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  1. Absolutely, there's some amazing platless games out there, it would be a damn shame to avoid them just because they don't have an extra bling
  2. Ah ok understandable I know the same rule is for the Platinum Difficulty Challenge, then I will have to find something different for Kids section. And yeah, I tried to make the list as "varied" as possible (this close to put My Name is Mayo under Action)
  3. Ok, let's try this one too, see if I understood the rules correctly 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate): Action: Crash BandicootAdventure: Blazblue Cross Tag BattleArcade: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Eyes of HeavenBusiness: Card & Board Game: Comedy: Overwatch Origins EditionDrama: Shadow of the ColossusEducational: Erotic: Berserk and the Band of the HawkFantasy: Bioshock InfiniteFighting: CupheadHack and slash/Beat 'em up: Mitsurugi Kamui HikaeHistorical: Metal Gear Rising RevengeanceHorror: Devil May Cry 2Indie: Curse of the Dead GodsKids: MOBA: N/A Music: Mystery: Elden RingNon-fiction: Open world: Dark SoulsParty: Nickelodeon All-Stars BrawlPinball: Platform: UnravelPoint-and-click: Wolf Among UsPuzzle: Trine Enchanted EditionQuiz/Trivia: Racing: BlurReal Time Strategy (RTS): Brutal LegendRole-playing (RPG): Persona 4 ArenaRomance: Sandbox: Demon's SoulsScience fiction: Dragon Ball FighterZShooter: Hitman ContractsSimulator: Goat SimulatorSport: Tekken 7Stealth: Hitman GOStrategy: Mount&Blade WarbandSurvival: Dark Souls IITactical: Mark of the Ninja RemasteredThriller: Batman Arkham KnightTurn-based strategy (TBS): TransistorVisual Novel: Persona 4 Arena UltimaxWarfare: LA Noire Also adding a new category here No Genre/Theme - Turok 2 Seeds of Evil BTW, maybe it was asked before, but why no 100% only allowed? I really had some sweet options (Kids - that hellish Garfield Kart game)
  4. No worries, if luck would have it and I manage to do UR Cleanup 2023 as well, Crypt will forever stay on the Most Wanted list 😂
  5. So any game with an unachieved UR counts (including the plat). Warborn counts 😁 If Dungeon Defenders 2 has no UR then it doesn't count unfortunately
  6. It counts as an UR I am not going to start and extrapolate the UR percentage based on the position of the Sun right now
  7. From that list only dmc4 and dmc5 are UR. I can't remember right now how you can set your list to show psnp percentages first, maybe someone else can help with that info.
  8. Heyo. Persona 5 and Diablo 3 are not eligible for the event, since this event follows only the PSNP rarity system :)
  9. I think that was the problem for me. I initially interpreted it as B12 telling you what to do(which made sense to a point) , but that becomes less and less likely when you have to recongize patterns, get tape to use in boom box in order to distract robot and steal clothes, and so on. Interesting decisions 😄
  10. No. 192 - Stray Platinum Name - All Done Hardest Trophy - I am Speed complete the game in 2 hours Difficulty - 3/10 At long last! I managed to get my hands on Stray as well! I haven't upgraded to PS Premium so I didn't play the game at launch, but I always wanted to get my hands on it, me being a cat lover and all that. With the help of a friend however I finally managed to add this game on my console...and it's everything I ever hoped for for the most part, at least. First, the premise: you play as a cat. That alone should sell you the game, which I believe it was BlueTwelve Studio Annapurna's intent in the first place. And my god they convinced me, because even as I write this review, I really REALLY have to control myself from going "MY GOD THIS CAT IS ADORABLE"! The devs even dubbed this game as a "3rd person cat adventure game" and they did their best to emulate that feeling. While messing around, as any cat would do, your little stray gets separated by its friends via an unfortunate accident and is sent tumbling down inside a sewer. Down there, you discover a huge world hidden underground. Your target is to return to your friends while traversing this world and uncovering the mystery within. By far the most interesting aspect in this game The cat. Stray (I will call it like that because simply calling it "cat" is stupid) is an adorable orange cat that can do what every cat does: meow, purr, jump in all sorts of places, knock down bottles and all that. The devs made Stray as adorable as possible, in an effort to probably distract us from the main game I would say that they succeeded, because my first 7-8 hours playthrough was just me knocking down shit and meowing at the inhabitants of this world. The inhabitants are actually robots, left alone by the humans, and with their help you will have to find your way out. Where the humans went is a mystery that you will have to uncover. The robots react to your cat behavior, I do recommend meowing near them and see their faces However the robots are talking a language of their own, which you can't understand are a cat, what the hell do you know or care? Luckily, in your trip you encounter a cute little robot B-12 who will act as