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  1. The second series didn't work let alone a video game for it. The detail and art look impressive but if there was a character who would never work in a video game its One Punch Man. I wonder if trophies get disabled if you use Saitama
  2. Well to hear this will be getting the MP DLC at a later date is a bit worrying. Only for a completionist perspective though. I'll wait until everything is released before I consider buying it. But in all honesty I think its stupid adding the MP trophies to a remaster. Doesn't matter if the trophy list goes from 50 to 30 trophies, it also knocks back some completionist remaster sales too. In case you haven't figured it out just yet, I despise all forms of MP and that certainly includes trophy requirements. I never got to play Uncharted 3 on release because I was late to PS3 and didn't want to grind the online requirements. But they released a remaster with no online trophies and I snapped it up. Same with BioShock 2, Far Cry 3 and some others. All the remasters that still featured online trophies though I never bothered with. You also have to remember that most remasters don't get the marketing that the original games had, so the MP suffers anyway... GAH!
  3. I would love a remaster of New Vegas. That was a proper Fallout game and could be role played in so many ways. Unlike that pesky Fallout and its nicey-nice ways.... Pah!
  4. I got the platinum on Dragons Dogma yesterday. Now don'tr get me wrong I had moments where the game handed my arse to me, but mostly it was down to my own stupidity. Looking back I don't think the game is worth rating obver 3/10 in terms of platinum difficulty. But its terms of gameplay and features the game deserves 9/10 for being so amazing. Give this game a crack if you love RPG's and never played it before. Well worth it trust me.
  5. Wowza! Imagine how many you would get doing the Death kills over and over and then sending the pawn back to your main profile lol. Anyway cheers man.
  6. Yeah I was looking around for ways to make them. Some suggest creating another character on a different profile and then renting your pawn from your main account and then eventually giving it back. How does it work when people rent your pawn, do they give rift crystals for the time borrowing your pawn or rc the pawn gains from playing in quests?
  7. Well I went at it again. Screwed some things up like glitching into the Griffin and having to then go to the Bluemoon Tower, but got it done in the end and have my 27/27 100% completion Just gone back to finish my previous playthrough and its been wrecked.... sorta. If you play on hard and then save and go for the speedrun, when you finish the speedrun and use load game, you will be back where you left off, but its knocked down to easy and in the game options you can only go as high as normal. Really sucks that it does that as its ruined that playthrough now. Not just because its too easy, but also because of the lack of rewards you get like better rift cystals that hard mode gives you. Anyway. Cheers for all the help man, really appreciated it and so glad I bought this for the PS4. Have a short term memory worse than a fish can be very beneficial when when going through these remaster type games
  8. @Dragon-Archon Allow me to take this moment to rage my moobs off. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! 4 playthroughs and the crash happens on the f**king speedrun when you cannot save. Just got to the meet with the Duke and the f**king game got stuck in the loading screen. B**tard! And people ask me why I wouldn't tackle Wolfenstein 2.
  9. Cheers man. Still never got around to trying it on an easier setting lol. Glad though. I reckon the Fallen City has to be the hardest section of the game no doubt, if you were to do each battle of course. Still not tried the mage side of things either. Prefer the sword play in this type of thing though. Not sure if I have ever been a mage in an RPG come to think of it.
