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  1. For today I'd pick Still in the Dark by Daisuke Ishiwatari. Still enjoying the good Guilty Gear
  2. After one weekend of playing Injustice 2 I have to say...Damn what a fun game. How did I miss this one out I have no idea. Gg Netherrealm.

    Too bad I am not that good with long combos , too used with Street Fighter style of combat. Need more time to improve I guess..

  3. I only search for games that I didn't even know they were on playstation. Example : Alice Madness Returns. Had no idea it was on PS3 until I saw it on an user's trophy list.
  4. My goal ain't the number of platinums, it's the type of plats. Aiming for as many fighting game plats as possible(currently having only one 100% in samurai shodown5). If I get at least one 8/10plat or higher (ultra sf4 for example) i will be satisfied
  5. The only reason I'd use casual as an insult would be for a guy who brags about a game and has no idea what he's actually talking about AND is not a troll. Example : I met a person who was going " Y'all idiots don't know shit about dark souls "constantly bragging when nobody asked for his opinion and in his actual playthrough he levelled up Resistance(useless stat) and got bodied by Taurus demon 20 times or so. To note , he wasn't a troll , he really believed in what he was saying. I consider that one a casual. Ok some people call others "casual" for some other dumb reason (omg you only spam hadouken you Casual ) or " dick measuring contests " as you said the so-called "Elitists". I prefer not to talk about those instances because keyboard wars start. And why to segregate in general... hmm for example if I want to do a co-op session in For Honor for example and I really want to body the opposite team , I won't really pick a casual gamer. All respects to them (no really, playing games casually is really good for the sanity at least ) but I might actually need team players who know the strats and gimmicks of their heroes. That is my opinion ,unless I misunderstood the topic of the thread altogether, in which case sorry!
  6. Well my main pick would be The prince (Prince of persia series) and Altair , since they were originally meant to be in the same universe. Or rather, to be updated , The Prince and Bayek from origins, why not! Another pick would be Dante and Bayonetta of course but it would be too much epicness for one game.
  7. The way I see it, a casual gamer is a person whose passion for video games is minimal to moderate. He plays the games as chill as possible, buys the " uu shiny " games, gaming isn't an important part of his life (his main passion ain't gaming for sure) , definetly enjoys himself and if he stops enjoying what he does he just quits the game and loads something else, he doesn't understand the terms of " salt " when playing online . A really cool guy to be honest that doesn't really get the hype around certain games or the fight for " which game is the best in the X series" . He plays the games for the sake of gaming on whatever mode he wants. Not to be confused with casul from Dark Souls, that's another meme for another day.
  8. Ah ok, got me happy there for a moment well either way apparently PSN EU doesn't have that one (again)... so no surprise I haven't noticed it
  9. wait REALLY? I don't see it on my ps store... Which store is it on?
  10. Sadly none yet. Apparently the Switch is getting the anniversary edition ( GG1 + Accent core R ) while PS4 gets only GG1.
  11. I forgot about that series wow All I ever played was Ninja storm 3 fullburst (I think it was called) and some weird Mugen stuff on PC. I had a blast with both of them though.
  12. Since 2019 has been a generous year in fighting games (MK11, Samurai Shodown 2019 and Guilty Gear anniversary edition to name a few), I was wondering, what are your favorite fighting games ? Any platform goes! For me , it has to be Guilty Gear X2 Reload (really a fan of this series) , closely followed by Ultra Street Fighter 4.
  13. Alice : Madness Returns. I totally forgot about that game! Time to load it up!
  14. Oh my this will be one easy 100% Unless they left Justice as broken as she was in the original release Still gonna enjoy this more than most platinums.
  15. Oh boy pride... I mainly play "easy" games but if it's about feeling of accomplishments i would go with these : and Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition and Devil May Cry 5 : I really worked for these platinums , it required of me to "git gud" for S ranks and bloody palace in DMC4 ,learn jump cancels and intricate combos and I really felt one major sense of accomplishment when I nailed both of them. Pretty awesome experience overall. For Honor : While the platinum is not hard to get, I am proud of it because it's my first Multiplayer Based platinum (and I am a dedicated single player person) . Also I did all the trophies without help or boosting, just picking Warden and Deus Vulting across the game modes as good as I was able to. Whoever played this game knows how dead Deathmatch and Elimination are . Getting 20 wins there is... not a fun thing. And last but not least The Bard's Tale : Why ? Because it's one of my favourite video games ever, it has the wittiest dialogue in a videogame ( god bless Carey Elwes) and I actually skipped work when I heard they patched those stupid map trophies (the plat was unobtainable for a while). I'd replay it for trophies again if they were to re-release it