your translator. B-12 speaks your language too (for some reason) and he has a multitude of functionalities, from talking with the aforementioned robots, to hacking devices, storing items or offering advice on where to go. He's a cute little companion but I found his beep-boop voice to be a little grating for my taste. Onto the gameplay - this game is not a platformer as many would expect. You can only jump up or down when you come next to a surface, you will have an X prompt on the screen. Your movement is limited, you can't actually "die" from a fall. Some complained about this (I am a cat, why can't I do what I want?) but personally I found it to be a good thing. Being a small studio, I would rather have this kind of level traversal than getting annoyed by awkward cat jumping and shitty platforming. Of course, that's personal preference, because every slight mistake in platforming programming would annoy me big time The world of Stray is not without its dangers however. You will encounter Zurks, a "headcrab" type of enemy, clearly inspired from Half-Life. They consume everything they touch, so your only option is to run away and avoid them at all costs. There is even the "dreaded" Can't Cat-ch me trophy, which asks you to run away from the Zurks without being hit once in chapter 4. At a first glance, they are terrifying, however they are also pretty dumb, jumping in a straight pattern, so all you have to do is think like a cat and run in zigzag, they can't do much against these advanced evasion tactics. The puzzles in these games are pretty minimalistic but work with the atmosphere. Stray has to basically "find item x to give to character y", but the best thing about this is that you are basically "a cat in a human's world". The devs did not try to "adapt" the world to a cat's needs, instead you have to figure out how to traverse this. My "AHA" moment was when I was stuck in a room with no apparent way out. It took me a while to realize that the door had grates. A human couldn't fit there, true, but a cat does. So...I....just...went...through the grates...and I loved it Of course, that devolved into me obsessively knocking off every single available bottle and the mandatory scratching a door, robot opens the door, I enter then go out because fuck you I am a cat I do what I want. However, there's one point in the game where the immersion dropped considerably. At a point in the game you reach Midtown, your target is to sneak into a factory and steal a battery. To do that, you have to solve some adventure type puzzles, like stealing clothes to give to a robot and he will sneak you in. The previous level "Slums" was the best level because it didn't ask you much, you could do pretty much whatever you wanted, the only quest was to find some notebooks that your robot could scan. But the entire level of Midtown triggered some sort of "unnatural-ness" that I kinda disliked to be honest. While that was easily fixed in the next level "Jail", Midtown I'd say is the weakest part of the game. The story is very simple and to the point. People disliked the ending, I personally enjoyed it. I did not want some convoluted story, I am playing as a cat after all. The premise was simple, you could see the outcome from a mile away, it was a bit bittersweet but I'd personally say that it fits the premise of the game. Stray is a "relaxing game about a cat" after all, no need to go No.1 New York Best Seller with the story again, personal preference. Here comes the verdict however- do I think Stray is a masterpiece or is it overhyped? I'd say somewhere inbetween. Personally, I think that while the game itself is very well crafted, you could wait for a discount (unless you have PS+ Premium and got it for free or anything). It is worth an investment for sure but I wouldn't say it's the "omg 10/10 best game ever" that everyone hyped it for. I liked it because I absolutely adore cats, but even I had some issues with the game (the aforementioned Midtown level). I wonder if the fans' overhype toned down my own excitement for the game 🤔 good question But as soon as you see it at a discount - BUY IT! You will definitely not regret it! THE GOOD: Stray (the cat) is ADORABLE to the point where I struggled to write the review The game is simple yet very solid in its mechanics I am not a fan of "robots with feelings" but here it worked! The world does not care that you are a cat, you gotta figure it out THE BAD: Not recommended to dog lovers Midtown kinda ruined the immersion The speedrun trophy makes no sense in a "take your time and enjoy the scenery" game RECOMMENDATION - CAT QUEST light RPG where you play as a cat, with a deceptively good story and tons of cat puns? I might have my reservations about Stray, but I won't accept excuses about Cat Quest. PLAY IT!
