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  1. Let's be honest, it's really hard to justify supporting any developers nowadays unless you have a real interest in the game to buy it for a full price; there are just too many of them Not a fan of artsy (for the lack of the better word) trophy descriptions like these, even if they are all story related - it just looks odd for what it's supposed to be.
  2. Hitman upgrades are fairly generous - you buy something in one game, you get it for free in the others. BUT HOLY crap isn't that a messy fiesta to figure out how it all works. I understand that it might be partially on Sony for having a shitty store - but who the hell was in charge of naming these upgrades; they are all named the same damn way - I swear for something that needs 102% clarity it seems like they are just trying to confuse the living crap out of you in attempt to buy something wrong. Yes, and no. Yes - there are trophies from the previous two games in Hitman 3. No - the trophy lists for these games are A LOT shorter than if you were to play them on standalone. Unlike Hitman 1 > Hitman 2 where trophies from the first game are a 1:1 match in the second one.
  3. A quick search shows that cross-progression is available on all platforms except for PS4. Surprising given that Sony has been allowing it more and more lately, even for other Hi-Rez games.
  4. Where's the information regarding the shutdown affecting the rest of the game outside of co-op sniper mode and contracts? I'm confused what's all the fuss is about - haven't IO said they will shutdown these online modes only like a couple of months ago? A huge chunk of the game should still be playable offline
  5. FYI, in the past current patches, the number of consecutive wins has been bugged. It goes up every time your team forfeits which allows you to keep your winstreak. I'm not sure if it actually affects the "winstreak" as a trophy counter - but the number that reflects that is definitely messed up. Might help some people who are trying to get this trophy legit
  6. Doesn't mean people can't have a desire for more trophies. If the only things that are left are some chests and char upgrades - you know you will get this stuff given enough time. I'd also love to see more trophies added to the game but I highly doubt they will. Liyue was a perfect opportunity to expand the trophy list, and so was the Dragonspine. At this point, I'm pretty sure future updates won't bring any new trophies. I'd like to be wrong on that though.
  7. Never played Auto Chess but had an extensive experience with Underlonds and TFT. Trophies look easy but will take some time, but nothing out of your mind time-consuming. That being said, I don't know how fast you level up your account (which is what the level 15 trophy is for I assume) - that might be the only "hard" trophy really. Sad that there's no plat so not sure if I'd be interested in playing this game at all. It's very poorly executed "Asian" title with horrible UI (and let's be honest, possible a horrendous controller port).
  8. Linking someone else's account is definitely a possibility from what I've heard from some people. I do believe there's a penalty time on Bungie's side that comes in effect when you link an account. I.e. same profile can't be linked to another account for X days (might be 30).
  9. I mean, kudos for wearing this mistake as a badge of honor I guess 😅
  10. Huh? What are you talking about? There are always 1-2 completely full servers of conquest that have people queued up for them Try tweaking your filter searches - it might be set to "not show full servers".
  11. It's an open world game from Ubisoft; these types of games never have missable trophies - and that's by design.
  12. Really? 😅 Regardless, no harm done anyway You can meet the requirements of Forsaken trophies, but you will not be able to unlock them without owning DLC. If you were to purchase the DLC after meeting some of these requirements - some trophy will automatically unlock when you'll log into the game. These include trophy requirements that cannot be repeated, such as getting 5,000 Triumph points. Things that can be repeated, like winning a Gambit match, will have to be done again.
  13. OP7 was such a bad game...given the lack of "tactical" CS type of shooters on consoles, I get the appeal. But lord...was it a badly designed and executed game. I don't think it will be any different this time around...
  14. It is not - it does often go on sale for under $20. Seems like an easy answer you could've gotten from a quick google search.
  15. FYI, seems like DLCs have already been delisted on CA store