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  1. Platinum #54: Escapist 2 A real fun game. The trophy list is not at all hard, quite easy in fact. It is an ultra rare, even more rare than Rayman Legends, which was 'harder'. Had a blast playing it, would recommend it if you like old school graphics and like the prison theme. Will 100% this later, dlc wasn't expensive. Good game for (couch) co-op too. Next up: Steins;Gate I think.
  2. Worked like a charm, thank you!πŸ‘ŒπŸΌAlso thanks for the quick reply.
  3. Couldnt find a match this weekend in Uncharted 2. Any tips? Just want the platinum, dont want 100%.
  4. Platinum #53: Rayman Legends There it is. My first ultra rare platinum. I really enjoyed completing this game, especially the musical levels, loved all the Origins levels as well. At first I didn't mind the challenges, got gold easy and tried going for the diamond cups (never got one from a challenge! πŸ˜’) After a while I got a bit tired, only got silvers, accepted it and moved on. After that, I got renewed energy, got gold cups again. That went really well until the last week, then I was drained. I forced myself to complete the last week, so here we are. Great game, but the platinum is a bit tedious to get.
  5. Platinum #51: Far Cry: New Dawn I liked this game, like the changes as well. Still I felt there was missing something, but that's probably because this game felt more like Far Cry 5.5, or a extended dlc, than a full game. Payed about 18 euros for it, so not that much. I recommend this game to FC fans. Played the entire game with a friend, it's a shame that progression isn't shared.. Platinum #52: Assassin's Creed: Odyssey What. A. Game. I really loved it and couldn't stop playing it. I think it's better than Origins and I love the direction of the new franchise. Only thing though, is that this is Assassin's Creed, it's about the mercenaries, not Assassin's. I was postponing during playing, because I didn't want it to end. Eventually I did complete it and loved the ending. I still have the DLC ready, but I'll wait. Don't want an overkill, so that comes later. Started playing Mass Effect: Andromeda, it's off with a good start. I want to plat this game, but that will take a while. Next platinum will either be Rayman: Legends, Escapist 2 or Last of Us, if I start the online play.
  6. It's been a while and I've got these a while now. Platinum #49: Slyde Nothing much to say, a filler plat so my milestone would be Siege. Platinum #50: Rainbow Six Siege The best multiplayer game I've ever played, still playing it. Love the teamwork, the thrill, the fact you only have one life per round and all the operators and levels. I have been planning to make this a milestone plat, but after the unexpected trophy update, I had to shift gears. I was working my way through TH, had 70 done, but after the update, I had a couple of easy things left, that would pop quickly while playing. And I play this game every Friday with friends. Hence why I did Slyde quickly. If you are searching for a teambased multiplayer game, there is no better one than this one. 10/10. I'm playing AC: Odyssey, Rayman Legends everyday and I want to start doing the online trophies for TLOU ps3. I don't know which one of these will become #51.
  7. Tbh meatwall isn’t that hard. If you down an enemy on a wooden floor, you can place one next to the enemy and set it off.
  8. I almost finished the grind.. Had a little over 2500 terrorist kills and 80 defend games won.. πŸ˜…
  9. Thanks for the answer! I thought I was overlooking that stat.
  10. Not Ajax in the final, that still hurts..😭 I think Liverpool will win, because of the experience of the previous final.
  11. I can understand that it's an unpleasant sight, it is in the eye when you check your own profile. It is handy to see which name you used before for those who didn't notice a name change. Maybe another position on the profile place would be better, but I don't think that will happen.
  12. Nice, we needed more mods. Although I hope there isn't a increase in censorship. I like to read a discussion and read both sides arguments. I would also like to suggest that @TheYuriG becomes a dispute mod (if he wants it himself), for I see alot of useful comments of him in the disputes. It could help clear more disputes, lift the weight of the few shoulders the disputes mods have now. Just my 2 cents.
  13. I didn't know that this stat is tracked too. Honestly I still can't find it in the stats page.. πŸ€”
  14. Platinum #48: Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back After the plat of Crash 3, I was still in a flow and wanted more, hence this platinum. This game is definitely harder than the third. Had a couple of rage moments, but it felt really good beating the hard levels. It turns out that the crash plats aren't as impossible as I thought. I am definitely going to try to plat the first game, but maybe not right away. We'll see..
  15. Platinum #47: Crash Bandicoot: Warped Just popped this platinum, had a lot of fun with it. I was fearing it, because it was hard when I first played it, but with proper dedication it was all right. Had a rough time with the High Time gold relic run though. 😬 I'm trying to get my complete % higher, so I'm playing my old games again and really enjoying myself. Started with this one, because I read this is was the easiest of the three remasters. I will try Crash 2 later, first another game for the variety. Next up: I'm thinking about Ghost Recon Wildlands (again lol).