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  1. For anybody thinking of playing Vampyr, Optinooby's guide and is great couldn't recommend it more. Everything is clear and he knows the game inside and out explaining the reasons for doing each action. Watched your 5K subs video recently and honestly really enjoy your commentary on the game.
  2. Yep they jump off cliffs, blow themselves up with grenades, get shot up by other enemies. They're like lemmings at times.
  3. Just used this guide to get 100% tough game due to AI jumping of cliffs but enjoyable. One thing to add if using Staylost’s great guide is that holding down O brings up the weapon wheel/pauses the game. Thanks Staylost.
  4. Infamous 2 is working atm also.
  5. So someone in the USA just earned 3 of the UGC trophies on infamous 2
  6. I also messaged them on Twitter, but haven’t heard anything back. Has anyone tried changing dns and trying to get online?
  7. Unable to connect at the moment.
  8. Thanks all involved worked a treat. Smashed out Plat 200!