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  1. Started The Surge since I still had the desire to play a Soulslike (until Elden Ring appears of course).

    To be honest, I did not expect much of the game, since the game prior to this was Lords of the Fallen ( a turd of a game in my opinion), but I ended up being pleasantly surprised by the game. It's no masterpiece by any means, but The Surge has some solid gameplay, fun limb removal mechanic - where you yank out the enemy's body part to scavenge his armor, upgrades based on implants and overall a nice feeling.


    So far I am in area 2 and I still am interested in exploring and tackling enemies. If there's a downside, it's that the levels are incredibly bland (everything happens in a huge abandoned factory or something, but all rooms kinda look the same) and some enemies randomly dish out absurd amounts of damage. Not sure if it's a bug or a feature but I might just be underlevelled.

    Oh and I am lost. So terribly lost. I have no idea where I am going and the landmarks are hard to remember since...most of them are just corridors and boxes.


    Overall, I am excited to discover more while improving my PAX weapon, yanked from the first boss of the game. Nice game, hope it holds up until the end:D


    P.S. I also unlocked The Good, The Bad and the Augmented DLC, managed to do the first world...just to get demolished by the second world 😅 I'll tackle it later, I liked the mechanical Western theme of this game. 

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    2. Arcesius


      Hey I'm totally fine with the disagreement, @DrBloodmoney 😂


      You found the level layouts exciting to explore, I thought they were confusing and tedious to navigate. I much preferred the more straightforward levels of the sequel, since what I enjoy about such a game most is not exploration but combat, and in that regard I thought that The Surge 2 improved a lot upon the first game... The parry system was just excellent, and they kept the fun core-mechanic of limb-splitting intact. Just fun! 


      And yeah.. I thought the first DLC in The Surge and the only DLC in The Surge 2 were a lot of fun. The cowboy-style DLC of The Surge was, in my opinion, on the same level as the Labyrinth DLC from Lords of the Fallen. But I can see how you could find some enjoyment there. It was just too repetitive for me (what was it.. 4 stages and only 3 bosses or so? And they all look the same..). 


      Anyways, you let us know what you think, @Copanele! Have fun with the game! 

    3. ScarecrowsFate


      Oh, for sure—The Surge's labyrinthine layouts had me more confused than I've ever become in a video game. "Where's that damn shortcut again?!" 😅 But, yes, it's a really impressive turnaround after the miserable Lords; that sluggish piece of junk actually gave me headaches when I played it (the DLC in particular).


      I loved the novel leveling system, and collecting armor sets from enemies was addictive, even though the limb amputation mechanic didn't always work how I wanted. I recall that PAX sword being a strong weapon for most of the first playthrough, so great choice.


      And you can add me to the "Westworld DLC was trash" group. 😛 It was okay to play through once, but when it came to earning every trophy, I couldn't wait to be finished.

    4. Honor_Hand


      Good to hear that you're having a blast with this one. I'm sure I have this one somewhere in my library. It being a Souls-like game is what kind of drew my attention to it. I wasn't too sure about the futuristic setting but it seems to be working out well for you.


      Hopefully, those environments will start to look more appealing later on because that's one thing I always look forward to in the Dark Souls games. You know, to get to a new area and just be mesmerized at the scale or the beauty of it. If this one is going to be just a bunch of stale-looking corridors, yikes. 😅

