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  1. Did you connect to the pivot server through the select menu in the second save file?
  2. Save file wasn't a back up. I completed the game on save file 1, reached the pivot part and found I had a glitched pivot. Started a new game from the main menu and made this save file 2. Played the first mission then accessed the pivot menu in save file 2, connecting to the server. Then went back to Save file 1 and connected to the server again and the pivot had moved.
  3. Disc had all four games.
  4. 50 was a bit of an exaggeration, but I tried your method several times with varying parameters over a 48 hour period. From reading comments here, in the PlayStations trophy thread outlining the same method and in YouTube comments it seems that it doesn’t work for everyone immediately. Not saying your method doesn’t work because clearly for some people it did but for others it didn’t, or they had to wait a few days for it to do so. The theory behind my method is that the pivots are tied to your Uplay account so when linking it to a new save file you are forcing the server to reconnect, giving you new locations and when you go back to your original save and connect it again, you are again making the server give new locations. It should be immediate and with the servers closing soon people may not have the time to play the waiting game. There’s however still a chance you would get the same troll pivot again even though you reconnected, so if someone is testing my method and this happens I would ask them to repeat the process of going to the second save and connecting and then going back to the first save and trying again. There was an old PlayStation trophies thread with a similar method where people were having immediate success by linking their Uplay account to a different PSN account and then going back to their original PSN account. This would do the same thing in regards to the server as my theory. I would just like someone to test the method before I sound off with more conviction. “My recommendation is still do to the strategy outlined in this thread once and to wait.” basically there’s no harm in testing my theory, which would be an improved method if correct. So not sure why you would you would recommend people not trying it and just waiting?
  5. Finally got the trophy after 3 days of the troll pivot and may have discovered a new way to get rid of the troll pivot (if someone who is stuck can also try this method and write back if it works/doesn’t work for them). I’d tried the method mentioned here about 50 times to no avail. I started a new game and then played the first mission fully expecting to do a whole playing through again. After the first mission I looked at the pivot map and connected my account on this second save file. I then jumped back to my original save file and logged back into the pivot map and this had forced the pivot to move to a new location and I was able to collect it without a problem. Hope this helps!
  6. Head in the cloud
  7. Can’t find the dlc or the base game anywhere in the store, anyone purchased it recently?
  8. Do you remember what you did to get the trophy to pop? Helping Hand has glitched for me and I'm trying to get the game to recognise I've done all the quests.
  9. So I’ve been speaking to the devs in their discord server and they have said they will make the trophies scale down in a future update.
  10. I spoke to the devs on their discord, and suggested they should have the trophies scale down. They said they would change it if the feedback grows. So if you would like them to scale down the trophies maybe consider messaging them on discord or twitter etc.
  11. Do it with the bell puzzle, it takes a few times to hit the bells quick enough but you don't have to even fight the boss. The coach gun with some quick reloading perks make it easier.
  12. You have to press x on each space rather than just using d pad to draw it out.
  13. Skookum Arts said on their twitter account a few days ago that a PS5 upgrade is free. I don't have a PS5 so can't test this myself. The game is fun and I would recommend it if you like puzzle games.
  14. Deponia is available on disc as a stand-alone game and all 4 are also available as a collection on disc, I picked it up a while ago for £20. I hated Goodbye Deponia though as it’s got one atrocious trophy that takes longer than the whole of Deponia does.
  15. For anybody thinking of playing Vampyr, Optinooby's guide and is great couldn't recommend it more. Everything is clear and he knows the game inside and out explaining the reasons for doing each action. Watched your 5K subs video recently and honestly really enjoy your commentary on the game.