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  1. Ok I promise guys this is my final rant as I have just uninstalled the game. I got 4 under on golf. As per the 9th truly screwed me over but f**k it. Nothing new there. Tried a few more times but couldn't get eagles/birdies on the first 3 holes so its a waste of time to continue. I then tried darts again, but still no techniques work so did shit against advanced. But here is what caused me to call it a day and uninstall this pile of shite. Pool. Tried again on advanced and a few shots in I realised something. The cursor for the line or the mesh of the balls is way off. Shots to the side of the ball went completely wide on a number of occasions and the way the AI can map and calculate shots is beyond unplayable. RGG need to get out of gaming, because with RNG like that they could make billions in a day if they started their own gambling machines. But difficult AI is one thing, a broken f**king game is another. Kudos to those that did it, I'm super jealous, but this is beyond shit. The main game was a f**king bore-fest, but the mini-game RNG is 10x worse than it was on Zero or the remakes. Cheers for your patience and advise to try and get me through this. Met some awesome chaps in the process.
  2. Yeah so 10k has to be won in one sitting. Anyway. Still can't do baseball on ex-hard but no one to blame but my own shitness on that one. Its actually the only well done mini-game in the whole game so its just my own shit gaming I have to get past. Withh 100% luck I beat the advanced darts player at 701 but got destroyed on cricket. Beat advanced 9-ball by getting a combi-shot but then destroyed on rotation as she cannot ever miss. Fuck knows what expert must be like if she cannot miss on advanced. Still can't get more than 47 on the box shooter. Can't pick up the big chic on the ufo catcher. Basically I have hit my peak at what I can achieve on the game, Golf I could get better at but its tough. Alway mess up on the 8th and 8th holes when I have 4 under par. Like baseball though its a good mini-game... I just suck at it is all. Can't hit 3250 yards either.
  3. Are you super sure because when I won 700 and then quit out and won 650 it still only said 700 in the stats screen. I could have nailed this ages ago when winning 6k and then quitting because I never got to 10k in one sitting,
  4. Very possible. None the less I am happy to wait. I honestly keep forgetting about the game. Only reason I remembered was when I was out prezzy shopping yesterday and saw it in a shop. Surprised it even went retail and not just digital to be honest.
  5. I think its just the shitness/shock of Yakuza 3 being so bad that has hit me hard mate. At the very least I will try the stories out on my none completion account. Dunno yet.
  6. Although they do plan to release mp at a later date. That is what put me off buying it yet again.
  7. Oh its not the actual difficulty that puts me off, its because of how poorly made the game was that makes it difficult. Basically due to shit mechanics and stuff. Its no doubt why they did a reboot in the first place in hopes that a better built game would sell in the west much better, but then got sloppy after Kiwami 2.
  8. Wisdom covered in KFC gravy with biscuits for desert. Cheers man. Because this game was so poor I am actually considering not continuing the series. Not just mechanics and gameplay, but everything about Yakuza 3 was just dog shit. Gonna aim for the 100% and then cut my loses. I sort of get why they rely on RNG and shit so much. SP games need to keep you glued to them until the next game in the series is released, and no matter how shit this game is, the content available even outside of the trophy list is staggering. But they also need to lighten up a touch and realise its a f**king game. Going into Uber-Ginger mode.... must... stop...but... finding... it... hard... not too.... GAH! I thought I had the hang of darts but its just too random. I keep mentioning how great the mini-games were in Zero, Kiwami and Kiwami 2 and even though I know they were remakes and released years after this game, its still hard to not compare. The devs wanted all games out on one format for the first time ever, but wow has it suffered for it. I could have been happy as f**k waiting a year or 2 for Yakuza 3 to be remade properly even if it was released on PS5. End of the day we want great games to play, not a mass of shit just because its all on one system. As for Yakuza 7. I just don't understand why they called it Y7 and not some spin-off title. The franchise has been going so long that changing the formula of the series could seriously and financially kick them in the balls. I get why they felt like a change, they've used the same cities, same characters, even the same f**king suits since the first Yakuza game, but they only have their own creative limitations to blame for that. Thankfully though the main saga ends at Y6 and so its down to gamers if they want to enjoy a fresh change within the same franchise. Personally I thought it looked total shite. Perhaps they should have done what they're doing with FF7 and added new combat mechanics and then the turn based for the older fans and alike, but again I don't think this dev team has that kind of skill or budget.... plus being in SEGA's back pocket is a bad enough. Been trying to get more toys from the grab machine but wow is it frustrating. The huge toys are near impossible to get. As for poker. If you win 700 in your first game and quit out your stats will say 700/10000k. Then play another game and win 650, the stats won't change to 1300 as it wants you to get 100000k in one sitting. This is whats dog shit about it. The mini games should be there for a break from the norm, but the strict requirements make a balls of it.
