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  1. I wonder if Alain was at least able to code three buttons properly this time. Not surprised, this is the type of garbage he was making under his old studio BMC Studios. Just cheap FMVs with the lowest grade "humour" imaginable. Apparently it's a filler cash grab between the two rotoscope projects (the first one being Totally Awesome Journey) because heaven forbid he gets a job with adult responsibilities. Maybe I did this to us. Maybe I shouldnt've gotten him and his last game banned from Steam.
  2. Correct. I loaded up the PS5 version myself and didn't see a way to transfer my save data from PS4.
  3. I'm sorry to hear your dad died when you were young. Mine did also. But that doesn't negate the fact that your family is pretty well off given the settings of all of your videos. Unless you're filming at someone else's home. And you live in Montreal, where buying a house isn't exactly cheap. Especially a house with a pool. Yes, your original games were bad, but they didn't get any better when your friends took off. Having a well-off life isn't a bad thing obviously, it affords you the time to do what you do. I just wish you'd actually use your time to get better at what you do. Kudos to you for finally admitting that you were kicked off of Steam. Not your mother. I'll give you +1 for finally taking some accountability for your content. No one said it was worthless. Just pointing out that your girlfriend did the animation, which was the bulk of the work. I still don't see anywhere in your new work where your skills have developed at all. I played one of your games where there were 3 buttons and one was coded incorrectly, and that wasn't too long ago. You dropped out of college, foregoing the chance to actually gain development skills, to show inability to be able to code three buttons properly. That is the point here. It is not being taken out of context. That "game" was absolutely repulsive. I didn't buy it btw, YOU sent me a key for it. I don't understand how you took "inspiration" from another, totally different, mental illness to create a game about depression? It didn't feel serious, plain and simple, with you standing there twitching, peeing, and taking a bath. But maybe that's because the entire personality that you've portrayed from the time you put yourself out there on the internet until now has shown you as nothing but one giant walking meme. Making fun of the pandemic in a different "game" didn't help anyone take you seriously, either. You sent me, a horror game reviewer, a key for a non-horror game. I classify that as spam. I also told you on at least three separate reviews that I wanted nothing more to do with your work and you kept sending me keys. I even told you I would only give you negative reviews. Part of your meme life I'm sure. Mm.. yeah I think my point stands. I know plenty of people who run eBay stores and fleamarket stalls and still have to have an actual job to afford rent, food, and bills. You're in your parents house, scraping money together from eBay, while working on games that I'm sure do not sell enough copies to foot the bill of life regularly. I will give you a second compliment here, you've at least always been able to take criticism. Not a misunderstanding. We both know it, now that you probably know who I am on Steam. I'm going to leave you with one last thought. This will be the last time I will ever address you directly because quite honestly, after half a decade of this back and forth, I am tired. Imagine your life in the future, where you actually have to care about rent/mortgage, property tax, electric/hydro bills, food, cellphone, internet, insurance, gas, upkeep, maintenance... where you have to be able to pay your own way and BMC/Kimulator/TNMS and your little eBay shop don't cut it. You apply for developer jobs. They want a degree. You have none, but reference your body of work. Your potential employer opens up your work to see nothing but FMVs with poor coding, some with distasteful content, and Twitter accounts that look like an 8th grader's notebook. Give some thought to how that's gonna go over.
  4. If anyone is interested, Puppet Combo has three novelizations of their games: 1. Babysitter Bloodbath 2. Nun Massacre 3. Murder House I read Murder House and it was a great game-to-book adaptation. Possibly better than the game itself in some aspects.
  5. The first one you linked seems to be PS4 only, while the second option seems to be the cross-buy. At least judging by the descriptions of each link. The first one just talks about the game. The second one talks about the cross-buy.
  6. I'll give you that in a general sense, your statement is right. I love a lot of indie devs and I've supported my fair share. I've also been around the block a lot on Steam reviewing hundreds indie titles and have had a ton of exposure to both incredible gems and straight up scams. I'll agree also that rotoscoping is a great animation style, I absolutely love it as well. Though I wouldn't give Alain much credit... his girlfriend does a lot of the animation work. Time-consuming, yes. But he has all the time in the world to make this garbage and has for the last 6 years. As far as I know, neither of them have jobs and he just lives at home with his rich parents. At least he did, I'm not sure now since he posted about getting kicked out and was e-begging for money while buying expensive old games off eBay at the same time and boasting about it.
