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  1. Got the Spider-Man plat yesterday after getting it as an unexpected gift, I enjoyed it although to many crimes
  2. I’ve not played much but the Dark Rider and Horseman trophies from Darksiders Warmastered should have both been silver in my opinion, but thank god for rubber bands
  3. Go for the Minecraft plat man, dead simple
  4. PSN: CaptainDidge Feel free to pop me a request starting to play more multiplayer games now so would be fun to have people to play with
  5. PSN ID CaptainDidge PS Systems PS4, PS3 Accepts Blank Friend Requests The more the merrier but, it wouldn’t hurt to know where you’ve added me from
  6. Sonic and All Stars racing Transformed, I’ve just started after a friend suggested it and I can’t put it down!
  7. Go for God of War 3 it's a great game with some easy plat guides and a nice exploit that makes hard mode a breeze
  8. #4 LEGO DC Super Villains
  9. Super excited for this one!!! Who wants to race?
  10. Bully, those rubber bands were a pain and the arcade machine high scores were also annoying.
  11. I'd have to say my top three would be: God of War, Spider-Man and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Just 3 (Technically 5) amazing games, all stunning games with very enjoyable controls and gameplay, and i loved tackling the platinums for all of these titles.
  12. Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon Wildlands
  13. I adore this cover it fits the game so well too,
  14. Looks like a fun list, i'm just hoping that the story holds up in this one too, interested to see if Strife shows up in this one and we potentially get a 4 player co-op Darksiders game could you imagine
  15. How do we confirm completed games please?