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  1. uncharted, one of my favorite games
  2. already got the plat but thanks;) wasnt going for 100% anyway
  3. do you mean lbp 2? i already have the plat on the first and third, and i think I'm close on the hardest one of the trophies i haven't done yet. but i have set it aside from now until i have nothing else to do;)
  4. kung fu panda showdown of legendary legends.. idk if its hard but i looked at the trophies and seems pretty grindy i didn't find anything else tho
  5. when i see hidden games i dont see them as cheaters maybe they hide them bc they got 1 trophy in 10 games and never ever wanted to play again so they hide it to get better % completion. now to the actual question. no 1. it seems like its a LOT to work on 2. if you dont film yourself doing it its not actally proof, bc look i cheated on this account too but bc I'm not required to show me play 100 hours nobody can say I didn't do it.
  6. i dont remember anything, but worse case just glitch in a wall and shoot enemies from the wall another tip is to stay behind cover, so don't take cover just stand behind things.
  7. you can only play it if you have ps+ right?? or am I missing smth?
  8. I think that it shouldn't be flagged because literally everyone has the equal opportunity to get it, I don't think you need any outside work to actually get the trophy, yes it kind of defeats the purpose of having a trophy for it, but since everyone stands at a point where you can get it just by doing things in-game I think the method for obtaining that trophy should be seen as a glitch since its obtainable without you doing outside work. I don't think the mod menus should be fair use for obtainable trophies tho since they are possible.
  9. i think its a ood idea couse for example if you get lvl hacked in gta all the pionts and trophies has got to go if u still want to be in the leaderboards. so what if you could delete trophies hackers gave you. I think its a great idea
  10. i have not done that yet ok thanks
  11. hi i just got hacked and i got lvl trophies... do have to hide the trophy list or is it cool? i mean everybody knows that there is hackers on gta
  12. thanks
  13. thanks is there a maximum of how many allie turned beasts i can have? like do i have cages or smth i must upgrade or can i just set it to autoplay and get them? thanks again.
  14. one tip is to use all the boost sessions they are very popular and u can focus on other games and u wont get a ban or suspension
  15. i dont understand how i get allies? can someone help me pls.. isnt it suppose to be a choice after each fight??
  16. i have to own / play the game on the playstation right? i cant just own the on pc
  17. The level when you save animals when you going on your Slade u cant have invinciblilty on couse for some reason you cant fight