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  1. Metal Gear Rising - at long last, all 3 DLC completed. Damn, these alone were more difficult than other fully fledged games.

    Jetstream Sam DLC was probably my favorite of them all. Sam is way squishier and doesn't do that much damage compared to Raiden, but the sword, the pose, the BRAZILIAN sass and the taunt button was everything I needed. That and running past most enemies xD 


    Blade Wolf DLC was alright. Quite relaxing after the brutal beatdown I've taken as Sam. Did not like the platforming sections and the final boss was kinda eh, but at least the soundtrack was awesome.


    DLC VR missions, this game would have been perfection if it was developed by Capcom instead. The challenges themselves are quite difficult (Zandatsu every enemy, reach the goal point without being seen etc.) but the fact that the camera loved taking a shot of Raiden's ass instead of focusing on the nearby enemy almost killed my mood for this game. Jesus even DMC1 had better camera. Although, given that PlatinumGames' past work Bayonetta is equally nauseating in terms of camerawork, I should not have been surprised.

    Also struggled a lot to get the final VR mission 30 done in under 10 minutes...just to read afterwards that the time limit was 15 minutes. Lately I cannot read properly even.


    Well, guess now I am ready for the main game :D think I will start directly with the main game VR missions, while I am at it.


    1. GraniteSnake


      Good stuff. Getting the no damage bonus against Sen. Armstrong as Sam was the toughest part of the game for me, good job on getting that done!

    2. Copanele


      @GraniteSnake I restarted his second phase so many times to the point that the soundtrack started to piss me offxD he loved cancelling his tackles into grabs randomly. But damn was it a good fight!

      After facing him, I think I am ready for Revengeance mode as Raiden. 

  2. Damn this has been ONE ENJOYABLE READ! You have a special talent when it comes to reviewing sports games Granted, I haven't played a FIFA game seriously since FIFA 2008 to be honest 😂 but damn, I love reading other people's thoughts about it. That matchmaking though...that's EA's finest. You'd think they would make better servers given how much money they suck from players with the microfootball transactions
  3. Yes, the tier list will remain in place, I do not wish to remove that one As Mori said, the last year we had more rules because of the charity event as well. I know there are a selected few (me included) who actually liked the past rules but since they kinda ruin the fun for most, I said to keep it more relaxed this year. Thus being said, I seriously doubt I would remove any other rule from now on
  4. I will watch your progress with great interest on that game :> No worries I scared him enough with that one 😂 that stupid Kiwami 1 sequence was more awful even than the Pool minigame in Yakuza 3 for me.
  5. OhNoMyADP.gif!!! But yeah, honestly in this game if you raise your ADP stat and play with a mace infused with lightning, you will pulverize 80%-90% of the game DLC is a doozy, indeed (Frigid Outskirts anyone?) but there's a lot of strategies to counter almost anything the game throws at you. That's why it's considered the "easiest" Souls. Until you play Elden Ring of course
  6. Overall, I would say yes - it's the Souls game I had the least troubles with. Or at least, if you use summons, the game is more trivial than any other Souls games. I find a Titanite Slab in the very first proper level, Forest of the Fallen Giants However it has some different rules from your average Souls experience. Enemies can swarm you like crazy if you rush in, and the hitboxes are super wonky.
  7. Holy damn this was an adventure to read Congrats for completing one of the best games out there Preeeetty much agreeing with everything you wrote there, this game really deserved all of its praise and accolades. Few games make you feel part of the world like Hades did. And yes, Dusa was one of the best NPCs out there. That voice actress did a fantastic job! Actually....every single voice actor did an exemplary job in this game. I never truly got the idea of ASMR until I listened to Megaera speaking
  8. I think the term "cheese" has been lost in translation in these games. Apparently if you don't finish the game while tap dancing and having hammers thrown at you, you "didn't do it legit". Yeah Souls community is fun like that Using a mechanic given by the game is not cheese. Lord and Savior Miyazaki himself encourages co-op and stuff. If the entire game can be done via Rivers of Blood, why not using it?Plus the weapon looks sick so... Precisely that it's so damn fun to see the unga bunga boss that ass blasted your runes to oblivion to die from smelly arrows x200. But regardless, I think that cheesing is when you use an exploit that the devs did not intend, via a bug most of the time. Example 1 - in Demon's Souls, the original PS3 game, you could shoot one of the Maneaters through the fog gate and kill him before you even started the fight. Example 2 - in Dark Souls, instead of fighting the dreaded Capra Demon, you could throw poop over the archway and kill him via poisoning. Example 3 - Dark Souls again, Manus can be cheesed via arrows by shooting him in the Abyss (both literally and figuratively speaking ) Example 4 - Elden Ring, the Fire Giant has a "I've fallen and I can't get up" moment if you lure him off the cliff. The list can go on 😂 that's the cheddar of the highest quality in Souls games.
  9. Yes absolutely. I checked your profile, your missing trophy is a 1.28% rarity and game was released in 01 June 2021, so it totally counts.
  10. Hey everyone! Event news incoming. Lately I haven't been able to keep up with the updates as often as before. However after discussion with some members, I have been made aware that rules 2 and 3-- 2. You must first sign up the game before completing it. You cannot complete the game and register it at a later date. 3. Added exception to Rule 2 - You can add an already platinumed game to your list if the platinum was achieved within 24 hours from the time of the sign up. --are an absolute headache. With this I agree, this rule was more in line with the previous event where charity was a thing. Therefore rules 2 and 3 will be replaced with the following: Any UR game completed from the moment of registering is eligible for the event. As far as I know, there's 2 people that have this issue (as in, completed UR games without being registered, their points will be updated: @FreshFromThaDeli : 1game, 1 point -> 2 games, 2 points (Resogun, Fantasy Strike) @SlimSanta94: 3 games, 3 points -> 7games, 105 points (TES Online PS4 + PS5, Knockout City, Nova-111, Amplitude, TES SkyrimVR, Hyperscape, added to the Hall of Fame with TES Online) Of course, I would still recommend you registering your games just in case of an UR game becoming Very Rare (see Vanquish for PS4). If your game becomes Very Rare, it still counts for the event if you registered it. Also games completed before registering won't count. If there's other people that completed UR games without registering, please let me know and I will update your completion accordingly. Unless you don't want to, that is Best of luck with your challenges!
  11. Oh, a spicy batch there. I forgot Telltale did the Batman series too, and Portal 2 is a game I actually forgot to play, which is weird considering I loved Portal 1 Bless The Orange Box! Looking forward to the scientific bulletin
  12. Lol, so that's why I got the "promoted to Village Elder" pop up irl 😂😂 this game made me famous Sadly at the moment I don't have the time to write a guide for this game, although I would like to. Once I am done with the irl "Curse of the Living Gods" (stuff that involves moving out), I might consider writing a proper guide/walkthrough
  13. Yes you have a no damage counter in the bestiary for each enemy and boss. If you have the final curse active and you no damage the boss, it will count. As long as you receive no boss damage you should be fine. Glad my videos helped! Did not expect this game to become a ps+ game
  14. Finished my first run in Metal Gear Rising, Normal difficulty...woo boy what a game...


