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  1. Well thats the story of Arkham Knight finished up. I youtubed the full ending as there is now way I was going to collect the Riddler stuff for nothing.


    But yeah. That was my last video game, time to move onto a different hobby. Just want to say its been awesome being on here, really enjoyed this account up until the last couple of months and had some great banter with you chaps. 


    I'll be closing this account once I can be bothered to switch the PS4 back on and lock and delete everything on there. 


    Take care everyone and all the very best to you all. 

    1. Rozalia1


      Good luck to you in whatever you do. I would recommend not deleting everything as there really isn't a need to go that far and you might regret it, but your decision.

  2. I'm finding it a real struggle to get through the story missions. Every time it gets good you hear 'You're going to need the batmobile for this part' and it just kills the fun. I got to the part where Arkham Knight is chasing you in the tunnels with that drill machine and I just quit out. Couldn't take any more shit camera or piss poor central axis mechanics. Gonna Youtube the ending when I get home from work. I
  3. Only thing that crashed for me was the friggin Batmobile. I think I hit every object in Gotham apart from the road. But despite my hatred of the game, its not crashed once on PS4Pro
  4. The more I play Batman Arkham Shite, the more and more I keep wondering if they just stole everything from Infamous Second Son, or was it the other way around as I have no idea when either was released. But for Arkham Shite, it copies the three island system, the 3rd island being the heavily guarded military island which is a piss boring local.


    Maybe thats just it but it seems so copied that its all I can see. 


    I'm trying to think what I do like about Arkham Shite. Hmm. Visually its stunning, so good it looks like it could have been released yesterday. 


    I think thats it. Everything else is either the same or made worse from what previously worked. They even made the Riddler interrogations a chore. 


    But this is my last ever video game and man do I get to go out on a wet fart of a game. 

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    2. PostalDudeRus


      It feels like they copied second game but filled everything with gimmicks to make an impression of a BIG game. Not gonna say it's bad, I liked it, but they really need more time to polish things here and there.

    3. DaveMcDamage


      The story is really well done. Finally someone going the much darker and twisted route of the Batman mind. I give them a lot of kudos on this and it shows the video game industry has a lot more balls than the movie industry even with a much smaller audience in comparison. 


      I don't mind the gimmicks. I think because they went for a far more realistic look to the game, they still had to remember its a Batman universe and clearly the devs were fans of the 90's animated show as theres a lot of nostalgia from that series in this game. 


      But Rocksteady are very much like Ubisoft in that if something works, they then milk it to death to the point it becomes tiresome. 


      Yeah the map feels cheap in how they wanted to have a Batmobile but not run over civilians so that wouldn't surprise me about the whole evac part of the story. But we already had that with Arkham City. As for the Batmobile itself. I like the battle mode parts, but the racing and moving it around the city with such shite mechanics is pretty crap. 


      I just got to the part where you re-capture the inmates at the movie theatre and then my joypad battery died after the cutscene lol. 

      @enaysoft Erm. I think you'll find this game is set in Gotham Shitty. Arkham Shitty was the last game.... HA! :D I want comedy points for that. 

    4. enaysoft


      I'd give you two thumbs up if I could lol




      Oh wait, I can just thumbs up a ton of your other posts 😂

  5. Still debating if Arkham Knight is one of the worst ideas for a game ever or just down there with the worst. 


    As you try to progress through it, you realise Rocksteady Games had turned into UbiSoft.

  6. Arkham Knight.... more like Arkham Shite.... N'yuk N'yuk N'yuk. 


    Seriously though. Awesome and creepy intro, PS4 gen graphics, freeflow combat reaction times even better or on par with A-City, then its overkill with that shite Batman mobile. Had to quit out of that first Riddler race as the camera and whole idea of the race was just utter shit. Can't help but feel that section would have been better done from the cockpit view. 


    I'll try it again later but I'm glad I don't have to be concerned about trophies as this would have been awful. 

