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  1. Well thats all the fat budgie wrote. I lost the best with a pal to complete the Judgment game by my next birthday (still have over a week but won't have the time). So this box of almost completion goes to my mates lad. No doubt making use of the PS+ subscription and the profile will be twatted with the likes of FIFA and CoD games within a matter of days. Just wanted to say a big thanks for all the banter I have gotten into with some of you. And also to apologise for the last two months or so due to the frustration that this game brought me. I'm sorry if I spoiled your viewing pleasure. To all of you, I hope the next gen brings you nothing short of gaming orgasmatronical moments. Take care and all the best. Now to do that stupid shit so I can disconnect the account from this site. Tooooooooooooooooooooodles to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I think it was called Bully right up until release for the UK. Back then Rockstar had this punk rock 'fuck the establishment its just a fucking game' attitude about them. But even they will fold when it comes to selling copies. Bit like Johnny Rotten and his butter adverts ha!
  3. In my 40's now (Blimey! I still remember getting my first 100% completion in my 20's). This gen I've played many of the game which involve button mashing and stuff like that, and yeah, the old reflexes are shot to shite. You pups in your 30's have a world of ache ahead of you Mwahahahahahar! But in terms of Nostalgia, I was going to make Bully my 50th and final completion. The gaming industry isn't like the movie industry. A great movie will always be a great movie no matter what. But a great game can age badly unfortunately. but I know thats not the case with Bully.
  4. Indeed. When you play the game its ok. But when you look back on it afterwards its just a really bad thought out project.
  5. Not sure how high it is as hardly anyone buys games from RGG. But Judgment has proven to be my achilles heel. Think its been over two months now and I cannot do some things on the game. But all is not lost. My pal bet me that if I do not platinum the game by my birthday then I have to give my PS4 to his son. Got just over a week, but there is no chance I have to time to get it done.
  6. Had to put in a couple more negatives.
  7. With how fecked the economy is, it could be legit. Or it could be so that SONY get a stronger hold of the console market in America by selling cheaper PS5 games compared to the Xbox games.
  8. Seeing as I have only bought about 12 boxed games this gen and the rest being digi sales, I may just stick with SONY and go for the digi only version if I do get the PS5. Great news that so many games are compatible.
  9. Awesome info chaps. Keep the great advice coming for all those future Yakuza players.
  10. Well I let a mate have a go who's really good at it. He joined me on that share play thing which is an epic feature by the way. Sadly it lagged on him when Rulue appeared at 26 and he lost. He then had three goes the other day for me, and on the 3rd opponent they just wouldn't let up with combos, it took him ages to beat them but after the next couple of battles he was truly exhausted. This has also happened to me on a number of occasions where lower rounds just get combo heavy. At the moment I have ditched it and gone to the drone races, which whilst they're tough as fuck to do, they're based on skill, so thats all down to the the player to get good rather than hope for luck like in a lot of the mini games. Glad to read when others get it done though. Well done lad.
  11. Yeah most likely. A consumer should be allowed to delete what they like, as long as it also decreases the players score and such. Then just refresh the trophy page and let it update all amendments. But I can't see it happening. At least by SONY anyways. Microsoft have tried to make the achievement system a lot more interesting with the odd tweak here or there, but SONY doesn't seem to give a kack. For a start I don't know why every game cannot have a platinum no matter how many trophies it has etc. The platinum was put in place to show you had unlocked the rest of the trophies and give you that final medal. Again, the Xbox version just used a score system and never had to worry about a final reward as your aim was simply to reach the max score possible. So SONY could do with adding more enjoyment to the trophy system, and I think deleting for whatever reason should be allowed.
  12. They already have a second chance by creating a new profile and doing things right. Cheating on SP games is fine as it either disables trophies or bares no conflict to other players. But with leaderboards this is a whole different rule set. You can wreck peoples progress, you can ruin competition, you are being pointless. So should you be forgiven for cheating in online leaderboard placing? Nope. Its not like the real world where there is a defense for both the innocent and the criminal. Gaming has that luxury of saying 'you took the piss, now fuck off and you won't be coming back'.
  13. There are a few that come to mind on this profile. Yakuza Kiwami: Legend. Now the legend mode is not tough except for chapter 9 where you have to battle some goons, then a boss fight and then a car shootout section. I failed the shooting section 32 times and almost gave up, but on the 33rd attempt everything went to plan and I smashed it. Resident Evil 7: Ethan must die mode. Because of the rng involved for the loot boxes, you may only end up with a knife by the time you reach the last boss, and to do that is beyond my skill level. I think it was 24 attempts or something and then I got it, but even then I had luck on my side. If I hadn't turned to my right and shit myself because the boss was there, firing the flame thrower and triggering a mine, I may have had to have done even more attempts. Final Fantasy X Remaster: Chocobo race. 100+ attempts it took. Again Japanese RNG plays a big part in your succeeding. But that along side horrible controls made this very hard for me. I think they're probably the only ones I thought I would never be able to do but stuck with them until I succeeded.