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  1. I remember seeing someone mentioning that OW2 will have the same trophies as OW1? And a potential of trophy progression transfer. Doesn't quite sound right tbh, but I could see it being a thing.
  2. Transistor from...well...Transistor. Aside from being a slick looking piece of a sword it allows you to create and erase whatever you like...though since it probably wouldn't work in a real world, I'd just end up using it as neat house decor
  3. 84 Matches! Good luck I believe in you!
  4. Finally, the plat the game deserves! Not a big fan of 3D cutscenes/gameplay, but I'm sure it'll be great!
  5. I have to agree with the comments above. It's like with Destiny 1 and 2. In the first game, there was plenty of trophies that you'd unlock along the way of playing the game and having fun; in D2 it's mostly gold trophies, which naturally results in a much shorter (and much more boring) list. Imo it's all about getting a trophy - no matter its type/rarity.
  6. It's super wonky. Back in the day the trophy would unlock without any problems...but when I tried doing it again closer to delisting, I had to do ~8 challenges to get it.
  7. ...that...was a rhetorical question, explaining it to someone on this forum is rather redundant. Again, I'm just saying that images suck and that's a fact haha
  8. Why does one care for trophies in the first place then...? Not saying that people shouldn't buy the game because of that (because I'll definitely give it a try sometime in the future). I'm just saying that it's lazy af to publish something like that, even for a small indie company like EA
  9. Awwww yeah, now that's what I'm talking about Sony!
  10. Well I do...and many others too. NFS16 had some juicy in-game renders with pretty angles...and what is this...? A goddamn gradient and a trophy cup icon. I can live with those colors since they are trying to match "tHe AeStHeTiCs" but they could've at least replace the icons.
  11. Yes and no, WD2 shows a different story, with different characters but after the events of WD1. There're a few characters (some of which you'll see quite a lot) that were part of the first game. As mentioned, there are also some references in a form of Side Missions and dialogues (possibly others). IMO, DLC wasn't anything special and at very best on par with main game's missions (which were still pretty interesting). I'm sure that standard edition will give you more than enough things to do As far as I've seen it rarely goes on sale on it's own (if ever), so perhaps picking up a gold edition is a better option overall.
  12. 99%!? You could sell garbage with a 99% discount and I'd be the first in line Bought it just to never play it.
  13. I knew this plat was a shitshow to begin with...but people are spending money to get a hold of a belt just for the trophy? oh and yeah...
  14. A bit more info on Severed as I see it's already been suggested. For the most part, it uses touch screen controls and it's an amazing game. Now, you do have to use a left stick to navigate between the rooms, which you will do a lot. It's only done during non-combat moments with no pressure but I can see how a drift on stick controls could annoy you.