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  1. Yeah good to hear! Must be isolated incident and makes me further question why they removed from PS5 store.
  2. Title
  3. It sounds like you are saying that the issues occurred when transferring save from ps4 to ps5 or vice versa.. If so - i started the game from scratch on PS5.
  4. Ok good to hear! Hope it was an isolated case but might never know
  5. No rumors of ps5 version, Xbox sx confirmed. I can't say for sure.
  6. This is a big wake up call for me as someone who will only play games that can be 100%'ed on my main account. (though I haven't played mortal shell)
  7. Minor spoilers. There is a game-breaking glitch for the Ps5 version of Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice during the Illusion trials. When walking up to the area before the boss where there's meant to be a gate has glitched out and there was no gate there at all. I could walk straight through to the boss fight, but that did not work either. There is supposed to be a minor cutscene when you walk up to the gate area, but it's broken. I restarted the game and had the same issue. I backed up my save and then placed the disc into my ps4 to check what happened, but got the same issue within the save file. Remedy - restart the game and play on ps4 only. Thankfully, this did not glitch on the ps4. I don't want to risk switching back to ps5 with the new save file as it may glitch out elsewhere too. Even though the sweet 60fps would be ideal.
  8. Yep, like others, I'm not too keen on the Multiplayer trophies. Hoping it doesn't turn into a 100+ hr ordeal, cause I love my 100% (yet to do NG+). Free content is always good though.
  9. Daggerhood on the vita. The shame, didn't even play past the Platinum.
  10. I'd say Difficulty 6/10 if your have high levels of perseverance. Or 9/10 if you have no perseverance.
  11. Still works on Ps5 1 July 2021
  12. Made it to boss fight twice with a group of four and died. Utterly disappointing, so much time spent. Starting to doubt if we could even do it. Really wish they would make it easier somehow