  2. Hah wish I was that glorious but this game truly made me feel like a participant in Takeshi's Castle at times
  3. No. 156: Yakuza 3 Platinum Name: World's Greatest Dad Hardest Trophy: Minigame Mastercomplete all the minigames Difficulty: 5.5/10 Personal impression: 8/10 Man, I simply can't get enough of these Yakuza games. Right from Yakuza 0 these games have been a blast to play and none of them were disappointing in any way. Even the spinoff (and technically my first Ryu Ga Gotoku game) Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise was an absolute jam! Now, hearing from others + internet that Yakuza 3 is simply a remaster and has not aged well, I feared that I will have a bad time with this game and will not want to keep on playing, ESPECIALLY after having such a good time with Kiwami 2. Thankfully this is not the case. Yakuza 3, despite its age, was a wonderful game. It has its flaws (and some major ones at that) but overall I really REALLY had a great time with it. What changed in Yakuza 3 is the setting and the mood for the game. Kiryu abandons Kamurocho (not permanently, we do return there) for the nice beaches of Okinawa, together with his adoptive daughter Haruka ,the undisputed best kid in videogames (sorry Atreus and Ellie, Haruka wins hands down). He opens an orphanage near a beach in Okinawa and tries to live a peaceful life...for the first 2 chapters at least Honestly only Yakuza 0 managed to grab me from the very first hour of the game. After busting so many heads, seeing Kiryu in a hawaiian red shirt, fishing, spending time with kids and constantly going from his Morning Glory orphanage to the nearby town Ryukyu was full of atmosphere. You know how games used to make you feel like you're actually there, in that setting? That's what Yakuza 3 manages to do. Despite the oldie graphics, there's that "something", that feel that made me remember my actual trips to the seaside and the typical seaside touristic town. Lots of sun, lots of chill people, LOTS of stores and food places, Ryukyu truly feels alive. I don't think I would have minded if Kiryu spent time only in Okinawa for the rest of the game. But of course, due to story reasons, Kiryu is forced to return to Kamurocho. Kamurocho is the old town, nothing changed there, what changed however is my relationship with the side characters. I will be honest, I did not care much about the characters in Kiwami 1 and 2 other than Goro Majima, but Yakuza 3 finally managed to make me feel that Kiryu has actual friends. Meeting Yuya, doctor Ekimoto, detective Date and seeing them react and be genuinely happy for seeing my frowning mug... yep, Yakuza 3 knows how to build the atmosphere. And the story in itself is VERY good. Again, due to spoiler reasons, let's just say that evil forces want to get the land where Kiryu's orphanage is placed. You'll discover the rest. Storywise, I feel that Y3 is better than Kiwami 2 and DEFINITELY better than Kiwami. Doesn't really beat Yakuza 0, that game is kinda untouchable, but the story itself in Yakuza 3 is leagues above the previous 2 games. At least that's what I felt. Characters are great too, although here I have to admit that Ryuji Goda and Kaoru Sayama were way better written in Kiwami 2. Yakuza 3 doesn't hold off here either. My special mentions would be Mine, a businessman Yakuza with some interesting background and Rikiya, the Okinawan Yakuza captain and probably my third most favorite side character after Goro Majima and Haruka. Damn this fool was so fun to hang around with, especially with his straightforward country bumpkin style of being. There's some mad fun sidequests with him being obsessed of going at a strip club in Kamurocho, so definitely keep him around when you get to the big city. Unfortunately, Yakuza 3 was not 100% enjoyable. Despite of the incredible setting and characters, Yakuza 3 has some major flaws in 2 aspects, and both of these aspects should NOT have been flawed since they are kinda the backbone of the series. 1. The Combat: Holy shit people on the internet weren't joking - the combat in this game is awful. The main problem is that the enemies do 2 things: either they block everything and anything or they dash around and are untouchable. Yakuza was all about punching shit around and make Kiryu feel like a badass, having issues only vs bosses. Well here everybody has an iron defense and it gets tiresome at some point. The very first 3 hours of the game have been TEDIOUS combat wise, since Kiryu has no noticeable upgrades and he can get pulverized in an instant, like he would suffer from arthritis or something. Especially the second boss of the game took me over 5 tries to defeat simply because he dashed from under my punches and simply blocked everything. I had to "guess" when he would attack, just to dodge behind him and throw some weak punches before he started blocking them. And even after you get upgraded and unlock the juicy Komaki Tiger Drop and Komaki Parry, only the 1v1 encounters become actually fun. If you face multiple enemies holy shit they become aggressive as hell. It's like when you get upgraded, they get upgraded also! And GOD FORBID YOU PICK UP AN ITEM TO HIT THEM WITH IT! They all start charging at you like mad people and murder your health bar. It's the first Yakuza game where I preferred to solve my issues with the fists alone instead of picking up the trusty bike. But while combat can be fixed, the second one truly can ruin your experience with the game. 2. The Minigames. Hold it. This one needs a special sub-chapter in my glorious impression post: THE MINIGAMES IN YAKUZA 3 Kiryu May Cry edition From what I understood, Yakuza 3 was the first to introduce the actual minigames that we know and love (or not). Thing is - while some of them are good, there's a part of them that are so janky you will legit feel like crying. Especially if you go for the platinum, you will have to complete all the required targets and BELIEVE ME there's a LOT of targets to hit. I grouped the minigames into 3 categories, it's review time: GOOD MINIGAMES: Mahjong - honestly the reason I started Yakuza 3 was