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  1. Only if the trophies are still UR after 2 months from release of said DLC. Right now the skullgirls 2nd encore dlc is still new. However if you started a game and mid event a DLC appears I won't force anyone to do that DLC, since it might be too expensive to purchase and it would be unfair.
  2. Ok solved, must have missed your update Congrats! I still struggle to find motivation to do those combos
  3. As usual, beautiful review there, one line caught my attention though: That alone would get 10Umbasas/10. Item Burden was A PAIN in the main game! That remake is truly beautiful
  4. So because there's a TON of medals in this game, I thought it would help you if I just shared a video with what I did so far: To see medals, go to Online and press square for R-Code, then cycle through pages.
  5. The strat is intended for Mai. She is a DLC character but she is the easiest to use by far.
  6. "IN CASE OF AI WHOOPING YOUR ASS" Yep, forgot I used my professional language in this miniguide 😂 Also congratulations for the 500 combos @yuber1234! After CPEX and CS, this one didn't feel nearly as exciting I see.
  7. I am usually not a fan of minigames, but there's 3 exceptions that make me go wheee every time I encounter them: Poker - any game. Getting a flush on the River makes me go READ THEM AND WEEP!! Even if it's the AI who reads them . Mahjong in Yakuza - I simply LOVE this minigame, I do not know why. Even better when Kiryu/Majima acts all smug when I nail a Ron/Tsumo. Karaoke/Dancing minigame in Yakuza - I suck at Karaoke and rhythm games. I love Karaoke. Karaoke is great!
  8. Wow I did not know this game even existed! Definitely a buy! It looks like Jotun meets Death Gambit, which I totally dig!
  9. You have to time the throw the moment he fully wakes up. He will either do nothing, do a heavy slash (and then your throw has priority) or he does his uppercut kind of attack with his sword, which unfortunately I have no idea how to counter. If he uppercuts you, try double jumping and nail him with a bandit bringer if you play as Sol. It's not the best tactic, but once you learn the timing of the throw your chances of winning increase.
  10. I think you need to contact a CRT member here, like MMDE, B1rvine or grimydawg. Try to contact any of them (MMDE has a full inbox from what I know Discord is the way there). Other than that I can't be of much help, sorry
  11. Dark Souls II - I needed a break from UMvC3 trials(393/480), so what better way of de-stress myself than resuming my SL1 Fist Only run in "the best" Souls game out there <3 


    Last time I attempted this run in 5 November 2020 (Looking Glass Knight was a tough cookie) but I choked at Shrine of Amana, arguably one of the best areas in the game (and by best I mean a massive pain in the ass). Since hitting the crawlers in that area with the fist is pretty much impossible and there's a ton of sniper mages who can kill you from half a map away, I decided to "cheat" for this level only and use a damn bow with poison arrows. Still took me 20-30 tries to pass through the slog because there's a LOT of enemies. Seriously, a lot. Plus an annoying NPC invader who spams one hit kill magic and isn't fazed by the water in the level.

    Anyway, after getting through all that crap (5-2 flashbacks from Demon's Souls), I reached the Demon of Song - and just like in a normal run, this boss was a literal punching bag. So yes, I will consider the entire area before the actual boss because this thing was a joke.


    Next one was the Undead Crypt and thankfully I remembered the entire layout of the map. Died too many times before to forget this pain of a level. Velstadt has proven to be an annoying boss too, mostly because you can miss him even if you are literally stuck to him and also because he has those beautiful attacks that hit you even if you roll at the exact moment. But after some punching around, he also fell in the end. Unfortunately I can't use his bell hammer, although I love ding dong-ing the enemies with it.



    So what's left? Other than the regular main story bosses (Guardian Dragon, Throne Watcher/Defender, Giant King, Nashandra, Aldia etc) I have the following bad boys to consider and fear:

    • Ancient Dragon, who is a massive pain if he decides to not behave and fly randomly. 
    • Darklurker, probably the hardest boss in the main game. Will definitely use poison arrows on his guardians first.
    • Vendrick, because why not, I need to punch a tank.
    • Elanna and Sinh Dragon, because we're also doing DLC baby!
    • The useless bosses - Gank Squad, Blue Smelter, Kitty Kat and Felix the ones from the worst area in the entire Souls series. In my regular run, Blue Smelter was the worst boss by far.
    • Ivory King which is a true WWE match. I also dread this fight.
    • Sir Alonne, probably the best fight in the game.

    We'll see if I utterly lose my minds in the process or finally agree with @DrBloodmoney that this is the best Souls in the series. My money is on the former statementxD 

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. DrBloodmoney


      You're a machine, man - with that helm and the double fisting, it's like watching a neanderthal ancestor of The Predator punch his way out of a videogame 😂

    3. Copanele


      @DrBloodmoney many thanks xD yeah it was smooth sailing so far (except the goddamn Throne Watchers and Defenders).

      Also I so love the items who give you extra stats, lots of creativity there.

      It will only get harder from now on - especially on Ivory King, since he's the other boss that I need to get the crown from. Not sure if I can even make it, I struggled a LOT with a regular SL1 run vs him. Might end up like this:




    4. Copanele


      Welp got both Ring of Blades +2 and Chloranthy Ring +2.

      What I love about Dark Souls 2 is that there are so many small cheese moments. I managed to despawn a Pursuer, leaving only the second Pursuer with the ring (leaving the area while one Pursuer is attacking makes the second one leave the fight).

      I also straight up poisoned the NG+ Undead Executioner - the stupid horse. 99 Alluring Skulls for skellies and poisoning the damn horse makes him fall into the pit.

      So...ready for stage 3. THE CROWNS!

  12. Heyo, I would also like a rank update Successor of the Blue, Continuum Shifter, Ride the Fire and Be Just or Be Dead. I think I covered them correctly Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Blazblue Centralfiction Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend Blazblue Continuum Shift Guilty Gear Guilty Gear XX Accent Core(PS3) Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Guilty Gear Strive - if it counts
  13. I would legit send some but chances are we would both have a visit from our trusted Protect and Serve representatives in our countries
  14. Oh yes please play it I invite you I will share all my super duper IGN strategy guides and even send a complimentary basket of painkillers too 🤣 You will like Coyori, but will you survive until the end of this mad variant of Takeshi's castle?? Find out in the next episode of Honor Hand Z! This game got to my brain not gonna lieBut really, the delete button works at an astounding 212 BPM, that won't disappoint you He went to train in the forest, attacked animals and wanted to kill Watson in order to train. And cries every time he loses. He deserves all the slaps in the world
  15. To be honest, all I had in mind when I was playing the story mode who was feeding me YET ANOTHER ENDING was this gif But yeah, I wanna finish UMVC3 then I will totally chill with some Nioh 2. Or maybe start Uncharted. Or continue my DS2 SL1 fist only run. Anything but this So glad you didn't start your fighting games path with THIS one. I mean yeah Injustice 1 is pretty bad but this one...woo boy It could get worse than this. There are worse games but...those are pretty obvious this one was a trap for me.