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  1. Hello I need create trophy My psn id : Radamanthys91 Lvl name : trophy I vote for you too Thanks
  2. How do you want me to make a video the servers are closed I won the trophy in 2010 not in 2018 so before saying nonsense learn to read. I understand better why the Americans elected Trump ... I repeat : i play and win the trophy the 09-02-2010 the server cloth the 30-07-2011 where the cheat ? The trophy was bug but after many try he pop i have t use save for that...
  3. You accuse me therefore proves it
  4. Do you really think I'll bother to make a complaint and insist if I was a liar and cheated? I'm just asking for proof that the trophy was impossible before closing the servers until proven otherwise I'm innocent. I would not delete a game on the grounds that someone without proof told me that I cheated. I have contact psn who can testify that I win my trophy without saving and without cheating Pensez-vous vraiment que je vais prendre la peine de déposer une plainte et insister si je suis un menteur et trompé
  5. Proove me...
  6. I never use save i do not know how to do... I have this trophy how to explain that ? I played online and the trophy pop its truth why i cheating in 1 trophy and per exemple i dont use save for the trophy in pes2015 5 or 6 victory online ? Its stupide.. So show me proove ea message or another
  7. Ok after the server's cloth but before the trophy was bug but if you play again y pop after 6-7-8..etc try so show me proove because 1 personne say its impossible all sheep follow...
  8. online close the 30-07-11...
  9. Give me proof that this is impossible: Real World Winner thanks
  10. Stop flag me i have never use save. What proves you the trophy is impossible ? I have play online and the trophy pop Look at my profil im not à cheater... Im not going to hide 1 game while I do not have cheating....
  11. Radamanthys91 FIFA 09 I have this trophy in game...