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  1. The Witness for me at 91%, just missing the final challenge trophy. I spent a couple of days trying to do it but it's just too tense for me. After 30 minutes of attempts both days I was sweating all over, tense and on the verge of a headache. Hats off to everybody that has managed to do it, but I know when I've been beaten. Don't take this to mean I don't like the game BTW, I think it's hilarious to have a trophy for a timed, random event as the last thing you do before the plat.
  2. Make a new account and play legit.
  3. Ok, nevermind then. I'm not really up to date with hacking methods.
  4. Sorry I haven't read all 12 pages of this thread since it descended into farce so quickly, so I apologise if this has already been said. Since it's obvious that there's no solution that pleases everybody regarding late syncing, why not just do away with the unified leaderboard and have only separate PS4, PS3 and Vita leaderboards? Since PS4 trophies are not known to be hackable yet, the PS4 leaderboard will still maintain some semblance of competition. For anyone that still wants to earn PS3 and Vita trophies (I still play both consoles myself) the compromise is that everyone on those leaderboards is unverified due to the nature of the platform. As far as I can see its either that or imposing time limits on trophy syncing, which is clearly a polarising issue right now.
  5. Lol I'm subbed to you on YouTube, small world I guess 😁 You can be on the leader board with blank time stamps. I am anyway.
  6. All this from someone who made a thread with a list of games that don't, and I quote, "have any redeeming qualities for adults". You're the elitist pal. I just don't like the fact that my hobby has been dicked on by a couple of publishers literally just shit posting on PSN. For most of the PS3's lifespan 20 minute plats weren't allowed. I'm fine with low effort games existing and people playing them, I just don't think they should be allowed to have trophy lists.
  7. Remastered stacks are fine in my book, I've got both plats for Dragon's Dogma and Dark Souls 1. But even if they shared the same list with ps3' I'd have still bought and played the shit out of those remasters. Going out of your way to get regional stacks seems like a waste of money to me. If a game is good I'm more than happy to put the disc back in and just play for fun long after I've gotten the plat. And obviously, having six stacks or whatever they make of each ratalaika game just to make a dent in the leaderboard is symptomatic of some kind of emotional issue and/or gaming addiction. I'm not saying that in a nasty way, I just think we need to look out for each other on here and it's always worrying to see that kind of destructive, poor decision making getting validation.
  8. I look at other people's profiles a lot, I find it really interesting to see what other people are into and to get ideas for what to play next. My heart sinks when I see a profile with a bunch of ultra rares and then a few ezpz 20 minute plats shitting it up. It's sad when people with genuine skill and/or good taste succumb to the illness and buy cheap plats to pad their numbers. Even worse when they try and excuse it in the forums and say they bought a rat game to "take a break" after a hard game. Taking a break is switching off the PS4 and doing something else, or at the very least playing a proper game with less mechanical difficulty, or playing a game you've already played. Playing a rat game is just profile padding. I do care about other people's profiles, and stacks of quick plats are an eyesore.
  9. Definitive edition is just another way of saying "complete edition" or "GOTY edition". They don't usually do any additional work on the game for these things.
  10. I'm confused. Are you defending people that don't know how to make a suggestion in a civil manner? Do you like being spoken to like shit on your site? I'm glad your friend's brother is enjoying himself and getting some good Web design experience. Go and tell Sly, shame him into implementing all the features you want, I'm sure that will work out great.
  11. Yep and I'm one of them. I was referring to the OP's entitled attitude when they're not a premium member. Not that I think a premium member's opinion carries more weight than a free member, but I don't think that any part of a free/voluntary paid service can ever be considered "unacceptable".
  12. I bought lifetime premium pretty much the day I claimed my account so I have no idea how obtrusive the ads are. A site like this is a digital Forth bridge in terms of maintenance, on top of that, staff have to deal with the whims and follies of trophy hunters. Literally the most degenerate and out of touch group of people since weebs and furries (and I'm sure the Venn diagram for the three of those is almost a circle, but that's a different topic). I can't remember how much lifetime premium is but it was less than £20, ie; the price of a used game. I don't even see how that helps the site owner(s), seems like a token gesture to me, but they more than deserve it just for dealing with all the stupidity and ignorance I see in the forums on a daily basis. Very few peopleon here know how much work goes into running a site like this and unless you do, you're not in a position to decide what is "lazy" or what is "easy" to implement.
  13. Unacceptable for a site that you're using for free. K.
  14. I understand that game development is difficult and budgets are strict, but don't the developers have access to development hardware and development builds of the game? They could use edited game states to test which trophies trigger and which don't. This is the publisher's problem. They forced out an unfinished game and won't pay for the man hours to fix it. Don't be unpaid testers guys, just ignore this crap and move on.
  15. 15 minutes? Look at this show off 🤣