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  1. The shame! I forgot to mention one game here that I've completed (a small while ago) 1. Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor - 2. Duke Nukem Forever - + 100% completed 3. Bioshock Infinite - + 100% completed 4. The King of Fighters XIII - 5. Darkstalkers Resurrection - 💯 6. Braid - 89% completed 7. Batman : Arkham Origins - + 100% completed 8. Catherine - 1% -> 27% completed 9. Mirror's Edge - 48% -> 55% completed 10. Persona 4 Arena - 31% completed 11. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - + 100% completed Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - was a fun game to 100%, probably the only Persona based game I will ever play Heard the original is way more tough, will give that one a go as well! Not sure if I will manage to complete a game from PS3 in March, the ones I have left are kiiiiiinda brutal (ok maybe not Braid but I suck at platformers so yeah)
  2. Huh, that is a weird behavior. I would recommend repatching the game , use quick save a couple of times and see if you can load. I experienced 0 issues with the game so far but there's a weird behavior indeed.
  3. Oh damn, NOW I read your Bully review (stupid phone) and boy oh boy! I am not big on Rockstar games, but this game now caught my attention, it does sound like the crazy amount of fun only past Rockstar can achieve. And the way you described the game...reminds me of Tony Hawk's Underground 2...for some reason I don't know why, sounds like the same crazy requirements. I agree however, I don't think Bully 2 will be as well received today. There's just a different culture nowadays (boo )
  4. Hah nice outtake of Lords of the Fallen loved reading that. Now that I read your impressions, I think the greatest gripe with the game is ...I can't remember at all what the game was on about. It's not a "The room" level of videogame, but more like one of those B rate movies that you utterly forget and struggle to remember the plot. Except the DLC of course, because DLC sucks. I played as an assassin and the game was even easier, believe it or not. Yes, equipped the same huge ultra mega greatsword that did ultra mega damage, but there were 2 skills, one where you became invisible and did even more ultra great damage with one strike, and one where you sent your shadow and kablam-ed the enemy/boss/poor barrel for stupid amounts of damage. Game is God of War-ish through and through. They really went literal with that "fat rolling" mechanic
  5. I know it might sound super dumb... But did you save before exiting? This game has no autosave feature, you have to save manually.
  6. [Turok 2 Seeds of Evil] - So this gem of a game re-released for PS4 today. It's a shooter from 1998 and it's one of my childhood games (played it on 2003 I believe, on a PC). So when I saw it, it was an insta-buy. Granted I did follow the game ever since the trophy list was released. But anyway, fired it up and...oh baby , THIS is a GAME!!!!

    The mechanics, the soundtrack, the blood, the explosive shells...holy damn not many games can give me this feeling. Goosebumps, time to save PORT OF ADIA FROM THE DINOZORDS!


    There's also tons of quality of life improvements - auto climbing, a quicksave button (praised be the lords for this one), easy weapon cycling, objectives marked on the screen...all you can desire. This goddamn game goes apeshit on my memories, the last one who did that was Mount & Blade Warband xD 

    Time to experience this madness again. I also have 2 videos, because I couldn't help myself from recording. I am sorry future me, tonight I don't think I will sleep too much.


     VIDEO 1     VIDEO 2 

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    2. Copanele


      Heh, first playthrough done! Played the game on Normal because I wanted to enjoy myself, not struggle with difficulty.

      Tomorrow I will find the rest of the secrets and .. .Hardcore difficulty. Played that mode on PC, it is borderline unfairness!

    3. Honor_Hand


      I'm with Spaz on this one. This and the first title are obligatory games to get when they get a proper discount. Then we'll need to just make room with all of the other titles in our backlog to play them, lol.


      I don't think anyone gave a fuck about the story in these games back then, lol.


