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  1. Used to love the old Codemasters racing games back on PS2. But ever since Dirt and Grid arrived, they went for that horrible floaty feeling when it came to controls. Was horrible to play, but if you're more arcade racer friendly rather than a more realistic sim feel, then they could appeal to you. End of the day Grid and Dirt have sold a bucket load of copies, so despite what I think of them they clearly play well for others.
  2. I got it done, but thanks for taking the time man. It turns out that going to the basketball court on area 2 makes this trophy a breeze. I tried this vid area first a few times but no luck, but the court I got it done first try.
  3. I get where you're coming from. Splitting up a game like this to me seems idiotic, but if its as vast as they mention and they're keeping it single player, then they need to be business smart. Gone are the days of 200 hour RPG's, and if this episode alone can give 40+ hours then that could be good. I too will probably wait, but doing so will probably mean we won't see it completed until the end of the PS5 lifespan which could very well be 2025.
  4. Couldn't see it for that either man. One the guide pages it had the PS3 and PS4 versions, then the other 2 DLC packs but not the trials.
  5. Hi everyone, Got the double-pack for less than £4 the other week. Just tried the game and the controls were horrible, but then after the tutorial and you go to your apartment and the controls feel fucking awesome. Then you start the first mission and the controls go to shit again. Now I paid less than £4 so not down in the dumps if I never play it again, but is it possible to just use the one stick to move and spin like you can in your apartment when on missions? I honestly don't see no point in why they integrated the second stick anways as its fucking wrecks it if your'e not a big player of this type of game.
  6. I remember the Dunwall trials being so difficult on the last gen game. Yet I cannot find a guide for it on here for the definitive edition... what gives?
  7. Hi everyone, This is my final trophy and for the life of me I cannot get it done. There are never enough people. the hearse is a pile of s**t which gets stuck on everything, I just want to get it done. I know I'm asking the near impossible here as next to no one bought the game, but if any of you guys unlocked this trophy in a heavy populated area please let me know. Thanks
  8. Very nicely done! This should definitely be added to the guide. You should ask them could you add it. The game has a tiny following and this is a very random collectible trophy so as much help as possible is needed.
  9. Never heard about this until I saw it on sale... Now Indie devs have next to no money most of the time so marketing is going to be s**t for their games, unless they've shown it the press and they had their mind blown. This didn't seem to happen for American Fugitive. I was toying with getting it due to it being on sale. Looked about, opinions for the game are very marmite. But I had nothing else to play and so I bought the game. Even got in touch with Fallen Tree Games who made the game to check if they had DLC planned and stuff of was this the final product. Anyway they were happy for a new customer and hoped I had fun with it. I'm not. Visuals from the start are very pleasing for an isometric view game. Everything from scenery to vehicle and character models look and move superb. Then you start the game properly and it all goes to s**t. You see its the police mechanic that destroys any fun whatsoever in this game. Forget the dumb AI, I'm talking about it being way to strict. Now whilst you wish the police in real life were so quick to react, in a video game its just tedious having them turn up for every single f**king incident. Hit a lamp post - Police turn up. Slightly rub another vehicle - Police turn up. Buy a new car because you can't be bothered with the chore of stealing a car, only for oncoming traffic to hit your new purchased car - Police turn up. They've made it very hard to like the game. And thats why I am so pissed off with it. Never before have a seen a game with so much potential go and f**k it all up right after the intro credits. Forget how samey the missions are, some can actually be done in various ways to suit your play method, but f**k me if the insta-police don't f**k it all up. And seeing as how you play as a petty thief who it out for vengeance but in the meantime has to rob and sell stuff, why oh why did you not get given a stash house. I assume this game was released within the last 2-3 years? Then why are they so backwards with things like this in this kind of game. Then there is the driving. Now the actual physics are pretty decent and for what they set out to do with the driving I can't imagine them getting it any more right than what they did. But when picking up speed you can no longer see where the hell you're going because the camera doesn't zoom out. The gamers who have played this compare it to the very first GTA top down games, but even they zoomed out when going at high speeds so you could see where you're going. Isometric driving (for me) has only been done well in a very old racing game back in the SNES days. It was a rally game and with its isometric view it worked really well. But it worked well because a rally game doesn't have on-coming traffic. And we know what on-coming traffic in this game means.... Police. Only visually does this go way ahead of the old GTA games from the 90's. For the rest of the game they need to stop comparing against GTA and realise they truly made a balls up of this game. And f**k me if its not a super shame. The game cost me £9.99 in the current sales. I don't feel ripped off, just very disappointed. What did you guys think?
  10. Hi everyone, Gonna do the speed run once I have all the info I need. Are there sections in the game where you can run past battles etc, like in the first two speed runs? And if so could you tell me which chapters etc. Cheers in advance. EDIT Never mind. Did it anyway. 03:48.12 Only fight I was really able to avoid was chapter 19 where you have to blow up the two tanks. Wreck those and then run for the doors at the back.
  11. Cheers man. Will keep my eye out for this Royal version.
  12. i wish this publisher was backing the Yakuza series instead of SEGA. This publisher knows how to market for the West, shame SEGA don't. But back on track for this game.... I never got to play this series, would jumping in at Persona 5 be too confusing?
  13. No idiot boy. Difficult trophies are the best single player trophies you can ask for as they offer the best challenge, even better if the game is actually good. But I do refuse to play online gaming. Too many kids, and more repetitive than a dog s**t job. Must be your cup o' tea huh?
  14. Not sure if the OP has played them already, but try the Uncharted Remastered Collection. If you don't use the exploits/cheats, then the series gives a hell of a challenge. Loads of awesome trophies to complete too, like speedrun, weapon kills and difficulty modes. Very cheap collection for such an amazing trilogy.
  15. Its a shame they never did/will do a Drakes Collection 2 with Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy as the second collection that features the SP only. I'd happily pay £30-40 for that bad boy. Currently going through the trilogy and its an incredible series, and thankfully not of the horrid MP requirements. I just hate MP gaming, and even got the original 100% on Uncharted 2 back on PS3, but wow did it destroy the game fun that the SP gave, As it stands I will probably just try to borrow the 4th game just to experience the story on an alternate account. But I agree with others on what a completionist resembles. Its not about just getting 100%, its about going for it on any game you attempt. But its easy to label yourself as one. Even I call myself a completionist incorrectly, but the truth is I just happen to have a profile in which I aim to get 100% on a particular set of games I am willing to go for. If I know I cannot do it due to skill or the game having MP requirements, I will just play it on my alt account. Sucks that games have MP trophies lol, but thats the way it is. Never hold of playing a video game just because you think you can't 100% it though.