  11. Heh congrats for this one man, you can feel when devs show love for their product What a great game. (also glad I was a motivator for playing this one ) Yeah honestly, I was super happy that they didn't include "S rank every boss" I don't shy away from a challenge but my god these bosses are more brutal than ever. At some point I was "yeah fuck it, pray and spray" , because you can't see a damn thing on the screen Lmao yeah! I also thought we could double jump in the main game! The previous games tricked us hard! That one was pure evil. I was running to just finish the boss fight and when I saw the "knockout" sign I was "Whew". Never trust the snail mafia! Again, well done glad you enjoyed and appreciated this masterpiece of a DLC!
  12. Ok gentlemen, due to very foreseen circumstances, I won't be as available as I'd want next week. So, I will post the Q4 MOST WANTED TIER LIST this week instead Taiko no Tatsujin - 15 points Assetto Corsa - 15 points Griftlands - 10 pointsFist of the North Star Lost Paradise - 5 pointsArt of Fighting Anthology - 5 pointsCurse of the Dead Gods - 5 pointsWoah Dave - 5pointsNinja Senki DX - 5pointsFlinthook - 5 pointsJohn Wick Hex - 2 points A few notes: These bounties will be available starting 1st of October. If you complete Assetto Corsa on 30th September at 23:59 it won't count! (although you are still a massive badass because that game is hard) Contrary to the past 2pointers, John Wick Hex is not a bad game, just a very obscure one. I see Assetto Corsa has multiple stacks. You get points per stack - if you platinum Assetto Corsa twice = you get 30 points. Best of luck
  13. No Yakuza post is without your "it would be the best if it wasn't for Haruka" 😂 it's a tradition at this point! Personally I am double curious what kind of requests Haruka will have in Ishin thank god they localize that one for non-Japanese speakers like me (also crossed fingers for Kenzan as well) Definitely not my favorite, BUT! It has some mad charm in itself. I've come to think that saying "Yakuza x is my favorite" is the correct answer no matter the choice, all of them are damn good. However it really doesn't want me to use Snipe Actions because my PS3 is in danger of exploding together with the zombies. Something tells me you'd enjoy Hitman...not sure why. They are low on story and high on creativity. Then they get better in story and even higher in creativity. All I am trying to say...everyone should try at least one Hitman game unless you loathe stealth. There definitely is Mahjong in Yakuza 3. At least in the PS4 version, the "Concealed Dragon" was quite the difficult task to pull. You have to drop everything in your hand via Pon, Chi or Kan and win with only one tile on the table. Buut with 3 yakuza games worth of mahjong, it's not an impossible task Yeah this game was hilarious - it shouldn't have worked...yet it did...quite well in fact. That's only thanks to the creativity of the puzzles. If they were dumb puzzles, doubt I'd have enjoyed it as much. I think I had only one purely stupid puzzle where I had to go left-right 10 times or so just to line up 4 enemies for a sniper shot. Yeah might still play Lara Croft GO for know, after clearing up a long and difficult game, stuff like this really gets you in a good mood. I heard there's a Deus Ex GO game, weird that they didn't port it. Ok~~~Back on writing the post for Stray. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY IS IT SO HARD TO WRITE ABOUT A CAT VIDEOGAME!
  14. I would even say that the "black sheep of the series" Yakuza Dead Souls holds VERY well, despite being a janky ps3 spin-off. All yakuza games have their own charm and identity. But yeah Yakuza 3 is kinda the "most difficult" platinum wise, because of the blocking AI and stupid Pool minigame, at least in Remastered version. For me, Kiwami still remains the trickiest though, because of that car chase on Legend and @enaysoft's favorite character, Haruka and her dumb requests 😂
  15. (Yakuza Dead Souls) I can't believe that out of all the bad things that could happen in a zombie apocalypse game on ps3, the worst is trying to win at Pachinko 😂 mother of RNG, why did Japan invent that stupid game? (or whichever country did). We already have slot machines which are way simpler and comprehensible !!! Why do I need a Masters degree in gambling in order to play a game? 


    I can handle frame drops, missing heat snipe actions, having no save points in the quarantine, but having to play with balls in an Aladdin game in order to win a prize... That's too much for me. I did manage to get 2 jackpots (one with an item and one by pure chance) and I still have no idea what I did.. 


    Bottom line - love the game so far, but screw the Pachinko minigame. I think I would rather replay Yakuza 3 pool than having to play this minigame again. 


    ... I can bet it will appear in the next yakuza games too... Mahjong is still the best. 

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    2. ShonenCat


      Watch Kaiji and you'll never look at Pachinko the same way ever again 😶

    3. Copanele


      @ShonenCat Kaiji is the gambling anime no? I don't think I can loathe Pachinko more than I already do xD 

    4. Honor_Hand


      Poor ol' PS3 barely been able to hold up with the zombie apocalypse and the explosions there. That's...indeed, pretty normal for the PS3, lol.

      Sad to hear you've been having to deal with RNG there. That always sucks the fun out of any game.