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  1. I could never get set up properly on Sony rewards so I missed out on it :/
  2. PS4: Dead Rising 2:Off The Record Been wanting to complete every Dead Rising games that's available on Playstation (or at least, for PS4) PS3: The Last of Us Quickly wanting to get Multiplayer trophies out of the way when I heard that Naughty Dogs were pulling the plug for the servers
  3. Ah darn, thanks for the quick reply!
  4. Hello, I was just curious if the trophies are connected between the two gaming systems or separate for their personal trophy lists since I was wanting to start it up and get a second set of trophies for this
  5. Gotta Plat that Fallout New Vegas my friend, certainly a good game
  6. Dead Rising 2 Better With a FriendSolve all case files in Co-op mode Rarity: 7.79 Very Rare
  7. Darn, i have had the game for so long but just started collecting trophies so I didn't even think about jumping on the chance, i hate seeing games incomplete :/
  8. I have seen around that US store does not have the Trials of St. Lucia DLC anymore? Is it possible to still complete the last few trophies or not possible to 100%?
  9. I'm actually curious if this is possible to do on Fallout 4 with their mods, I'm certainly going to mess around with it tonight and see if its just Skyrim itself or actually for both
  10. Darn it, I already completed Skyrim on ps4 for a bet so I cant mess around with this for trophies unfortunately
  11. Are these mods available for Skyrim VR for the ps4? Has anyone tried this for ps4 VR?
  12. Never got one myself, bummer :/
  13. I'm attempting this solo and it is certainly a challenge
  14. The site is a nightmare to transverse on, I still don't know how to be able get trophies to points
  15. I can't wait to download these two games since they're two titles that I didn't really want to buy just yet but with them coming out for free, I'm stoked hahaha .3. I mean, I understand that most have either finished them already or bummed it's no platinums but at least some people who never got the chance to play these titles will be able to It should be monthly of 2 non platinums And 1 platinum game In my opinion