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  1. (Yakuza Dead Souls) I can't believe that out of all the bad things that could happen in a zombie apocalypse game on ps3, the worst is trying to win at Pachinko 😂 mother of RNG, why did Japan invent that stupid game? (or whichever country did). We already have slot machines which are way simpler and comprehensible !!! Why do I need a Masters degree in gambling in order to play a game? 


    I can handle frame drops, missing heat snipe actions, having no save points in the quarantine, but having to play with balls in an Aladdin game in order to win a prize... That's too much for me. I did manage to get 2 jackpots (one with an item and one by pure chance) and I still have no idea what I did.. 


    Bottom line - love the game so far, but screw the Pachinko minigame. I think I would rather replay Yakuza 3 pool than having to play this minigame again. 


    ... I can bet it will appear in the next yakuza games too... Mahjong is still the best. 

    1. Gommes_


      How is the game performance wise? I bet it is rough coming from the PS4 games.

    2. Copanele


      @Gommes_ the regular roaming is pretty ok, it runs as smooth as any ps3 game. However when you fight hordes of zombies the framerate drops hard. It's the worst when explosions happen, the ps3 barely struggles to breathe xD

    3. Gommes_


      Uff, that sounds ... normal for the PS3 😅

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