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  1. Platinum #37: Day of the Tentacle Never played the original, heard good things about this game. I enjoyed this game, even though some solutions were far-fetched. I played it with a guide, if I didn’t, I’d probably never completed it. With a guide, the plat isn’t difficult to get. Enjoyed my time in the past, present and future.
  2. Got the avatar last night! 😀
  3. Hail to the King trophy requires you to do 1000 jumps.. 🙄 One of the reasons, I'll be playing this one on the Switch.
  4. So after the Direct yesterday, this just happened. 



    Gotta love FFIX ^^ Going to start it after work.  

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. Beyondthegrave07


      @MidnightDragon, thought the same thing.


      Then, I saw Fox and was like, "I can't let you do that, Star Fox."

  5. Platinum #36: Final Fantasy XV Got this platinum this morning after leaving the console on for the survival skill. Last night it hit me: this is my first Final Fantasy platinum trophy..! I really love the series and I have played such great entries. I have mixed feelings about this one. I didn't like how the story was set up: a lot of free roam first and later a much linear experience. I'd rather see it the other way around. It's just a shame that this is my first FF platinum, other FF deserved it more, like X (but the grind and lightning dodges), XIII (played the trilogy on the 360), VII & IX (but I rather play it on the switch later). If VI comes to ps4/Vita with trophy support.. I would play it right away, just like I did on the SNES Mini. Anyway, I enjoyed going for the plat, even fishing wasn't annoying. Would recommend it, not that difficult.
  6. Playing these with my girlfriend, one night the first, the other night the second. Thursday Singstar, because of the Valentine trophy.😜: Disney Sing it: Family Hits Singstar (XMB) Doing this solo: Final Fantasy XV
  7. I have a similar problem like this, it asks every week.
  8. Platinum #35: Titanfall 2 I played this game two years ago, absolutely loved it. Played it online too with my mates. Always wanted to plat this one, but the ...Becomes the Master trophy hold me back. Recently I saw someone here plat it (I thought it was Elvick?) That gave me the feeling I really had to do it. Got the hardest trophy Monday, felt overjoyed by it. Even posted it on YT and made a status update (for the first time 😜) Really got to say that this is the best singleplayer FPS experience. Even though I knew almost all of it, I enjoyed it again. If you haven’t played it and you like FPS: do it!
  9. Just got the ...Becomes the Master trophy from Titanfall 2. Man, that felt like a platinum in itself. 

    I got so happy, I saved the video and uploaded it to YouTube, something I never did. Now I can start the campaign on the highest difficulty and have this run in my mind.  
    The video is here: 


  10. Platinum #34: The Order 1886 That was faster than expected! Completed the game 3,5 years ago. I only had the collectibles to do and to kill with every weapon. Turned out it was only one gun, so got it relatively fast. Don’t know what platinum trophy is next, we’ll see. 😁
  11. Platinum #33: InFamous Second Son This is why I love trophies. Beat the game on good about three years ago, and went back to it this week. Normally I wouldn’t play a game which I already beat, but I saw that the plat isn’t a choir, so I wanted to get it. Got back to the game and loved it again. 😄 I checked multiple times if I was playing on expert, it wasn’t very difficult! Next up: another game on my profile that is beaten but not completed. The Order or Titanfall comes to mind.
  12. Final Fantasy VI, VIII & Metal Gear Solid are the first ones to come to mind. Edit: Doh! Just saw the ps3 indicator, whoops.. Then I would go for Oblivion!
  13. You can do this battle with the invulnerable cheat on. The game doesn't save, but it does pop the trophy.
  14. Platinum #32: Far Cry 3: Classic Edition My first platinum of the year. Started a week ago, never played this game before. Although I have played the Far Cry games that came after this one. I really like this game and I see the foundation being made here for the future games in the series. Got this game with the season pass of Far Cry 5, and this game alone was worth it. I don't know which game is next, maybe Titanfall 2, Dishonored 2, or a quick one.. We will see! 😜
  15. I wanted something cool, made a combination of Aragon and Boromir. Made a little change, because I didn't like Aramir, Eramir looks cooler imo.