    - This game, although not as polished as Devil May Cry, is still insanely fun, especially paired with the soundtrack. Sick soundtrack I'd say!

    - literally every character is more interesting than Raiden xD I wonder how he is in Metal Gear Solid series.

    - Jetstream Sam DLC is harder than the main game but holy crap is BrazilianSamurai charismatic. Also Double Jump.

    - NANOMACHINES SON might be one of the best final bosses I ever encountered.

    - Monsoon is the worst boss in the game. I don't look forward to facing him in Revengeance mode.

    - Took me 1 normal run and 1 DLC run to figure out that the lock-on is actually done on R2...and even then I am not sure. Is it on R2?

    - The game wouldn't be so difficult if the camera wouldn't go rollercoaster mode.

    - Codec videos were fun. I skipped them xD ain't nobody got time for that!

    - Who at PlatinumGames had a bad day and implemented the dodge button on :square:+:cross:


    In conclusion - short, sweet, fun game, @PooPooBlast this might be the third game we have in common (could it be?), the platinum will be an absolute pain to get. Just what I was looking for.


    P.S. the only unfunny meme in the game is...the meme meme. If that makes sense 😅 the rest of the plot and dialogue is exactly the type of stuff Japanese devs would do if they were on LSD for a week.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Copanele


      I wanted to switch the controls to Type C...but my R2 is busted from past games xD soooo R2 lock on it is!

    3. Honor_Hand


      Yo, can't wait to give this ridiculous game a go one of these days. All hail Platinum games, lol. xD



    4. Copanele


      @Honor_Hand oh it will definitely be a sweet change of pace 😁 replaying through normal mode, i finally discover actually fun and useful combos and mechanics .

      I do believe you would love this game. 

  15. Yes, oh I so agree, LA Noire so needed a sequel or even a prequel. Not necessarily in the same time period, but I want the vibe of that game again. Yeep I really disliked it. Wish I could record the gameplay honestly (Ps3 would not allow it tho), because my god everything was crap for me. Maaaybe the final level had some quality to it but it could not save the mess that the rest of the game was.