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  1. @Forunth Thanks, yeah that makes sense. Think I'll still hold off for now seeing as some people aren't getting 100% of the trophies. I loved the game but couldn't make myself run through it all again to snag a trophy or two
  2. Is it usual for there to be no PS5 trophy list for this yet? I'm a little wary of loading up the PS5 version and popping trophies without the list being up on PSN itself yet (at least from what I've read). Or can someone confirm that it does now appear on PSN, but just not synched with PSNP yet?
  3. So with the impending PS3 store shutdown I've hopped back to my PS3 and was thinking of picking up some digital games. Of course, most PS3 games can be grabbed from eBay etc. for pretty cheap but I've noticed that some of the rarer physical releases can be quite expensive. Because of that, I'm looking to see if anyone has any idea or recommendation for decent games that for whatever reason are cheaper digitally than physically that I can grab before the shutdown. I expect the list will be reasonably short but just want to make sure I don't lock myself into expensive physical copies once the store shuts down.
  4. Thanks for the tips everyone, really helped me out. What I ended up doing was switching car to the Nissan fairlady, maxed out, rear heavy, multiplayer free roam (or whatever it's called) for less traffic, weaved on straights rather than boosting. Made things much much easier and went from 10 attempts per activity to just 1 or 2.
  5. I've platinumed 2 other NFS games without much issue and in payback I'm not even having much trouble with speedruns so far which I understand is a sticking point for a lot of people. BUT these drift zones are killing me. I have my drift car maxed out, I'm going into the zones and all corners as fast as I can, at a sharp an angle as possible, hitting the multipliers and getting 4x, boosting to maintain it and holding the 4x until the end. But for example where I need 70K for 3 stars I'm getting a max of 50k. It's taking me maybe 10 or more attempts at each to get the 3 stars and others seem completely undoable. Is there something I'm missing? Should I actually be going slowly or weaving left and right on the straights? Any help would be appreciated because this is going to take me an eternity to complete with my current method.
  6. For anyone still struggling with this (like I was), go to your map and swipe the rear touchpad until the map view changes to "recommended". Bright green diamonds are races you have NOT came first in yet, dull green are races you have came first in. Also you'll need to disconnect from autolog as it changes some to yellow diamonds and hides whether or not you came first or not. Also because the vita version has exclusive races these will also show up as bright green diamonds but you can ignore those as they're not necessary for the first in every race trophy.
  7. Thanks for this - I wasn't able to start missions directly but the search worked perfectly. Much faster and I simply searched for "easy" which gave me a huge list of 2 second instant finish missions. Just to note, this was done on PSNow.
  8. Ha! I didn't even realise that was an option - does it cause any slowdown?
  9. Rain (PS3) but also on PSNow covers this off well I think. It's always dark/raining, your explore streets and inside some abandoned buildings, no other people around and some really unique game mechanics. Tokyo Jungle (PS3) and again on PSNow - not always night time but there are no people, just animals (including yourself). Post apocalyptic setting so the streets/buildings are decayed.
  10. Thought it would be interesting to see what games are sitting on everyone's PS4 home screen at the moment. For me: Minecraft Life is Strange 2 Metal Gear Survive Erica Little Nightmares Escape Plan The Last Tinker Octodad Tetris Effect Okami HD FFVII Remake Four Sided Fantasy
  11. After months of bouncing between games, partially completing some of them, switching and not really making much progress on anything, my game buying binges finally maxed out the storage on my 4TB external HDD meaning that I can't install any of my new purchases or PS+ games. In the past week I've managed to clear off 5 platinum trophies, close to getting my 6th and then deleting them once done. So yeah the solution for me personally has been to buy a stupid amount of games, spending a silly amount of money and preventing myself from enjoying new games I've bought. I'm half joking of course but this barrier has genuinely given me the nudge to start clearing through my backlog - maybe I should have bought a smaller HDD
  12. I've found a guide that for the most part is fine but contains incorrect information for a trophy that meant some wasted time for me and I'm sure others too. Is it possible to have a guide updated/take ownership of a guide that was written by someone that is no longer active (since 2015) or is it just doomed to forever contain incorrect information?
  13. Yeah I read about the hunter technique but I could never get a good enough handle on the controls to accurately hit much on the ground! What I've listed above might be useful to people with a similar inability 😆
  14. Another tip for The Los Santos Slayer which on average was getting me ~300 kills every 12 minutes: 1. Go to the las venturas strip and put a pin in the map outside "pirates in mens pants" - this will just help orient you 2. Kill yourself! 3. Spawn at hospital behind "pirates in mens pants" - turn immediately right and run into the parking lot, grab the ambulance. 4. Head for your pin - run over pedestrians on your way 5. Once on the strip, stay on the side you entered on and get on the pavement - once you reach the "High Roller - win a video poker machine" sign turn around and head in the opposite direction (on the same side of the strip), staying on the pavement obviously. Then when you reach the "sex shop xxx videos and toys" sign, turn around and head back - rinse and repeat. 6. Eventually your ambulance will be destroyed by police, when it starts to set on fire if you can head for a police roadblock and park next to them as it gives more kills to your count when you explode. 7. Stay in the ambulance for the explosion - You die! 8. You respawn at the hospital - go back to step 3! 9. Repeat again and again Why this works: 1. This section of the strip has a really high density of pedestrians in large groups 2. There is a wall to the left so 50% of the time they cannot jump out of the way 3. The paths are wide and have very few lampposts etc. to crash into 4. The ambulance is very durable 5. Short distance between hospital and the strip making each "cycle" very quick. TIPS 1. DO NOT DRIVE STRAIGHT - pedestrians will jump out of the way, instead "wobble" the ambulance very slightly from left to right so you're coming at them from an slight angle. For some reason they do not jump away. 2. DO NOT DRIVE FAST - pedestrians will jump out of the way, so go slow and steady but fast enough to kill 3. If a police motorbike gets behind you slam on the brakes, reverse and knock him off otherwise he will very quickly shred your ambulance. 4. When you catch on fire head for the roadblock, or a group of pedestrians or a group of cars to get a final boost to your count.
  15. A little tip that sped up the A Legitimate Business (Import/Export) for me and made it less of a pain:1. For any vehicle on one of the other two islands, get on the train at the train station outside your garage safe house, skip to the station closest to the location of the car you need (with ).2. Once you have the car, drive onto the train track and drive along it all the way back to the train station outside of your garage safe house which is very close to the export crane at the docks. It means no traffic apart from the odd train, no need to keep checking the map to make sure you're taking the optimal route back and no possibility of taking any wrong turns. Just make sure you're headed in the correct direction when you set off!If for point 1 you find yourself waiting too long for a train, you can just use the same tactic as for point 2 - grab a bike and blast along the tracks to the location of the car you're looking for.