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  1. For anyone who might still want to go for this method: Still works just fine, unpatched version of the game will give a lot more XP for hideouts completions It's a bit hard to track if you are new to the game (like I was) as the XP given to you at the end has a few variables (chain kills, speed, etc.) Twin Rocks is the best hideout for sure. It only takes 70s on average to clear it out and it gives you around 1420xp; +400xp if you manage to clear it under a minute. Sure, it takes time, and finding a glitched lobby would be a lot more efficient...but sadly I had no luck after trying to find one for weeks. Best/fastest "legit" way to do it for sure. You will keep the save file after patching the game to 1.08 You can use the vanilla save file with GOTY file - BUT only if the disc region matches (BLUS & BLUS, BLES & BLES, etc.) You can backup your save and roll into the Legend Rank - and redownload your backup after to retain level 50 unlocks
  2. Appreciate it. Yeah, I'll be starting it asap to be safe. Seems like you've been following this Ubi situation (more or less), were there any updates/news regarding GRFS? (even some customer support "rumors") Last time I checked all they mentioned was a mysterious "2021" shutdown date.
  3. So, what's the deal with Far Cry 2? GRFC has been updated on Ubi's server shutdown list (though no precise date still) - but what about FC2?
  4. I'm glad the stores will be up! BUT, I'm also really glad we got spooked with this news. THIS is the push I needed to stop postponing playing PS3 and Vita games! Otherwise, I would just keep playing through the PS4 library and keep telling myself "one day...".
  5. Or even better, get an unpatched vanilla version of the game and get 1400xp per 40-60s. Not easy to do tho (at least for a new player like me).
  6. Holy spicy nuggets... I hope trophies carry over from a PS4/PC version...I mean they probably do...but a confirmation statement from devs would be nice
  7. Oh...I..did not know that - thanks for pointing this out. Definitely will get a Deluxe version then to avoid PTSD!
  8. Because it doesn't have a notorious Bladestone, well, or any weapon upgrades trophies with under 0.1% drop rate 😅
  9. Hello, not a change to trophies per se, but a DLC trophy list (3 trophies) has been recently added to Going Under and it hasn't been added to PSNP. Any chance someone could add that sucker in
  10. Hey @B1rvine, on a related topic - a DLC has been released for a game called "Going Under" a couple of days ago but hasn't been added to PSNP. I think I've seen a thread for requesting something like that but I might be mistaken (can't really find anything like that on the forum). Not sure who to reach out to regarding that - any tips?
  11. Was just about to post it. How long does it take to fetch trophy lists from Sony's server? Most of the time it's done in advance, even before the update goes live 🤔 Platinum is easy as the game allows you to enable Assists (more damage, more health, etc.) - about 3/10. The new update is much harder than the base game, even with all Assists on, it would be bumped up to around 6-7/10.
  12. Well nobody really can help you without any additional information. Maybe post the screenshots here? If your local trophy list doesn't show the trophy...I mean that's just that - for whatever reason you don't have it. Rollback to a previous save file if you have one, go through NG+ or create a new character and speedrun through NG. DS games never had any glitched trophies to my knowledge, especially DS3 - must be some kind of misunderstanding on the user side
  13. Does your local trophy list say that you have platinum? And the issue is that the PSNP isn't reflecting that? Are you sure you got the right endings? There's a total of 4 but only 3 are required for relevant trophies
  14. You only have 2 out of 3 endings and missing a "regular" ending of lighting up the bonfire by simply interacting with it at the end. Very odd thread...wouldn't you just see the missing trophy on your list?
  15. Wait, why is the name of the plat "Six Seasons and a Movie"? Obviously a reference to the Community tv show but what's the connection with the game? I have so many questions!!