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  1. Not necessarily, but you should try. Prey is a hidden gem of course.
  2. Mentor did not pop either. Very frustrated.
  3. Playing it now. The War at Home did not pop for me when it should, which is frustrating!
  4. I just got Champion today, latest patch installed.
  5. I'm admittedly horrible at racing games, but this one is just outside my abilities! Spent maybe like 5-6 hours on this, and still never managed to finish above 4th. There's just a lot of luck involved in the first turn, and maybe 5-10% of my attempts were lucky there. Kind of shocking that Classic completion has a 38.2% success rate!
  6. Yes, absolutely.
  7. I might if it is backwards compatible with PS4 (my first console), simply to take advantage of the much faster load times. I sometimes die a lot!
  8. Well, it's a metroidvania, and I think this was pretty clearly communicated even before the game release. By definition, metroidvania games obviously involve a lot of backtracking, as this is a core element of their design, and this game is actually a good example of a metroidvania concept done right. That said, I would not complain about the ability to fast travel to meditation circles or whatever they are called.
  9. I don't trust EA for a second, but I trust Respawn.
  10. So far, I like this new patch a lot, except for the drastically reduced Fate gain.
  11. I think the odds of the first (and only) 5 drones that I got in my second playthrough having precisely the intel numbers which I missed in the first playthrough are extremely low, frankly. But I did not track those numbers closely to confirm the numbers, of course. Just saying what worked for me.
  12. I got this trophy a few months ago, but am pretty sure that it's bugged. Took me three tries, and I'm sure I never really triggered an alarm. On my third try when I finally got it, I only knocked out some of the Jinn on the first level, and the 11 guards on the final level, plus a bunch of guys in the corridor where you get to Miller and kill switch. Killed Marchenko with a kill switch, and it was fine.
  13. I got about 25 drones in my first playthrough and then just started a new game and got the remaining 5 quite easily. They stack between playthroughs.