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  1. But is it confirmed that they should match 1 to 1? I've played for 2-3 hours, and comparing them already shows the difference (and quite significant): Stats Scavenging locations completed: 13 Challenges Complete 13 scavenging locations: 8/13 Edit: Nevermind, the game has a rather weird Challenge tracking system where a "second tier" challenge is tracked from 0. Just found the first tier-one in the completed section that says "Complete 5 scavenging locations". 5 completed ones + 8 "current" ones = 13 which matches the stats info. God, now this game is making me do math...what's next?
  2. So, is there a way to check whether your save file has been affected by the glitch? Perhaps a statistics page or something like that?
  3. So, how is the online population for this game nowadays? Enough to have consistent matches to play? Hope you don't mind me pinging you guys to check @Spaz @ziggypop_79
  4. I made a decision to go for the Crucible seal a long time ago as I didn't want to do all the mad grind for the Wayfarer, but thanks to this thread I took a closer look and realized that it has to be done across 3 different seasons. Three. Entire. Seasons. I don't even know if that seal will remain in the game for that long to begin with 😅 So I think I'll focus on Gambit's seal instead. Godspeed to anyone who attempts the Wayfarer seal in such a tight time frame.
  5. Nope, nothing from Shadowkeep would help you with trophies. The only Shadowkeep thing that has any kind of overlap with trophies is an addition of Shadowkeep specific Triumph Seal(s). But even with that, I highly doubt that they are easier/faster to achieve than the ones from the base game.
  6. Huge bummer that there's no plat - but not a deal-breaker for me. The game features a full cross-play and cross-progression, so I expect trophies would auto pop after playing on PC and then transitioning to PS4. Would love to see if someone out there could confirm it, before I do 😄
  7. Yeah just saw that, my bad 😅 Please do! Best of luck and fingers crossed!
  8. Surprised nobody posted it, but it looks like the trophies have been finally patched out: Edit: Woops, haven't realized that Globetrotter wasn't on that list, so alas, might still be glitched
  9. Doesn't look like it. Also, the thread title should be a question...if you are asking a question 😅
  10. How is it annoying? Last time I checked, if someone makes something - they can name it however they want as long as it's not inappropriate, so why would someone reject it? 🤔
  11. The hell? I swear I thought Pathologic series are PC exclusives :0
  12. An update for those who are looking into this game in 2020. If you are aiming to 100% the game without boosting, short answer: Yes A proper answer: Yes, but you will likely have to wait for the correct Operation Campaign rotation, as the 3 DLC Operations are an absolute ghost town; in every region, at any time. Everything else is more than doable. Operation Campaigns change every 2 weeks, and you will need to get the correct 3 campaigns to get finish these 3 DLC operations.
  13. I'll be honest I never even knew that Ghost Mode was a thing. Jumped straight into it and gotta say, love the concept! Just wish it was executed better, perhaps as a standalone game with more content. Sill really liked it, got all challenges cleared up in one sitting, and got that stylish Phantom Suit. Lack of content and complexity certainly makes it repetitive, so I can see why it's getting shut down. Hopefully, this little experiment can lead to some full-on multiplayer Hitman games. Would be really fun!
  14. GOD DAMN IT! I was just about to play it :c
  15. As someone who played the game before it went F2P, I'm just curious where do you start as a new player now? I know it kicks you off with the first mission from D1, but what's after that?