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  1. Captain's Log : A full final stop on Shonen Planet, J-Stars Victory VS+. Half of the crew started yelling how they want to become Hokage and Pirate Kings while the other half tries to survive to the utter boredom that is Victory Road, the final target before completion. 123 fights where lights are sparkling and anime characters yell japanese war cries is not for the faint of eye(seriously so many colors! What is this? Kingdom Hearts on LSD?). However the boring grind is not making this task any easier.

    Honestly they really went out of their way to make the most boring shonen fight game ever.'s with shonen characters! Fighting is what they do!!!!How can you mess this up???


    After I am done with this game, I will have to work on a full review. Took me long enough to mix and mash characters and deck cards (the funniest part of the game really) just to realise that Luffy is still the god of beatdowns with his gatling crap, Goku still the cheapest Kamehameha thrower and Vegeta...well he takes almost 50% HP as a support with his big bang attack so boy am I gonna cheese Victory Road!

    Two good things came from this game so far: I re-read Toriko manga and really enjoyed it, and for sure I WILL NOT BUY JUMP FORCE! Even if Lord Dio is in it in all his Roadroller glory.


    Also Gintoki. Gintoki is the Deadpool of anime.

    1. DamagingRob


      I used Yusuke, Kenshin, and Gintoki for that. Don't know if they're good or not. There's too many Dragon Ball and One Piece games, so I wasn't missing the opportunity. :P

    2. Copanele


      Honestly, as long as you don't use Ichigo who is the only character who is hard to control, everything is viable in this game. Just grab a character, mash the combos , full profit.

  2. Oh god... I just remembered. Everything fancy and dandy with Gill, Pyro/CryoKinesis, mark my DNA and so on... RESURRECTION!!!!!! Swear to god if this greek god asshole pulls that again in SF5 I'll cry.... His theme is dope though.
  3. Had an interesting experience last night. In an effort to complete the games I've neglected all this time, I  recovered my lost PES2015 PS3 disc, booted it up and started fiddling around, fully expecting to be bored out of my mind. Mind you, the last time I played a football time was FIFA 2007 with my dorm mates in 2012 in LAN, drinking cheap beer and having fun at each other's expense. Apart from that my interaction with FIFA/PES have been minimal at best.


    ....I actually had fun with this game.

    Of course, I lost over 1 hour in that blasted training mode, trying to nail those stupid 200 point boards. No idea why L3 isn't working, I am controlling the players with D-PAD, didn't bother to understand it either. Since I am used with keyboard only, I kept mixing up square and circle and sending the ball to oblivion. No idea why are there so many passes, I just mash X like in a slot machine game and pray it works. I am so bad at this genre it's painful and I am loving it ! 

    Guess I'll invest abit more time into it and get all the stuff available ( servers being dead, platting it is impossible but who cares, I can tackle poor suckers and break their ankles xD ). I fully expect the computer to kick my ass even on Beginner mode but at least I am learning something new! 

    (Still not gonna invest into PES/FIFA games. This will be the one and only football game I will play on a console. One is enough)

    1. Honor_Hand



      ....I actually had fun with this game.

      That moment when you actually have fun in one of those games. :o


      No kidding, my last football game was also FIFA 2007, but on GameCube. Not sure if you played there too. I hate sports games but I had a nice time with it when I was younger. I mean, it came bundled with my GameCube so I better had some fun out of it while I saved some money for some actual games lol. But yeah, they can be fun in moderation I guess.



      (Still not gonna invest into PES/FIFA games. This will be the one and only football game I will play on a console. One is enough)

      Wise words, sir, wise words.

