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  1. I did and nothing happened and beyond that one single explanation nothing popped up, so it's just bad design. Closed the game after about 30 minutes of running around. Yeah, game looks great but the controls are awful.
  2. Beat the first boss then I didn't know where the second one is so it became boring really fast and closed the game. One of those boring games that don't tell you anything. Had to figure out everything when fighting the first boss and it took a few minutes. Probably won't plat it. I don't get the hype it gets. Maybe when it was on PS2 it was impressive but now it's meh
  3. Hello, everyone! This is my first time posting here, so I don't know if I'm allowed to ask for help but I am getting kind of desperate. After a few times legitimately killing the Patriarch before he heals I have failed to last hit him. I would appreciate anyone willing to help me basically kill them in VS Survival mode, so I could obtain this trophy. I love this game and I am having an absolute blast with it but after a few unsuccessful tries it's become disheartening!!! Thank you in advance!