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  1. It would have been the first trophy you can get on GTAV. I was a few years late to the PS4 because the 360 era had a second breath for me. But yeah, GTAV was the first game I wanted to experience what with all the extras and stuff.
  2. Yeah Witcher 3 was/is incredible, and the DLC expansions are the best I have ever experienced in a game. As you said, even though its not perfect in every regard its still an amazing game. Last gen for me was Mass Effect 2. Now I loved the original Mass Effect game, but even on release the combat was basic at best and it had many imperfections though kept me going to see everything I could from the game. Then came Mass Effect 2 and I was blown away. I had all trophies/achievements after 2 playthroughs for each console version, but I still completed it a total of 32 full complete playthroughs. Then I played Mass Effect 3 and I just felt 'meh' about it. This gen I'd say Witcher 3 was right up there. Spiderman I loved and has to be the best super hero game since Arkham Asylum. Amazing gaming experience that I didn't want to end. And despite me hating it in the end, GTAV and GTAO were an amazing experience for me. Quite possibly the greatest game to have (and will probably remain) have ever been made. There is just so much to do that its impossible to get bored. That was until they started really pushing for people to buy shark cards and completely wrecked the experience. But in terms of mechanics, gameplay and content... it will never be beaten. Not in my time anyway.
  3. Yeah. As I said to the other chap, so few games get both the excellent gameplay and a great trophy list together. Damn shame too because Borderlands was brilliant fun and felt soooooo good to play. But sometimes I think some devs think they can have a laugh at gamers by putting such absurd Trophy requirements in their games, but in terms of possible sales for the likes of remasters I never fall for the same trick twice.
  4. Thanks for all the info guys. So if the game loses connection to the IO servers, is it best to quit playing and then try again later? Also. In terms of the online trophies its these ones... The creative assassin - Unlocked Top of the class - Unlocked A new profile - Had a couple of tries but kept screwing up lol Contract assassin - For this one is it best to use the search bar for stuff like 'easy' 'quick' etc? And then each DLC has one of those online missions where you need to beat the 5 stages for each DLC?
  5. Hi everyone, I know the game is a few years old now and was wondering if its still possible to gain 100% trophy completion on this game? Its currently on sale and for a right bargain too. I played it a couple of years back briefly on my none completion account but never paid much attention to it. Loved the series but the online stuff from Absolution was a pain at times, especially after a year or two after release, so how does this game fair? Does it need PS+ etc. I have PS+ for the rest of the month before it runs out and if possible I would indeed like to give the game a chance.
  6. The Mad Moxxy DLC..... Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Never ever would I attempt that again though. I did this back on Xbox 360 and I needed 2 pads and altogether throughout the day it took me 10 hours. Now sure you don't have to do it like I did, but when I started and realised how long that grind was, I didn't want to waste more days on it. Also that clap trap trophy with RNG item drops..... Brrrrr! When I think on it, the DLC for that game has some horrendous trophy/achievement requirements. Fair play to you getting it over and done with,
  7. Very doable mate. Good luck man.
  8. Forgot all about this thread lol. I googled PS4 single player trophy games and this came out. Feels like a long times. Well around 15 months so since creating the tread. Had some incredible single player experiences since then, though I did break my own rule when going for No Man's Sky.
  9. If you can get the sale and want a game which is a better version of the original top down GTA games, then get it. You get the game plus the DLC expansion. Since my review/first impressions of the game, FTG have definitely put some time in to patch most if not all the issues this game had. So yeah mate. Looking back I don't regret it now, and if you can get it on sale then do so. Anything else just give me a shout.
  10. Ok I now have the trophies. But there's also a sucky part about it too. I wanted to help others like the guy had just helped me, so I built a base computer, portal, basically all the stuff you build in a tutorial on the guys planet who helped me. I then flew off to the nearest space station which is right next to the center of the galaxy and warped back to my new built portal. Quit out and reloaded to make sure my save worked, and it loaded me back at the original spacestation where I started the permadeath mode I think if you want to help people with this after someone has helped you, then you must have at least reached the anomaly spacestation and had use of the portal there as I think its crossing galaxies which is why my save sent me back to my own galaxy. I had all the stuff the guy gave me, just not at the location I hoped to be in so I could help others. Apologies if this is already known.
