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  1. Ok, i have found it:
  2. Is that sure? How can we be sure? Is it described somewhere in the rules?
  3. It does not work. I have disabled the internet all together, but the game requires it after i click "character gallery". I have installed the version without the 1.06 upgrade also, but still does not work. Step "4. Your console will start connecting to PSN. At the same time, game will allow you proceed to next menu. " does not work, the game waits for the signing in, and does not proceed. Also, the game connected to internet, regardless of are you signed or not into the PSN. If the internet is disabled, the game requires it, if the internet is enabled, it finds the upgrade 1.06 from the game servers, even when im not signed in into PSN.
  4. I have seen a method to obtain this trophy (by a custom DNS server: ), and subsequently the platinum, but will later this result in a ban for my account from the rankings? Thank you.
  5. Thank you for the answer, but Its not the HDD space. I have plenty free. I have tried many times and now I'm just installing it again. Its at 16%, so i guess, I've got lucky today. Else sins I have posted my question, my ps3 was not used at all. And 17%...
  6. I have a problem for "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare". Happens when I try to install update 1.20 (BLES-02077) and I'm getting an error 80029564 at 14% of the installation. I have tried to connect to wire Internet, WIFI, but nothing helped. The file is a little bigger then 2GB, is it possible that the PS3 does not support more then 2^31 byte files? Maybe that is the problem? Does someone know how to fix it?