  4. Well I finally got back the final piece of my 2019 target I started this game in 2015 and then sold it. Now I kinda want to do whatever trophies I can, to solve that ugly 1% on my profile. Platinum is impossible sadly.
  5. Allright : fight time I guess Main profile: I love cats and cat quest is one of my favorite games of late. Naturally I will stick with cats. Psnprofiles : character looks incredibly dumb and loved the initial comic Kratosichu. Plus y'all are not worthy to see my glorious face that's reserved for close friends.
  6. Let's make a proper update shall we? Monday Update : 1. Devil May Cry (PS3) - 100% 2. Devil May Cry 3 (PS3) - 100% 3. Demon's Souls (NA version PS3 ) - 100% 4. Deadpool (PS3) - 100% 5. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PS3) - 100% 6. One Piece : Pirate Warriors 2 (PS3) - 11% -> 13% 7. Brutal Legend (PS3) - 18% 8. Bayonetta (PS3) - 2% 9. Alice : Madness Returns (PS3) - 0% -> 3% 10. L.A. Noire (PS3) - 5% 11. J-Stars Victory VS+ ( PS3) - 22% -> 31% -> 42% -> 68% -> 80% 12. Dragon's Dogma (PS3) - 2% I have been slacking off regarding this event the previoius week (although truth be told I focused on getting some annoying Batman MP trophies before risking the server closure. Screw that game.) Anyway, now I am back in full force and progressed some more in J-Stars. All the annoying minuscule trophies are out of the way, I have 3 major trophies left to platinum this japanese stew : Finish all story arcs, finish 20 victory road fights and finish the whole victory road. The story arcs progress quite fast, I am in the middle of the third(Toriko's) arc and boy is he a powerhouse. I really like him as a char, he is just a glutton who wants to have a nice meal and punch the living shit outta enemies. Had lots of fun with Luffy also(1st arc and the majority of my playthough), he is easily the most overpowered character in the entire game. However Naruto(2nd arc) was a weak mess. He is supposed to be Ninja Jesus, yet he's so weak I actually got annoyed and resorted to Rasenshuriken spamming because that's all he can do really. Top tier gameplay I know. I actually dread to see how weak Ichigo(4th arc) is with his toothpick of a sword. Oh well this can be covered in one day anyway so no big issue really. However the victory road will be one big grinding mess. Apparently 123 matches are required there. Ah well, I will select God tier Luffy and Goku, together with Toriko support, just to blast through the mode. I am eager to delete this game, it's terribly mediocre. Not a bad game, just...mediocre. It does appeal to my younger shonen fan self though, not gonna lie. After this... I am in a stump, no idea what to start. I am torn between some sexy brutale combat in Bayonetta and some good police drama in LA Noire. Decisions decisions. I think I should flip a coin for that. Brutal Legend and Alice Madness returns will be left for those wintery days when leaving the house is not an option (since they are really atmospheric games for me) and Dragon's Dogma shall be attempted in the pre-Christmas week, when I have more free time. Will go full Mystik Knight to blast through the game as fast as possible, my main account and fun factor is on the PS4 version. ....ah yes and also One Piece Pirate Warriors 2. No idea what to do with that game, it's so boring and annoying. Will see... it's the only game on my list I am not eager to play, truthfully. Ok, now that's a proper update from my part, next time I will update with the platinum I promise!Cheers to the fellow competitors, you can do it
  7. Wellll.... Gill doesn't impress. I was happy to hear him come in the game, just to be dissapointed by his looks, cant get past that stupid hair look. Why wouldn't they just bring Oro instead?
  8. I gotta give it to the guys at Arcsys and Lord Daisuke, they know how to make a trailer get you in the groove XD. Thanks for sharing, that really is a good way to start the Monday
  9. This has been a gruelling week game-wise. That stupid Batman Arkham Origins multiplayer drained me of energy and mood, but at least it's finally done (major thanks to the boosting team, you all deserve a beer). The single player will definitely be tackled next year though, I have all the time in the world for that one.

    Finally returned to my current to-complete game : J-Stars Victory. Which should be actually called  "God Luffy and his peons". I rarely have seen a fighting game as imbalanced as this one....Luffy is the single most powerful entity in the entire game. Goku comes second place of course but my god Luffy demolishes. The rest of the cast is pretty much mediocre or useless.

    Can't wait to be done with this game, I am really happy I didn't buy Jump Force, that game looks even more messed up. Honestly this game had so much potential...

    At least Gintoki fights are funny as hell.


    Also reached 70% profile completion...this is where the fun begins!

  10. I think I would go with Devil May Cry 5, a game I've been waiting for 11 years. Really had to master the game in order to get the platinum and learned all the moves and stuff. I still doubt I have any plat more satisfying than that. Honorable mention goes to Injustice 2,lots of mad gameplay do be done there.
  11. A small update for gamer, big update for challenge : BATMAN ARKHAM ORIGIN MULTIPLAYER COMPLETED. Jesus mother of god this was the worst crap I ever had to do...what the heckles man, the mode was abysmal! BUT! It's DONE! Means I have chances to complete the UR 2020 challenge after all
  12. After managing to ninja around for so long, I have finally been exposed: my long-time friend and Devil May Cry enthusiast discovered that I haven't platinumed DMC2 and DmC for PS3. MUCH DISHONOR!

    After a long fight including nasty words, name calling, shaming and beer+pizza sharing(because we are still friends and need to get fat of course), I have been issued a new challenge: Complete those 2 games as well OR ELSE! no idea what comes after OR ELSE but it shouldn't be good!

    So ...yep. After I finish more games from my winter backlog event, I have to return to those games. DmC is not particularly bad but DMC2...uhh baby last time I completed it on ps4 I almost quit gaming, so it will be WITH A VENGEANCE. On the good side, I will have all the games in the Series like this, which means... absolutely nothing, I will go insane. Expect for more Captain's Log post when I get to DMC2.

    My gf is going to kill me...

  13. The answer is yes. Even they said, they want to appeal to even a broader audience. But idk why they fail to realise that a simpler game doesn't equal better prices. Do the goddamn online connectivity properly and add shiny shit that goes boom and there you go! That's how you get your audience. Not removing mechanics.
  14. Well what I used to play on PC was a little tool called DS4Windows. It worked with most controllers. Maybe it will fix your problem?
  15. I feel ya on this, many experienced that issue. I was curious on your input since I rarely see people playing this. Weirdly enough I quite enjoyed the trilogy just because I am forced to actually be an assassin compared to destroyer of worlds ezio the immortal. But yes apart from that the games were pretty pointless.