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  1. [Cuphead] Finally managed to clear the entire game and beat all bosses with A rank. Still remembering quite a bit of this awesome game (Dr. Kahl's Robot is still the boss that I hate the most). Also the P Zulu trophy (defeating a boss as the miniplane) was a headache as always.

    All that's left is the Pacifist run and defeating all bosses again on Expert. This will utterly kick my ass but who cares, this game is too good not to play! Hope it won't get me to rage as much as it did on PC however.

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      Congrats on your progress!  That is a game just to have in your library just for the hell of it.  

    2. Copanele


      Oh screw percentage or exploits or whatever. This is a game that must be experienced at least once xD 

    3. Copanele


      Welp I just completed the Pacifist Run.

      This was FUN!

  2. Fully agreeing with @Sergen here. The hardest trophy skill wise in MK9 is that secret fight 1 where you have to find Jade, and even there you can cheese it with Smoke, teleporting whenever you see a sliver of an enemy pixel moving. And of course...surviving the absolute boredom of "My kung fu is stronger" and grinding 2500 respect points online. In comparison, in SSF4 you have those trials who are one of the toughest things to do in fighting games(forget about mashing buttons, it's frame perfect inputs land), the secret fights(if you include DLC, finding and defeating Oni is a headache even with the 2P exploit), all the arcade runs on hardest and that has to be constantly watched because many people still play SF4 religiously. Expect to spend a LOT of time in Trial mode, unless you are secretly very good at Street Fighter of course!
  3. [Ultra Street Fighter 4] Got down to 10 characters. I am so close to this mad platinum I can smell it (that, or my controller caught fire). These last 10 characters are the most annoying for me and I have just a couple of trials left. 

    I really need to take a break afterwards, my fingers hurt like mad.


    1.Ken - #24

    2.Guile - #20,21,22,23,24

    3.C.Viper - #21,22,23,24

    4.El Fuerte - #23,24

    5.Abel - #23,24

    6.Cammy - #24

    7. Dan - #23,24

    8. Ibuki - #22,23,24

    9. Makoto - #24

    10.Adon - #22,23,24



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    2. Copanele


      My god Ken has such mad and intricate combos. That shoryu juggle looks mad,kinda happy I don't have to deal with that. 

      Also had a try at ultra characters : Hugo, Poison, Decapre, just for fun. All I gotta say... I am glad I have to do only the OG 35 characters xD Those Ultra chars are in a league of their own. 

    3. Potent_Delusions


      Hahaha yes i've watched them on youtube, apparently Decapre's are the hardest of the Ultra characters. I'm currently experiencing trophy burnout but I want to reserve all my combo energy for the MvC games. Might come back to usf4 and try these out later down the line. Wish they had trophies for doing their trials instead of those arcade run trophies.

    4. Copanele


      Oh I think I am taking a small tough games break after this one. It really worn me out and I am starting to not have as much fun as I initially had. 

      And Decapre is Cammy mixed with E Honda... Doing an air spiral arrow by charging back then front... Yeaaa I am not about that life. 