  9. Awww you guys. I accept. Man the thing that really embarrasses this game is the outdated/badly developed physics and mechanics. Darts and that grabber game are f**king awful man. Though whilst I rate Zero, Kiwami and Kiwami 2 has having great stories and gameplay, to this day I haven't played a Yakuza game which was fun to get the 100% on. Its a shame really and the Japs need to chill out with this shit. Difficulty should come from intelligent AI and a great physics and mechanic system. Not this RNG luck s**t which the Japanese devs had abused for years. There is probably a reason why console gaming in Japan is dead, and its because the devs didn't know what constitutes as fun and challenging with a rewarding experience, and instead opt for s**t development skills and over use of a calculator ai. Gah! But in all seriousness, I really do regret buying this now. I was telling myself to hold out and get it as cheap as possible but nope. Now I am truly feeling the cost. Wow. My ginger tears of frustration are strong today. Man I hate this f**king game.
  10. Yeah this game is so unstable on PS4. It would crash on exit saves so much that I was worried it would corrupt the only f**king save file it allows you to have. Was hoping to be done with the game once I got the plat as it was boring as hell for the majority of it, but at least this new s**t is free and will be a cool down once I get done with Yakuza 3.
  11. No mate lol I meant those questions to be aimed at Yakuza 3 which I am currently going through. Cheers though man. Least I can get stressed in advance for Yakuza 5's requirements lol. Yeah there were 1 or 2 tough climax battles for Zero. I had the most trouble with Kiryu;s no getting hit battle. It tended to be some of the proving ground stuff was harder than than the later battles lol. Yeah I loved Virtua Fighter when I was a kid and video game fighters had serious restrictions, but f**k me if this game hasn't aged well. It was horrible on Kiwami 2, but no where near as awful as that robot fighting game. Ok so for Yakuza 3 I want to know this. 1: In terms of going for the 100% completion its just the mini-games that have to be completed and not the entire completion list like in Zero, Kiwami and Kiwami 2? So for example I don't need to eat everything, fight every enemy at the coliseum etc etc. 2: Does anyone have a f**king clue how darts work in this game. Its total arse compared to other Yakuza games. 3: Why do the devs of this game hate me so much? 4: Any tips for Poker? I know how to play but the 10k in one sitting requirement is dog shit. Wish they allowed you to do it 10k altogether so you could actually enjoy the game... Gah! 5: This box shooter is shit. Come to my house and do it for me. 6: The trophy requirement for ultimate match says to play them all, not win them all. Is it just badly worded or can you indeed just play them all. Or does it not matter as you have to finish one match to unlock the next? 7: The devs at Fallen Tree Games have added new trophies for American Fugitive. That game was complete arse and I will pay anyone in biscuits to go around to FTG studio and punch them all in their stupid, trophy adding after a year, pieces of shit, balls. So far I have done all the karaoke songs which I found so much easier in Y3 than the previous games songs. Finally done the only massage game in the world which actually induces stress. Done black jack and roulette and sure there was another one. Think I have finished 5/19 so far. Oh and the grabber game is dog shit in Y3 too.
  12. Cool beans. As long as its actually a good game to play then time doesn't matter. Couple more questions. 1: It seems there are loads of cheat items to help with the gambling games. I cannot see one for Mahjong though,is there one in this game like Kiwami 2? 2: Gah...... on and on the coliseum goes. So the trophy for winning all tourneys is simple, but is this also part of the minigame sections like in previous games? In previous games getting 100% meant you had to do everything even thing like eating, but cannot tell if the requirement for doing all mini-games includes unlocking all coliseum fighter etc.
