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  1. I started up this little game called Apotheon last night. Gotta say , this is how God of War would feel if it tried to be remotely accurate xD The game feels like an actual Greek tragedy depicted on an amphora.

    I greatly enjoy this game (well it's in a mythological setting, my favourite area of approach so that's not even a surprise). Also had the first real boss battle vs Artemis goddess of the hunt and it was a blast. Without spoiling the actual battle , she really felt like a proper goddess of the hunt alright. Eager to see what the other gods have to offer.



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    2. Copanele


      Update : This game might be the only piece of media (games + movies + TV series) that actually got Hades and Persephone right. Aka not the devil ,greek version ,but actually the most fair of all the gods. 

      Big thumbs up and respect just because of this small detail. 

    3. DamagingRob


      Glad you're enjoying it. :) I had a good time with that one. Don't think it crashed too many times.

    4. Copanele


      It crashed only once and I got a quest monster stuck in a wall. Everything solved with a reload . Nothing to bother me so far !

  2. Hope I am not late to the party I have a simple yet effective list for myself. If I break any of those rules I will totally not have a good time : 1. Thou shalt not play an uninteresting game only for trophies. Nobody got time for that, there's lots of games that I love, why should I waste my time with one that I don't like? 2. Thou shalt first play the game then check the trophies. Why spoil myself?Check nr 1, never play a game just for trophies.The most accepted is entering on the guide page and see number of missable trophies ,hoping to not get spoiled. What I did for Nier automata was doing multiple USB backups transferred on my PC. No way was I getting spoiled in that beautiful game. 3. Thou shalt not 100% a game if it makes you hate your life. Case and point? The last of us. Beautiful game but the multiplayer can go screw itself. 3' Thou shalt 100% the game that makes you hate your life if it's part of a series that you love. I ADORE DEVIL MAY CRY however DMC2 is an ass of a game. Still platinumed it ,that made me hate gaming for 2 days straight.Refer to point 5 for more information. 4. Thou shalt not require any assistance for most of your trophies nor cheat your way through. Oh I can't pull that S rank trophy on Hell and Hell ? Tough luck kid,buckle up and try again ,don't ask others to do it for you.If the game provides cheats ,I will use them only if the game is not that great (oh DMC2 how you ruin my life you) 4' . THOU SHALT ASK FOR ASSISTANCE for bullshit multiplayer trophies. I love Street fighter 4. No way in hell am I gonna reach C+ rank with : Dhalsim Vega ElFuerte Rufus and the worst of all stupid Blanka. Alsocovers all the games where multiplayer is dead ( Injustice 1). But for games where multiplayer is pretty much alive and you enjoy the game, go and bust your ass there ,don't be a slacker. 5. Thou shalt 100%/platinum all the available games in a series. Devil may cry?done. God of war?done.Assassin's creed? ......Still working on it, got 2 more games but gotta be done. Soulsbornesekiro ? Hell yes! If I get fired up by a game in a series, all of them are going down ! 6. Thou shalt not stacketh ye olde game, unless it's the most beautiful game in your life, so good that you have to finish it multiple times. Demon's souls baby here I come That is kinda all from my side. I am not an avid trophy hunter , I will NEVER go for 100% profile completion I just want to enjoy playing and platting
  3. No. 59 : Seasons after Fall Platinum name : Master of seasons Completion time : 6 days, 2 hours, 10 minutes Rarity : 49.20% (uncommon) Difficulty rate : 2/10 Fun rate : 7.5/10 Seasons after fall is one surprising game that I discovered during the july sale. It's a platformer where you control a fox which can change seasons. Changing seasons impacts the surroundings and helps dealing with the world's puzzles. In terms of gameplay the game is really easy. You can't die, the puzzles are pretty obvious, the main issue might be finding out the next place to go. What took me by surprise was the game's presentation. I absolutely loved the graphics and the violin soundtrack fit the mood of the various sections of the game. This game should be played only for its artistic value. Best way to describe it : A pleasant surprise
  4. Unusual request, but I found several on eBay honestly. It's in United States and it's $40-$45. There is even an extra rare sealed item that costs $400 O_o
  5. [AC Origins] I recently started playing this game seriously and... I am overwhelmed. Jeeeesus christ the map can be enormous.