because I wanted to play abit of Mahjong I can't stop but love this damn minigame. Here you have only 2 requirements, finish with an extra 50k points above your entry and close the table with one tile remaining. Pretty fun and easy, way better than the previous entries requirements, BUT you have to learn mahjong here. Koi-Koi - another mad fun minigame, the fact that you have no cheating item made me actually learn the game's rules. You have to gain 20k points (losses don't count thank God) so planning my cards and learning how the seasons work in Japan was actually interesting. Tons of fun, despite the AI being abit cheap at times. Darts - no more hunting and saving for improved darts in this game. You either hit it or miss it. And man, the accuracy in Darts here is awesome! Basically if you can hold the dart in front of the general area and learn how to pull the Right stick and release, you will hit triple 20s nonstop. 0 complaints here, I used to dislike Darts. DECENT/MEH MINIGAMES: Poker/Roulette/Blackjack/Cee-Lo/Cho-Han/Oicho-Kabu - these are just gambling minigames. Win requirements, losses do not count, easy shit, use cheating items, Roulette with cheating items is the main way of getting filthy rich in this game, don't bother about it too much. UFO Catcher - Despite the claw not being the greasy stuff that was in Kiwami 2, the prizes themselves are incredibly tricky to grab. Not really a fun experience. Boxcelicos - It's basically a shmup where you have to kill various polygonal forms by hitting them in the weak spot. You are invincible, have 30 seconds in total, every time you destroy a form you have 2 seconds of frozen timer before the countdown starts. You have to reach level 50 before the timer reaches 0. It would be a fun minigame if some forms didn't spawn offscreen, costing me precious seconds. So it gets into the Meh can. Shogi - Chess is fine. I get the promotion part. Why do I have to summon the captured pieces now? What's with these rules? Is this Yu Gi Oh? Whatever, used a Youtube guide for it. Massage parlor - you have to hold a slider between 2 limits while a girl "massages" you (actually she says some Japanese gibberish while zooming in on her bra/butt/whatever). It was mostly annoying, luckily you have to complete only 2 massage courses so it wasn't that much of a pain. Fishing - by far the best fishing minigame I have ever played in any game really.'s fishing. I can't stand fishing. Why is fishing considered a leisure activity? Fishing sucks! Golf - I would have enjoyed this minigame way more if it wasn't for the random wind factor who could mess up your shots. Otherwise a decent minigame. Karaoke - iffy button timing, the song gets fast randomly, the songs themselves aren't that great. BAD MINIGAMES: Bowling - You have to score 200+ points and a turkey (3 strikes in a row). The bowling ball goes where you set it, the problem is the pins' physics. Sometimes they fall, sometimes one spins into place and doesn't fall despite you hitting it. Luckily the physics were vastly improved in the other entries. Batting - FUCK THIS MINIGAME part 5. Was meh in FotNS, awful in Y0, more awful in Kiwami, HORRENDOUS in Kiwami 2, here you actually have to score a mad 1800 points WITH NO TARGET ON SCREEN WTF STUDIO! I had to dangle some earphones where the target is supposed to be, just to have any idea where I am hitting. I HATE BATTING IN THESE GAMES! Hostess - Manager Kiryu: you have to recruit a girl, dress her up, turn her into no.1 hostess, swim in cash that are the club's cash, not yours. It sucks, it's way better in Y0/Kiwami 2 Hostess - dating minigame: now YOU are the client and have to charm 10 different girls by ordering food that they like, pick the right conversation option and going to dates with them. 1. I don't like dating minigames, they bore me. 2. Have LOTS of cash on you, these vipers will EAT YOUR MONEY. 3. Despite this minigame, Kiryu is still canonically a virgin so why was I even wasting my time with this shit???? WHY AM I EVEN PLAYING THIS GAME ANYMORE? MINIGAMES: Chasing Minigame - you have to chase various fuckers around town by holding down R2, both of you have a stamina bar. When you run only your stamina bar depletes, you have to tackle the opponent in order to deplete HIS stamina bar. Hitting any object or pedestrian massively murders your stamina bar. It's janky, it's awful, took me a million tries, I hated it with a passion. You can NOT get good at this minigame, especially since the game itself LOVES to troll you. Here's an example of a happy pedestrian spawning right in my face: Pool/Billiards / HIT THE BALLS GAME: by far the worst minigame this series has to offer. How can you mess up a minigame so hard I have no idea. This game was released in 2009, my dudes just grab a Miniclip copy and paste it in the game wtf! The physics are so awful I can't even explain. What's worse is that you have to defeat the EXPERT AI who does a maximum of 2 mistakes per match AND do a break ace, which means pocketing the 9 ball from the first try in a 9ball game. THE AI RARELY FUCKS IT UP. But...when you have these can you even compete with this AI? You have to pray to the RNGods so they won't mess up your trajectory, like in this video: CONCLUSION - Yakuza 3 is a good game, too bad the bad combat and awful minigames keep it from being great. I still recommend it because this is one of Kiryu's best stories and if you thought he wasn't that fun in the previous games, well Y3 will change your mind. He finally dethroned Majima as the best Yakuza boi. THE GOOD: - great setting and atmosphere - I love Okinawa! - great story with good characters - Kiryu's banana dealer shirt is impeccable - Legend Mode is fun with the Golden Gun THE BAD: - awful combat - some AWFUL minigames - Ultimate Challenge mode is mostly annoying Recommendation: Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise - I didn't want to recommend another Yakuza title, but on the other hand there's no comparison to these games. So pick up Kenshiro's title instead! You will love this new reinterpretation! Be mindful of Dr Ken tho!
  4. #156 - Yakuza 3


