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  1. For the first time I got two plats on one day. ☺️ Platinum #40: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag The best AC game I've played. Really enjoyed it in 2014. When the trophy milestone was in sight I doubted which game should be there. R6: Siege is taking to long, so I thought of this game, because I was playing Revelations. Online was a grind, but I quite enjoyed it. When I was going for all the gamemodes, I couldn't stop after I got them all. The plat is ot as hard as the rarity would suggest. Platinum #41: Assassin's Creed Revelations Had this platinum ready to pop, once I hit the #40 mark. I like this game, but not as a trophy milestone. Went back to complete it recently. Enjoyed it alot, this is why I like trophies.
  2. We played against eachother yesterday! Funny to see you here. I like your username 😄
  3. Did the DLC yesterday, wasn’t that shitty. Liked the puzzle elements in it. Had a video open for the collectibles and the two hard trophies really aren’t that hard. Especially with the glitch for the vidic trophy. 😉
  4. I have found it in the Dutch Store here: https://store.playstation.com/nl-nl/product/EP9000-BCES01436_00-LEVEL000HEAVENLY It's called Heavenly Sword™-level. Maybe you can find it that way?
  5. The Witcher III, what a game. I'm going for this plat eventually.
  6. Platinum #39: SoulCalibur VI Bought this game on release and absolutely love it. This game has nice mechanics and great story modes. The platinum trophy isn't hard to get, especially after the mode recent update that nerves the CPU.. Made the 30 Astral fissures a breeze, shame though as they were rewarding. I felt genuinely happy when I beat them pre-update. Online trophies aren't hard either. All in all I recommend playing this game! 😃
  7. Ni No Kuni, one of the best games ever made imo. Can't get myself to go for the platinum though.
  8. Littlebigplanet 2.
  9. Played AC: Black Flag online yesterday.. Now I have an itch, that I want to get the plat for that game..

    1. ferginator88


      What system did you play it on?

    2. Eramir


      I played it on the PS4.

  10. Played it yesterday, had a good laugh. Love the details and the new skins. Might buy some packs.. 😏
  11. I wonder if evenDr_Mayus knows what this is about, or if he is just doing some random stuff
  12. Wolfenstein II, impressive!
  13. Platinum #38: Assassin's Creed: Origins Played the game with release, really enjoyed it. Always wanted to get the platinum but I couldn't get myself to go for all the locations. Now I did, and I'm happy with it. Really enjoyed it again and when straight on with the DLC (bought the gold edition, never played the DLC, until now) and I'm falling in love again. The platinum took about 50 hours, I'm surprised that the rarity is so high! On the other hand, its a great game! Next platinum probably will be PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale and #40 will be my favorite multiplayer game: R6 Siege. 😀
  14. Bioshock, DMC and Bayonetta comes to mind. Never got around to do those, never bought them either.
  15. You are a Bioshock fanatic! Makes me curious about the games.