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  1. Saturday update, together with the first switcharoo : 1. Trine Enchanted Edition [NEW]- 12% 2. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm - 3% 3. Berserk Band of the Hawk - 16% -> 60% 4. Middle-earth : Shadow of Mordor - 8% 5. Shadow of the Colossus - 2% REMOVED GAME : Crash Bandicoot Switches : 1/2 New Game : Trine Enchanted Edition I added this game on my initial list, then removed it, THEN added it again (really love to change my mind). An awesome platformer/puzzle game that has a certain charm that I enjoy. Will knock this one in the list. Deleted Game : Crash Bandicoot How to put it mildly... TO HELL WITH THIS GAME. I am NOT enjoying myself trying to complete this stupid ass game, so it will most likely die somewhere in the backlog. If I don't enjoy myself then the whole gaming stuff is utterly pointless, and this stupid game is similar to scratching a chalkboard with your nails. Senseless pain and misery. Imma skip it. Progress : Berserk Band of the Hawk I actually enjoy this one. Pulverized the story mode with Guts, currently doing Endless Eclipse with all the characters. It's a chill decent Musou that has satisfying combat (unlike some edgy anime pirate game that gave me nightmares), I expect to finish this one next week. There were some tricky segments but nothing too serious. Welp that's it for now. I have another game switch in my head but I will see how good I shall deal with Shadow of the Colossus first. I remember that game was also giving me grief due to ancient controls.
  2. [Berserk Band of the Hawk] Finally finished Endless Eclipse with Casca (Endless Eclipse is like going through a tower with layers of enemies, each layer being tougher than the previous. Kinda like Bloody Palace in DMC).

    My god people did not joke when they said that Casca is the weakest in the game. Her damage and combos are so pathetic it was a pain to go through it all. What's worse, I have missed a behelit in floor 92 so I have to clean up that shit again X_X. Welp, did far worse stuff in other games but it's still annoying. 

    Still, I am still very intrigued by the game and I enjoying it so far. That's weird for a Musou game but this one is actually pretty well made! It even made me re-read the Berserk manga (that artstyle is glorious). 


    But one thing is for certain : after I am done with this game I wish to go full AC Oddysey. It is my final AC on the list (I won't do stacks for ps3 games) and it's sitting there way too comfortable for its own good. Time to clean it up before Valhalla comes out! 

    I will have a fuckton to play... Hope I can remember the controls. 

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    2. Copanele


      Judeau is the kid with the knives from the band of the hawk, he liked casca. 

      Nosferatu Zodd is the first apostle guts and griffith faced, that huge guy who turns into a minotaur with wings. 

      Wyald is that ugly yeti guy who hunts the band after they rescue Griffith from the tower. 

      Serpico and Schierke appear way later in the story, not sure if they are in the anime,did not watch it. Read only the manga. 

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Great game. I loved it. 

      I am a little bit motivated now to go back to it and grind grind grind.

    4. Copanele


      @NERVergoproxy yeah I do recommend, if you havent finished it yet.

      What I love in this game...Amalgamation is so goddamn awesome. There's no restriction, you can do any fun build, just pile up items! I appreciate when games let me do that.

      Schierke the witch is the opposite of Casca...holy crap is she OP as hell.

  3. Fifa 20 because I don't understand the other game's rules. Serious Sam or Painkiller?
  4. Well hey if it wouldn't have been for this game then you would not have written the article and then I would have had a boring afternoon. But like this, I got double the entertainment because of a jar of mayo XD. In Kronk's voice, "oh yeah, it's all coming together". But still, nice review. I liked it!
  5. [Berserk Band of the Hawk] Despite me not being a fan of Musou games, I have to say...I quite enjoy this one. Of course, the fact that Berserk is my favorite manga of all time also helps, but the game itself is not too bad either. Guts' hits really have an impact, Berserker armor is oddly satisfying to use, the maps aren't terribly long or stuffed and the story and cutscenes are pretty decent.

