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  1. today I played 2 games (Backbreaker Vengeance and Backgammon blitz) and unfortunately I had problem with 1 trophy in Backbreaker and another trophy in backgammon. Backbreaker Vengeance: In it has a bronze trophy called "Jack of all trades" to get you "in tackle alley use jump, barge and slide on all of the appropriate tacklers in a wave" to "get" this trophy I used this video at minute 0:55 they show how to get it but when I do I can not get the trophy (the trophy simply does not appear even though I have done everything correctly) I tried a few times until tired and delete the game but if by chance anyone knows how to fix this I will be very happy. Backgammon Blitz: In this game you have a trophy called "up the ante" that asks you to "Re-double the stakes of a game" I used this guide to help me: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/backgammon-blitz/221160-backgammon-blitz-trophy-guide-roadmap.html the guy who made this guide said it was easy to complete and was just doing the process at the beginning of the game that I would win but I already did 4 times and nothing tried until with another control but did not work. if anyone knows how to fix this bug I will be very happy. Maybe my explanation was a bit strange. My English is bad. So any doubt I'll answer