  11. Holy s**t! Its just a game man! Devs need to chill out lol. Jesus!!!!! If they ever do an other update I hope they put in something that gets you there much quicker. Yeah you can do the taxi thing, but did they really think warping over and over was a good idea? Thats 80 hours that could have gone into proper exploration, hunting, building, and instead they thought the gamer should spend that warping? Stupid idiots. But again, only a problem because they tied a friggin trophy to such a stupid thing. EDIT Okay. Just got the blueprints for the hyperdrive on permadeath. Its gonna take me a while because the air is toxic and battling with life support and so I have to be in and out of buildings/my ship, there's sentinels everywhere, and now I need 5 processor chips and 135 of that processed copper material. Plus I might have to find more buried treasure so I can build a manual save machine just for further backup in case I screw and autosave up by spending too much, or getting the wrong stuff. Gotta say though, @HuntingFever, I get why you don't play permadeath mode. I can understand a survival mode where things are a bit more limited. But a permadeath mode in a game like this makes no sense. You don't even have to be near an enemy and the hit registers because basically the devs didn't build for combat. Gah! It actually makes me appreciate normal mode though and how you can just enjoy it at your own pace. Hopefully I can get help with that taxi boost to get the 2 trophies, and then get back to the nomal game which I was finally starting to get and enjoy. Gonna have to leave it for the rest of the day though, PD mode sucks the life and enjoyment out of you lol. Need to recharge.
  12. Hi all, There I was, just after finishing the Beyond mission and now on New Beginnings. All my stuff was wrecked, and I need that wire loom stuff. Costs a frikkin fortune but sometimes you get Nexus missions which gives a very juicy 15 for completing whatever mission they're offered with. Anyway, I lucked out and none had it so I just did some other missions in hope to gain some money. Then when I was done I wanted to go off and make a manual save, but as I left the Anomaly it spat me into a warp and when I came out I was in this huge frikkin battle against space pirates (worst kind if you ask me). I saved the day and the admiral invited me to there ship. Was buzzing because never saw the inside of one yet. Anyway I spoke with him..... NOW I OWN A FRIKKIN FREIGHTER.... FOR FREE!!!! So I built the command room, installed my own manual save gizmo in there too... oh yes. Then it asked me to do a mission, I started one and it said it would take an hour but I don't have a frikkin clue what is going on. It asked how many ships I wanted to send, so I take it you can own more than one freighter? Other than these timed missions, is there any other use to the freighters
  13. Well I went reset Altus and picked a different galaxy. You can still warp to your old galaxy though and I had to do that because all my gear and ship was broken, so it was easier to go to them. I'm gonna look into that taxi stuff and probably work on a permadeath profile to get those two trophies out the way. All my stats seem to be the same even after starting in a new galaxy, met 70 aliens, learned 101 words and those stats are building on my normal playthrough. So when I start the game I just select a different slot and start a permadeath and it won't erase my normal file? ALSO. You mentioned to get to the center on permadeath without the taxi method, it could take 80-100 hours. So I take it when you meet Atlus at the end of that story and you reset, you're not actually at the center? Either way I still don't get the 80+ hour thing. Is there something in particular that causes such a massive time requirement?
  14. Yeah I think I will buy a PS+ subscription for the last two DLC trophies. Just get the cheapest one.
  15. See thats what I hate. How the hell are you supposed to know that warping to 16 random systems will get you what you need?? Not having a pop at you there mate, I'm grateful as s**t for you telling me. Though I do remember seeing a beginner vid where they mentioned something about not collecting the glyph's as you will get them all in one section, I take it this is what you were talking about? I better get building some warp containers then lol. So when you say it takes 60-80 hours to reach the galaxy center. Is there a reason for that, like theres 80 hours worth of further specific quests to get through or something? And is getting to the center actually a story requirement or was it just a trophy specific task? Sorry man I was hoping to stop pestering you but clearly not. EDIT Well I did the 16 warps, wiped Atlus. Basically restarts the game by saying the life cycle never ends in such a cop-out way. This is some f**king lazy writing, but when you said it was by the guy who wrote Watchmen it makes sense. That prick made super heros pretentious and in this story he basically says no matter what you try to find out its pointless. Such a lazy prick way to tell what otherwise has the potential to be an amazing adventure, but this is what happens when you have a human trying to think like a God(s)/Creator. Anyway it boosted me into a new planet and all my items were broken to s**t. Got the mine gun working after reloading a save, now I'm on a planet with no hazardous air. Got to ask. So now that the story is over, why is all the missions still there? Is that just from lazy development or is there a reason? Stuff like side missions and that Atlus path etc.