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  1. What happened to your profile?

    1. MidnightDragon


      Either they asked to no longer be tracked or got removed for other reasons.

  2. I didn't know Sony was even making anymore updates. Anyone know what this new update has changed / improved?
  3. Didn't the servers shut down on that game?
  4. One Word by Powgi. I was very surpised the are still are still making games for Vita.
  5. Goal for 2019 = 100 platinums :)

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    2. HaserPL


      Good luck :). Not trying to be rude but with the kind of platinums that you got already, you can easily go for 150 or 175 this year, easily.

    3. kiwinesss


      Thanks guys! I want to try for 100 new plats, @HaserPL I know I got a lot of easy platinums, but I want to go for a mix of easy and hard. 4 down, 96 to go :)

    4. HaserPL


      @kiwinesss either way, good luck with achieving your goal man ;)

  6. PSN ID kiwinesss PS Systems PS4, PS3, PS Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests No, please mention PSN profiles. I am not a big multiplayer but sometimes I need the trophies. I can also help anyone to get online trophies if they like, but be warned I am not an expert shooter.
  7. I got two plats today, first was Midnight Deluxe as a warm up ..... no really worth mentioning, so easy ..... but the one I am really proud of is the plat for Alice Madness Returns. 2019 may begin!
  8. I still have to complete the first one, which reminds me I better get on to that soon PS: Whoops, scrub that ...... it is the remastered version I am playing .....
  9. I suppose this is not a game many people play on PS3. I am not going to get my 100% now
  10. Call of Duty Modern Warfare ..... I should have at least one Call of Duty plat If you can give me a tip how to get that stoopid ball to jump properly then I can get that last trophy in Alice ...... that ball has a mind of its own
  11. Dead Space cos I heard it's difficult and I am not sure I could be bothered playing it through myself
  12. PSN ID: kiwinesss Usually I just play single player games but often multiplayer or coop trophies are required so it would be great to hook up with players to achieve them. Just mention PSN profiles in the FR. cheers!
  13. I bought this game on special a while ago and am looking forward to playing it. Probably next week
  14. For some reason the "cash cow" trophy is not popping for me, I played through the game and tried different variations but no trophy. I deleted the game and reinstalled it, but no trophy. I even deleted my save file and played through again but no trophy. I already got 100% on PS4 and PS Vita but on the PS3, something is wrong ... Anyone else have this problem, or know of a work around?
  15. I am playing Spyro 1 at the moment but to be honest I am finding it kind of boring, I hope 2 and 3 pick up a little more.