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  1. It's still an informative thread I'm sure a lot of people, including myself, will play the game on mobile. The first game was just a mobile port (that was pretty decent), so who knows...maybe this time we'll get the same thing for Plyastation.
  2. It's been revealed about a year ago. Sadly...the developer stated that it won't be coming to PS4 or Vita. Sure hope we'll at least get a mobile port. 😅 Backtracking and some of level design absolutely killed the first game for me...but honestly, looking at this sequel...I just want something remotely close to Breath of the Wild on Playstation :c
  3. Is it really in Beta though...? Anyone can slap an "Early Access" or "Beta" label on their game and get away with bugs. There were so many instances where I was legit blocked from playing the game because of some kind of a bug. Beta or not, this kind of stuff is unacceptable. ...still like the game a lot. As always, Hi-Rez tries to bring some new elements to a genre they are copying. Good for 'em!
  4. Yes, you can get all boss related trophies in a Valhalla mode; no need to attempt them on your normal playthrough if you are going for the plat.
  5. Refusing to play a game just because of a low FPS cap...that's something new. According to PSNP, currently there are 7 people who have already played the game, might as well tag them here or ask them directly.
  6. Does it really matter when you can adjust your console time manually? 🤔
  7. When "new" Far Cry games release one after another with zero to none innovations... Trophies look fairly straightforward, nothing crazy. Trophy images are beautiful as always
  8. Select a character > go to Banner > from a list of displayable stats, select a "Damage Dealt". I believe you don't have to have a displayable stat in order to view your progress (I might be wrong on this one though, can confirm it in a bit) Update: Yup, you can view your damage done with all characters, no need to unlock the banner stat.
  9. Great news! Finally there's a reason to play this game again...because tbh after playing Apex Legends, coming back to Realm Royale feels like shooting yourself in a foot. Overall game quality between these two is night and day.
  10. Neither did I but I'll be honest, around 30k I wish I bought it...
  11. Looks so simple...yet so appealing The fact that it has both couch and online co-op is a big plus! To each their own but the music seemed pretty fitting for this type of game.
  12. I can really appreciate a well ordered trophy list. It's a super minor thing but it's so eye pleasing to see trophies in a "correct" order! Would be even better if the first 3 trophies were at the bottom of the list though 😅 As for actual trophies, LOVE the fact that you need to use all javelin types and weapons to complete challenges. Kinda disappointed that there's no trophy for completing a mission(s) on the hardest difficulty though (shot out to Division).
  13. Just heads up for everyone who decides to start - it's hella of a grind...BUT you can purchase a double booster (with premium currency) to help you out.
  14. Finally started this game! Doing god's work my man @totallycrushed!
  15. If I remember correctly, it looks like you will have to go through 3 more playthroughs as I'm The Firestarter, Matchmaker and The Strong, Silent Type cannot be obtained in same playthroughs. You should get New Beginnings on the I'm The Firestarter run though.