  7. @Kristen Danielle And that's a beautifully artistic piece. The trailer for the depression game he made. Essentially it was 10 minutes worth of home footage of him: - Spinning in a chair - Pretending to smash his desk/chair up - Staring at the camera and twitching - Clawing himself in a bathtub - Peeing. Yes. Peeing. I'd known about him before with his Kimulator games (name taken from Kim Jong Un), but honestly when I got his shitty little spam code in my Curator Connect for that depression game and played it, I made it my mission to be a thorn in his side. Like you wanna treat life as a meme, fine. But don't meme on mental health and continue reinforcing the stigmas around it. I also suffer from depression, so it hit a nerve with me. Shortly after the release of this abomination, he released Coughing Simulator, which was making fun of the COVID pandemic.
  8. I'll tell you what the fuck this is. Because I had a hand in getting it removed from Steam. This is from a well known "indie dev" that used to go by the name BMC Studios <- click for a rundown of reasons of why this studio is trash. They were banned originally from Steam for selling some of the lowest tier garbage shovelware ever conceived and manipulating their reviews. They can't even code their games properly, and they usually only have like two or three buttons for choices in the games. Dev fought the ban and lost. Since BMC Studios got banned, the developer Alain decided to create a new studio called "Totally Not Me Studios" and got back on Steam. I called them out, flagged this piece of shit, and it eventually got pulled because he circumvented the ban by trying to say his mommy owned BMC Studios. I'm not making that up, it's on his Twitter. I'm both astonished and ashamed to see it on PSN. No. Just no. Not in this case. The dev behind this game is a POS and he's been at it since 2016 and has made little to no progress of doing anything even remotely respectable. Makes fun of depression by making a "depression simulator" type game that does nothing but shit on mental health. He literally sees everything as a meme, doesn't matter how serious it is. And the memes aren't even funny... unless you're in the age bracket of single digits. Games are, at best, 10 minutes long as well. I implore people to not support this trash or this horrid person of a "developer" (who dropped out of college to keep creating shit-tier games, so clearly he has no interest in getting better at his craft after 6 years).
  9. It's evident that someone needs to release their anger on these forums to make themselves feel better. I was expecting to get what I asked for, not some snarky bullshit from some person so discontent with themselves they gotta be a dick with every post they make. If you could take off your angry-goggles for a minute and exchange them for your reading comprehension goggles, you'd see I asked for developer confirmation. Not some leaked documents that do nothing. I read this forum, people seem convinced it's coming to PS, latest update from dev was "no plans to come to PS", therefore I thought there was something I missed. How hard is that for you, almighty being, overwhelmingly intelligent GOD OF THE FORUMS, to understand? My brain so small, Me so stupid. Don't worry. I'll just stop posting here all together. Too many people around here like you, heads so far up their asses it's unreal.
  10. Instead of treating people with the attitude that they're insensitive idiots, you could actually take a moment to realize that the Google algorithm is not a strict thing that shows the same search results to everyone. It actually bases your results on your own history and search routines. Therefore, Push Square was not on the top of my search results. That said, you probably didn't read the article. It doesn't give developer confirmation that it's coming to PS5, as per what I asked for. Just yet another useless article among dozens that talk about the leaked documents of it being a 3-month exclusive.
  11. Wow? Really? Like what? /s I'm not here to get political or talk politics. I know what's going on in the world. But I was wondering if anyone had found any confirmation that it is coming to PlayStation. I don't do Twitter or Social Media so it's quite possible that I miss announcements that only go there. People in this thread seem convinced it's coming to our platform, so I am curious.
  12. My friend played the beta and said the graphics during the beta were even worse. But yeah, if you played the demo then know that nothing is "upgraded" to the full release.
  13. Is it actually coming to PlayStation though? I know it's a timed exclusive, but last I read they said they had "no plans" to bring it to PS. Which I thought was an odd move. I couldn't find any news saying definitively it was coming. I hope so. I have a gaming PC just in case, but it's 7 years out-of-date at this point thanks to the chip shortage and skyrocketing prices of GPUs.
  14. This is what my friend and I were saying to each other as well, as both fans of Nioh. Graphics surely do not make the game, but this one took me aback for an AAA title from a generally good developer. It's also way too dark, even with HDR on and pumping up all the correct values. Agreed, this is how I'm playing it. Some FPS drops (like when the ballista was bombing me with a lot of enemies surrounding me) but looks slightly better. Wouldn't say "way". I think people that don't see the problem are either playing on 1080, 1440, or are sitting across the room from their TV. I'm directly in front of my TV. ...or maybe they need glasses 😝
  15. I'd say it was my PS5, but a friend sent me a screenshot of her game and it looks the same. I really don't think it's just me lol. Edit: After looking around more, it's not just me and there's nothing wrong with my PS5 or TV.