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  1. i had a similar encounter with one pc player using a marksman rifle. he was a constant automatic hit so long as there was not an obstruction (tree, rock etc) between me and him
  2. you got that right. no exaggeration here, im at about 17-18 hours in and approx 10,000 spins and still no luck
  3. maybe frontier "unofficially" lowered what requirements are necessary for those achievements since they're aware the lobbies aren't very populated
  4. fyi, free poker rewards 0 RP
  5. VATS is much more a "skill" combat option now than the previous f/o games. you have to be at least proficient with it for VATS to be an effective tool of combat. but once you are, then potentially master it, then its devastating against enemies (and humans if you end up in pvp). you probably need to hone your skill a bit more. btw, i carry "no" melee weapons. i go solo with nothing but firearms. i have no issues with ammo since i carry 5 weapons around. if you're running out of ammo you are probably relying on only 1 or 2 weapons. also, there are perk cards to repair your weapons "beyond" %100 repair condition, as well as a card to have weapons wear down more slowly
  6. balancing is one of the purposes of a beta
  7. why the no thanks? i never mentioned a melee build
  8. high agility/sneak with bonuses for sneak damage/ + whichever weapon/s you use. myself i have points in luck as well for additional crit chance and mysterious stranger. when solo he can take the pressure off you for a vital moment
  9. if the game isnt easier for you by lvl 100 than it's not the game. maybe you're not utilizing the best perk cards for combat. or taking advantage of how effective VATS can be. there is variety in perk cards for a reason. im not trying to brag or be disrespectful but i solo'd every quest by about lvl 70. i am not ashamed to be a fallout fan couple things. for one, perk points into agility or more specific into sneak can save you or get you around encounters you cant handle yet. also, practice at VATS. the VATS in this fallout iteration is much more skill sensitive than the previous fallouts. but once your experienced and skilled then you can get headshots in VATS continually. my perk loadout combined sneak and weapon damage bonus so a sneak attack in VATS is devastating to enemies. and once your crit hit meter is full than you can optimize to use it at the right time
  10. thanks for the intel
  11. thanks for the info. so you need to create a second character then rank up to lvl 20 to get the questline, but in your opinion is lvl 20 high enough to complete the questline to get the last trophy you mentioned?
  12. im aware you could manually save in new vegas and then back track to do all faction quests. but there were also 3 separate threads of branching playthroughs for all trophies. (NCR, Legion and Mr House). and i almost forgot in my earlier comment, fallout 4 had multiple trophy quest lines as well. so obviously Bethesda is fond of multiple possible endings. that formula adds replayability and variety to the story. things like this is what helps make %100 for game completion semi prestigious
  13. fallout new vegas has the same multiple quest scenarios which eventually bring you to a point of supporting one faction or the other which locks you out of quests/rewards. to a smaller degree the outer worlds has the same set up and those games did pretty well with it. i can understand you not wanting to subscribe to fallout 1st but i cant understand you being offended by it. and if you really have close to 500 hours in then another 20 hrs making a second character shouldn't be bothering you
  14. can you give an approximate on what lvl you need to get a 2nd character to go through the dlc quests?
  15. thank you for a breath of positivity amongst all the whining little brats in this thread