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  1. Yea I'll let you guys know when he responds to me. He was super punctual and helpful last time so I'm optimistic
  2. It did not work. I emailed him my results and he says he's looking into it. Now we play the waiting game.
  3. So as another poster stated, they were very friendly when addressing the trophy bug in one of their previous games. I was in contact via email last time so I'm going to use that same email this time and see if they're aware and trying to remedy the situation. I originally used their business email but was replied to with a different, person specific email. Here's the email if anyone else wants to assist. [email protected] Edit: emailed and tweeted. Fingers crossed. Second Edit: he's responded through email and had me send him a screenshot of my list of saved readings. Third Edit: He didn't know you could change things in the PS4 system settings so he wants me to delete everything, start from scratch and do the actual 5 days before he works on a patch.
  4. I saw this and emailed him about it. Woke up this morning and there's already Another patch. Game works, trophy works. Our patience was not in vain lol.
  5. It's a decent challenge if you don't have a good ear for minute differences in musical tone and pitch but it's fun to eliminate possibilities and figure out where everything goes. It's not bad if you can switch layers and use the hints but can be Very challenging at times when avoiding both of those assists. I did everything in about 3.75 hours according to the website stats. (No guide or anything)
  6. Ran into the same problem. I messaged them on twitter and their "contact us" page on their website. Guess we'll see if anything comes of it. *Edit* Hooray for customer service and fluidity between gamer and developer being a thing these days. A response I got after emailing the dev about the trophy errors.: Hi Travis, I am aware of the throfies errors. I am preparing a patch and it will be online in the next few days. Thanks George S.
  7. According to the in-game level information, I've gotten all of the collectibles but haven't received the trophy. Has this happened to anyone else? *Edit* Nevermind. Had to delete game, reinstall and collect a glitch in the first level. Then it popped.
  8. I'm down to boost all MP trophies with anyone if they wanna. HMU
  9. Just need to trade items for the Swap Meet trophy. Just send me a message about it. Edit: done.
  10. I have every brick element and the chests are giving me random weapon drops. Should I have all weapons on hand as well before it starts dropping 100k at a time?
  11. No problem man. I posted a different topic thread with everything needed in one spot. Help future generations
  12. I was conversing with a guy on truetrophies and helped him out with a few things. He put this playlist together for everything you'll need to 100% this game. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRLYWswGEURZzOPI5fUw2PBYJjjVAl1ZD
  13. Sorry I forgot to post the solution earlier when I saw that another user had gotten it. Emergency is firing a flare at the fire extinguisher while its STILL in the glass case. Myself and one other person took more than one try for it to pop up. Wait until the loud speaker lady stops talking and Then try it. If you don't get it at first just keep trying.
  14. So seeing as how these 2 trophies are still 0%, I got desperate. I tweeted Schell Games. What follows is the only hints we've got lol. @schellgames I for the life of me (and seemingly the rest of the PSVR community) can't figure out the last souvenir in Deep Dive: Emergency. @DarkSeraphim666 keep trying, Travis! No spoilers here :-) perhaps @ShawnDesign could provide a hint if he wants to! (re: deep dive) @ShawnDesign I was informed by @schellgames that you might be willing to hint me up regarding the emergency souvenir in deep dive. @DarkSeraphim666 @schellgames wellll.... let's see if emojis can suffice I jumped in for a little bit to try some stuff but still didn't get it. I'm guessing we have to set something on fire with a flare gun and then put it out with the extinguisher but I tried setting everything on fire lol. Maybe somebody will get it.