  13. Nah I can understand the love for the devs, despite some serious f**k ups but who doesn't eh. Yeah so far I'd rate them as Zero, Kiwami 2, Kiwami and 3 I might have read it wrong but is it true that the platinum for 5 takes the longest out of the series? Yeah I can understand that. When I eventually do finish Y3, the new DLC for American Fugitive got released so I will try to re-100% that f**king game and then move onto Y4. EDIT Mother f**ker! This game is truly the gift that keeps getting shitter. Where Zero got better with every chapter, Y3 gets worse with every new experience. Was getting some wins in the coliseum and then it eventually opened up the tag tourneys. Oh f**k my balls with a cricket bat and stick a dick in my ear.... This mode sucks! The game itself cannot handle the type of AI it wanted to attempt and its just one mighty f**k mess. Gah! Did I ever mention that time I played Yakuza 3 and hated its f**king guts?
  14. Well because I am now in premium mode and on normal, I was hoping to blaze through the coliseum and just get it over with... But no. Whilst its not as bad as hard mode, the fight restrictions as such show you what poor fight moves you have compared to the AI fighters. Its gonna take ages for me to finish this game due to how s**t it is and how little time I invest in it. I was reading about and it turns out that the Yakuza series didn't actually get good until they released Zero, this is when more gamers in the west bought it and it made the devs realise they need to up their own dev skills if they want to sell outside of Japan, so thats why we then got the remakes of 1 & 2. Those sold better than they ever had but then they got lazy and thought they could just do remasters for the 3, 4 and 5. Not sure if you have started 4 yet, but reviews say it has the weakest story. Now Yakuza 3 started with a strong story which I thought was going to content against Kiwami 2's story for being awesome, but typical Japanese writing it then turned into a bad emo play halfway through and totally went to s**t. So if 4'S story is worse than that, then I hope at least the game play is good.
  15. Trophy unlocked for long f**king title thread eh? Mwahahahahar! Anyway. You new guys who are finally getting to play Yakuza 3, and like me, probably started with Zero and the Kiwami remakes of Yakuza and Yakuza 2 as your first Yakuza gaming experiences, had some amazing gaming from the series and couldn't wait to finally play Yakuza 3, 4, 5 and then end the saga with Yakuza 6. Well thanks to the remaster collection that is now possible.... Woot! Anyhoo. You probably like a trophy or two and no doubt had a sneak peak at the trophy guide for the PS4 Yakuza 3 remaster and noticed you can cut down on playthroughs by playing hard mode first to unlock legend mode. I super recommend you do not do this. Just a few moments ago I finished my first ever playthrough of Yakuza 3 remaster, but unlike the first three games for PS4, Y3R was a total dogs**t experience. Now what I am talking about here is hard mode and how it was handled by the devs. Usually hard modes means it takes longer to kill the enemies and less time to kill you right? Well in Y3R its not like that. What hard mode does is basically make every standard enemy block, lets say, 6-7 of your combo hits. This isn't once in a while, this is every f**king fight from the get go and trust me, in the 69 hours it took for my first playthrough on hard, 68 of them were f**king boring. Its not even that hard mode is difficult, its just really f**king boring, forces your to use the same two-three moves out of a massive list and just kills that Yakuza experiences you got from the other PS4 games in the series when playing on hard or legend. When you complete the game you then unlock premium mode and on premium mode it switched the difficulty to normal. I just spent 30 awesome minutes kicking arse and enjoying all that combat than I did in the entire first playthrough. So if you really want that 100% completion for Yakuza 3, please consider your first playthrough being put on normal. You will enjoy every fight like you did in Zero, Kiwami and Kiwami 2, and then when you beat all substories you unlock the golden gun which is supposed to be really useful in hard and legend modes if your want speed that up. The mini-games will still kick your arse with the rng calculator anyway, so even if you piss through hard and legend, at least you had a damn good time on normal mode and then ripped all your pubes out when going for the mini-game completions. I already ordered my nutsack wig off Ebay for these mother f**kers. Some may agree and disagree. But always remember.... Angry gingers are right about this kind of s**t.