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  1. I can assure you if you do the same then you should be close. I wasn't even lucky with the briefcases in all honesty. Make sure to do the weekly towers as well, there's a few with 50 tokens in there and you will need to play 100 matches for a challenge anyway. The only extra that I may have had available is daily challenges but they wouldn't have ammounted to too much more.
  2. I done all 500 Faction Wars matches to get the three guaranteed Diamond cards, plus any tokens from briefcases. I completed all of the Proving Grounds chapters with at least 84 medals to get the second tier rewards. I completed all the weekly towers that I could and in the end I managed to get six diamonds. Hope that helps!
  3. It's available on the UK store now.
  4. I love TR 2013. It was one of my favourite games when it came out and would probably still make my top 10. I don't remember Rise as much when I played it on Xbox, I do remember killing a lot though. I recently played Shadow and believe there is a really good chance that you may like that one. There's barely any combat compared to the others and it's mostly puzzles and exploration. I can't promise anything but the reasons you've given for not liking TR 2013 are the opposite for me not liking Shadow as much (wanted more combat and a bit less exploration & puzzles)
  5. I voted for Black Flag but really it is a joint favourite with Origins. I think Rogue would be my next choice. Odyssey is my least favourite, it's too big and boring. I've played them all except III and Liberations and currently playing Valhalla.
  6. Loads of great ones, well done! Wolfenstein II. I plan to do it for my 100th
  7. Yea I found this a massively boring experience. I didn't want to admit it to myself because I'm a big AC fan. I've played most AC games in my time on PS4 and Xbox and I've never disliked any of them until this one. It's just a case of quantity instead of quality. I loved Origins as well. I feel like Origins nailed it in regards to freshening up the series. Odyssey went too far RPG and was a slog to get through. I did like the Kassandra character though, she was cool.
  8. No worries. Glad you both got it! I enjoyed the game but I really didn't want to play it again.
  9. Glad it worked out for you! I had a feeling it would pop by just replaying a mission and fulfilling the objectives.
  10. Same happened to me today. Luckily, I made a back up save before my final objective. I downloaded my back up before going offline and then deleted the game and reinstalled the disc with no patches. The trophy popped offline on version 1.00.
  11. Just a quick warning to make sure you back up your save every so often. I received the game a couple of days early and my save got totally wiped after dying in the Sapphire Bay area. I chose Respawn and it restarted from the opening game cutscence and with all progress gone. There is a newer patch now which may have fixed this bug. Good luck! The game is good fun by the way!
  12. Bloodborne! Still need to play that!
  13. I done it in around 90. I did use the XP exploit in the creator mode they released when I was around level 35. I rushed alot through The Lost Tales. I would say a minimum of 100-120 hours if you do a trophy focused playthrough. I'm glad it was over in the end. I loved Origins but I can't say the same for Odyssey.