      Good luck with the hardcore difficulty tomorrow. Teach those dinosaurs who's boss. ;)

    4. Copanele


      Well the story isn't bad by any means, but it's not the main focus... I mean, you have to save the poor children, the next area you have a bow with explosive arrows xD i like the presentation of each level at the start though, it's pretty good. But yeah, you should definitely make some room for this game :D


      I still hope they will remaster Shadow Man. There was an announcement a while ago, its an action horror game set in the voodoo universe, where you have to hunt down 5 notorious criminals and collect some souls. It was mega atmospheric and probably the only horror i would play without issues. 

  7. I managed to download Turok 2. Oh lord the memories are surfacing. What this game adds new : A quicksave button (blessed be thy name, developers), you can control the aiming with your Dualshock directly (like a Wiimote - damn technology), a FAST TRAVEL SYSTEM? and well...Turok looking better than ever. Oh yeah and now you can aim properly, you don't have to hold the crosshair slightly above the enemy to headshot Did a bit of a recording for those of you who are a bit nostalgic. What a game.. EDIT : multiplayer is crossplay /crossplatform. I have to agree with the above post, i needed multiplayer trophies it is brilliant!
  8. [Blazblue Centralfiction] - after many tries I managed to complete Speedstar Course C.

    Speedstar is a mode where you have infinite HP and you have to defeat 32 characters under a time limit. Course C - 90 seconds, every character is a boss variant, you get time back depending on the damage and skills you use (overdrive, distortion finish etc). In return, you lose time if the boss combos your ass.


    All I can say...NANI THE FUCK was this? DAMN I did not expect to have this kind of a headache with this dumb ass mode xD Of course I went with Mai cheese method, that girl can spam the spear like there's no tomorrow. But STILL holy crap some characters were CHEAP as hell. The Murakumo units, Izayoi and .... Jin (???) why Jin?? the hell!


    Anyway hardest trophy out of the way. Time to finish the trials with Susanoo, the most beautiful demon dog ever, and...Abyss mode. UGH hexagons!

    @ShonenCat give me strength!! 

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    2. Copanele


      AAAAND Abyss mode done. It was way easier than BB CPEX/GG XRD


    3. Honor_Hand


      Nice one, that's the hardest trophy in the game out of the way.


      As @ShonenCat pointed out, supposedly reverting to version 1.00 makes the game easier but that doesn't seem to be always the case from what I've heard. Frankly, it'd be kind of weird if you think about it, unless they somehow patched the AI in later versions of the game and no one ever noticed.


      But that Mai spamming thing you guys mentioned. it seems it'll be extremely useful for when I decide to go for the Platinum. *takes some notes about Mai's cheese method* Yes, yes, this is exactly what I'm looking for. Too bad she's a DLC character, but still, if the game is giving you troubles, sounds like she would be wise to invest into.



      Also Nu, Mu and Lambda...if I miss ONE input against's sword spamming town. Horrible, HORRIBLE mode.


      Oh yeah, lmao, the painful memories of Score Attack mode in the previous games are coming back to me now. 😂

    4. Copanele


      Oh @Honor_Hand if you go for this game use the Christmas money and buy Mai. Not only she is a treat to look at, she is easily hands down the most busted busty character in the game. Imagine Shin Akuma with a spear. I pulverized Abyss mode with her.

      But even with that, Speedstar mode was trash. I had to restart until I got Izayoi (which is basically kinky Tsubaki) in the first 5, when she is abit easier to deal with. Other than that, gotta learn what characters tend to do. 


      Another dumb one to fight was Relius. I had 90 seconds on clock, He usually sucks at blocking, but I missed one stupid input. He wasted 40 seconds of my time by just comboing me with his puppet. This game can go loco fast. 

