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  1. quick update for everyone who need the daily and weekly challenges, they are official back on xbox 360 and ps3 as of today, a massive thank you to the ubisoft team for taking my and others request seriously for such a old game, i'm honestly surprised they cared but, ah well, where there is a will there is a way, get them whilst you can, and for people in the future, take this advice, dont give up, and when speaking to people from support treat them nicely and like people and you will get results.
  2. i know, its stupid that we have to relay on unpredictable companies to maintain servers, granted the game is old but i hate the trophies that require stupid stuff like this.
  3. doesnt work at all, just a waste of time
  4. yeah i heard about that, I hate people that do stuff like that, hacking boards, batman arkham asylum had really obvious hackers in the leaderboards, whats the point? thanks for the info.
  5. fair enough, just asking
  6. anyone know if the servers are working?
  7. lol, ok thanks bud
  8. so is this unlikely to happen?
  9. did this ever happen, or did they not get back to the guy?
  10. thanks for doing that, thats what they said to me, so hopefully it gets sorted, i have noticed today that the weeklies have disappeared today, so i hope thats a good sign and a indication that they are currently working on it.
  11. no sign of the dailys coming back yet, but i got in contact with ubisoft customer support and was part of a live chat, the guy was pretty helpful and said he'd pass it onto the server team, and to check regularly, hopefully it gets fix, if anyone else is having this issue, contact ubisoft customer support and do a live chat, maybe with enough pressure they will sort it out.
  12. this game is a buggy mess, teleporting you in walls, sound and music glitches, and broken hands, and the story is just the same old disney crap, the force is weak in this one!
  13. not seeing the dailys pop up, do you have to do anything specific, like play some of the campaign first for them to unlock, or do they show from the start, weeklys are working fine, any help would be appreciated.