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  1. 90 hours clocked in on PS4 version , encountered several bugs and glitches, so here's how it should go for you : Love the franchise - I'd say buy the base game only. If it's on PS5 have no worry, if it's on PS4 then manual save periodically because this game can be quite broken. If you are not invested in the franchise - wait until a massive patch is released or when the game is at a discount. Truth be told, you can apply this for every Ubisoft game. I'd say get the base game without season pass, because Ubi games tend to get some discounts quite soon after release. If I am not wrong, Watchdogs Legion already has a discount in the Store.
  2. [AC Valhalla] During my playthrough, I was lucky enough to avoid most bugs. With the exception of occasional NPCs not showing up where they should and being stuck in a wall 2 or 3 times, I had a rather smooth experience.

    All that has changed for me in Jotunheim. My god that level was broken. Yes, I know that it's a special layout in the level with mechanics that I won't mention due to spoilers, but holy fuck did I struggle regardless. 

    Level ain't fun either - it's a mostly vertical layered level with lots of shit to climb. I constantly got stuck, had framerate drops, music suddenly disappears. What's worse, I experienced the glitch mentioned in the Powerpyx guide : basically the area where there's 2 wealth to collect can't be accessed anymore once you enter through it once, locking 2 chests out for the Completionist trophy.

    That's a game breaking bug actually, because I entered the area to get the chests before the main quest sending me there. Once I had to go there via main quest, I couldn't access the area anymore so the main quest was locked. Luckily I am manually saving every 15 minutes (Skyrim PTSD ) so it wasn't too much of a headache to return. Funnier yet, after completing all the Jotunheim area, I could randomly enter the level again. So yeah, that's a bug, it's not intended by Ubisoft to be a one-way trip.


    Thus being said...I am glad I am done with Ass-guard and Jotunheim. I like the idea and the bosses but the actual levels are ass to traverse. Reminds me of the utter pain Atlantis was in Odyssey. Back to England, loving the area. Got 6 areas to clean(4 big zones and 2 cities) and all done. Honestly this wasn't as boring as Origins or as big as Odyssey but it still takes a hell of a lot time. On the flipside, I still don't feel any major burnout from the game, collectibles included. Must be the gameplay xD 


    Still... Ubisoft, fix your bugs. You don't need to dethrone Bethesda, please. This game is not working as intended on PS4. This is feeling "Shadow of Mordor for PS3" all over again.

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    2. Copanele


      That's what I heard also and I am pretty sure that's the case : they focused exclusively on PS5 while going "eh ps4 players are peasants from now on". Got to admit I saw that coming. 


      And yeah reason I didn't get bored yet is because England is actually well made. Only one area sucked ass for me for the moment, Lincolnshire, full of bandits and idiotic quests. Other than that it was pretty fun. But maan... Getting all of Ymir's crap on Asgard and Jotunheim was a massive pain in the ass. Too much effort for those trinkets thhat you can only dump into an altar stone. 


      Had Ubisoft only kept the regular Norway / England zone and just didn't go into the whole godly realm bullshit, I would have loved this game more xD

    3. Crispy_Oglop


      @Copanele - I'm about 85 hours in now had a steady trickle of bugs since the beginning. Nothing gamebreaking or crash-worthy, but pain in the ass quirk-bugs. NPC's getting stuck, moveable objects not working etc. I think i'm just desensitised to them at this point. I'm saving like a beast, every 20 mins or so, just in case something locks out. I was thinking about taking a break, but i'm so far in now, I think i'd just rather get to the platinum and come back again when the Ireland DLC arrives.

    4. Copanele


      @Crispy_Oglopthat's my approach too. Way too deep in the game (and invested in the story not gonna lie) to just quit out now. Going for the plat then when the DLC arrives, i am reloading the game.

      If i start something else now I will completely forget the whole game. 

