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  1. Apart from a pre-order bonus pack, the game has no add-ons in the store. Isn't that kinda a given? 🤔
  2. Whether you join a hacked lobby intentionally or on accident - trophies like these should be whitelisted. Period.
  3. There you go Steve, someone has already made a boosting session:
  4. Separating comrades from the main game was a good business decision. Make it a F2P standalone game that will popup on the main page of PS Store - get some good traffic and new players; honestly making it a DLC for a single player game was a questionable decision right of the bat. Now, could SE just make Comrades playable offline for the main game? Yeah they could and should've - but they didn't. Nobody gives a damn about "unobtainable trophies"...period. No amount of customer support harassing or singed petitions will change that. Be glad that you can even get these trophies legitimately (through some hoops, but legitimately nonetheless).
  5. Another one bites the dust, shocker... You know how people are, shit's got a plat - bunch of people will play it; doesn't matter if it's a bad game or not.
  6. Huh, didn't realise that, well good for them! I'll check it out on an alt account - I'm like 90% sure some of the trophies will be bugged right from the start.
  7. You had me at "Do not buy this game"
  8. @FarSideOfSaturn hey, I was wondering if the service is still up 100%'d the game twice on old accounts, but hope to just join someone's game for a brief moment this time around. Sent you a friend request!
  9. Sell a black quality player I don't know about that chief, doesn't seem quite right.
  10. Amen...what on earth does "Copying..." even mean?! Dear console, are you secretly copying the entire Wikipedia database, because that would explain WHY IT TAKES SO LONG!
  11. How to be a "Trophy Hunter" 101 Sadly, it doesn't look like the game got the love it deserved I understand that it's meant for a very niche market, but watching the gameplay of some mini-games...they just seem downright boring with no challenge whatsoever. Could've been an awesome party game to play for couple nights.
  12. @totallycrushed Started at The Green Hell 2019 (55/79), and at the moment anything before 58's even is empty. ...but! Just to make sure I waited 5-6 hours and went through all the events' leaderboards again, and surely, the trophy popped!
  13. So, I keep seeing that previous events become empty, with no leaderboard results whatsoever. Does that affect the trophy in any way? Asking because I'm fairly certain I've completed 20 events by now (and double checked by finding myself on leaderboards)
  14. 4 pages of comments on this thread and only a single mention of Crypt of the NecroDancer?! Hands down, THE hardest plat out there.
  15. A typical asset flip with some god-awful template UI...BR era is in the past and this game is definitely late to the party. The game is better be dirt cheap/free or it'll have the same fate as Culling 2.