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  1. Its on pre-order now on the playstation store £34.99 standard version, or £41.99 for deluxe. I love this game but there's no way I'm paying £35 for a DLC pack. I'll wait for the sale.
  2. Suit power: Web Blossom - Leap into the air and web everything in sight. Mods: Discharge Power Cells - Perfect Dodge temporarily increases damage First Aid - Increases the amount you are healed from Focus. Full Charge Capacitors - Increases damage when your health is above 100. I went for a 'never attack until after a dodge' tactic. Speeds things up, against melee enemies you get damage bonus with Discharge Power Cells and against guns you get the free takedown anyway. I needed First Aid to start with but once I got used to the quicker dodging on ultimate difficulty, I only really used it on boss battles. Could have swap that out for something else but didnt bother. Web blossom ended most of the big group fights before they even started (if you let them run towards you next to a wall before using it). In my opinion, by far the best suit power.
  3. I was thinking exactly the same thing!! It does bring back memories of infamous. The conversations with Yuri remind me of the conversations Cole has with Zeke (I know this isnt from second son), all the way down to the cheesiness. And Sable international with their sniper towers and armored agents taking over town are basically the DUP.