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  1. It's bonkers that this is a thing...for a Ubisoft open world game... Bought the DLC on sale and was excited to go to a different area because Washington sucks butt - there's TOO much stuff to do all most of it doesn't matter. But nope, can't get to the fun part before you suffer through that dump of a content
  2. A lot of Chinese and Korean game developers don't know how to port games to consoles - hence clunky controls and absolutely disgusting interface moments with small/blurry text. IMO a hand combat BR sounds awesome...but it's a suicide task in terms of game development. The level of animation polish you NEED to have for it to work is too big - and by watching a few minutes of gameplay you can clearly tell they haven't even gotten close to the acceptable level of polish with this game. Every action looks clunky and choppy...
  3. Oooh, neat! I'm genuinely surprised they added that. A bit sad that existing players don't get to do it - but better than nothing!
  4. Source? Afaik cross-progression is only available between PC and mobile. PS4/5 are separated from the rest.
  5. Stop buying this kind of games - developers will stop making them. What is Sony gonna do about it? As far as they are concerned, it's a small project from a small indie developer. You can't not allow someone to publish their game because "the trophy list looks too easy". But we all know why these games exist...and it's disgusting. So again, stop buying this kind of games.
  6. Boo, seems like there's no mention of NA/EU release...JP only as far as I can see. Actually looked pretty nice from the trailer - very old-school MMO style similar to FFXIV. I'd definitely give it a shot. Fingies crossed for a worldwide release...or at least that the game isn't IP blocked...
  7. Of all the "let's bring it back!" posts on PSNP...this is by far the du...most hopeful. The game is old as shit - the developing itself probably doesn't even remember they worked on this game. Autolog support has been shutdown years ago - nobody is going to jump back into this just to fix it for a few months. I'm always supportive of this kind of initiative - in theory, anything can be possible when it comes to shutdowns. But come on, be realistic about it
  8. This. If anything this is a much bigger issue (that can also be realistically solved). It makes no sense why there are no separate sections for the fastest achievers. However you want to do it. Base game and every DLC or just Base game and then "100%" as a separate thing. But I'm sure that's been discussed already. As for the auto-popping, as many said it's one of those problems that you could "solve" - but you would be left with some unsolvable edge cases. To give a simple example: the system doesn't display anyone who completes the game in under a minute - seems like a fair way of checking who auto-popped, right? What if I auto-pop all but one trophy and then wait for a couple of extra minutes? Suddenly I'm no longer within the range of the auto-detection. The numbers obviously don't matter, it can be 5 minutes, 10, and so on. The point is there will always be workarounds where fair fastest achievers will be left in the dust. #AutoPopWasAMistake
  9. Can confirm that you can still get the MP trophies (winning a match via a private session). Please change the title of the thread to something less misleading. It still might be a good idea to get them now if you haven't already - you never know how this hacker situation might pan out.
  10. Fairly certain that you don't need to play the game to know that indeed, this thread IS useless. I mean, seriously? You can't wait a single day for another attempt? 😅
  11. As a game that I always wanted to play...I'll put my trust in these developers that everything will still be obtainable after the vaulting. It sure does sound like they know what they are doing from that email response anyway.
  12. Aw man, I should've waited for E3 before buying a bunch of games. Should've seen the possibility of Plague being on Plus a mile away. Hope the other game(s) will be as good!
  13. After 30h of hardcore, super sweaty grinding against some of the worst (best?) lifers I've ever is done. As long as you keep a track of your XP to avoid leveling up in the post-game screen - you won't have any problems.
  14. Oh dang, thank god this thread popped up on the front page! Almost forgot to pick it up! YOINKED!
  15. Yes, you are doing this right. You've been spamming this thread non-stop lol. Just keep repeating what you are doing and you will get it.