    The only place where the game severely lacks is the soundtrack department. I would have expected some epicness to the level of Millenium Falcon entry from PS2, the songs in this game are abit underwhelming imo. Fortunately I can always turn down the music and blast Youtube in the background.


    Will have to try Endless Eclipse however. Most people said it's kinda cheap especially when fighting Femto, I am curious what's that about. 

  6. Got the theme. Nice and all, but Tifa's "weaponry" is covering my games. That's not the kind of "Final Fantasy" that I had in mind
  7. OK first summer update : 1. Crash Bandicoot - 4% -> 8% 2. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm - 3% 3. Berserk Band of the Hawk - 16% 4. Middle-earth : Shadow of Mordor - 8% 5. Shadow of the Colossus - 2% Crash Bandicoot: This looks like my worst nightmare in game form. I cannot explain how much I hate this goddamn game I got some...easy....trophies...just to rank up this game for abit then completely abandoned it. Thank god this challenge lasts for 3 months else I would have dropped immediately. I need alcohol with this game else I will lose my mind. Anyway, postponing this for maybe July or something. I don't want to see this accursed weasel any time soon. Berserk Band of the Hawk : Since Crash ain't going well, I restarted this game and played 5-6 levels. Didn't earn any trophy yet but it's a far more enjoyable experience. It's actually a pretty decent Musou game (compared to One Piece Pirate Warriors atrocity from Spring Backlog Challenge), I missed Guts and the gang. Of course, playing the game with Berserk Millenium Falcon OST in the background for maximum epicness. Yeah it's abit of a lame update. I really picked the most boring games from my backlog list. Should start SotC in weekend and hope to figure out those controls. Best of luck to everyone else!
  8. It cracks me up how Japan wants goddamn Bridget of all the characters. Bridget. The most idiotic character in the series after Leopaldon. At least the rest of the world is cultured enough to ask for Baiken Overall, I like the approach, Daisuke Ishiwatari does appreciate the comments and he will make the UI ROCK! (that's what I am expecting too). It's interesting that he is set on doing a completely new fight mechanic, I actually am eager to see how it will turn out. Just ...WHY BRIDGET? SERIOUSLY! Stupid crossdressing obsession aside (it's some weird Japanese fantasy stuff), that character was ASS in GG XX. Ah heck Bridget will be added anyway X_X This makes me salty
  9. Far Cry Primal. I don't wanna neanderthal anymmore after 1 hour of that game.
  10. No. 96 : Dragon Ball FighterZ Platinum Name : Trophy Triumphant Hardest Trophy : My power level is 530.000BP - online ranked mode, best way is to boost this one. Difficulty : 3/10 - without the Zeni glitch and the BP boost it's easily 8/10 Personal impression : 6/10 Dragon Ball FighterZ is a fighting game coming from ArcSystem Works (the guys behind Guilty Gear and BlazBlue) and is one of the most famous and well made Dragon Ball fighting games out there.It's very detailed, faithful to the series, with moveset and characters that look like they were ripped straight out of manga pages, it should satisfy every Dragon Ball fan's wish and desire for a GOOD DB fighting game. However, this is also by far one of my least favorite fighting games ever (if I don't count Street Fighter 1 lol) and I will soon explain why. First of all, I have to admit that this game LOOKS GOOD! Stages look great, characters are 1:1 with the ones from the show, all the particle effects, kamehamehas, projectiles, Krillin's bald head, everything is a straight 10/10. Each character comes with their signature looks, moves and artstyle from the manga/anime. I mean, if they managed to make Yamcha into an actual playable and versatile character, well these guys really did their homework. And not only the graphics, all the references are there. While defeating the opponent with a super causes a dramatic finish (arena explodes, massive laser engulfs the earth etc) , certain matches have different conditions. For instance, Yamcha vs Nappa have different special hilarious endings depending on who wins. Again, I can see a lot of love and care put into this game. Another good thing that this game does is that, as a fighting game, it's