    1. NanaCheese94


      Pretty much how I felt too, loved the game but the Batmobile man... Worst part was the Tank Boss Battle against fucking Slade Wilson, I mean, come on...

    2. zizimonster


      My younger brother helped me complete those pesky races. 😂

    3. DaveMcDamage


      I got past the Riddle first race. Man was that utter dog shit. 


      I continued on but the side mission stuff in this one seems all over the place. I don't know if you have to discover them or they just appear over time but it sucks. I got the the chemical plant in the story, a nice little area filled with melee combat.... nope. 'I better call for the batmobile' fucks sake! I get that it was new for them but I'm still in the tutorial stages and already its been overkill with the bat mobile. 


      As for that Arkham Knight. Well whoever it is seems very young. Bit of the teen angst shit going on which bores the absolute piss out of me. But from the animated shows the only person right now I can think that holds that attitude to Batman would be Damien Wayne but I don't even think he's been a part of this story has he? But no doubt Rocksteady will fuck the who thing up as throughout the trilogy they have been utter piss poor at secret reveals before you guessed them 10 hours earlier. The worst being Quincy Sharp collectibles. It had his friggin voice all the way from the intro and into the collectibles.... Gah!


      I need a stress sandwich.

  7. Had a close call with Arkham City. 


    Back on Asylum's original release I reached 89% completion and the save file corrupted. It sucked balls but the game was awesome and shot enough to smash through it again. 


    Cut to 2022 just a short while ago and I get to the point in A-City where you take control of Cat Woman and got wasted. Huge Strange then appears and the game freezes during the save game screen. I reload and the save file was corrupted. Now whilst I am not going for the completion I didn't fancy doing what I had done all over again but Rocksteady must have been aware of how shit they're and installed a back-up save. Didn't lose any progress and got the story completed. 


    Makes me wish you could upload to the USB/Cloud without having to always back out of the game though as it wrecks the flow. 


    Finally get to experience Arkham Knight later on. 

    1. KingGuy420


      I actually had Asylum corrupt a save on me just the other day. But when I clicked on it it said "this save is corrupted, do you want to load a further backup?". I didn't think I had a backup but I clicked ok anyways and it worked. I was almost at the end too, losing that would've been a kick in the balls lol.

    2. kingofbattle8174


      I have never beaten City. I had it for 360 and it would never go past one of the boss fights, Mr Freeze if I remember right. It would always corrupt no matter what I did. 

    3. nestamar5


      My PS3 game is corrupted. It will no longer let me play after beating Wonder Tower. Luckily I got the platinum before it started happening.