  4. @Arcesius you kinda nailed it there with the "growing up". I don't consider myself "good"yet (you are good when you are a pro online, that's the simplest and most direct way to gauge your skill in these blasted things) but i'll be damned if I don't practice like a motherfucker for these games. Result : The Impossible arcade done twice back to back plus I LOVE them. And that's the thing too. I believe I could do any game including Super Meat Boy . Would I like it ? Hell no! (Still have Crash Bandicoot nightmares). But I'd somehow do it. Same goes for Spaz, if he would enjoy it (and he really started a thing with Tekken :> ) he would airborne shoryuken into disconnect the opponent and send him walking every match . Practice practice practice, that's the key. Hell, I remember now playing one of the few games that I can truly say I am GOOD at : Devil May Cry 3. Since I had no internet and had a bootleg JAPANESE copy (yeah...the "normal is actully hard" one), it took me 8-9 months of playing (basically I had only that and Disciples on my PC) to do Dante Must Die mode and Bloody Palace. Holy hell did I love that game though. Anyhoo...Braid is kinda pretentious. Now that you tell me the Witness is the same...I guess the dev is full of himself. Game tries to be an analogy to the nuclear bomb and that's where it kinda lost me, I just wanted a Super Mario copy with a time twist not lessons about morality. Couldn't help myself Onimusha 3 with Jean Reno is the best Onimusha fite me!
  5. Lol right, Braid was made in 2008. Damn that really messed up my time perception. Thought it's kinda older. And yea... When I say old games I mean 1998-2000 games, that's old for me Pacman is Ancient Egypt levels of ancient. I think the oldest game I ever played was Dizzy on a ZX Spectrum, with casettes? Idk, that cute egg that was jumping around. That's kinda the absolute oldest game I ever played.
  6. Yup I saw Super Meat Boy and man you need TIGHT reactions there. Given that I am still shaken by that stupid Stormy Ascent...nah I ain't reaching that level of skill. Mad respect for you doing that craziness. Braid...I wouldn't recommend it. Sure it was a nice piece of nostalgia, but the game itself ain't so good by today's standards. Yeah most people avoid the speedrun because it's just so annoying. There's some puzzles that involve abit of RNG and RNG in a platformer See that's the part that I believe is THE MOST IMPORTANT in fighting games, moreso than other games : Enjoying it. Sure, there's a ton of elitists and gatekeepers in fighting game community and that's the biggest downside of it (I mean...if you carefully check that "How hard it is to reach Golden Rank" thread under SF5 you can easily spot them, no pointing fingers though ) but the rule of thumb is : if you like it and wish to invest time in it, go for it. If you like Tekken, it's the PERFECT game to start with. Anything goes. However if you don't enjoy it, everything becomes a huge ordeal. I realized I will never attempt UMvC 3 because I just can't stand tagging system in videogames. I am a dedicated single character fighting game player, tagging is too much for me (god knows I fucking hated it in DBFZ) And the age does not matter at all if you have the passion(I mean, when you have the time, google BrolyLegs street fighter and you will see why age does not matter at all). I never ever touched an arcade, first time I played Street Fighter was on a keyboard with 3 missing keys. If you like the game you can do it. Sure, guys like Alex Valle (has 42 years, is the godfather of fighting games) can pull these trials eyes closed while playing a harmonica cause he grew up in arcades. But us casual mortals can pull it too I am a massive SF casual, precise inputs aren't really my comfort zone. If I have the dedication, plus people to talk about these trials, hell if it's not one of the most fun platinums I ever attempted.
  7. Oh yes @Spaz, this would be a breeze for you It is also easier than Limbo. But you know... Platformer + time control. True videogame archnemesis of mine... I imagine if I played Super Meat Boy I would go insane.
  8. [Ultra Street Fighter IV] Finished a large number of character trials this week, quite some progress. Unfortunately I have hit a massive wall right now, I only have the ugly trials left. I wailed at Sakura's #23 with no success before finally calling it quits for now. Did not expect her to be this difficult of all characters.

    For now...will install Cuphead and play the game on some relaxing tunes :D 



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    2. Copanele


      Percentage is high because there's both an exploit and yes, lots of people played it. 

      Honestly I kinda suck at it despite finishing it on PC also xD especially run n gun sections. But game is fun and charming, definitely recommended. 

    3. Spaz


      Art style borrowing heavily from old Walt Disney cartoons. 

    4. Copanele


      Yep, from Walt Disney and more. I don't know their name sadly but yeah, the game gets a 10/10 in artstyle hands down. 

      Also, maybe you've seen this video, but I still wish to share it since it really is that good.