VERY accessible. If anyone wants to enter the unique world of fighting games then this one is the game to start with. It's easy, accessible, with a decent tutorial and trials, simple commands and simpler executions. You even have an autocombo mechanic where you just press buttons and cool shit happen. For a complete newcomer, this game is godsent. You don't need insane skills and execution to become decent at this game, just abit of synchronization and combo memorizing. However...for me personally, this is where I am going to stop with the praises, because I had some personal issues with this game. Honestly, the biggest gripe that I have is that this game is absolutely boring. While there's cool shit you can do, I never felt amazing for pulling a sickass combo, when most combos look the same. I never felt the urge to power up my kamehamehas, nor did i feel the need to learn this. Autocombos absolutely ruin the fun for me online, where let's be honest, at low level it's just a mashing competition, who has the greatest square. While the roster is...big, you also have around 11 friggin Goku variations, Ultra Instinct Goku being the latest addition to the roster. That is right, you don't have a base Goku that can transform ,you have each variation and transformation of Goku in the game. Same goes for Vegeta. Most characters FEEL the same. Yeah Goku fires Kamehamehas and Vegeta fires Big Bang attacks but...they feel the same! Visuals are flashy but without any major oomph to them. I never felt that I really applied a true Kamehameha to the face of the poor opponent. Online is...well ArcSys online. For whoever knows these games, the connectivity is ass, unless you are playing with someone really close to you. I absolutely hate how they created the main menu, you directly choose if you want to be online or offline and you are directly thrown into a lobby like some sort of MMO, where you can choose from the modes there. It's kinda tasteless from my perspective, I preferred something simple like a "new game", "tutorial" and so on. Call me old fashioned if you will. The story...oh lord the story is so long and uninteresting it hurts. There's a new android, Android 21 who is basically a pink female version of Cell merged with Buu. All I can remember is that she looks hot as hell (ArcSys fine work there) and she...eats....stuff. Yeah Goku is an idiot as usual, Beerus just fucks around and in the end Android 21 is defeated with the power of friendship. Honestly I didn't even bother paying attention to the matches, I just mashed R2 and square to quickly stunlock the idiotic AI. You don't need any other buttons in this game apparently. Trial combos were nice. By far the easiest combos I ever had to do, they were still mildly fun and decent to make. Some were tougher than others but nothing out of the ordinary. I have to admit, I was lucky with the Zeni and the online BP farm. Acquiring 20million zeni is a horrendous task in this game, however with a limited gift of 3.5 mil zeni from the devs there also appeared a glitch which allowed the duplication of these money. So I was spared the pain and got the 20 mil zeni in around 5 minutes. The BP however...had to do the old fashioned grinding. Since I couldn't be bothered to learn this game ,I had a friend help me, trading wins until we both got to the required 530.000. I have to admit, winning and losing BP is dumb in this game. The further away in the rank, the less BP you win/lose. Not sure what's the thought process here but i had to struggle to stay in the same bracket as my friend. So yes...this review is mostly rambling. I had high hopes about this game, but sadly I got disappointed. I doubt I will ever touch it again. It's sad, because this game had the most potential for me. I just didn't like the direction it went to. But as long as it appeals to DBZ fans, that's what matters Myself, I will return to the punishing world of Street Fighter THE GOOD: - superb graphics faithful to the series - lots of characters to pick from - easy to learn - a true dream come true for DBZ fans THE BAD: - boring as sin - autocombos make me not want to bother with the game - stupid story - too many Goku variations - uninteresting DLC - typical Arcsystem shitty netcode
  11. Well...since June is finally here (summer backlog event and all that)...I started playing Crash Bandicoot.

