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  1. Can use the steam guide it works Yes you are right the only way to get remedy+ is using alexander med lvl +
  2. NykyLeonHeart Hotline Miami Its not too fast its not event the TOP 1 this game can be done under 3 hours, there is no strange time ?
  3. Looks a kind hard, but make sense because Alpha on Final Fantasy XIV is all about rift dungeon on omega weapon. And alpha comes from FF XIV.. That wassssssss a awesome easter egg
  4. different dungeons and also each time you kill him looks like he come stronger at the first was doing 150 damage at last few damage. I see i will try use magicite and i let you know if damage or not.
  5. Using scholar for dungeon exploration because the skills are awesome. Also i got the hero X as buddy now my question is how the hell i will kill the death reaper i hit 6 on him hahaha
  6. Hmm not sure where get the last job too, also dark knight got full nerf its not that good anymore :/
  7. machinist is cool because long range, dont worrie about farm it early on game. The BP drop is also randon like the JB
  8. Some salvator still alive im not sure about Negan like a hero but im sure he will survive and if he could save people the only one he will save is the little girl.
  9. CHOCOBO'S MYSTERY DUNGEON: EVERY BUDDY! To the Max! Maxed out Chocobo's level. This is one of the grind trophies, but im sure it will come easy. I was level 75 when i finished my story, still need to grind for jobs.
  10. Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon is a really cute game with a nice content but the grind is real for all jobs :S  

    8/10 because its fun. 

  11. @Sedragun what is the job after dark knight and the last one ? about thoses mob is the reaper i guess
  12. @Aranea Highwind waifu detected thanks for the vid had a ideia how kill it. sad i just had mage build and you know what happens
  13. yess that is bahamuth is a pain. when i will go for 500 floors i will enter on thoses traps but when a boss come i will just run to the exit. There are boss or save point inside the inf tower ?
  14. OMG just noticed we can get great gear at the first floors of that infinit floor dungeons and its not that hard the first 10 floors. Got genj, irma and volg gear. Luck if find a mini cactuar like mini boss it give 2500 exp and 2000 jb