    However...I think I am in love. Egypt is BEAUTIFUL. I often forget to actually play the game and just admire the surroundings (and get eaten by a hungry , it happens). Did the mandatory scaling of the Pyramids then lowkey robbed them ofc  . You can't powerplay through the game using only your hidden blades, I kinda enjoy the RPG aspect.

    Bayek might also be my favourite character in an AC game after Ezio. He has such a compelling story and most of the sidequests are done with care.

    I will enjoy this game for sure, even though it will take 3-4 months for me to finish it most likely. Can't powerplay through this game like I did with the others that's for sure xD 

    1. DarkLoba13


      This was my first AC game and I LOVE it! It is a seriously gorgeous environment! And played Odyssey, which I also enjoyed a lot. I might look into some of the previous ones but after the Ezio ones. It is the stories/timelines that intrigue me. :D

    2. Copanele


      I am playing the whole series just because of the historical setting. Like ok the series has lots of flaws but noone can deny that Ubisoft does a marvellous job when it comes to the settings in this series. 

      Honestly apart from Liberation which is a complete mess of a game I could really recommend all of them. Even unity with its janky combat and dubious parkour is a pretty decent game(platinuming it is another thing). But yes Origins feels like a complete breath of fresh air compared to the other entries. 

    3. Chocolate GiddyUp

      Chocolate GiddyUp

      Ooooo sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. Bought PS3 for Demon's Souls and PS4 for Bloodborne so I can confirm that if it wasn't to those games I would have never touched a playstation. Yep, fanatical it is!
  7. Sony should force companies to stop releasing unfinished games then patch them afterwards on their console (hey there anthem/fallout76/any assassin creed with day one 50 gb patch) Trophies eh... No. I mean they are fun collectibles but making a parallel, i develop software for car engines. If someone complained that "man i reached 10000 rpm where is my trophy on the board?you should IMPLEMENT THAT" i would be "did you hit your head while braking? Purpose is to drive from point a to point b without the engine exploding or starting to make popcorn." At least that's how i see the whole situation I mean yes its a trophy hunting site and trophies are addicting aint denying that, but they are nothing more than additional blings. It's the game that matters to the developer /publisher. Also never forget you are the customer, you have the money, check on your needs. Don't like it don't buy it. Lowkey honestly maybe if you ask nicely ratalaika games to add a trophy for finishing a game maybe they will actually implement it Nicely is the problematic part. Didn't have much interaction with the company's games though so i have no idea how serious they are in terms of game development.
  8. No 58 : Old Man's Journey Platinum name : Life, loss, reconciliation, and hope Completion time : 1 day, 15 hours, 20 minutes Rarity : 81.91% (common) Difficulty rate : 1.2/10 Fun rate : 6/10 Taking a break from the major series I am invested in, I tried this little game. It was pretty cute, you have to walk an old man through an interactible landscape. The artstyle is really pretty , the biggest plus of the game. An interesting story. The only mildly annoying part is the train section where you must do a smooth ride without the train stopping. Sometimes the gamepad won't react properly. All in all a decent relaxation game that I will most likely forget about it in the next days
  9. Sigh...just when I said I am done with buying new fighting games on PS4, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 is at a major discount...even if I already have it on Steam...



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    2. ShonenCat


      Best fighting game money can buy you 👌🏻

    3. DamagingRob


      Rev 2 doesn't have its own trophy list, so it should be the one I did. I'm also not great at the genre, so I think you can do it. ;)

    4. Copanele


      Oh its the regular revelator trophy list. Yep I doubt I will have issues with this one xD ust to get used with the controls on the gamepad(I am way too used with a keyboard for this specific game) 