  3. Well I have 2 environments with different "things that I can't stand" Online environment : - Random elitism. When speaking with people about a game, they go "I am better than you at this game" with no reason. I mean sure, good for you, I ain't talking with you anymore though. - Whenever I say "in my opinion I like product x" the first reply is " you are wrong". And yes, I mean this exact instance, when i give my opinion about a product and why I think it's good/bad. Like, if I enjoyed a videogame even though it might have been seen bad, how can I be wrong by enjoying it? Real life : - People who speak on the phone on speaker mode and holding the phone like a pizza slice. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR SOUP OR WHATEVER THE SHIT YOU ARE TALING ABOUT! Phone conversations shouldn't be random conferences mid-street. You are looking dumb, please stop. - Driving. This one is a personal thing, but due to all the things mentioned by other people in the previous posts, I gave up driving. I just can't, that shit ain't for me. It's the only activity that makes me irrationally angry, so I'd rather not be a menace to everyone on the streets. - People who do horrendous grammar mistakes and when they are corrected (in a non-condescending voice of course) they go " That's how I learned the word, that''s how I am talking I don't care fuck off". On the flip-side, I can't stand grammar nazi either, those who just correct you while acting snobbish. Basically speak properly and don't be an ass about it - people who think career is all that matters in life and bash you for having passions other than working like a mule. - this is more regional (Eastern Europe thing) but : Old people who miss the communism and go " Kids these days don't know what's good" . Like yeah, I bet communism was good when you were reporting your neighbors to the Secret Police and was rewarded while average people were having serious issues due to famine. - At work, after I am finishing a conversation with a workmate, I put my headphones on my ears then I feel a shoulder tap and " One more thing...". God it irks me so much. - People who chew or intentionally burp. - People who have no table manners. No feet on the table! (I can't believe I have to mention this). Please wipe your face. If you are having a beard and some noodles get into your beard, take the pretty advice and clean up your beard, don't go "ahaha i don't care that's how men eat". Again, can't believe I have to mention this lol. - Groups of people on the sidewalk that won't allow you to cross past them. - Delivery guys on bikes during the pandemic. I know that they are very poorly paid and it's a race against time. However there's no need to crash into me then jump on a car and do a triple pizza tailwhip just so you can save 1 minute at the traffic light. Plus they have the audacity to be offended when they are the ones who broke all the rules in existence and a street lamp. I think there's more, but that's all that comes into my mind.
  4. 2020 wasn't a very "interesting" year for me game-wise, so AC Valhalla wins by default. Haven't played anything else, but I believe Nioh 2 would have been another fantastic choice. As for platinum of the year, Super Street Fighter IV hands down, because that one was my target for a long time. This one counts for Backlog too.
  5. This is the best advice for any encountered glitches - ALWAYS MANUAL SAVE! I encountered a similar glitch in the Lunden arc, I had some NPCs trapped in a church and no way of continuing even by fast travelling. Reloading a previous save file fixed the issue. Swear, this is 2004 gaming all over again an awesome game but MAN there's a fuckton of bugs.
  6. Well theoretically there are "well known" bugs (like the UFO mission) with any AC game, anything can bug
  7. The ones that really give a huge headache in this game are Perfectionist, An Extraordinary Man and Completionist. Basically the Homestead activities completion is a nightmare because most of the artisans won't do the tasks you are waiting them to do. Also 100% the entire game is a pain in the ass for some missions and there's a Club activity I believe which requires you to discover 90% of the map or something like that. You have to travel with your horse through the Frontier and unfog yourself, since the Sync points don't uncover the entire map. The game is not as bad to complete imo, however I would advise to periodically back up some saves. Game can bug out at some sidequests locking you out of the completion. Didn't happen to me personally, but many people experienced that. Other than that, it's your average AC experience.
  8. [AC Odyssey] While casually strolling through East Anglia, slaying bandits and collecting berries I encountered another boss.

    I was level 178, area had Recommended level 55, I thought it would be a piece of cake. 

    Boss level : 340 😶


    30 minutes later, managed to finally get it down. Damn it was fun. I guess now I can tackle the entire world regardless of level. Felt like a SL1 fight in Dark Souls truth be told. But hot damn I did not expect this level of fun in this type of game. Eivor ain't catching a break.

    Plus, for some reason, I am in love with the Doppelsword. Yes yes, Eivor is a Vikingr, he should either wield an axe and a shield or a Dane axe, but this huge hunk of metal is way too fun to ignore. Will keep using this until I find a better Greatsword.


    P.S. For those who don't mind spoilers or such, here's the fight. Could not help but record it.



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    2. Copanele


      Goddamnit you are right its Valhalla xD

      Guess i need to get some sleep

    3. Spaz


      This is why we need the option to edit status updates.

    4. Copanele


      Yup, although it can't be implemented. Read the reason somewhere but i forgot why. 

      Oh well people will get what i mean. 

