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  1. Well I finished the main story and I think I have done the 2nd legacy dlc. I am at the part where your village is under fire. Anyway. By about chapter 7 I start noticing that no matter what armour or upgrades I use I'm getting wrecked in about 3-4 hits. Tried loads of stuff, then I noticed my weapons now do hardly any damage no matter the level or upgrades. Its like by the time you get to the legacy dlc they go and break all the combat like in the Dragon Age saga. It doesn't help that the part I am at it won't allow me tp wear armour but I am fighting a boss who replens its health after a few hits even though I barely do damage to them. I was really looking forward to the dlc to see some different armour and weapons, but it really does feel like its all broken and nerfed to shit. Damn shame as I was really enjoying all this.
  2. When should you start the legacy of the blades dlc? Missions are already on the map, so is it not like on Origins where the dlc is set years after the main story? Currently going around killing members of that Kosmos guild or whatever they're called. Getting nice gear butI think next I am supposed to start the next set of quests looking for a particular woman so not sure about the blades dlc.
  3. Well as I mentioned I restarted when I originally made this post and now level 26 with my male character and just got to the point where you help Perikles or whatever he's called and now off in search of the woman you're looking for. There is enough weapon combat tactics to keep it fresh, and I do like the map even though its obviously even more limited than Origins era. But I gotta say. The medieval maps and stuff, not just in AC but every other open world game really need to fuck off. I get that putting in trees and broken buildings is far easier for a dev to make than a living city like GTAV, but GTAV was the last time we really got a modern day open world game of awesomeness and that was nearly 10 years ago now. But yeah. Liking the story, love the ship battles, combat is nice. Enjoying it.
  4. So I too looked about and then found a comment which nailed it for me. Its not so much that the voice actor is bad, its that he's actually Greek and speaking English. Apparently, Greek, like Scandinavians who speak English can sometimes sound a little funky. Now if they got an English speaker to do an English speaking Greek accent, then maybe that could have worked, but its kinda awesome that they've been giving work to real people who share the same nationality as the characters. So I restarted and will plod on. The main problem I have spotted in this is that even if an enemy is a level above you then you can be in for a real slog of a fight. Because the games are never meant for multiple opponent fighting, but often but you in those situations, the slow levelling can be a pain in the arse at times, but now I will be working my way back up to level 14 which is where I was with Kassandra. Also the predator bow type control shot isn't as fun. Its still there, but it's as fun as in Origins. Not sure what you mean by I'm prone to restarting as I think this is the first ever post I have ever made on the subject. Could be wrong, but anyhoo. Yeah I already use the cloud save stuff. In this game it does allow for multiple saves though when you want to start a new game it wipes everything anyway I think. Like any sequel though, it does have its improvements and it is a lot of fun to play. In fact a restart can be just the thing needed as now I have the hang of most of the stuff and can get back to where I was in less time most likely and with better flow. If anything though mate. I wouldn't really bother comparing this to another AC game as it really does step away from the AC norm. Instead I'd compare it more to the likes of Skyrim or Dragons Dogma and even early on I'd say it stands toe-to-toe with them.
  5. HI everyone, I finished the 100% on Origins this weekend and wow what an amazing experience it was. Best AC game I have played since AC2 and it tops that in everyway for me personally. So my intention was to play another game before moving onto Odyssey as I didn't want to get bogged down and feel like it got too samey too quickly after just going through Origins. The sales were week recently so I had no choice but to just jump into Odyssey. So the intro was cool as f**k and then came the choice of characters. I chose the woman because I've not played a female character since Tomb Raider. Her voice actor does decent and she's built enough to make her fighting skills and arse kickery believable. So after a quick go I then thought nah.... gonna try the guy character. Now he looks awesome, built like a unit but the voice actor put me off so much in that intro. He makes the character sound dumb as hell and so I restarted yet again and chose the female character. Now I'm about 10 hours in, beat the wolf guy and now on that next chapter. But something doesn't feel right with Kassandra. I don't know if its because I'm aware what a huge game is it, and being uncomfortable with her is making me enjoy it less, but then I remember the voice actor for the male character. I suppose its purely aesthetic and I just feel in this setting a geezer with a sword/axe/mace/daggers suits the environment and setting better. I might be just being a daft twat, but as its only 10 hours in do you reckon I would be better off just being the guy character and trying to block out his voice lol. As far as going from Origins to Odyssey. I can't put my finger on it, but what worked awesome in Origins, seems weaker in Odyssey. I think because its far more open that Origins, I'm going off exploring and ended up triggering story moments that I wasn't hoping to do. Its that age old problem with open world RPG's. You want to go exploring, but you run the risk of wrecking the story and reloading .
  6. You can get silent kills once you meet Aya and she gives you the hidden blade. Up until that point you just knock them out. But you get the blade pretty quickly, I was just confused at the start of the game thinking I was doing something wrong.
  7. Just finished the Curse of the Pharaohs. Done almost everything there is to do in the game, even most of which goes beyond the trophies. I still have the history stuff to do but I'm in no rush as I love documentary stuff. But yeah. What a brilliant game its been. My intention was to buy a smaller game and play it before moving onto Odyssey and getting let down if it becomes to same, but I'm just itching to get into it over the weekend. Origins is a really amazing game and so much fun. I can see why its a favourite among the AC community.
  8. Yeah I got AC Origins Gold, AC Odyssey and the AC3 remaster along with Liberation for less than £35. Had some amazing bargains over the PS$ years, but this will be hard to top in terms of price and content.
  9. Really been enjoying the game all week. Not often I put in over 2 hours at a time on a game on my days off as I like to spread gaming out. But this is very moreish indeed. Was just about to take a break when I saw a quest called 'Gift from the Gods'. I expected a weapon or something but I did not expect such an Easter egg moment. Very awesome lol.
