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  1. i think its a ood idea couse for example if you get lvl hacked in gta all the pionts and trophies has got to go if u still want to be in the leaderboards. so what if you could delete trophies hackers gave you. I think its a great idea
  2. i have not done that yet ok thanks
  3. hi i just got hacked and i got lvl trophies... do have to hide the trophy list or is it cool? i mean everybody knows that there is hackers on gta
  4. thanks
  5. thanks is there a maximum of how many allie turned beasts i can have? like do i have cages or smth i must upgrade or can i just set it to autoplay and get them? thanks again.
  6. one tip is to use all the boost sessions they are very popular and u can focus on other games and u wont get a ban or suspension
  7. i dont understand how i get allies? can someone help me pls.. isnt it suppose to be a choice after each fight??
  8. i have to own / play the game on the playstation right? i cant just own the on pc
  9. The level when you save animals when you going on your Slade u cant have invinciblilty on couse for some reason you cant fight