  10. It has its faults, but for a game of its age its stands up and beats most RPG's. The story is ok, not awful, not mind blowing. Just decent. And even though I do like my RPG's top have choice, I think playing the hero role only really suits this game. No confliction or stuff like that, just a guy/girl chosen for a greater purpose. The side missions are great fun too and a lot like how Witcher 3 made almost all side quests very different to each other. The Dark Arisen expansion is basically a challenge room. Story is minimal but it gives great loot to then take back into the main game and have fun with. Graphics were great for its time, and its a shame this release never got juiced up some more, but again its still very decent. The combat is second to none. Whilst the likes of Dark Souls have tonnes of weapons and a great combat set for each weapon type, to succeed you basically have to play Dark Souls as hit, roll/block repeat... almost every single fight. Not with this game though. Spell combos, a horde of combat moves for each class and you can choose how you want to defeat even the strongest of enemies. Very well done. Create a character is brilliant too. Lots of creative sections to make sure no two characters look alike, and it gives an even better bonus of allowing you to create your own pawn. Very nice feature indeed. Only thing I hate is the clipping of capes through your weapon sets. Often end up going for the shorter cape styles just so that I don't see my bow or feet clipping through the long capes. Niggles aside, I'd easily give this game a 9/10... even to this day. Do not rush to get the platinum, just sit back, enjoy and when the platinum pops give yourself a pat on the back. Then start NG++++++
  11. @Dragon-Archon @Otonio_Bruno The game hates me man lol Got level 200 and because I no longer need to level I got some level 200 pawns. Went through the final sections of BBI which mostly I spent running through due to the serious overkill of high powered enemies. And don't talk to me about the Fallen City. I seriously gave up trying to fight anything in there and I reckon just that section alone would be a heavy contender to the Dark Souls difficult sections. Seriously man. As soon as you enter theres a f**king dragon, and somewhere there is a goblin/skeleton mage casting explosive magic. So you run down and oh crap... a living armour. So you dodge that and run some more, then climb up a house and there he is again, captain s**tballs himself.... Death. So with the Dragon, Mages, Living Armour and Death chasing you through as you run between buildings you eventually reach the open and see the big doors you need to get to. But whats that in front of the doors? Oh I see.......... 3 F**KING Dominators/Destroyers or whatever they're called. So managed to dodge them as well as keep all pawns alive and entered into Daimons domain... Ha! Only had 55 blast arrows left and a few conquerors charms but was up for the fight. F**king wrecked him.... no trophy popped. All of a sudden he's morphing into the Kang from Teenage Mutant Turtles and for whatever reason I or my pawns could deal no damage from him. Looked online and the only way you can kill him is to grapple him. Quit out and rage typed this. One thing I truly hated about BBI. The boss battles. Now in the base game the boss battles were varied and you could take them out mutiple ways. It was awesome. But now, and once again I compare it to Dark Souls, is that you have to beat the bosses in BBI using the same spam move over and over. Total shite. So gonna have to teleport out, switch to assassin and will most likely turn it down to easy just to go through it all again and get it out the way. Sucks big fat balls that there isn't a storage point near by. I also hate when a dev takes control away from the gamer and makes you play the game a specific way. All those classes, all those move sets, all those upgrades. Nah.... just grab him and stab for a few hours. Gah I say! Gah! EDIT Went back to buy blast arrows and stuff then went back to BBI. Didn't realise how quickly you can run through the third section to get to Daimon. Did it in a matter of minutes. Anyway I had near 300 blast arrows with me and my pawns and I still ran out lol. Thankfully though had enough vim and conquer talismans to finally wreck him. Got him with 10-fold just as he started that vortex thing and nearly dragged me in. Had 80K in rift cyrtals too So I managed to unlock shadow armour top, darkstorm bow and some mage staff with blood in the handle. I used the USB to see what else there is, and so if I want I can also get hellfire cape and the trophy top and boots. Only speedrun and 350 weapons & armour to collect, of which I now how 225. EDIT Got the weapons trophy made a USB backup and sold everything I had. That gave me almost 50 mil and then managed to snag the last 92 pieces I needed from the blacksmith in Gran Soren. Just the speedrun left to do, but gonna finish this playthroug first when I get back on it haha. Thanks so much for all the help you gave given me. Cheers. Hope this thread can be of use to some of the other new gamers to Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen. What a top, top, game this this.
