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  1. Just to add some statistics: he spawned in the Docks for me (in that depression between the town entrance and the platform where Mr Boney Pants Whatever spawns). Took me some six hours of grinding on TVHM (easy mode off, but I doubt that impacted anything). My advice: try to work on the challenges like exotic grenades and shields, and listen to a good podcast while you do this!
  2. Can someone confirm that doing an NG+ playthrough also unlocks the Maximum Security trophy? I know "the devs said it should", but at this point I don't trust that team too much! Thanks.
  3. Yes, but some of them only grow in sections of the Abbey that you will only get access to later in the game.
  4. Yes, that's what we did. Clean start from the lobby each time.
  5. Just grabbed all the devices twice with a partner without hearing an alarm and still did not get it. We are both 100% certain we did not hear an alarm go off. On the first attempt, we died shortly after grabbing the third objective at B. On the second attempt, we even managed to successfully exfil without raising an alarm. We were spotted of course and did a lot of shooting from the tower in the center, but again no alarm went off. I'm inclied to think that it's actually bugged.
  6. This is painful on so many levels, starting with having to restart from the lobby after each fail (which means you have to convince the random to leave...). No way this is intended!
  7. Also, the device that Ratatoskr gives you to capture Nidhogg's offspring is surprisingly reminiscent of the ghost trap from Ghostbusters!
  8. One of the artifacts Kratos picks up in the lake of the nine is a phurba dagger. Could be just a coincidence, but I like to think it's a nod to Uncharted.
  9. I'd really love it if they moved to the Babylonian setting. It would be fresh!
  10. Just played this game for about 5 hours, platinumed the first one shortly after release. So far, I have to say I'm pretty disappointed. The previous game was easily 10/10 in my book, although not even my top 3 games of that generation. It's too early to judge of course, but so far the new one feels to be in the 8/10 territory, sometime even 7/10. EDIT: I progressed this a bit further and it does get much better when you get to a new realm. But prior to that, it was pretty underwhelming I gotta say.
  11. My best piece of advice is just tap your foot to the beat. I started doing much better with this habit!
  12. Not entirely clear on the effect of this DLC for the mercenaries mode in the original game (which, as for many others, is the only trophy holding me from the platinum because I value my mental health). Can you play the new characters in classic RE8 mercs, and if so, does this make it easier? Thanks.
  13. Echo that. I faced the same situation, even though I had 3 stars on all of the first two teirs and then at least one on the final ones. Did not pop. Then I started replaying all of them starting from Voke, and on the 9th one it popped (on that particular one when it popped, I only got 1 star).
  14. I really hate Mercenaries. The first four were a breeze, but the latter four are an insane difficulty spike. Giving this a break for now, might return later.
  15. Thanks! So looks like just some DLCs may be problematic, and that's on case-by-case basis. And VPN should not be an issue.