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  1. Something tells me some scenarios will be extremely hard on a Survival Mode, can't wait to see what people say about trophies. Very briefly played it at PAX and it definitely seems like a game you'd sink in 3+ hours in a single evening 😬
  2. Supposedly it'll be up this weekend too. How's downloading a beta from a store is a work around lol? Sure, creating an account is kinda annoying but it literally takes less than a minute
  3. Well well well would you look at that, where are all the "experts" who were making fun of people trying to solve that issue? Mhm? 👋
  4. Here's a neat breakdown for that stuff I found a while back, not mine, just thought I'd share.
  5. ahhh that's hot. That's hot
  6. Finished the game in a week with a mage class, granted it's been a long time ago and I don't know if things have changed. Leveling solo with a a mage is super easy; when you finally hit the mid-game where you go through dungeons you will be the main source of damage - ESPECIALLY in late game. Seriously, the damage output from mages is just absurd, I'd often drop 2-3 health bars on a boss with my full rotation by myself. I borderline think it was a balancing flaw, so again, that might've been changed but I'm sure that mages are still rocking hard in terms of DPS. Neither really, it's more about completing all (or at least most of) the dungeons. Once you'll hit the appropriate level for the first dungeon (think it's around 10?), you will be able to: Complete a dungeon > get a lods of XP which will probably level you up enough for the next dungeon > repeat until end game. Obviously you might have to complete a couple quests here and there for some extra XP but nothing like in other MMOs.
  7. too many to list
  8. Wow, I seriously forgot that Fairy Tail is even a thing. Stopped watching the anime years ago but this might be a good reason to revisit it. I just really hope that it's not a traditional JRPG style, although looking at the trailer that might be the case
  9. FOOLS! PSN is everlasting and will never be shutdown. To be honest, I think it'll be years before PS3 online will be stopped being supported. I mean come on, hasn't PS2's online been terminated just this year? IMO PS3 is safe for at least another console gen.
  10. A cop stops you and asks for your license and registration but you just hand a printed platinum image of Carmageddon with your timestamp 😅
  11. While I despise garbage "driving simulators", I can get behind theory/written exam games. With no knowledge about the game, it does feel like it's purely executed. Would be great to have a list of different countries with their own rules and shenanigans, not just France 😅
  12. ooooh these damn tricks...who in the world calls them "tricks" 😅
  13. I'm totally with you on this one. It's a shame that consoles don't get many mobas; hopefully something similar (and better) will come to PS4 😞
  14. Looks at the comments "Man people are really picky these days uh, I'm sure there's something interesting worth grabbing". Checks the store page ...
  15. Idk where you heard that lol. Boosted with a random group and got everything (except for a second journey) in under 4 hours. Doing a journey legit can take about 3-5 hours if you properly skip days...just don't get greedy and don't skip if you have less than 4 hungry/sick people in your clan. Granted, I've completed TLOU multiple times in the past, but it's definitely doable if you boost DLC trophies.