      (BTW GAME IS FKIN HARD JESUS LORD. You should definitely pick it up @Spaz. Might be right up your alley)

  9. When i saw Braid I was "alright cool ,game that I completed on PC, a speedrun trophy how hard can it be". 40 FUCKING MINUTES WTF?'s a piece of shit trophy, especially when you have to pass the claws from world 3 where you synchronize the goombas. Ugh...
  10. Oh I play it because it's metal 8 bit or 16 bit does not bother me as long as the game is good. And Slain is VERY good. I mean...I do have 16 bit inspired games : Death Gambit and Broforce. The only games that I wouldn't touch would be jRPG and sport sims (and maybe space simulators but those are pretty rare)
  11. Ah quoting ! Yeah, multiplayer is an ass. I had troubles with it and I have crazy good internet. You will tear your hair out with it(especially since you need 8 people to boost and servers could go down at any moment) avoid it. That's my problem with it X_X . I started it but after 5 minutes ...BWAAAA not in mood of ANOTHER ubisoft game. AC Odyssey really burned me out. So far I am at level 7 I think and I remembered all the tricks from the PC version. Got this one in the bag. At least there's ONE platformer that I am good at Yeah that one is a real problem for me. I am stuck at the bloodgrounds, trying to get the talisman without using powers. Holy fuck it's tough, since there's a stupid OP beholder that spawns. I wish to do 2 playthroughs but man it's HARD to pull. Will have to find some strats for it. But I'll figure something out.
  12. Honestly I fired up Hagalaz and...NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE! Gotta take videos from youtube. Fuck it I am NOT going through that again. And yeah I am a slacker sadly shame on me. DO PICK UP CUPHEAD THOUGH ITS AMAZING! Yeah...I don't wish to invest that much time in a game that I don't particularly enjoy. Had it been Diablo 2...oh boy I would have been all up in that hellhole but like that nah... I know Path of Exile but I like to have a life thank you very much I don't want to invest time in that. Game's huge.
  13. Oh do I have a list for that !!!! Let me PILE 'EM UP! 1. Street Fighter V - Priceless - earn 1.000.000 FM : One of the worst grinds ever, comparable with "My Kung Fu is Stronger", and the actual reason why SF5 is an Ultra Rare. You really have to work your butt off for that cash. 2. Batman Arkham City - Campaign Kitty - earn all 108 medals with Catwoman in Campaign mode : Way too difficult for a measly bronze 3. Street Fighter IV - Entited - basically the equivalent of the platinum. I am still on my way of getting this, so yeah...honorable mention. I am THIS close 4. Skullgirls 2nd Encore - Independent Study - Nobody knows how this trophy is actually unlocked. Do combos? play 10000 hours? NO IDEA! People still speculate. 5.Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise - Surgical Precision - holy hell this really was a "ALL THAT FOR A BRONZE?" moment. The rhythm game is brutal here. 6. Batman Arkham Origins - ALL MULTIPLAYER TROPHIES! You get through all kinds of pain for measly bronzes 7. Dante's Inferno - It's in the Trial - ah the Trials of St. Lucia. Reason of grief and many dropped 100%s. These trials are weirdly difficult, without a good teammate the 2p ones are impossible. 8. Nioh - the Way of the Demon related trophies. That game is HARD on Way of the Demon and you really need to know your stuff...for a measly bronze. AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE! 9 INJUSTICE 2 - CAT FIGHT - finish Cheetah with the Cat Call ability. Cat Call is a special moveset that either drops randomly from motherboxes (lootboxes) OR you have to grind the super multiverse for it. Took me 200+ hours for one stupid ability that gave me one stupid bronze. That is all I have for now more to come later!!