    Another day, another completed Kiryu adventure. This time, unlike Kiwami 1 and 2, Yakuza 3 was just a remaster of the original PS3 game. I was promised jank and expected headaches in form of old ass mechanics, but what I found instead was one gem of a game, worthy of the Yakuza title. And old ass mechanics xD


    I absolutely loved the setting. Kiryu, being sick of the glittery Kamurocho, moves to Okinawa trying to find a more peaceful life for him and his adoptive daughter Haruka. But since he is Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima, dropper of tigers and smooth talker of hostesses, the yakuza life catches him with another adventure, so yet again he must get his ash costume and horrible red shirt and go break some bones with the conveniently placed bikes.


    Despite being old, I really enjoyed the setting and the "feel" that the game gives. Story was great, old characters show up, I finally care about the side characters that showed up in Kiwami 1 and 2. In terms of story development this game does not disappoint.


    Where it does disappoint however...holy crap the combat is awful xD enemies block like there's no tomorrow, they can combo your ass into oblivion and basically the very first 4 chapters will be hell, until you manage to somewhat upgrade Kiryu. Really, it's like the enemies have an auto-block button, you have to wail for minutes at one grunt so he can finally fall. Of course, once you return to the Dragon of Dojima state everybody gets beaten instantly. But until you reach that will have a bad time.


    And then there's the minigames...damn they are broken. Pool and Bowling are the worst of the bunch, since the game has the bad tendency of applying a random spin on the ball. I lost the count of times where I calculated where to send a ball in Pool minigame, just for the trajectory to go randomly sideways.

    Also there's a weird minigame where you have to chase and tackle various people, you having to catch them before losing your stamina bar. It's an annoying minigame and I really hope they fixed it in the next iterations.


    But overall, it was one enjoyable experience. If you want to continue the story after Kiwami 2, you can't go wrong with Yakuza 3. prepared for the minigames :D

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    2. PooPooBlast


      @Copanele assuming each game is 800 yen IIRC that's 50 tries 😂.  Yeesh.. yea no, gimme expert difficulty any day of the week. 


