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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions - there are quite a few that I will definitely be purchasing. Also, thanks Spaz for your insight - but I don't think you understood what I was asking - I don't want anything handed to me, I just wanted some fun games to play that didn't require hundreds of hours to complete. Something to dip into and feel that you have reached a conclusion quite quickly in comparison to other games - and don't require a seemingly endless grind.
  2. I already have the NBA 2K19 Prelude trophy (although it took me a hell of a lot longer than you!!! lol), but will definitely look at the HiQ Ace option tonight! Once again, thank you!
  3. Wow - thank you all for such quick and helpful responses!! Will check out all of your recommendations (well, at least the ones I haven't already started!).
  4. Hi all, I am just going to start this with a couple of apologies, as I am a new member and still working my way around the site - so firstly apologies if this is the wrong place for this post, and secondly apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere (I tried searching, but didn't quite find what I was looking for!)... I was wondering whether any of you good people could recommend any games that provide a quick and fairly easy (but enjoyable) 100% that have no platinum trophy. Games can be PS3 or PS4, but no vita games please. Whilst I battle through some of my more intensive games, I want a couple of ideas of what to play for a quick trophy fix (been a while since I heard that ping!) All recommendations are kindly welcomed and thank you in advance Bodhi
  5. No apologies needed, friend - and it's nice that people are interested (although I never considered that I would be discussing my spiritual beliefs when starting this thread! Anyways, as I said before, I am a pretty bad Buddhist - but I find no real issues whatsoever in fitting my beliefs in to western society. Some of the key principles of Buddhism are: 1. Life is suffering and universally experienced (this is pretty easy to adapt to western society, as life can be difficult - however, it's the same for everyone, no matter what your perception is). 2. Desire and attachment are the causes of suffering (again, this is quite easy to understand and apply) - I often meditate with this in mind - Do I need the things I "want"? Do they bring me any lasting happiness (or anyone else). That doesn't mean you need to go without, but be mindful of the value and attachment you place on things, as everything is temporary 3. Do not destroy other beings and practice loving kindness Basically, it all amounts to don't be a dick, value the life that you and others have and don't place false value on materialistic or insignificant things (both in terms of objects and thoughts, discussions, etc). Of course, I am over simplifying things, as I am not a teacher - but none of those things have required me to sacrifice anything (or at least it doesn't feel like a sacrifice when you place no real value on whatever it is you relinquish) and none of those things present any difficulties in applying to western life (no more than it would to eastern life). I guess the hardest part is not being a dick to someone when they annoy, anger, insult or in any way assault you - it these moments where you have to learn to learn to adapt your behaviour (and learn from what it is that triggered your emotions). Hope that answers your question...?
  6. Generally speaking, Buddhism isn't really a religion, but more a spiritual path (take from that what you will) 🙃. Many of the deities were actual people (who have some arguably mythical and legendary stories attached). It sounds like he is adapting all of the practices without attaching a label - which is cool in my opinion. Besides, i am a really bad Buddhist anyway... To try and bring the subject back to gaming though - I think someone should try and make a Buddhist game - full of eastern iconography and traveling through the realms of hungry ghosts, samsara, and ultimately achieving enlightenment... riding snow lions, wielding a flaming sword to cut through ignorance. that type of thing. I don't know about you, but I would buy it (and hopefully achieve a platinum trophy!!!)
  7. You're doing well then - I have been practicing for about 10 years or so, and I can only manage around 30 minutes myself - but to be honest, in my life, that tends to be all I need (or at times can afford). And it sounds like it's paying off well, if you've been able to catch yourself at a trigger point. Perhaps I should come and learn from you!
  8. Thank you for the warm welcome. Glad to hear that you're finding your meditation practice helpful - Mindfulness (whether through Buddhist practice or not) is an excellent skill to possess. Om mani padme hung! I used to find it really difficult to stay present - my mind always used to wander - or I would get easily distracted, until I got a teacher who helped with the techniques. Are you learning from a teacher, or are you self-taught?
  9. Hi all, I have been a lurker since I first joined in November last year... I feel like I should lurk no more, and introduce myself. I recently returned to the world of gaming after a very long time away. I bought myself a PS4 after a relationship breakdown, and as soon as I heard that little chime of a trophy unlocking, became intent on unlocking more and more of the little buggers. I came to this site for the guides really, but have become obsessed with seeing my world and country rankings improve with each 'ping'. However, I am very much a casual gamer, and will not be fighting for my place with the elite hunters! I decided to stay after seeing that this is a very nice community. I am not a massive fan of online gaming - mainly because it tends to highlight how atrocious I am at most, if not all, games. I am that guy that you will use as cannon fodder, helping you to increase your stats rather than achieving MVP status myself. As a result, I tend to avoid multi-player sessions unless i need the trophies on my way to the platinum or 100%. Whilst I enjoy most genres of games, I tend to avoid most FPS or realistically violent games (Buddhist beliefs). I spend a lot of time playing driving games and enjoy trying out some of the more niche or indie titles. I am not going to play a game just for easy trophies, but a little whoring on occasion has proved to be quite satisfying (My name is Mayo, i am looking at you). I like to mix it up a bit, having a long-haul game on the go, whilst playing a couple of quick-fix games. I hope to make a few friends along the way here - and as i become more confident, perhaps start contributing - but I feel more student than teacher at the moment. Anyway, I have probably bored you all silly if you have read this far, so I will return to a semi-lurking state for now. Peace and Love, One and All
  10. But none of that progress would be saveable - hence other than getting the trophy for level 50, none of the XP or money would be saved. It would pretty much be a waste of time, no?
  11. I'm guessing this wouldn't work on GT Sport to reduce the grind to level 50 by winding back to the pit glitch? Presumably the online save gets in the way of that?