  14. I didn't like it either, just from the concept I got the vibe of "how do you do fellow kids let me show you hacking n shietz".Was not all that impressed so I just straight up skipped it. Apart from Assassin's Creed, I ain't investing in any more Ubisoft franchises. Don't have time for their cardboard story telling. Especially since they apparently wish to murder the Prince of Persia remake with that "quality"....just no. Ubisoft starts becoming Konami in terms of annoying its fanbase. ANYWAY You gave me a good idea now, I will do a small summary of my backlog,see what I have to complete and whatnot. Let's see how doomed I am, putting them in a somewhat order of interest: 1.Ultra Street Fighter IV : working on it right now, as you might already know 2.One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 : my to-go game when I get too frustrated by USF4. A VERY boring Musou game but when I have a podcast in the background. 3.Cuphead : To be added. I decided that I want it! 4. Batman Arkham Origins : I just want more Batman. Plus I should prioritize the PS3 games, not sure how much will the poor console hold out anyway. MK9 and Skyrim abuse took their toll. 5. Far Cry Primal : Alright, Imma do this neanderthallica game. Abit later. 6. Trine Enchanted Edition : this one will be like a breath of fresh air. 7. Duke Nukem Forever : this one will be like a breath of crap. Honestly this one I'd ask someone to do it for me but I am hellbent on completing everything on my plate myself so YEAH! 8. Yu GI Oh Legacy of the Duellist : Even now and then I play a couple of YuGiOh matches. This is a rather simple 100%, but it takes a lot of time to do.a crapton of matches. 9. Samurai Shodown VI : i just need the MOOD to check the controls and the poor translations. Otherwise this is a rather simple game. 10.Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm : another super simple one, but I don't feel like arena fighting just yet. 11.Skullgirls 2nd Encore : I WANT THIS ONE AS A MILESTONE! Skullgirls is my love. So it will be attempted later. 12. Mount and Blade Warband : This is a hella good game, but it takes a huge amount of time invested. Will tackle it later. 13. Slain Back From Hell : Oh boy...this one is a doozy. I might do this one and Valfaris back to back, but I need the courage here since it's a platformer! 14. Braid : oh fuck this game's speedrun requirement. It's bullshit. I need a day when I am complete zen for this one. 15. BioShock Infinite : A good game but I never found the time for it. I need to dedicate myself to this 16. Shadow of Mordor : it's on PS3 and it runs like crap. day 17. Mirror's Edge : hmm, I actually enjoy this one. Might move it up on the list, but not before the priority ones. It's another heavy investment game since I have to get good at running. 18. Catherine : I am scared of this game...many people say it's uber hard. Will have to discover that for myself. I loved the concept though! 19. Diablo III : My god. When i want to turn my brain off I will probably start Diablo 3, get one character done, ask someone to carry me with the other characters and do a grind and done. This ain't as fun as diablo 2. 20. Shadow of the Collossus : unpopular opinion but I REALLY DO NOT LIKE THIS GAME! Fuck's with those controls? 21. Overwatch : Might throw in the towel on this one. I hate boosting and you need 12 people for some stupid trophies. I don't know, I had fun with it but it's way too much work for what it's worth. 22. Darkstalkers : One day I dream that I will be as good as the gods of old. Another Throw in the towel, because Darkstalkers is the OG difficult trial mode. 23. Titan Quest : Currently unobtainable. Once they patch the game, I can get the 100% in 10 minutes tops. 24. PES2015 : Unobtainable. Did everything i could in offline mode. I think that's it for all my backlog. So well...once I finish it (or at least a PART of it), I might get into Yakuza MEGA EDIT: Guides I have to finish but I am too lazy to do so DmC Devil May Cry PS4 edition or whatever Jotun
  15. Well yeah i do Yakuza after the backlog which involved those games that I already started. I want to start Cuphead because i just love that game (even though the pacifist runs are kinda crap) and Batman Arkham Origins because its time I might get by mistake one piece 3 also out of the way, its my buffer game whenever i get tired of sf4. Bioshock infinite I should get into it and get it done, true. Far cry primal... Eh works. Played my share of ubisoft games (lmao) so with some cups of coffee i can cross this off the list as well. Duke nukem forever... Oh boy another trash one. But it shall be done. Honestly for Darkstalkers i feel like throwing in the towel. Nah those trials are... I don't even know what category to put them into. They are stupid to the max.