace(leave it for dead last): Nero/Dante - use Super Costumes gained from finishing DMD, you will probably take the No Damage trophy on floor 101 as Dante by abusing Pandora. Lady/Vergil - they are pretty OP, you won't have any issues with them maxed out Trish - probably the hardest to finish the BP with. Stage 85 will be a nightmare with the 2 Blitzes. Learn how to use the Pandora attack with her in order to remove the Blitz shield. For S ranking the missions, I found the hardest levels for that are Dante Must Die (duh) and ...Human Mode shockingly enough, because the enemies die too fast and you can't get enough Style points. Especially M13 and M18 are terribly annoying, make sure you kill every enemy and especially for M13, you backtrack abit to get more enemies. I believe it's M13, it's the mission with Dante through the jungle. Hope this small roadmap helps you. Might not have been the most optimal way to approach the game but it got its job done in my case. Best of luck, may you platinum this beast of a game! P.S. Not related to this topic, but don't bother with DMC2 unless you really are a fan of the series
  14. Cannot contain my Sun praising, Dark Souls took the top! Umbasa 2.0 Glad on the choice, saying that game is phenomenal is an understatement. Now I would like to push Dark Souls II and III for analysis. BUT if you want to build upon the suspense and rank them later, that would be fine also! I know DS2 has a special place in your liver ❤️ that bear seek seek lest definitely did something magical and I can't wait to see the details. Anyway, praise the Zweihander! Doing the good science there!