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  1. So now I only need ice pickaxe and fire sword if anyone can help out.
  2. I have the 2 earth and wind weapons. anyone have the fire and ice?
  3. No underscore between experience and farm.
  4. I've done that one but didn't get the trophy for homecoming. It just leads to the dead end as shown in the video.
  5. This is solved in a video I've seen called a "0%" run. You need a ton of blocks to redirect the flow of water a bunch. I haven't done this yet myself. Around 57 minutes is when you see this person start to complete this area. You'd have to scrub back a bit to see how they collect all of the cubes into that area. *Edit* Also someone has the plat now so someone out there has done everything required. We gotta track them down lol.
  6. Honey, I shrunk myself is when you go back to that room you can find in each main area that shows the tiny versions of every main level. You can click on any area and warp to it, so its sort of a fast travel. This only works after having beaten the game from my experience. I could be wrong there. You might be able to use it once you've visited every area but not necessarily Finished to the credits. I found the one shortcut that goes from the first area to a later one but that's reverse so I'm not sure about homecoming. Stats say SOMEONE has it. And that last one, nobody has. There aren't any complete guides on this game anywhere that I've seen. It's been EGS (epic game store) exclusive until now and doesn't hit steam until October. So as far as I can tell, its all genuine unknowns and mysteries for now.
  7. So my friend and I can play for about an hour without any hitches but after that it's impossible for them to stay in my room for more than a couple of minutes. If we stop playing for a bit and come back later in the day, it repeats the same thing. What gives?
  8. I wrote to them as well. If it's also busted on xbox, I assume they'll get some feedback from those people as well. *edit* I've now tweeted at them as well *second edit* wales interactive has responded to myself and another person on twitter about the trophy/achievement. they're going to fix that as well as some other glitches. great news.
  9. Did you happen to mention the glitched trophy in your email as well? Hopefully the next patch addresses that as well.
  10. An hour or 2? It's pretty linear and straightforward. I think this stuff might be the funniest of anything Trover related. The videos at the end are a real treat. They're just spitballing at that point and it's really fun to listen to.
  11. So can anyone actually confirm that discovery still gives you the raid trophy?
  12. New stuff. Just received this email. "Hi Travis, I wanted to inform you that I prepared a patch for both regions. Now its qualifying in Sony. It may need up to 3 weeks to appear. With it you can get the 5 day trophy and fixes other issues. Can you please tell this in the forum. Also please tell them that if anyone is stuck now to delete the application data to fix this until the patch. Thanks, Giorgos Sarris"
  13. Haven't heard back from the gentleman But I see someone finally unlocked the trophy when checking the rarity screen. Maybe it's him testing out a patch? If not, I wonder how they did it. Edit: Judging by the percentages now, more than just a few people have it. No clue how.