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  1. Multiplayer trophies grind be like:


    1. PlutoRico


      Nice setup 😂

  2. Graphics for me, i dont see the difference between 30 fps and 60 fps
  3. For the grinds, I would advice to find more then one good spot if its possible. When grind starts to get really annoying you can change spots, maybe it will cost you a little more time, but it will make it more fresh for a while. I prefer to grind 10 hours and change spots then grind 9 hours in only one spot
  4. I think you forgot to add "for me" in the title. For myself trophies saved my gaming hobby and i enjoy it a lot more now then i had when i was still a child.
  5. I always think about what my build and character will be like and i create character that fits. Like i will probably choose to play male characters if i will go for some tanky build.
  6. I started playing far cry primal on pc, just to try something different then my standard League-csgo rotation. I opened map and saw many different points on the map. Started doing them, it took me maybe like 2 weeks to go to most of them. I wondered about if its worth to 100% games and i remembered my friend that invited me to his house after school, he was flexing platinum trophy in heavy rain (it was when i didnt care about games at all) So i did some research and find out that im really into getting trophies and that most of the games are more rewarding and satisfaing to 100% then ubisoft games. I picked up cheaper version of ps4 and bought myself spiderman. I think i did full nights like 3 days in a row and when the dopamine got into my brain after getting platinum. There was no going back now.
  7. Add me to the list, my good sir 😎
  8. What is the worst anime/TV show you ever watched?
  9. PSN: Riddler_Q Add if you want to play something c;