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  1. I'm not sure if you can boost those two trophies, but you could create a boosting session in that section of the website.
  2. I used broadhead crossbow bolts+devil's puffball+dancing star. Just go to devil's pit in Velen, then alert the guys and go to the entrance, they don't cross it for some reason and you can do it from a safe distance. You can switch to "death march" so they don't die immediately and you can also equip the "lightning reflexes" skill so you have more time to aim. I hope that helps.
  3. This trophy is so buggy. We had a few failed attempts. On our successful attempt my friend was the host, picked the challenge and collected all the artifacts while I stood close. He also lit the escape fire and boarded the helicopter first, just for good measure. None of us was using cards that give a codex. It seems it's true that you need to collect at least 2 medium artifacts. We collected 1 medium and four large in one of the attempts and the challenge failed.
  4. I'm so glad the spike checkpoint worked. We just had to do the spike and theather puzzzles without mistakes to get the trophy to pop.
  5. Same thing happened to me. I tried going up and down the elevator so the area would load again. Everytime it loaded the symbol respawned, but as soon as the genies got close, it disappeared.
  6. For anyone who needs visuals.
  7. I's definitely glitched, for me it was the "bumping into a mushroom" moment. Everytime the genies got close to the symbol it disappears. Edit: I had to replay the whole game to finally get the trophy.
  8. Hi guys, I've got a code for a skin but it needs an epic games account to redeem and I don't feel like creating one. So, here it is: U5VU9-JLAF4-5WPMD-HM8TS
  9. Thanks so much. I tried it in Cirith Ungol, I kept advancing time but nothing happened, then I fast traveled to Nurnen and an online venetta showed up right away.
  10. I had 15,083 and I bought Lancer today, I had no problem, so I don't know if this bug is common.
  11. This hasn't happened to me, thankfully, but there were a few other bugs. Right now my daily contracts are not loading and my friends and I were unable to find a match while in a party of 4.
  12. Apparently you have to have your friend playing alongside you.
  13. That sounds right. I thought the trophy was glitched but then it popped. I dind't see how many miles I had accumulated, but I'm sure it was more than was 40.
  14. I have the f2p version and I got dominus, but I don't remember if it was through a crate or specific challenge. You don't need to spend money to get it.
  15. The GoTY edition isn't avalable in my country anymore, so the only way I can access the bonus episode is within the game's main menu through the store option. When I click it a ps store page opens and the description says both the landslide mission and the Icon & a house built on sand mission are part of the bonus episode. I hope it's the same for you.