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  1. the tier 2 and tier 3 weapons should be in specific spawn areas on each map. the tier 3 weapons though usually aren't available until a late spawn area towards the latter part of a chapter/map. for ex Jerusalem chap 1 they spawn after you leave safe room and are heading for helipad. since tier 3 are overall less frequent, they were definitely the last weapons i upgraded to lvl 5. as far as the bots go......... they're worthless on the higher difficulties. i did my insane difficulty run w/ random players
  2. the plat difficulty has a lot of contrast compared to when the game launched. initially you could do insane solo w/ the bots, skip buying lvl 2,3 and 4 weapons once lvl 5 was available for purchase. and now the amped up difficulty of insane playthroughs. glad i got mine a couple weeks ago. it's a bit more brutal for plat hunters just getting the game now. although at least it is much more stable now
  3. i did it with randoms as well but i recommend joining matches with lvl 30 class players or at least close to max lvl. for ex if you see a lvl 10 gunslinger, lvl 6 exterminator and a lvl 5 medic then they're just playing insane for the credits or they're in way over their heads. but if you find for ex lvl 30 fixer, lvl 30 medic and a lvl 27 gunslinger then give it a try. also, look for the overall player lvl next to their avatar top screen. if you find a lobby where all players are in their 200's w/ max lvl classes then def jump in. they're experienced
  4. i had initially started my insane run on solo/offline but then patch 1.03 nerfed the bots (imo way too much), to the point where i decided to try instead with the randoms. which you'll find in comments has been successfully done by players. personally im 7 chapters down 4 to go but a big fyi, i have read players commenting (plus one i have played with personally) claim to have beaten every chapter on insane and not had the trophy pop
  5. similar issue here. i can "not" load into chapter 3 hell and high water at all now in online mode. always the blue screen
  6. did you do your play through on solo or w/ friends/randoms or a combo of both?
  7. seriously agreed. if saber interactive wanted to nerf the bots on easy/normal difficulties only then that's not a big deal. but nerfing them on insane??? there was no just reason for it. pissin me off as well
  8. is this achievement only attainable then by playing w/ friends or randoms?
  9. you have to be the first or initial player to capture A,B or C when the game starts and then hold it the entire match. i got lucky and matchmaking put me on a team of 4 who averaged level 60 against a team of 3 who were levels 7,7 and 1. this trophy can be a pain. good luck
  10. patch 1.03 is only a day old but i really feel they toned down the zombie count in campaign. now w/ randoms im breezing thru Jerusalem chapter 2 on hard difficulty when prior i was only escaping about 10 to 15 percent of the time w/ randoms
  11. first off, thank you so much for all the info and tips. got a question about veteran trophy. is it necessary to have to do pvp with friends (as you recommended) who host to get the achievement or can you still get it eventually with randoms?
  12. i recommend making scavenging for supplies the priority and avoiding players unless necessary. i used this approach to get the achievement out of the way. it worked on the 3rd try. and yes its definitely 200 in a single match
  13. maybe it will only pop on certain chapters
  14. i thought this issue started the evening of the 31st when the codes get their weekly reset. if someone dropped a nuke in your lobby the next day then it's possible last weeks code may have been accepted as still valid
  15. the scorched officers/ghouls who carry the nuclear codes have disappeared from the game. the whitespring bunker terminal which assigns "hide and seek and destroy" quests for keycards and codes currently has no missions available for codes for any silo when there should be one available for alpha, bravo and charlie. the code is essentially unattainable right now. i suppose you could still launch a nuke so long as Bethesda publicly divulged the current silo codes. which i hope they do if they cant fix this issue anytime soon