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  1. Only a single trophy from the best game of all time is allowed to be on my trophy cabinet.
  2. 500 hours is a bit of an exaggeration lol 😂. Should take around the 130 - 150 mark nowadays, took me around 110 playing mostly legit with a few exploits here and there before they were patched.
  3. I had some success by going to the "promote character" menu and cycling through the different characters but it seemed fairly inconsistent.
  4. No prompt is appearing for me to join the world?
  5. I'm not quite sure, but I think maybe, perhaps, this person is a fan of GTA.
  6. If you really want to boost an effective way to do it would be to turn off cross-play and make sure you and your friend are around the same rank, since a low number of players play with cross-play turned off.
  7. Has anyone had any luck with this trophy after the latest update?
  8. From the 4 hours I've played so far, it seems like the only part you can't play with friends is the short tutorial at the beginning. I'm finding it great fun, and I'm not even really a big fan of Souls games. I've been playing with 2 other friends and it's opened the game up to some fun strategies, like one kiting the boss around while the other 2 shoot at it from above. Definitely an interesting spin on the genre.
  9. All the new perks look super interesting and quite strong, excited to try the new killer out ☺️
  10. I'm about to start writing a guide for the main Cities: Skylines game (already finished one for a DLC.) Someone's added it to the list already, but it was back in 2018.
  11. Yeah, I don't like the trend of using three interchangeable words as a game title.
  12. The killer definitely looks interesting and fun to play. Seems as if the power is almost as bad as PTB Ghost Face from what I've heard, though.
  13. Fair enough, they seem to have a high completion rate. Personally, I don't think completion rate matters too much and prefer to just stick to games I enjoy (apart from those easy plats I got a few years back that I will always regret lol), but that's just my opinion.
  14. Sounds pretty difficult to me to not get bored of it and do something else lol