      Lol alright. Enjoy your tiny break! 

    3. AJ_Radio


      Christ, how are you getting these games done so quickly?


      Impressive work. I envy you.

    4. Copanele


      @AJ_Radio thanks xD well all Yakuza games are mostly the same platinum wise. This one was not too bad, y0 still gets the crown so far in terms of spent time. 

  5. Yakuza 3 - All substories finally completed! God these took a LOT of time!


    I forgot the last time I've been so bamboozled by a game. After I completed all of the available sub stories, I expected to get that message to face Amon, the actually true challenge of the game and a fight I look forward to ever since I played the first "Yakuza" type game, Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise. It's a brawl where if you don't go completely stacked with items and an upgraded Kiryu/any other protagonist, you would get demolished. Amon truly is a beast.


    Well...not so fast buckaroo! Apparently I had to complete the "hostess" minigame, aka charm 9 wonderful damzels by picking only the smoothest lines based off their personalities (and eventually throw expensive champagne and food at them when things didn't go my way) and make them fall in love with me. Or best translated as a dating minigame. Minigames that I can't stand because they take a lot of time and bore me to death xD even if I avoid the visual novel type of games, guess I can't escape the crossing fate lol. What's funny is that the first time I accidentally stumbled on this minigame in the first few hours of the game, I instantly quit it thinking "well surely I won't need this for the platinum". The irony...


    Anyway, millions of yen and 2 glasses of irl wine later(to cope with the ordeal), managed to be the Kamurocho Casanova and make the girls fall in love with me, so I can finally unlock my true love: Amon. I have to say, this was one of the few instances where I was more happy to face a hulking dude with sunglasses and lightsabers than deal with 9 gorgeous girls (by 2009 graphics standards at least). Disregard Chicken Basket, apply Tiger Drop.


    All that's left is some measly stuff like cleaning the Okinawan Beach and...ugh...Break Ace (pocket the 9 ball in a 9-ball match from the first try), the Ultimate Match Mode(a gauntlet with several challenges, quite excited about this one) and Legend mode which will be easy peasy since I got the best fist weapon a yakuza could have: The Golden Gun (I still have to understand the "Kiryu never killed anyone" memes xD - NO SPOILERS THO). And after all that, I will have the platinum and another Yakuza game done :D


    Also an early hot take...except for bosses and characters...I think I enjoyed Yakuza 3 way more than Kiwami 2. I know, it's blasphemy, but I just vibed with Okinawa and the old "janky" gameplay style way more! And I also loved Kiryu's coconut dealer shirt, so I hope that is considered a valid argument.


    1. AJ_Radio


      I’ll be the first to say, awesome job.


      How does this fare graphically and in terms of performance?

    2. Copanele


      Graphically this game holds up very well. It has some good vibe to it. Performance wise too, 0 chokes or delays. 

      Problems appear at the mechanics of the game, minigames are clunky af and the fighting system is annoying. 