  9. Ok, inspiration is here: No. 131 : Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend Platinum Name : Fully Extended Hardest Trophy : Bread and Butter - complete50% of the trials Difficulty : 6/10 - the trials were quite tricky, not going to lie Personal impression : 7.8/10 This was the first BlazBlue game I ever played. It's a franchise made by ArcSystem Works and it's technically the "brother" franchise of Guilty Gear, which is my favorite fighting game series of all time. I am not really sure why I haven't picked this up earlier, given how much I love GG, but well, better late than never Anyway...the game was fine. That's my general impression. It's what you would expect of Arcsys : Large roster, unique characters, crazy combat and GODLIKE SOUNDTRACK! Holy shit the soundtrack in this game is 10/10, 20/10, one billlion /10. If you like rock/metal, then you don't even need to purchase the game, just go search on youtube for the soundtrack. It's THAT good. How can Japanese devs and composers nail it so well within a game is beyond me. As I mentioned, characters are unique. You have the textbook main protagonist Ragna the Bloodedge, a gruff spiky red trenchcoated big sword guy with a heart of gold, his counterpart Jin, the calculated madman with a katana, gunslinger Noel, cat girl Kokonoe, pervert Kagura, big boobed squirrel girl Makoto...yeah, this game ain't that subtle when it comes to its characters. Especially Makoto, holy damn they did SOME design with her. Not going to lie, she is my favorite design wise because..well...can you blame me? Ahem...where was I? Right, if you have read the previous paragraphs, I mentioned that the game is fine. Why is that? Well, that's because despite the 10/10 music and design, the actual gameplay....didn't give me the kicker that I wanted. Sure, it has some intricate mechanics and mad options and such, but something is missing from it, I can't really understand what, but ... each character has ONE thing that ruins the playstyle for me. My main in this game became Ragna only because he is the easiest to use. And if I pick a character only because of easiness, then there's an issue there. This game was simply not as mad as Guilty Gear for me, where you could go blitz speed, set the enemy on fire, combo kick punch slash then go Dragon Install and as9ucbweubwiebwec where you, your enemy, the stage and the PS4 explodes into a flame of madness and epicness. That's what I wanted from this game and sadly I couldn't find it. The issue is solved in Centralfiction, but that's for the next time (still working on that). I won't cover the story since I haven't played Calamity Trigger or Continuum Shift (and I don't plan to). It's actually decent , I managed to understand it despite the world resets or whatever, but there's not enough coherency to make me search into it. I will admit, I only checked the characters that were fun or looked interesting. But it's not a bad story by any means. Platinum wise, it wasn't that bad. The true challenges were Frame Advantage (do all 20 trials for one character) and Bread and Butter (do 50% of the available challenges). Doing Frame Advantage was super easy with Iron Tager, a very well designed grappler, however Bread and Butter gave me abit of trouble, especially since some characters are...holy damn how are you supposed to play with them? I think the one that gave me the most headaches was Litchi, a chinese kung fu girl with a stick, where you had 2 stances (with stick and bare handed) and you had to combine these stances. Yeah I am not doing a PhD in kung fu here. Overall a decent game. Will finish Centralfiction however and I think I will be done with Blazblue. I will stick myself to listening that killer soundtrack. THE GOOD: - amazing soundtrack - good character design - M A K O T O THE BAD: - couldn't keep my interest long enough - story isn't 100% consistent
  10. The game is on the store boys! Time to save the poor children in port of Adia and shoot them dinosorz. (that price tho...)
  11. Giovanna : air dash, combo RC into another combo, do mixup mindplay dodge air sword trick royal (wrong game whoops) Potemkin : haha G R A B. Loved the video 😂one of the best betas in recent years. Bless'em up!
  12. Hahah I think there's more tough games required for that title only sf4 and super meat boy won't do. Gotta boost those numbers with crazy games to get a glimpse of Heaven. Romantic, I know 😂 Fuck yes that's right! I also went for that platinum because my god the game is HELLA fun. Also played alot online, messed around with Ryu and Cody. I sucked ass but it was stupid fun. That's how these blasted games catch you in their net lol. And wheee another "supporter" of the rope dart lmao . Honestly I only remember it from AC Chronicles China where it was an indispensable tool. Otherwise it was a waste of a slot in my weapon wheel.