    I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. There was this stupid level where I had to jump over lilypads, I think I restarted the level over 6 times. Also the pig riding level...yeah was cute but i slammed into those stupid pillars so many times because I just can't time the jump.

    Platformers give me the worst kind of "gaming anxiety" - I just can't feel comfortable at all when playing them. I can't even imagine what the bridge and castle levels be like, everyone is mentioning them when it comes to tough levels.


    I hope I can get the platinum and 100%(not really certain, hope I will manage), but one thing is sure : I will never ever approach a game like Super Meat Boy in my life xD I already hate this stupid brown weasel, jumpy games ain't for me that's for sure!

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    2. Spaz


      Better stay away from Super Meat Boy.


      Yeah that's what I thought too when I finished Crash Bandicoot, the plat rarity was rather high for how much I struggled with a couple levels. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled I hear is the same thing, there are time trials you have to beat and the rarity is above a 10 percent platinum.

    3. Masamune


      @Spaz Much like the time trials in the original Crash, you have to have near perfect timing with CTR as well. While I didn't find it quite as difficult as the first game, CTR is definitely right behind it (probably the 2nd hardest one to plat). :hmm:

    4. Copanele


      Ironically I believe I wouldn't have as much trouble with CTR compared to Crash Bandicoot xD racing games are far more manageable than jumping around. 


      And yeah I am staying away from SMB. Heck I wouldn't touch Celeste and that has an easy mode implemented. 

  12. Oh ok, when you put it that way (solo mode) I completely agree I think I did misunderstand the first time I read the comment, also tips imaginary hat to a fellow solo player, big like for that. Yeah in solo play they are not casual friendly at all (especially the DLC, those bosses murdered my ass the first time around). Regardless these games are very loved by its community, so that big of a percentage ain't shocking anymore, really.
  13. [Ultra Street Fighter IV] FINALLY completed all the character matches on Arcade Hardest and the rival fights. God it was such a pain(especially Dhalsim, how in the hell do you play as that character is beyond me) and it took WAY too much time. All that remains between me and that juicy plat is...the TRIALS of course. Hopefully I will complete those before 2022 xD 

    Still...I had no idea facing Rose or Chun Li can be such a headache on hardest. Chun Li is a pain to deal with even on Medium. I can see who the devs favor in this game lol.


    The most worrying thing... I will most likely buy Street Fighter 6 if it's ever released. Stupid ass franchise making me play like a madman.

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    2. Copanele


      @Gommes_ indeed they are...I think I will play something abit more chill, just to take a break. Too much pounding in this game doesn't do well for my mental health xD 

      And I think I just used "pounding" in the wrong way here. Ups!

    3. Spaz


      Dhalsim is probably one of the hardest characters to master. That's why I mostly picked Ken and Ryu, both are easy to pick up and play.


      I know how Street Fighter IV works and...... yeah. I simply don't have the skill and patience to do those trials, let alone beat Arcade Mode on the hardest difficulty.


      Mad respect to you guys out there with the platinum and 100 percent.

    4. Copanele


      @Spaz I started doing Street Fighter 5 trials (they are not required for anything except cash) just so I can train my reflexes. SF4 trials are NO JOKE. While I am close to completing 4 or 5 characters, certain ones like C Viper, Gen or that idiot bubblegum Dhalsim are eluding me big time. Will take around 1 year to finally master them.


      Also just for funsies...this video is the best representation of playing Arcade Mode on Hardest xDI completed with most characters, I used Zangief to cheat through Arcade only for Dhalsim or Rufus (because Rufus is a mistake that should be deleted from history)

      Ugly thumbnail I know 



  14. There's lots of topics describing the method buuut... Grab a friend, as physically close as possible to you (no really, try to find someone in the same country or at least same continent), go to an empty server (i used the glorious lobby of China 4), mark your friend in the friend list so it would be easier to find him(when you match with a person, if he has a red tick it means you found your marked friend) and trade wins, 3 per person. It's one of the fastest methods out there.
  15. [Street Fighter V] Being so focused on the stupid Gold Rank, I completely overlooked how much it actually takes to get 1 million BP for the final trophy.

    There's 40 characters so far in the game, I need to level them all up to 25 (1000 per level)

    Yep...I should play something more relaxing instead xD 

    Why are these stupid games so focused on grinding jesus???