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  1. Very happy with a grindy list for this! Honestly, I was hoping for more challenging trophies but I'm hopeful DLCs will solve that! Already downloaded and cannot wait UPDATE: After playing for about 5 hours I have to say, I stand corrected...100 wins is gonna be challenging alright! Happy with the list overall but the game definitely feels..."less" than LID - not worse, just less...
  2. Can anyone confirm if the glitch has been patched with the latest update or not?
  3. Gonna give it a few months to gauge from those who play the game how grindy this is. Otherwise, looks very neat!
  4. Appreciate all this info and all your tests to figure it out! Good luck with completing this and other Sep 30 games!!
  5. Sorry for the repeated question - I think I know what you're saying but the wording is a bit confusing 😅 Are you saying that the only trophy that you can leave for later is Casting Director? With the caveat that you need to make sure your save file is intact post the server shutdown. I also don't want to plat the game atm but want to make sure the online part is completed
  6. Someone has mentioned that you can prepare your gear by leveling it up to 9, and then finish upgrading to 10 on a different system.
  7. I take it it's safe to assume that trophies for 500 goals and knockouts can be done after the shutdown, in other modes? Seems pointless to grind it while going for 100 Blitz matches if you are doing a quitting method
  8. God damn it Blizzard...there were so many ways to handle Overwatch transition and they chose the worst one...
  9. All 3 DLC operations are available in the game right now! Black Shark, Blackout, and Earth Shaker!
  10. It very well might be the low tier matchmaking issue. Trust me, with this game, if some trophies unlock properly in one place does NOT mean others do as well. The low tier has all kinds of oversights and bugs when it comes to trophies/stat tracking. Doesn't mean that it's the issue tho - 50 losses was also bugged for me and only unlocked around 70 ish.
  11. How much are we talking here for an Emperor carry? 10m? well, after looking it up it looks like it's hundreds of dollans! How naive of me to think it was within 10m realm haha I know this is most likely an EP joke...right...right...? What's wrong with us EP peeps? 😭
  12. Never renewed on time huh 😅
  13. It'd require an insane amount of work and change to avoid players just brawling each other down with attacks until they go down - at least that's what it would boil down to with the current state of the game Yeah, I'd love to see larger lobbies and maps (2v10?) for longer games. At the moment I'm finding the "co-op actions" between survivors to be very limited. Having larger, more complex maps with more opportunities for co-op would be awesome
  14. No, the item is marked as "Cannot trade" and appears to be bound to the character you have it on
  15. Very excited about this!... tho I'm worried about the fact it's no longer F2P. It was a super niche and obscure game to begin with, and even while it was F2P, there weren't a lot of people playing it. Putting such a steep price tag on it is a rather interesting move...hopefully for the best! Beaufiful trophy iamges and a plat! Worthy of a milestone