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  1. So I started the original Persona 5 when it was free on PS Now and got to the third palace, but couldn't get any further (because of personal reasons) before it was taken off the service. I was going to purchase it until I saw that P5 Royal was coming out, and decided to wait, but I've been seeing comments from people on YouTube etc. saying that this game doesn't give the real ending, and is more just fan service for the people who played the original P5. So my question is: is it worth buying Royal for full price or should I buy the original for much cheaper? I'd like to experience the original canon story of the game (I'd heard that P5 Royal wasn't canon, but I didn't want to do much digging because I didn't want to spoil myself.) I'm also not taking platinum difficulty into consideration. Thanks for any advice
  2. I just got the God of War platinum, and I'm working on Dreams and Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. Only one trophy left for each, unfortunately they are the grindiest ones 😬
  3. Crash bandicoot
  4. I'm guessing Demogorgon would be good as well if you hide a portal around a wall next to the totem. That way you can know if it's being cleansed if the portal's activated, and if it's not activated you can sneak up and then dash them.
  5. I know I am. This developer clearly took the time to make sure this game was the best that it could be.
  6. I just got it by going to the demos section
  7. I've looked around on the forums and most people seem to be having trouble with this trophy. Here's a trick I used to get it a few years ago: (It's still pretty hard. I'm not saying it'll definitely help and it might even make it harder for some people. Personal preference really.) I put on lots of different mutations (repulsive goat etc.) Nothing too crazy, just ones with lots of particle effects. It eventually made the game slow down and the framerate drop, which made it easier for me to time Flappy Goat jumps. I hope this helps! It probably won't work for everyone but I thought I might as well put this in the forums and see if it happens to help anyone
  8. I'm not surprised the first 4 don't have a plat because there isn't all that much content in the games for trophy opportunities. I could see Sister Location having a platinum though (hopefully).
  9. The Last of Us: Remastered
  10. I'm writing a Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighbourville guide
  11. Did you activate the last gen after everyone was dead or before? Everyone needs to be either sacrificed or killed and then you have to pop the last gen and escape by yourself.
  12. I was thinking I might make one since I love the game. Is anyone else working on one?