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  1. ...this game is not worth $20...or any amount of money to be completely honest. I was fooled by gameplay videos on YT and bought it thinking it would be a good & quick MP game to enjoy on a console. Booooy oh boy, the movement is so clunky I want to twist my thumbs off. This game brings nothing new to the table and even as a copycat, it's just so much worse than other shooters (even on consoles). Maybe should've watched a proper review before jumping the gun.
  2. Both actually. Think of it as playing normally on your PS4, but with a remote DualShock controller with a screen & speakers attached to it. Same applies to the desktop version of Remote Play.
  3. Looks at the trophy list Looks at speedrun and no death trophies . . . "Ehh, things I do for hot babes..."
  4. I imagine it refers to 25 hours of in-game match time but fingers crossed, you never know.
  5. Been waiting to see the list for quite some time and I have to say - looks really interesting! Lots of misc. trophies which are my favorite type when it comes to multiplayer games. Similarly to other Hi-rez, there's a chance that most (if not all) trophies could potentially be obtainable through easier game modes or even vs AI. I will say two things though, winning 100 matches seems to be a bit of a grind no matter how you look at it (playing ~150-250 games on average). But honestly, there are many examples of much worse grinds. What is absolutely a nightmare in my eyes is playing in a party...for 25 hours...I prefer to play games solo and would only choose to group if it's needed...but for 25 whole hours?! This will easily be the hardest trophy for me Excited to finally give it a try nonetheless, does anyone know how long does it take for a game to be added to the store after the trophy list has been submitted to Sony's servers?
  6. Still waiting for an answer on the question above Sorry to ping, but maybe you could help provide some clarity @BadgerswordX?
  7. Daang, that good? I'm not a huuuuge fan of retro games...but if knowledgeable people are vouching for it...maybe I should give it a go
  8. If there are any Brazilian players out there, is anyone willing to help to try to get it? 🤔
  9. Don't go there...people are still arguing whether Big League trophy form Black Ops should be whitelisted on PSNP Saw that the petition got some minor bump thanks to Hakoom and his followers on twitter joining and signing up...but I was hoping for more than that. Sad days.
  10. Also signed and sent to friends. Thank you for also putting in the effort on trying to achieve what we all believe is impossible
  11. At this rate, it feels like beating a dead horse with a spoon...but I have sent another email to all emails
  12. Even a godforsaken EA has re-introduced an already removed game mode in FIFA19 for the last, final time so people can finish things out. Damn CDPR
  13. If you are looking for a game to spend 10+- hours to shoot some enemies and explore the world - I think both games will definitely deliver on that. My first experience with Division 1 was magical! It's SUPER fun to explore the city and just walk around down a street like a badass; imo D2 kinda lost this magical feeling. Story-wise it's...very meh on the surface. Tho I think you can get some fun from it if you spend some time paying attention to dialogues and small details. If you are looking to finish these games (let alone 100%)...I'd advise you to pace yourself as both can get hella repetitive.
  14. Sent an email. Yup, doubt it will do anything...but doesn't hurt to try.
  15. Seriously man, mad respect for reaching out to them and explaining the situation in such a cohesive way. Don't think I would explain it better myself. I hope they will eventually do something about it...although, chances are rather slim