  13. EVEN WITH THE SHITTY ONLINE GRIND damn this game gives you the best vibes once you manage to pull a sick combo off. For instance when I did that dreaded trial 23 with Sakura it's like I unlocked Ultra Instinct Kaioken x5, it was THAT much of a satisfaction. And let's be honest, what other game from my profile generated 200+ replies 😂 I know very well why SF4 is in GOD tier and hell I ain't moving it from there. Also slapping your controller messes up the buttons and will make the trials even harder. It's a cycle of destruction hahah, take care of the equipment And I STILL THINK the trials in USF4 are easier than what you have to pull in KoF 13. But since I couldn't record on my PS3 and I needed 200 out of 360, it wasn't that much of a madness status. But they are harder, that much is certain. I completely forgot that one was in AC4 as well. That says alot about that mechanic.
  14. I have the perfect explanation for that! So , if you might know, I have some lists for UR Cleanup 2021. My Tier 2 list is made of : Art of FIghting, Blazblue CPEX and CF, P4A and P4AU. Of all those games, I enjoyed Art of Fighting THE MOST! Simply because it has those sweet sweet details that I absolutely LOVE in a fighting game, you know? Fun translations, little quirks, hidden mechanics...yes the other ones are modern and cool and solid mechanics, BUT THEY DON'T HAVE GEESE HOWARD! Yeah the game whomped my ass but so what? I enjoyed finding strategies to cheese the geese. If you want to see my grading of fighting games, I think I have 4 tiers of everything I have completed on my profile God Tier - would gladly replay them any day of the week and recommend them to everyone King of Fighters XIII Ultra Street Fighter IV Skullgirls 2nd Encore Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 Fun Tier - you won't regret playing these, decent amount of fun Art of Fighting Anthology King of FIghters Orochi Saga Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection Tekken 7 All Under Night In-Birth games Blazblue (all of them) Injustice 2 MK X Darkstalkers Resurrection Persona 4 Arena/Ultimax Street Fighter 30th Anniversary collection Average Tier - Right in the middle, nothing out of the ordinary but kinda forgettable MK9 (the only unforgettable thing for me was My kung fu is stronger) Street Fighter V Dragon Ball FighterZ Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Samurai Shodown(2019) MK 11 Trash Tier - I wouldn't recommend these to anyone Injustice 1 Samurai Shodown VI JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Stars Battle So yeah...I like my old fighting games Hope I haven't missed any of those. One guide for AoF is sent for review, the other (Orochi Saga) - never managed to finish yet (tough days at work). But it shall be done, no worries! I have no problems with parries, I can nail them 90% of the time. Platforming is what kills me as usual lol. But I really aim to finish this game. Definitely having more chances than Mirror's Edge, where I have to do some crazy speed trials. Dark times ahead... I didn't manage to make that glitch work, maybe I was doing something wrong, so I had to do it the old painful way. River Styx area was way WAY easier, took me like 3 tries. Pretty natural also, given how Warren Vidic trophy murdered my soul. Ubisoft likes to experiment (rather, throw poop at a screen and see what sticks). Bombs were largely useless, I still used smoke bombs like crazy, however I enjoyed the Hookblade, launching myself with it and using it in combat. But yeah, of course they dropped it. At least WE GOT TEH ROPE DART IN AC3 AMIRITE FELLAS? Who the hell even used that Also should write a review on Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend but I am waiting for some inspiration. Having a bit of a "writer's block" or whatever is called
  15. Hey there, thanks for stopping by Yeah, I recently got really serious into fighting games (recently = 2-3 years ago) and somehow...They caught my attention more than I would've expected! Granted, not all of them are fun (Injustice ironically kinda sucked) but yeah, I am enjoying them. Sadly I do have 2 unobtainables : PES2015 and Titan Quest. Titan Quest have 2 DLC trophies that are bugged and it doesn't seem like they will be patched any time soon unfortunately. But it doesn't bother me too much, else I would be obsessed with 100% completion. Mirror's Edge worries me to no end. I am the worst when it comes to platformers, and that game paired with Braid and Slain Back from Hell will give me unmeasurable amount of headache. Hopefully I will get them day Waiting for your AC Revelations input when you finish it I didnt like that entry too much, but it's a good game nonetheless! Have fun with the DLC though ... 😒