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  1. My most favourite Soulsborne game is Dark Souls 1. Started with it, still the one I love the most. The most favourite Souls-like I guess it's Salt and Sanctuary. Combat, skill tree, bosses, atmosphere , STORY (seriously after reading the Drowned Tome my mind was wtf). Loving it
  2. Recently acquired Mini Ninjas, been a while since I played this little adorable gem ,time to go ninja mode!
  3. Yep it's an average, I just missed some scores and should revise my math skills abit . At some missions I just gave up and spammed the meteor hat. No damage bonus is welcomed.
  4. I second this. After a week of intense playing , it's absurd how many ways there are to pull S ranks with Nero and Dante. To quote DMC4 Dante, it's like an all-you-can-eat buffet .
  5. Monster Hunter : World, Sekiro(that comes up next), Witcher 3, perhaps even AC Oddysey. More on the action spectrum, DMC5 looks fantastic on PC
  6. I would go with heroes of might and magic, warlords series, disciples,spellforce, Sid Meyer's Pirates, Rise of Nations, Age of Mythology ( strategy/tbs games yeey) In the not so strategy department : Gothic series, Sacrifice, ShadowMan (yes I know this one was for N64 or whatever, on PC it's actually playable though), Witcher1, Witcher 2 :3 . There are way more but that's what it comes to mind. Oh and F.E.A.R. 1 . Never forgetting this one
  7. To start with obvious exclusive games on PC : PC has the monopoly on strategy games ( Total War series for example or Civilization),that genre might interest you if you like some brain work. Also I see you have played Need for speed games. I reccomend getting NFS Most Wanted the original one with the latest patches and improvements. It is...kinda the best. If you like smoother graphics you can get the game you are looking for and tweak it as you wish. Some games such as For Honor are simply better on PC because of the 60 FPS compared to the limited 30 FPS on PS4. I understand that Mouse and Keyboard might be abit tricky to use at first if you never experienced with it but honestly shooters are meant to play with a keyboard and mouse, it's way easier. I know the reverse was true : I was a dedicated pc player and when I switched over PS4 i found shooters to be unplayable with a controller. I still struggle with the accuracy truth be told. The best course of action would be installing Steam and just browse to your heart content. Mainly because if you write a game Steam has the habit to go " People who searched for game X also searched for game Y Z etc.". It can help you loads with that. PC has the largest game library . Seriously, loved Witcher 3? Better get a pc for witcher 1 and 2 experience(as an example). Ok Sony might win with the exclusives such as God of War and Horizon but those are just a few compared to what PC can bring. One good example : Load up Skyrim and get into mods. The amount of content is crazy. Sorry for the short answer,there's just alot to talk about PC gaming I just hope you will enjoy it.
  8. I have a hard time starting a game only if that game is part of a trilogy/quadrilogy/whatever saga Assassin's Creed is. For example if I play a stand alone game ( say Horizon Zero Dawn) I don't really have a hard time getting into it even if I know it will be a huge game. But if I start a game that is part of a series where I know that I can't relax until I finished every game in the series, DMC and Witcher 3 being one example, I usually either postpone it or finish some minor games until I attempt the collection, thus having a hard time starting the specific game. So yeah in conclusion it's hard to start a series of games. Special mentions to Assassin's creed where I have a whiteboard tracking every single one,so many goddamn games and Nier because my dumbass needs to play those shitty drakengard games too on an emulator or something.
  9. Here is a question for you all,if you have any idea. Does it matter which style you use vs monsters (in mission 10 and 18) ? I did some tests, I mainly used gunslinger on the first fight in M10, stuck around with SSS rank for 5 minutes,lowest rank was SS for a couple of seconds, then finished the queen bug with dance macabre just in case multiplier is calculated with the attack you finish. My score was around 6100. Yet a friend who did the same section in roughly the same amount of time with royal guard got around 7500 points. How is this possible? Is RG favoured because it's a huge risk vs reward?It really makes no sense and I kinda got sick of that mission Guess I will abuse the hat in my next M10 runs...
  10. M10 and M18 are the most annoying missions to get S rank on. I still struggle with them on SoS and DmD. What I use is usually SSS rank for as long as I can on the queen bug ,then just meteor storm on every other encounter in order to get the " No damage " bonus (still trying atm ,the stupid bats give me the biggest headache out of all enemies). Apparently using RoyalGuard perfect parry nets you a huge amount of points or something but I really hate that style , used it only in DMC3 so I would rather avoid it.
  11. I do believe it takes around 10 hours to finish ( checked a site for some statistics and from what I remember although I played it on PC). Yes the controls on the console are abit iffy but nothing too bad I presume. I personally consider American McGee's Alice way better than Alice Madness Returns and a must play before the "main game" just because of the story and the soundtrack ,especially if you read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass . Graphics are...well bloodier than in the sequel and controls can be manageable with some practice. EDIT: Wow this is one old thread! Did not see the initial post date and I recently bought the games from UK store as well
  12. And here I was preparing for some craziness that would surpass DMC4SE requirements. Oh well , guess I will be happy with S ranking as being the most difficult in the bunch .
  13. Mine is a mixup of PS4 and PC games so : 1.Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (+ Expansions of course) 2.Dark Souls 3.Gothic 2 (+ expansion Night of the Raven) 4.God of War(BOI edition) 5.Disciples 2 , but it wouldn't be as high without Disciples 1 6.NiER 7.Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice 8.Sacrifice 9.Dark Souls 3 10. Nier Automata
  14. Soo there's 2 ways going about it : Getting the platinum " legit " is an easy 10/10 . Especially since this is your first game of the series, I might even go for a 13/10 nah but seriously game is brutal on Dante must Die IF however you use the tools the game gives you (quite accepted) or use some sweet quit/reload miniexploit(less accepted by hardcore fans but legit nonetheless, I don't even think it's a glitch this one) the platinum is quite trivial. Of course you still need to learn the skills and how to play and spend alot of time in Human ,Devil Hunter and train in The Void buuut...not as difficult as you would expect. Before even thinking of platinum, first enjoy the game fully, it's crazy in a good way.
  15. Well I view it like this : Is it a single player game who had multiplayer just for the sake of it? Then I don't like the trophies even if they MIGHT be easy to get. Last of Us comes to mind here, I hate the online trophies,probably why I will never platinum it just because of that reason. Ok one exception is God of War Ascension, that multiplayer mode was so ...what did I just see. Glad the trophies basically required some easy training mode with no additional player involved. Is it a multiplayer game with a real thought out trophy list that requires dedicated but not obsessed playing? Yes i am ok with it - all the fighting games and For Honor for example. Is it a multiplayer game with absurd trophies? Then definetly gonna avoid the trophy. Of course this is only trophy related, I enjoy playing Overwatch now and then but avoid the trophy list like the plague. Shooters on a controller really ain't my thing.