  8. I've always tried to be realistic when it came to completion targets. When I very first started with achievements I gave myself a target of 100 games and crashed around 25, then a new profile at around 30 and then eventually in 2014 I called it a day after getting to 52 games and quitting on the 53rd on what was probably my 15th+ account. When I did it for the PS4 I was far more realistic. I only went in 5's and only single player games, so once I got to five I then aimed for 10 then 15 etc etc. But then I got to the game Judgment and it felt like I was about to bring the completion to an end when I tried for weeks to complete the puyo-puyo requirement. Thats when I knew I didn't want the run to end but I just couldn't do the requirement. Eventually I got talking to an awesome gamer who offered to do it for me on shareplay and finally the trophy unlocked with his help. At that point though I all I felt was gaming regret. In the old days of gaming you would often pass the pad between each other if you couldn't get passed something and it was a great achievement among pals once you learned and eventually beat the boss type thing. I love how SONY actually made this a feature as it is the modern day version of pass the pad, but when its done in the sake of getting a trophy, especially a single player trophy then you just feel cheap for using it that way. Many people gave me shit for doing it but that didn't bother me anywhere like the feeling I already had for doing it. Anyway I carried on and when I got to the mid 70's I hit a gaming wall. Mostly because I couldn't find anything to play and so the last 7 or so games were a real chore for the most part. Though I did enjoy Deus Ex Mankind. But then the other week I realised that I have no urge to move to the PS5, I didn't really earn my completion streak as I intended and then called it a day. I then bought the Arkham collection and usually would play this on a dummy account as there is no way I have the skill to do these games to completion anymore, but due to the streak ending I just put them on this account. So my own targets are not really about the numbers, but more to the point how long before I burn out and the streak ends. It could be 5 games or 50, but it always crashes for me in the end.
  9. Theres some serious twats on here, but thats bound to be the case as trophies can be new form of competitiveness. But they are outshined by the awesome bastards on here by far. Be it for gaming guides, gaming advice or just general banter its much more than just about the trophies but gaming in general where we can all get along. Especially in the off-topic forum.
  10. I don't disagree with weaning off trophies if they make the experience miserable, its what I have done. But I think the OP went ultra bitch mode here. It seems even more pointless to 'hack' a trophy you had no intention to go for at all and I think its more a case of he probably wanted to the profile to keep going but something fucked up along the way. The only positive here is that he fucked up early on and now he's sacked the whole system off and is enjoying gaming his own way, but I feel this was post destined to happen for him at some point as I think he would have kept going had he not messed it up. I don't even know how you could 'hack' trophies as I thought it was all tied to SONY's servers, but the easy way to get around this when wanting a 100% profile completion streak is just play stressful trophy games or whatever on a dummy account
  11. I've given up on trophy completions now, but I can also see gaming not lasting much longer for me because of it. You see as I got older trophies gave me targets to aim for, the kudos for doing it was zero... I just like making sure the job is done before moving on. But I've accepted I'm just too shit at gaming to pursue it any longer but the problem is that gaming is then too expensive to not go for everything and being an older person you can't dick around on games at my age as that then makes it feel like its a toy. So if they removed them I would probably finish with gaming. I've always said though that both the achievement and trophy system is flawed in many, many ways. Most times the requirements end up ruining the experience rather than enhancing it. And I'm not talking about difficult trophies, but pointless grind trophies and such. If I could have designed the trophy/achievement system I would have simply made it as 'you have earned 10 trophies in this game' as opposed to 'you have earned 10/50 trophies in this game'. I think this would then show devs that most of the times collectibles are done wrong and totally pointless and could concentrate on ways to enhance the game as opposed to dragging it out.
  12. This only started happening in the last couple of years in gaming, mostly due to my mindset and skills decreasing in gaming. But the last game that really had me on edge was the Ethan Must Die run on Resi 7. I finally made it to the last section for the boss fight and finally had a decent amount of weapons. My whole body was tense but arms and hands were weak. Then the stupid boss went and killed itself anyway and I got the trophy.
  13. Never to look like myself as I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But I do make original creations. I used to love the create player tool on Saints Row 2 so much that the devs sent me a limited edition SR2 case game and DLC codes after I posted my creations to there game forums.
  14. A few months back I broke my first ever gaming controller in rage. It was more the fact I was just shit at my own frustrations for lack of learning curve inability but did indeed feel like a mighty bitch after doing it. I'm in my 40's too and its only gaming that puts me in bitch mode. I was a doorman/close protection worker for 21 years of my life and I can take anything. But a poxy video game can send me into rages. I think part of it is that you feel angry with yourself and so it sort of seems alright-ish to rage on your own, but its not. If anything its even more embarrassing. I think a small part of it also comes down to you sort of feeling like you have the right to be great at games as its just a hobby and shouldn't require dedication but again this too is not true.
  15. Well I got Arkham Story finished. Had a couple more goes and then called it. Moved onto City now. Straight away you feel the difference in mechanic and control advancements. Damn shame they couldn't have used the City engine for the Arkham remake as that would have made for such a better updated gameplay experience. I really wanted to start Arkham Knight but I don't wanna spoil the surprise so quit out of the into on my dummy account. Looking forward to going through City though. Can't remember how you change costumes though, anyone got the info?