  10. I'm actually more interested in under 20 euro and 10 euro section Finally getting Guilty Gear Rev2 at a decent price
  11. No 57 : Assassin's Creed Syndicate +100% Jack the Ripper DLC Platinum name : Master Assassin Completion time : 2 months, 2 weeks, 3 days Rarity : 19.51% (rare) Difficulty rate : 2/10 Fun rate : 8.1/10 Yet another entry from the Assassin's Creed series, this time Syndicate, which follows the adventures of twins Jacob and Evie Frye through the magical Victorian London . And boy oh boy what a ride it was. Syndicate took all the failure that was Unity and improved tenfold. Sadly it was released at a time where even the most devoted fans were tired of the series so it didn't get the best of the rating, especially given that the game doesn't contribute to the main plot at all. HOWEVER that doesn't mean the game is bad!! First of all ,the twins are a joy to play with. Jacob is an airheaded idiot who would rather screw around making his merry gang and slaying templars than even sit and think for a little, while his sister Evie tries her best to hunt the pieces of Eden and patch whatever the top hat moron manages to ruin (there is a nice bit about English economy in the game, made me laugh a good while). The gameplay is SMOOTH. No more dumb Arno-esque running and tripping over the roofs and refusing to climb a dumb table. Now the twins are responsive, i had no issues with the parkour and the targeting system works better. Combat as well , no more " whoops you missed a parry now you are dead", it's still challenging but way better made. Kinda reminds me of Arkham Asylum. Storywise... eh, maybe AC Liberation is worse. The main story is the worst part of this game. Yadda yadda evil english overlord with evil moustache , control the world, blah blah I just skipped it. Interacting with Sergeant Abberline or with Charles Dickens/Darwin was WAY MORE ENJOYABLE. Even the poor maharaja Duleep Singh was a great addition to the game. A different story is Jack the Ripper DLC. Without entering into too much detail, the DLC is a solid part that should not be missed no matter what. The fear system is something I never though i'd love in a videogame. DEFINETLY should be played and way , WAY better than dead kings dlc in Unity. Heck, I believe up until now it's the best DLC so far (didn't consider Origins and Oddysey though). Platinum difficulty? Easiest AC to plat by far. No more 100% synchronization (AC3 flashbacks) or collectibles (AC Unity hell). Just main mission synchronization, the optional objectives are really easy. Maybe the most annoying trophy would be destroying 5000 objects with the carriage, but i accidentally unlocked that one while conquering boroughs (carriage controls are meh at best, no way you can control those things properly). All in all , I really enjoyed this game. Kinda sad that I had to finish it, but oh well time to move on. Next one is Egypt Boogaloo! ((damn only Origins and Oddysey left?What a time to be alive) P.S. While most of the soundtrack doesn't end up in the game itself, major extra props to Austin Wintory for composing those beautiful tracks. Too bad you can listen to them in bars mostly (apart from the main theme and combat themes of course). I added my favorite track at the end , for whoever is interested
  12. After a " eh I will play around 20 minutes online then return to other games" followed by 2 hours of destroying people as Genjuro , I will agree with you. Samurai Shodown might as well be one of the best fighting games I ever played. Not to bash at other fighting games( I still LOVE injustice 2 and nothing can remove Guilty Gear X2 from my heart) but DEAR LORD this game rocks. I consider 100% ing all the games in the series now ( got 100% only at Samurai Shodown 5 so far). I just LOVE the "defense is the best offense " gameplay. Side note : I saw last night why you would use Charlotte. Damn Charlotte players are a pain to fight poke poke poke retreat. What is this, Dark Souls 3 Rapier edition? Good thing parrying exists in this game whew..My best matches were against Charlotte players.
  13. OK THEN maybe a new difficulty reranking is in order. Game is a straight up 2/10 in terms of plat difficulty compared to other fighting games, no doubt about that. Seriously this is one easy plat if you played some fighting games. Compared to other games, it's a max 4/10. I mean sure the gauntlet can be tricky if you use Ruixiang I guess but with Galford it's a piece of cake. Just need more practice. You can beat everyone with Galford's Plasmablade. Versus the final boss, maintain the approximate distance shown in the picture ( Medium range ) , Block any attack Shizuka throws at you then slash her to oblivion. What I used was 2 heavy slashes, waited to block her attacks ( she does a super now and then) then repeated. I am not a fighting game master but I could handle this bad girl without much trouble. You can even do it with Genjuro (tested) if you don't like Galford. Triple death hack , or turtle followed by an "uppercut". Yes the image is not with shizuka, just an approximate estimation. Don't give up , you can do it
  14. Well that's because the game ain't your typical combo crazy stuff. I am a casual too but at least I know more than just jump or heavy slash Still got wrecked by a Tam Tam player once...jesus those Tam Tams are crazy
  15. Truer words have never been spoken 100% agree, especially since a DLC is on its way