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  1. I'm not surprised the first 4 don't have a plat because there isn't all that much content in the games for trophy opportunities. I could see Sister Location having a platinum though (hopefully).
  2. The Last of Us: Remastered
  3. I'm writing a Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighbourville guide
  4. Did you activate the last gen after everyone was dead or before? Everyone needs to be either sacrificed or killed and then you have to pop the last gen and escape by yourself.
  5. I was thinking I might make one since I love the game. Is anyone else working on one?
  6. Anyone doing a guide for Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighbourville?
  7. How would I go about doing the trophy where I need to vanquish 35 gnomes?
  8. Is Gnome collecting or collectables needed for the plat?
  9. I've been looking into this game and played the demo and it's great! I'm not sure what I think about the trophies though... hopefully it won't be too easy as I don't think the game deserves to be seen as just another easy platinum.
  10. I've finished about three quarters of the story, and it doesn't seem like there would be any, since the game is not divided into levels and is more open world, letting you explore where you like. I'm not 100% sure though.
  11. I played a few of the music sections in the demo and a few of them were actually quite tough.
  12. There is a lot of grind, the hardest parts would be the adept killer trophies and the nurse trophies since she's hard to play well on console. 3 people with communication is needed for Where did they go? but the platinum is quite enjoyable if you enjoy this type of game.
  13. I'm thinking about getting a PS3, and I have no experience whatsoever with the console. Can I sign into the PS3 with my PS4 psn account and still have all my trophy progress? And if I gain any trophies on PS3, can they be transferred between consoles so they show up on my PS4? Thanks to anyone who replies!
  14. Thornhorn7 - Getting Wood ... .......
  15. The Deltarune guide should be removed from the list as it did not come out with trophies. Just letting you know.
  16. The purpose of the game is to play through it how you want. Having trophies for different endings pressures you into playing the game in one way or another which defeats the entire purpose. After getting the final story-related trophy, the game changes depending on what route you took. And yes, my profile is covered in Undertale.
  17. I play on PS4 version and when I go a certain distance away from where my world spawn point is (to the left and right) my game freezes and I need to close my application. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  18. Are the new bosses added in 1.3 needed for the Exterminator trophy and is Ocram still needed for the Exterminator trophy?
  19. Not exactly hidden, but Undertale is an incredible game if you haven't already played it and is considered by a lot of people to be one of the best games of all time (definitely mine). It's also quite cheap. Don't spoil it for yourself by looking into it's trophies or looking up guides though. It's best played blind.
  20. Skylanders Imaginators guide is now published.
  21. Currently working on a Skylanders Imaginators trophy guide.
  22. I've been trying to get the Fear the Gear trophy for about 5 hours now and still can't get any leg gear. It's the last trophy I need before the platinum. Does anyone know the fastest way to farm ultimate gear?
  23. I'll bring the difficulty up a bit and see if that works. Thanks.