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  1. If I'm not mistaken they only send an email with a special theme or avatar for the people who got the platinum within a year after release.
  2. cool, thanks.
  3. @Jables_The_Hutt just to be clear, when you finished the game on grounded+ did it also unlock grounded, survivor and survivor+?
  4. @Gray-Fox-44 is it the same version they gave away on ps plus on february 2019?
  5. I understand, just wanted to let everybody know if they haven't bought the game yet.
  6. The brazilian version is in portuguese and I didn't find any way to change it, so I think it's region locked.
  7. Got it @AdruA_, thanks.
  8. Thanks for clarifying @gnova, I might try your strategy. 😃
  9. Hi, I'm not sure how ng+ works for this game. So after you defeat the last colossos and click continue, does it start a new game+ automatically in the same difficulty and keep all your upgrades?
  10. I've just finished the game for the first time and started new game+, but I'm not so sure how it works in this game. The save file for the first playthrough shows: 16 colossi defeated normal+(1), and the save file where I started ng+ shows: 0 colossi defeated normal+(0). What do those numbers inside the parentheses mean? I want to maximize health and stamina, can I choose either save file?
  11. Thank you so much, @luigino0911.
  12. I made too many manual saves and I hit the limit playing bioshock 1 lol. I will definitely have to erase some save files but thankfully they're already backed up.
  13. You guys can add me too.
  14. It made me appreciate more the games I like and try games that I probably otherwise wouldn't have. I thought I would never be able to beat uncharted on crushing, but going for the platinum made me learn the mechanics and patterns and overcome the challenge. There's also a sense of community. I got out of my comfort zone and reached out to people through gaming sessions and this very forum. And a shout out to the dedicated people who create guides, they're the best.
  15. I think I did two holeshots that the game didn't register but the rest were fine.