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  1. S-ONE Adamant frame Thunder god motor S-ONE S3 propeller Low cost turbo Lightspeed ESC That will give you S rank speed on a 200 durability frame with no DLC. The turbo and handling stats aren't that important.
  2. I have an excellent riichi mahjong app that I downloaded about a year ago called Noten Riichi Mahjong but it seems like it's been taken off the Play store. If you Google it you can still find the .APK though. I've had my physical copy of Judgment since Saturday morning but I've been determined to finish off Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise which took a bit longer than I expected. Got Judgment installing right though and I'm glad to hear that the trophy list provides a good challenge.
  3. Zero3extreme's solution works fine though incase you're worried. Edit:nvm, just read the previous post.
  4. My most relaxing platinums have been the souls games. Put over 100 hours into each before I decided to go for the plats, so it was literally a case of playing casually and methodically through games I was deeply familiar with to clean up the trophies I had left. On the other hand, I always start a new Yakuza game expecting it to be relaxing and I end up spending days stuck on one thing like Legend mode car chases, Otometal 950 or the Yakuza 0 catfight completion points. At first it was annoying but now I think the devs do it deliberately to keep long-time fans on their toes.
  5. I think I'm in a good place with trophy hunting, I'm quite happy to drop a game if I'm not enjoying it. I recently dropped Sekiro at the final boss because of the stress it was causing me, which was heartbreaking because I have every Souls plat, but even if I did beat the final boss, going into Ng+ and going through the same shit several more times to get the plat just wouldn't have been fun to me. If I start persisting with games I don't enjoy or buying the same game multiple times for stacks, I'd probably have to seek help.
  6. There's no way to police this. As long as the timestamps look legit there's no way to tell if someone earned the trophies themselves or through shareplay unless they admit it.
  7. It's shameful that people spend money on this crap. Thanks to everybody that bought My Name is Mayo, Slyde, Jack N Jill DX etc and proved to Sony that the people want the PSN store to be a no-holds-barred cesspit like Steam. Sarcasm aside, having these plats on your profile is a big red flag that you're socially maladjusted, so these shitty games are providing a valuable service in a way.
  8. Mr. Loan Shark here, I have the plats for 0, Kiwami, Kiwami 2, 4 and 6. It's definitely on my to do list to play 3 and 5 this year.
  9. The people that buy these quick plats like Slyde or Jack N Jill also seem to be the most likely to have an unhealthy relationship with gaming and appear to not enjoy what they're doing (judging by the forums). I'm one of those weirdos that looks at a lot of random profiles because I love looking for patterns in statistics, and I'd rather see a profile with 20% completion rate and 10 ultra rare plats than a profile where someone is clearly addicted to paying to make a number increase.