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  1. I think it's random, but every time i'm on Miramar I always drop to Pecado. Maybe it was a coincidence, but my last 6 kills were in Pecado. 6 bots were just running towards the bulidings from the hill in like 2 minutes after I dropped.

    Good luck with the kills, just grind it, i managed to get my final 400 kills in a spam of 3 days.


  2. Yeah I was concentrating too much on the hidden areas and forgot the Janitor's Quests. For hours I was running circles and once I passed the office I noticed the clipboard and just shook my head... 😂 


  3. 1 hour ago, Spookjekat said:

    Nice!! Good luck with nr 1001f60e.png My nr 100 will be Borderlands 3. Ive got some games in my backlog untill release and or i’ll keep other games at 99%:p


    Destiny 2, cant bother with the raids 

    Sekiro, is it reeeeaaally that hard? I can't convince myself to play though i have it since it launched