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  1. Just got to the part where you meet the first Regent. It ran off though as I couldn't figure how to beat it in time. I have to reload but just had a look and it seems Morgano's punch can help but I don't know if I can control him. I can control the two guys and Ann but not the cat. I also had a rough time with a huge African looking knight which cannot take physical damage so that lost me a load of SP even though I defeated it. Will have another go later maybe. It says Nuclear is also good for Regent and the atom ring but I cannot equip the atom ring.
  2. Cheers again man. Looking forward to getting my new and first 4K TV this week, wonder if this game looks even more stunning. I did the first infiltration at the 2nd palace (nice to see its not a copy and paste type setting like in a lot of rpgs) but saved when leaving as this heat is wrecking me even when sat in the house. Look forward to playing again soon.
  3. Yeah I was looking at the schedule and noticed in some sections it says you cannot do everything in the game without going into NG+ So my next question is this... I did the first mementos mission and now on a new day it says this... Request "The Bark and Bite of a Bully" received You will automatically go to the Hideout. Choose to view the Requests and then exit; It doesn't mention doing the mementos 2nd quest and I even scouted down the schedule to see when it gets done but didn't spot it. Any idea when its to be done?
  4. Great info man, cheers. Though I think I screwed up. I made the four lockpicks as suggested in the schedule, but I used two of them in the first palace. I was just scanning the schedule for May and it mentions something about a memento event and when coming across locked chests to not use the lockpicks. Because creating them takes up time have I now been screwed out of something major?
  5. Thanks man. Thanks to all who have helped me out on here, but Ghost your info and suggestions have been great. Just got to wait in all day Wednesday for the delivery as its said to arrive between 7am to 7pm. Could have paid the extra £30 for a delivery today, but I will need a new stand because that new TV has the legs right at the end which will overlap my current stand.
  6. You know what I was wondering about if I was wasting them or not. I got hooked on trying to get them to side with me and thats when I found out you can only carry 5. Wish I had learned that at the start rather than swapping out personas until this point.
  7. I took a look at the schedule and as I had finally reached the treasure room but now need to send a calling card. The guide says to be level 10 (I think... which I am) have 20K, which I do, and then fuse Silky and that Argethian thing before I leave the castle, but how can I fuse as I thought you had to meet Igor to do that? Can't figure that out.
  8. Ordered it this morning mate. I was gonna pay the full whack but just as I was doing the order it refreshed at the Argos site and then said none could be delivered. Then received some bad news about a family member and so needed the money to buy a suit this week, so was looking for finance options instead so that the huge clump doesn't go straight out and I can control the monthly outgoings better, Then this morning I tried another company called Richer Sounds but they had none in stock, shame too as they offered a juicy 6 year guarantee with there offer. Went to the Currys & PC World store where I live but they had a bizarre queue system where they wanted to know what you wanted at the door and the whole process was so slow. I really prefer to help actual stores but right now its a time killer and chore. Got home and done it on a very good finance option where I can control the payments and pay it off before interest kicks in. So cheers for that link man, because the only negative thing anyone has said in the reviews I have checked, is the sound is a bit weak. Thats to be expected with flat screens, but then again some folk aren't happy unless the sound is loud enough to make blood pour from the nose, so I will see how it goes and then can invest in a soundbar at a later date. @Ghost Another thing. When that TV arrives, am I best upgrading to a new HDMI cable and if so do you know what I should get. I only have the PS4 Pro, so that 2.1 thing is not important just yet, but I would still like to get the 4K/upscale for my current titles.
  9. Just got to the library in the Komishdo's palace and done the book puzzle. Had to google what to do with the beefcake book though. Saved and will continue later. I am indeed starting to see why this game is so popular and some rate it as the greatest JRPG. Granted I'm not far in and somethings mash my head a little, but when a game has you wanting to push on thats a damn good feeling for a gamer. And this game is pure eye candy too. I don't mind weaker graphics when gameplay is superior, but every scene of this game so far has been pure goodness for the eyes.
  10. I will definitely consider this mate. I do like the idea of future proofing *slurps* Is that easy to do because other than my PC having the internet and my PS4 Pro having the wifi thing, I don't know much else about this update stuff. Someone told me even fridges have net connections these days.... The f**k! What do you mean when you say 'no component in', does that mean I wouldn't be able to use my current soundbar which I have a coax cable running to the current TV for awesome soundige? I don't mind over spending for piece of mind, and if that TV has great feedback from many then thats exactly what I was after. Using the user reviews on these shopping websites is a f**king nightmare, because you can't tell if they're just fussy f**ks or if the product is genuinely shite. @Ghost Is this the same TV mate? It has a couple of extra letters but think the model is from 2021 or something. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/7999011?istCompanyId=a74d8886-5df9-4baa-b776-166b3bf9111c&istFeedId=30f62ea9-9626-4cac-97c8-9ff3921f8558&istItemId=ialpmlmat&istBid=t&&cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59157|acid:416-707-6621|cid:9567730960|agid:98490215936|tid:aud-734784713267:pla-888461750867|crid:423217901968|nw:g|rnd:14111943565287846953|dvc:c|adp:|mt:|loc:1006912&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=9567730960&utm_term=7999011&utm_content=shopping&utm_custom1=98490215936&utm_custom2=416-707-6621&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIw66x6YOQ8QIV3hV7Ch3ssw6zEAQYAyABEgLnwvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  11. Being detacthed by society isn't something a corporation or a video game collection can do, that something a mindset does/allows. You either become detached or you don't.
  12. I do have the PS4 Pro. It's the only reason I even considered it. It's still not a definite that I will go to PS5, so I may just find a TV with 4K and then see what happens from there in a couple of years.
  13. Sheesh! This is tough. Can't find any with 2.1 HDMI so I am assuming its fairly new tech, the majority seem to be 2.0 Each one I have had a look at, either the sound is kack (my current TV uses a soundbar through a coax which is awesome) and most have this blue tooth crap and no coax or cables to connect my soundbar (these flat screen sure are shite for sound eh? Not surprising though I guess), I thought that ended in the early 2000's that tooth stuff? Then its all about lag and darks being too dark or dark making stuff seem fuzzy. I'm half tempted to just buy a NES and grab an old analog TV lol. No issues back then. TV.. bought. Console... bought. Plug the lot in.... bosh! Enjoy! None of this 2.0/2.1 and HDR vs Ultra HD and Oled and Qled and crystal.... WHAT THE F**KING F**K! Man I'm getting old. You loose your footing in the tech race even for a moment and it might as well be your first day on Earth. I still don't have one of those fancy camera phones with the internet and stuff either. Just my old trusty Samsung flip from about 13 years ago lol.
  14. Just got to the part where you infiltrate the palace for the third time after (major spoiler - a girl tries to hurt herself) So I now have the skill where I can talk to the enemies and so far I have Pixie and Jack O'Lantern. Now I had a quick scan of the schedule guide as it mentions I should grind for cash for an event which happens in a couple of days, but also mentions about collecting these monsters. So I then checked the areas and some seem to have monsters specific to areas (though I could be wrong) and so should I try to get all the enemies in the palace I am in right now? I am at the grind spot where you farm the three enemies and so far can't get the horned horse thing or the pink jester type thing, but should I keep trying to floor them in order to try and get there personas?
  15. Yeah I have been seeing them a lot on websites. I notice a lot of there TV's are very energy friendly which I am big into. I hate waste and over powered pointless shite, but was trying to find one that was HDR and 2.1. Is the 2.1 that big of a deal or do you guys think this will be more towards the midlife of the PS5 once devs have to really start pushing boundaries to impress gamers?