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  1. If you have the Outlast 2 plat you shouldn't struggle with Akumu much. Leave it until last, do your no-upgrades run and speedrun first and watch videos of the trickiest sections to see how they are done efficiently and it shouldn't take that long either.
  2. The people whinging about the Fall Guys trophy are annoying but this one isn't even on the level of Infallible. This can be done after a few hours of getting comfortable with the controls.
  3. Ahh OK. Like you said, any expectation for unused content in the game files is just speculative, but if previous games in the series had two years of support I suppose it's reasonable to be annoyed that this is only getting one. A publisher like EA can budget for this kind of thing before the game is released without depending on income from the game itself. I don't know why they can't say before launch "this game is getting 12/24 months of content post launch" instead of just letting customers speculate or get their hopes up.
  4. What have they cancelled? Isn't a year of post launch content about right for games of this budget?
  5. This is a great starting point: I love mahjong, I have the plats for every Yakuza game released in the west and mahjong is my favourite bit of side content. Anyway, I said what I wanted to say. If people find it therapeutic to call Puyo Puyo a bad game or random or cheap then I won't lose sleep. I've got the plat for Judgment and Puyo Puyo wasn't even the hardest part for me.
  6. Nah, like I said, the AI is like medium difficulty at best. Better than someone who has never played the game but not as clever as someone who knows proper chaining methods. The "3 column system" is not the only way to win seeing as it seems to not work more often than it works. It's not even a real method in Puyo, I think it must've come out of the Puyo community from someone well meaning who wanted to help people brute force this completion point, but it seems to have done more harm than good. To even make this column method work you would need to have quite a lot of experience with the game and have your reflexes in good shape, even then, you'd be putting yourself at a disadvantage. Honestly, you could've took the 32 hours you've put into brute forcing this and put it into learning the game and probably gotten to level 40 and beyond a dozen times. Usually the Yakuza community here and on Gamefaqs gives good advice but advocating this method is like the people in mahjong threads that used to tell people to discard all terminals and honours, never call tiles and press triangle at the start of every turn. It might work for some people eventually but it's not really how you play mahjong is it?
  7. The only element of luck is which round Rulue appears on. The game itself is a game of skill which most people discussing in the Judgment forum seem reluctant to learn.
  8. To the people that have been struggling with the Puyo Puyo completion for hours on end; what strategy are you using? I've been playing Puyo Puyo on and off since I was a teenager and this "stacking up the three rightmost columns" isn't really a viable method IMO. Sure, people will brute force the game this way and come and tell people of their success, but I find it weird that nobody seems to be discussing how to actually learn and play the game. If you take some time to learn some basic chains the AI is like medium difficulty at most. I don't get why people put effort into something like learning mahjong for the mahjong completion points but can't be bothered to learn to play Puyo and then complain about what a terrible game they think it is. If all it was was dropping everything down the right hand side and praying for chains I'd agree with you all, but it's actually a fun game with deep mechanics that it seems like nobody can be bothered to learn.
  9. Yes. You only need two players to boost the vs mode wins and you can set up a private lobby. The trophy for fighting with the energy swords can even be done in local co-op.
  10. It's not showing up for me either in the UK store. I know it hasn't been on the vita store for even longer because I had to buy it through the mobile app to have it in my download list on the vita. Seems like it's gone altogether right now.
  11. Both escapists games are ultra rare. The only slightly bothersome thing is finding someone to boost the ten multiplayer wins with in 2 as the vs mode is completely dead. They're both really easy games and I managed to get both plats in a few days without a guide. I'd say the reason they're ultra rare is because a lot of child friendly youtubers and streamers are into the series and kids don't play for trophies.
  12. Mfw they're saving Muhammad for DLC 😂
  13. It doesn't help when a lot of publishers don't seem to know the difference either. This game is called Mahjong, but it's not Mahjong.
  14. Carrying over your save will potentially cause you to miss a trophy near the start of Shenmue 2 called Big Spender. It's still doable if you carry your save over but much quicker if you start from scratch.
  15. There are no online specific trophies so no.