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  1. i have the 3 chapters of the raid unlocked but the Transcendence trophy didnt popped, if you are up to it i can invite you and do the chapter 3 only to get the trophy, but we will have to get another 2 players to do it. add me my profile name is the same as my PSN
  2. i have the same experience, i overwrote the save for Legends, and several of them popped but the one for completing the 3 Chapters of the Raid didn't popped, i tried doing it again but it didn't worked. i will try once i finish the DLC to delete the separate file and try to port the save again. if anyone has a method that works please let me know.
  3. Hi I can confirm that as up 7/17/2021 the NA Version i could get both Uber and Super Hero by only doing the final mission on the highest difficulty, once i killed the boss both trophies popped, and i did it on my ps5.
  4. Can I do it backwards PS5 to PS4?
  5. Hi anyone that can help me get my crew to level 50, I'm currently grinding through level 42, I'm grinding every day. Crew name: Ghosts #5760400 Or incase anyone is interested in inviting me to a clan lvl 50 or 42 and up I'll gladly grind the levels with all of the team