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  1. And already 6 tracked owners 🙃
  2. Hey, just wanted to drop a question and see if by any chance you would know the answer. From what I see, PS4 unpatched disc is a no-go; but what about PS5 disc? From what I understand you could play the game with an unpatched PS5 disc, get the trophy, and then proceed to update the game and carry on with your save file. Is that the case? Or would updating the game force me to restart on the up-to-date save file?
  3. I'm curious to know what counts as "participating in a community goal". Does simply signing up for one count towards the trophy? Or do you need to make a contribution to the goal for it to count?
  4. Funny, that's the exact response I got today haha. I'm glad we'll get a chance to also get the DLCs
  5. Do you have a digital copy or a physical disc? I'm not sure if that would be a deciding factor here
  6. So, has anyone actually been able to grab the DLCs with the base game? Nothing seems to be working, DLCs are either shown with their original price tags or require a season pass when you select them from the Expansions in the main menu
  7. Just did it myself from 0% and it took me around 10-15 hours (I spent some time doing side missions near the beginning of the game). You can't get the suit right away, but if you follow the main story you will eventually visit the second main location of the game; as soon as you are there - you can grab the suit and start the challenges** However! Some useful tips from my very fresh and personal experience: The crafting materials for the suit are rather hard to find. I ended up playing for another ~5hrs just to get enough materials while progressing through the game. As you are playing, try to loot as many homes, garages, and garbage bins as you can. You will need 10 Strings, 10 Duct tapes, 10 Alcohol, and 10 Gauzes. Strings and Duct tapes are the hardest ones to come by as vendors don't sell these materials. Avoid crafting anything that requires them if you can to reduce the material grinding. The actual challenges were really easy with the suit and gravity event. Some require some finesse as the routes are clearly designed for normal traversal but I still only had to replay some of the challenges once or twice only. GD Parkour Instructor can be tricky with timings. Make sure you attempt your challenges during the Nighttime - actual nighttime. What I mean is if it's starting to get bright (but it's still technically nighttime) it will not count for you. I'd suggest returning to a safe house and resetting the night to be sure. Otherwise, you might end up like me where you have to backtrack challenge through challenge, not knowing which one didn't count as a "night run".
  8. Does an unpatched version of the PS5 disc have any issues? Or can you get Invest In the Future on an unpatched version > update the game > keep playing with your save file?
  9. It's quite a pain in the butt to contact them. There've been numerous updates addressing small bugs and quality of life points - but this particular bug hasn't been addressed yet. I've contacted the support once again, hopefully, something will come from it.
  10. Late to this topic, but I played and 100%'d the game back on release (physical copy). Did updates break it? Would simply finding an OG physical disk and playing an unpatched version help?
  11. And just like, our hopes and dreams for a REAL 10 years trophy have been crushed F
  12. Be very cautious about this when you start the game if you don't want any trophies to unlock while you claim daily login rewards! After you create a new character, the game will prompt you to either play through a tutorial or skip it. If you skip the tutorial the game will automatically level up your character to level 10 and unlock the Level 10 trophy right away. However, if you do NOT skip the tutorial, you will load in as a level 1 character and gonna be able to claim the rewards right away. Tested this myself last week.
  13. It's honestly beyond frustrating when a game released in 2022 comes out without a proper cross-platform support/progression. Especially in this case, where you are using their third-party account ( Huge bummer, cuz I love playing certain titles on PC and sync trophies on PS later on.
  14. Everything about this list is glorious hahaha! That Placeholder Trophy is going into my cabinet for sure! And 100% agree, I hope the game stays unplatted for 10 years 😅
  15. This statement hurts my soul more than it should 😅