  10. Thanks man. I noticed that when you get the gold version of Odyssey you also get AC3 Remastered along with AC Liberation. A definite steal at £19.99. In terms of Origins I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I now understand the level up weapons and how you can't just stick to one weapon even if its purple or gold as its level could still be low. I'm now on the 2nd map after seeing the Hassan chick in the mobile animus. I did a bit of mooching about with her and when you discover Bakyet (I'm so shit with names man, thats not even the protagonists name it is lol) laying in the sarcophagus. I do enjoy the mythology of Egyptian and Greek cultures so I should enjoy these games. Cannot belive the size of the friggin map though man. At first I pressed the map button and thought it was pretty small but then I pulled the stick back and it just kept pulling further and further away to the point where I got dizzy. I read somewhere that a gamer walked from one side of the map to the other (I hope they ran at least) and it took them over 3 friggin hours I done the first 2 of 12 or the star puzzle too. I'm glad they went for the rpg route and hopefully there is tonnes of this puzzle type stuff. I basically buy all my stuff on a separate account but it works fine for this account. But on the purchase account I thought I may as well use the helix coins and buy the map unlocker to see where everything is rather than going from Playstation in one room to the PC in another. Bought them but I don't think that particular items spreads across multiple accounts, perhaps because of the helix purchase system maybe. PS. My most favourite bit of Egyptian historic info is how when a battle went wrong at sea for King Xerxes, he had the poor engineers beheaded and then had soldiers whipping the sea because it didn't go how he wanted it too. Ahh inbred royalty, you gotta love those crazy kids.
  11. Cheers guys. Tell you what does suck, every other gamers shite pics appearing all over the map. Gonna have to look at how to switch them off. What a pointless feature that seems to be. Had to grab AC: Odyssey for £19.99 for the gold edition whilst I was at it. Killed the first boss but it was a bit crap as I didn't even know I was fighting him. I was trying to rescue priests but then got in a fight and it turned out I killed him. I didn't like that about the first AC game as I wish the bosses were in a separate area so it could be all epic and stuff.
  12. Hi all, Bought the game last night after finishing a remastered game for Hitman. I really needed some PS4 gen gaming after that, and whilst I haven't played an AC game since AC2, I could not turn down the £14.99 gold edition sale currently in the summer sale. Just had a an hour or so and it feels really good. The voice cast sounds odd but not awful. The graphics look nice and I like how the combat feels so far... and I get a camel I only bought it though because it was said it was the very (re)start of the franchice and since I missed the other 704 AC games released after AC2, I felt now could be a good time to jump back in. Its been so long since I played an AC game that I cannot say if the combat feels better or worse since AC2, but as I consider myself a born again AC player I must say that it feels really nice. Could have been a touch more fluid, but I imagine my own gaming experience will make it flow better. Something I did want to ask. It seems the stealth mechanic is much better than AC or AC2, but it seems I only injure them. Is there a penalty for leaving them like this or killing them when they're down or anything or is it just as simple as 'see it, kill it' kinda gaming? As for the microtransaction stuff. I notice the game gives you 500 points I then noticed that there are map unlocks which amount up to 1000h. So with the 500 points I could get the 400 points map and then need the 200 x 3 maps but still have 100 remaining. Such a smart (albeit sneaky) financial move from them. Just £3.99 extra and you can get all map unlocks. Now because I got the game on sale I was wondering if these were worth buying because the more time I can spend playing rather than having to check the PC for every collectable the better. But are they a worthy purchase or is it just a blatant scam?
  13. Its not an awful game mate by anymeans, its just not a good Hitman game. Perhaps back then all that felt wrong was the disguise system, but when they did the new trilogy for the PS4 era, it felt hard going back to a sloppy mechanic like that. In terms of the rest of the gameplay its not that bad mate but the disguise system really lets it down as you really cannot take time to enjoy the surrounds and plot your tactics as your cover is forever being blown.
  14. If you're gonna go for the trophies then all you need to remember going in is that the stealth is kack. Basically (if you cannot remember) is that if you wear a cop uniform and pass a cop, you might as well be carrying a terrorist banner or something. On anything past hardmode its friggin pointless. But if you're a cop and pass a chef, then its alright. Other than that the controls and cover shooting are ok. I just had a quick try of Blood Money as I knew this game is older than white dog shit, but in its day it was an amazing game. Just had a quick go and the controls are fucking awful. No idea where the 4K visuals are because it looks near enough as good as it did on release, only this time its 3 million years later and so the look and animations are dog shit. And I forgot all about that awful fucking slow crawl he does. For a company that has worked on this franchise for 20+ years, I'd say old or newer games, they still haven't mastered what they want from it. It always feels limited somehow, despite its choice of takedowns. And I still don't understand why you can't smash someone with the handle of your gun to KO them movie style. And go all MGSV and pick people up instead of dragging them... Christ! But yeah. If you're game is reaching 10+ years, then a remaster just won't cut it. Maybe a turn based or puzzle game can get away with a lick o' paint. But action adventure and all other games who's genre has progressed so much when it comes to controls and mechanics, then slight visual upgrades are just a piss take. Got the platinum now anyways with Absolution.
  15. The orphanage too. The courthouse has some good challenges but its a friggin pain to do when just wanting to do a suit only. No doubt it can be done, but I'd probably have to attempt that longer than it took me to finish the whole game. Done hard mode with all intel collected in just over 10 hours. All I have left is 15 play styles to unlock, 28 challenges and then 47 sniper shots... which I assume accumulate as its been a while since I attempted that one.