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  1. I like prunes
  2. You can always look at the Store description before making a thread 🙄... "This remaster includes all addons from the Year of Paradise, including the Big Surf Island update..."
  3. Might be worth mentioning that you need to pre-order the game first...or am I missing something here?
  4. Ooof that video was hard to watch...my slightest interest in this game went out the window 😅
  5. That game is a pure masterpiece...except for a Red Baron trophy. For some reason that part gave me so much problems. Nonetheless, super excited for the PS4 release (Vita version would have been a nice cherry on the top though)!
  6. Dunno if it's worth launching the name change feature if there are THAT many drawbacks and errors on the back end. Dear Sony, make it right or don't make it at all :c
  7. No need to apologies for anything! Your help is greatly appreciated. I'll send you a friend request and will be able to join you on Saturday (not quite sure what time, but I'll make sure to message you in advance).
  8. Servers have been a bit slow lately (even before closure announcement). It's annoying but some events don't properly register. Don't worry though, both trophies are obtainable...just slightly bugged.
  9. I believe so. On my old account I started with a PS+ version and then later got the Season Pass to unlock the rest of the game.
  10. AHHHH! Finally! Replaying the original AC would be amazing. Now all they have to do is release a standalone multiplayer only AC with a proper live service support and I'll rest in peace 😌
  11. I DEMAND A SEQUEL! 😢 Dog bless companies that actually tell if a DLC is final.
  12. Uhh, source? 😅
  13. ...Rangers!!! ...but...1000 Online Matches with 500 Wins...and oh god...Ranked League System? That's gonna be nasty boy to plat; Ultra Rare without any questions.
  14. YIKES...that's some straight up madness...