  6. As most people already mentioned, the games are a bit of a hit and miss. If you can handle old style gameplay and weird camera angles, you will enjoy these games, especially since the story and the characters are actually good. I do still recommend grabbing a heavily discounted CD version Oh and brace yourself for tons of bugs and trophy glitches in Warrior Within. That game is plagued with them. I have to agree with you here. I loved the trilogy (for me PoP games are still abit higher in terms of enjoyment compared to Assassin's Creed). But yeah, for new players...they have not aged well at all. The controls, camera and gameplay are abit janky for today's standards. I would also love a remake of the very first game and The Shadow and The Flame. I think there was a Prince of Persia classic release which was a remake of the first game? I found a playthrough here, it doesn't really have the charm of the very first one works. Too bad you can't pull microtransactions on this one (goddamn Ubisoft)
  7. Wow I noped out at the very first "fast paced platformer" part 😂 smh I really am infamous for my "proficiency" Congrats there who the hell puts a sprint button on the Square button?
  8. Sadly I believe your entire save is compromised and you have to play the game again, especially if the flags count more than 101. That's exactly the glitch that I experienced too and no amount of save reload fixed it. What I did in my second run was collecting all the Borgia flags in the Romulus lairs the first time I was there, without replaying the memory. Then I also collected the Vatican flags and left some misc flags for dead last after finishing the game, throughout Rome. Only then I could unlock the flag trophy. So basically: In Brotherhood, collect each flag the very first time you reach in a specific area (that you can't normally reach via free roam). Trying to get the items via memory replay will most likely glitch the damn trophy. The side quest time requirement can be achieved by replaying the mission, THAT doesn't glitch.
  9. That might be my main issue as to why I don't actually check the good stuff in Trophy Checklists - I always get hooked by videogames so much that I forget to actually read stuff Games are my blessing and my curse at the same time. Hah that Mahjong Ron part is not entirely your fault - it IS a gambling game after all - sometimes the cheating AI just loves to pull random melds out of their asses and do some impossible combos. What I dread in mahjong is when, after the opponent declared Riichi, I put down the piece and then the entire scoring board disappears for like 1/4 of a second. I go "OH SH--" Then I see "RON" and Kiryu's disappointed face. I have failed you my dragon! Q_Q That feeling when I KNOW the Ron is coming BEFORE the message's awful. And yeah Koi-Koi was the main way to get tags in Kiwami too (stupid weapon trophy). I don't like Cho-Han, Cee-lo and Oicho-Kabu either, because they are 100% gambling and 0% strategy. Same as Blackjack and Roulette really. In Koi-Koi you can plan which cards you should go/ what seasons to go out with. As for minigames that I truly detest.. Baseball for sure. I fkin hate that minigame, it's the absolute worst. You have to play perfectly in ALL yakuza games, the minigame itself SUCKS, timing is off, trying to also balance the target is a massive headache and in Yakuza 3 you don't even have the target anymore on EX-Hard mode (I had to use a pair of dangling earphones to have an imaginary target, and I STILL had to play perfectly for that 1800 points requirement). I had little issues with any of the other minigames - and trust me, Yakuza 3 will make you pull out your hair with Pool and Bowling - it's only Baseball that I always dread. least I am slightly getting better with the timing. I can't wait to see what's going on, especially since the relationship between Kiryu and Haruka just gets better and better - that kid is adorable and must be protected at all costs (unless she has some abysmal requests). But...I will take my time with the games after Yakuza 3 I need another long break, playing these games back to back is EXHAUSTING. Which reminds me, I will play Yakuza Dead Souls (even if it's not that great of a game from what people say) BUT...not so sure about Yakuza 7. It's not the switch to Ichiban, I love his goofy ass, but...the switch to turn-based, IDK about that chief. I really dislike that kind of gameplay after beating suckers with a motorcycle as Kiryu for so long. Imagine doing that to games like God of War... just doesn't go well with me. Part of me is still surprised that I am an inspiration for...anything, considering how my checklist is all over the place (that's my style of writing, it's not the lack of English knowledge. I just can't be consistent you know) BUT I'll take the compliment, thanks 😂 if anything, I am glad that I could be of help, since you ended up writing some killer stuff here. Really loved the Drakengard 3 review (need to play it myself) and the Bard's Tale review (Cary Elwes also was the main star of Robin Hood Men in Tights - one of the best comedies out there!). You REALLY need to write about your NieR Gestalt experience one day I also consider that game one of my top 10 of all time. Also if you ever end up covering more of your old platinums, really curious what you thought of the Jedi Knight games. Something tells me you tried Dark Forces too at some point just speculation though. Played those games way too much, still not sure if I have the energy to do them on PS4. But I digress at this point Best of luck with Legend of Kay! I need to get back to Yakuza 3 as well, Kiryu needs to earn his ex-yakuza paycheck by cheating old men at Oicho-Kabu!