  9. [AC Valhalla] Ok, this is officially the first Assassin's Creed game where the human bosses legit pose a challenge. And man did they take a ton of time and AC entries to do it properly. 


    While exploring England I found some Templar commanders called Zealots, big dudes with shields that roam the land and you have to kill because of course you have. Me, still being trained in the ye olde Odyssey ways of "apply sword to face until the numbers deplete and he/she dies", rushed towards the random templar with my Doppelhander drawn, only to be comboed into oblivion and killed like the weakest viking Denmark has ever seen. I was honestly shocked, in a  "whoa there buckaroo" mode, approached the fight more carefully and...still lost xD that was even bigger of a shock.


    One skill tree respec later, this duel started to feel like a legit For Honor 1v1. Parries, dodges, vaults, all the good stuff. Don't get me wrong, the bosses are still easy to beat once you learn their trickeries, but for a moment I had a legit " holy shit this is an actual duel" moment. I like that the devs borrowed some For Honor stuff and applied in this game, it was about goddamn time. Origins and Odyssey had the blueprints but the fights were either way too easy (Origins) or "By the Numbers" (Odyssey). Here it finally feels like the right direction. Considering that I am also playing on Normal difficulty, this was a nice surprise.


    Good stuff so far. Hope this keeps up for the rest of the game. Now if they would only fix those bugs and glitches...the game crashed twice yesterday and took like 5 minutes for the PS4 to unstuck itself. I don't want to praise this game only to brick my PS4 the next play session.

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    2. Copanele


      @Last-_-Judgment yeah the concept is dead, but honestly this game kinda revived the series, if only a little. I know I know it doesn't  touch the good original series, but this time it tries, it doesn't shove you into a beautiful setting with boring shit to do. 

      I liked Odyssey but man...that game was way too big and way too chunky. It was a chore to complete it and what pissed me off was the DLC. Ruined the mood big time.

      For Honor was truly underrated. Still one of the most innovative games I have ever played. It was super fun until they added the Wu Lin. Lost my interest from that point onwards.


      @Puppeter04 what possessed you to play that on PS3 xD the loading screens are the smallest problems in that dumpster fire. Wait until you replay the final mission every time you switch between maps.


      And yes, agreed again. AC series went downhill big time, I don't even play them for the story, just for a historical sandbox setting. This one is good but really, it needs a new patch. I like it more than Odyssey, that's for sure!


      Also just found another boss abit more levelled up than me and man is it whooping my ass. Not because of the damage only, but that moveset is crazy. Stamina management really is crazy in this game.

    3. Pray_4_the_End


      Been playing on PS5 for around 30ish hours or so with no issues (speaking in terms of crashes or glitches) and I still haven't really faced any enemies or bosses that have given me any real trouble. Honestly the fire is what fucks me up most of the time in this game lol. I use the bow A LOT though, shooting both knee caps and finishing with R3 is pretty OP and works like a charm for most enemies. I almost gave up on this game in the beginning though, the first few hours leading up to England are fuck'n awful even by AC standards in my opinion. (I'm not a fan of the whole slow build up in the intro of games) My love for all things Viking related kept me going through the rough ass intro though luckily. Once the game opens up and lets you roam freely is where this game shines for me. I'm having a blast now, but I do wish there were more places to raid though. That's by far my favorite part of the game! Something about pulling up to the shores of a monastery, blowing a raiding horn, and proceeding to burn, murder, loot, and plunder your way to fame an glory really does it for me lmao. 

    4. Copanele


      HUH! I never ever touched the bow lmao xD you are right, aiming shows the weak spots. 

      That being said...I will still be melee only. Don't wanna ruin my newfound challenge (although I might go Robin Hood mode once I get bored lol).


      I liked the intro, I am all for wintery settings, but I agree that the intro was hella slow. It does not beat that first island -> Havana mission from AC 4 or even Kephallonia from AC Odyssey, but since I am a sucker for snow, it was ok. England wins it hands down however, they did it good. 

      And yes RAIDS ARE THE BEST! It's brutal it's quick and...way too few of them, true. Still brutal and easily the best part of the game so far. 

      Also strangely enjoying Orlog. Found a way to break the AI (god powers) but that's a nifty little minigame.