  12. Cheers man. Just gone back to BBI to try and get the dragon glaze as I still have a moongem. I did unlock one door which if facing the void door then its directly behind you. Hope I didn't get it and sell it EDIT I NEVER SOLD IT! Must have picked the correct chest when using the moonbeam ages ago. Wow that was fortunate So I switched to ranger and the fun has started all over again. Gutted about losing skull splitter, but why fire 5 arrows when you can fire 10 Not only that but you can take out clumped groups with it Already at vocation 7 and just doing the base game quests. Man that Dragon Glaze bow is something. Too frikkin expensive to upgrade though. Might try to get one star and then defeat the bishop and dragon back on BBI to at least get the wrymfire upgrade. Usually get a dragon upgrade when I beat the bishopp and dragon using double xp and the conqueror talisman.
  13. 1: Yeah he's alive and due to mutiple playthroughs and him liking me I get good stuff. Only thing I cannot get at the moment is the veterans medal for double XP as he only sells that post dragon and you meet him at the ale house. 2: Yeah sorted on those. 3: Barbed nails is what I was looking for, for ages. I was determined it was a weapon and after checking your link I realised I used to have those but might have sold them... DOH! 4: Yeah I will play the main story for a bit and upgrade the ranger stuff. Not had to buy skills for ages so should have thousands of spare dp points or whatever they're called. 5: I do have a moongem I think. Not sure if I used it though as when I went back a red drake destroyed me. Tried next time and it was a purple drake and wasted the monster. Thats when I may have used the moongem. 6: Yeah I know of the bloodless stockade. I did see a video where he makes death fall into the abyss and gets loads of kills for it minus the loot. Only thing I was worried about was having to get there again. Might get the pawns back, get to the stockade, kill pawns in abyss and then leave and re-enter to attract death. The barb nails are needed because when he spawns above the abyss, the knockback effect is supposed to prevent him from being able to move so when he takes enough damage to dive he dies straight away. Again I will go back to the main story for a bit to build up gold, ranger skills and then try this area. 7: So let me get this straight. You get a blessed flower from that particular quest and forge it. Complete the quest and keep the forged flower. Use it for a day and when it wilts put it back in your storage for 3 sleeps to bring it back to life?
  14. Cut your last response down to quote you but need new advice. Also. @Dragon-Archon once again your service are required. ARISE MR. RISEN-IDGE! Ok. So I have been farming Death and out of the 3 times I have killed him it have leveled me up 30 levels on hard which is incredible, but its also destroyed my gold and now I have next to nothing. I could sell weapons and make a fortune but because of that damn weapons & armour trophy I am keeping what I have in order to know what not to buy again. It would be so much easier but my PC is in a different room to my PS4 and don't have a printer.... the misery of the common folk..... GAH! Anyway here is what I have been doing. 1 - Sleep 7 nights as Cassadis and then go to BBI. 2 - At BBI I then take blast arrows, conqueror exp, vim juice. 3 - First enemy I kill is the dragon and bishop. Super easy and you can get an extra level or 2 off them. 4 - Go back to the start of BBI and go into that first room and make sure that lizards spawn. Kill said lizards and then smash the crate to go into the next room and kill the next set of lizards as well as the dread Lionsheepasnake-aroo-monster. 5 - Drop down and save, then kill self with godmain. Choose retry and then when its reloaded drop that rancid bait and death appearrs. Use vims, exp double and blast arrows. 6 - The pain is that death f**ks off after losing 2 health bars so I end up repeating step 5 until I run out of bait. I usually have to spawn death 4 times before I kill him on hard and it uses about 300-400 blast arrows which is where my gold has run dry. Is ranger better than strider for this part because I saw a vid where the gamer kept death in a sort of stun bounce, where as with strider he drops once, gets up and disappears unless its the 4 spawn in which case he dies shortly after hitting the deck. Also. Last death kill got me to level 174.... Woot! But if I can speed this up it would be great. I'd say steps 1-6 take between 30-40 minutes per attempt, and thats if I don't run out of rancid meat... Gah! Any advice would be super groovy. Cheers gents.