  10. Well, you pretty much put in way better words what I felt about Yakuza 0. That game did so many kickflips for me it kinda became one of my favorite games of all time. It definitely breaks top 10 for me at this moment, this game was amazing and I can't recommend it enough, the same way as it was recommended to me ! But I want to mention 3 specific things: Mahjong: I love this minigame so much! WOW! Mahjong was the game that I dreaded the most before starting the game, just to realize it's actually a variant of that blasted Melding Rummy game that I played to death in my glorious University years. After reading the "you have to do melds" I had that literal "Chotto matte a goddamn second" moment and I instantly (re)learned mahjong in 5 minutes. Nobody could stop my Riichi from that point onwards Koi Koi: this is one hell of a game, I actually fully learned the strategies in Yakuza 3 (AI is brutal there). While sadly in Yakuza 0 I was at the "hahah match the funny pictures" level, I gradually learned the intricacies of this game with Kiwami 1 and finally unlocked the full potential of planning a damn season in Yakuza 3. And THAT'S the moment this minigame was mad fun. Majima: Ok, weird thing to add him after 2 minigames but...again, only Yakuza 3 made me finally love Kiryu more than Majima (seriously though, play Yakuza 3, shitty combat aside, it's a fantastic game). As a person who started directly with Yakuza 0, Majima was by far my favorite character and his gradual turn from his Y0 persona to Kiwami 1 (+that Majima story in Kiwami 2 oh my heart) kinda made him my actual favorite character. Only in Yakuza 3 where Kiryu finally settles in(for a while...) made me really appreciate the true strength and character of the Dragon of Dojima. But until that should be illegal to write a character as good as Majima 😂 Friggin loved the review! Kinda sad that I just now managed to fully comment on your Trophy checklist, but on the flipside I have an entire thread to read now
  11. Hah that Bejeweled 2 review was so awesome it really ain't a game for Playstation though! That one reminds me of a game that I've played, Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords. It is basically Bejeweled in the Warlords setting (just imagine high fantasy if you never played the strategy games). It has story, RPG elements and...well...3 of a kind jewels to mix and mash. For the fans of the genre I can't recommend that game enough! Also, also, ALSO (and sorry if I will underline a few paragraphs) You can't imagine how happy I am that I am not the only one who feels this way. Gameplay wise, yes, GoW 3 is a technical masterpiece, even by today's standards, holy damn only games like DMC5 kicks God of War 3 back. But my god Kratos is such an insufferable piece of shit that I legit did not enjoy the final part. Plus...the Pandora insert (the girl, not the stupid box) I supposed to believe that Kratos, after murdering every last Greek breathing and using that Poseidon's maiden as a literal door stopper, would suddenly CARE about some random ass girl? Really? Kratos? My man has turned 98% of the Greek world into tzatziki sauce by now, what the actual hell was that Like my god it was such a BAD write-up I didn't even feel the energy to play the remastered GoW III on PS4 anymore. Thank goodness for the Reboot indeed. God of War 4 with the old Kratos would have been too much for me. But like this, we got quite the good character development! Also yeah my exact experience with Raji. Amazing scenery, flawed combat. I actually ended up doing the most OP Prince of Persia Sands of Time wall bounce combos in order to quickly clean the rooms. At least the studio shows promise, waiting for their next projects!
  12. Hahah we got here some fine connoisseurs Tbh that game was mad fun, played it until I ran out of maps. Bless the glorious bootleg versions of the game that came on the 999 games cassettes which had a distinctive yellow color. To be noted, I played on this device, not an actual NES console. Best bootleg EVER!
  13. Pick up the secret character Wyler (the hulk-like dude, press Right on the d-pad until the cursor disappears and you select him) and spam his forward square move. The run is peachy until you reach fight 7 when the AI gets AoF2 level of ridiculousness, there you have to time your hits and juggle the opponent. The good part is that Wyler does a ton of damage. Also graphics are cool!
  14. They are tricky (and not really worth it money wise), but yes, AoF is the SNKest syndrome so far OH RIGHT! Gotta warn you, if you want to go for Arcade Archives Art of Fighting 3... that one is even trickier to 100% than AoF1/2, since you have to basically do a survival mode run! It got me by surprise and I loved it 😂
  15. Finally I can reply to this thread been checking it for a while and it's high time I read it (especially since I saw Drakengard 3 on the first page which i still need to play) BUT I DIGRESS! Yakuza 0? hot damn I need to read that! All my years of intense English studying is finally paying off