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  1. I just sent a friend request, just need two of them!
  2. Mafia 3 thats just pure headache for me
  3. Grand Theft Auto V Remastered Ultimate Gold Edition Remake on a serious note, Spidey.
  4. I tried and it is now FIXED! I flew into the Tomb of Yvenia and the caves and the arcanist and the sentinel archives are there! Sometimes they stop spawning, just start a new freeplay session.
  5. I don't know guys am I the only one who can play Frontlines now? Cause I just launched the game to grind Grand Operations, but the front page showed to play Frontlines. Is it back?
  6. GTA V, can't convinve myself to for it
  7. Yeah I was concentrating too much on the hidden areas and forgot the Janitor's Quests. For hours I was running circles and once I passed the office I noticed the clipboard and just shook my head... 😂
  8. Finished all the main quests and side quests, visited all hidden locations, yet I'm still missing 2 points. Any suggestions?
  9. Sekiro, is it reeeeaaally that hard? I can't convince myself to play though i have it since it launched
  10. Horizon Zero Dawn I'm on it for a long time now