  10. Damn, I can't help but respect the dev/devs for this game they became infamous with a game where you click a jar of mayo. Honestly when I first played the prequel to this awesome entry in the saga i was "haha bikini mayo" and clicked away. Only after I realized that this is actually an offensive game lol. I will buy this marvellous reboot sequel when it shows up in the -70% discounts though. Wanna see how low they can go with the price. Will it get cheaper than a plastic bag?
  11. Well, after 4 long years, I fired up Guilty Gear XX Accent Core on Steam to see what's the deal with this rollback netcode and if they actually improved it.

    Managed to catch one match against someone from Israel I presume and...damn that was the smoothest match I ever played in Guilty Gear XX. Not only that, but finally returning to playing this marvel of a game on a keyboard.


    It was a nostalgia hit alright. XX is still the best Guilty Gear and my favorite fighting game of all time. If they do the same stuff in Strive net-wise, that game has a bright future ahead!

    1. Spaz


      You’re talking about the Guilty Gear game from the early 2000s right?

    2. Copanele


      Yup that's the one. They tried the new netcode on this old iteration abd it briefly got revived 

  12. Indeed I experienced the same issues with several saves. After I save i make sure everything is ok by hovering over the new save with the cursor. This game truly is consistent to the series into having dumb ass issues. Which is a shame because the game itself is actually a decent entry in the AC series.
  13. [AC Valhalla] Ok this was a good investment. This game is hella sick!

    Started slow, growing accustomed with the controls and the frozen Wasteland (missing AC Rogue btw). Combat is tight, I prefer it to the Odyssey one. Abit glitchy, but nothing that could mess up my experience. So far I thought it's a decent entry, was moderately happy.


    However once I reached England...holy hell this is the old AC vibe that I have been missing since Black Flag I believe! Returning mechanics, stuff that I did in past iterations, GOOD ASS MUSIC! I can't believe I missed building my own base this much, reminds me of the glory days of Monteriggioni 

    Of course, the new RPG stuff is still present but somehow the combat is way more fun even if it's way more nonsensical. Eivor hurling axes like there's no tomorrow feels incredibly awesome. Where does he get them from? No idea who cares!


    Overall so far I am in love with this game. I will expect to spend a crapton of hours unlocking the whole map, which is way smaller than Odyssey thank the lord. Also becoming a professional Orlog player, that stupid dice game caught my attention and spent 2 hours playing matches with the AI. Not as good as Gwent but not bad either. 

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    2. Copanele


      Well I meant the idea behind it was good. Execution was garbage, but the settlement feeling is finally nailed here. What I liked about the Homestead in AC3 is that your settlers had a name and an unique face. 


      And gameplay is another beast xD suffice to say, it's WAY better than origins/odyssey. I personally am satisfied with it now. 

    3. Spaz


      I’d give them that, but that was probably the best thing about the Homestead.


      I don’t know how Valhalla will run on a OG/Slim PS4. I was already satisfied with Origins in terms of graphics.

    4. Copanele


      Uhhh it runs fine, i mean i have no complaints so far, just like origins. I mean sure it would run smooth as butter on a ps5 but who got the money for that lol

  14. That's another indication that the devs knew their stuff in this remake "Bluepoint Games creative director Gavin Moore told Polygon in October that his team would be largely removing exploitable glitches in the Demon’s Souls remake, intending to leave only “meme-worthy” bugs and “game design quirks” from the original." I am sorry for those who expected to kill the Maneaters via the fog gate in this version too. As noted however, I hope they slightly increased the drop rate . Pure Moonlightstone was a limited drop from that lizard in 3-2 and it would suck if you had to do another run for enhancing your build.
  15. Cancelled  all plans in other games, couldn't help myself and purchased AC Valhalla in the end. Can't wait to see how this iteration is, especially with Wardruna in the background.


    My collection is complete (again), time to work on this monster. AC1 remastered when, Ubisoft?





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    2. LegacyJKO09


      yeah i may play more tonight. Just finished CS4... but now the age old problem of tooooo Many options... AC, Bugsnax, Spiderman games, Demons Souls, Black Ops. i may just do some more AC or wait. decisions lol

    3. Copanele


      Damn, especially Bugsnax xD that one is tough to beat. 

      Really lots of decisions though :D

    4. LegacyJKO09


      Yeah ima have a few rounds at Cold War. Really want to see what people are ramblin about for haptics and diff guns.

      i swear playin Astro, hearing that trigger pop in game i thought i broke the dualsense lmao