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  1. Having this same problem. What case did you pick? I chose the really cheap $40 one. Was gonna try buying a new one to see if that fixed it but haven't done so yet.
  2. I mean, it's your opinion and you're entitled to it. But don't state it as fact. My opinion is that it was good the whole way through and left a lasting impression on me for years. Not everything is meant to be enjoyed over and over and over with the sense of it feeling "brand new" again as you seem to want it to. You watch a movie once, you're going to have a reaction the first time you see it, and generally only the first time. So no, I guess I don't really get your point.
  3. At this point, everything, and I mean everything, has been done to death. It's important to remember that it's not about reinventing the wheel. It's about making the story be atmospheric enough, immersive enough, and captivating enough to leave a memorable impression.
  4. Thanks man, your tips really helped me nail it. This is my first Cooking Mama game anyway. Cheers!
  5. Thanks! I was getting super frustrated. I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. One last question, does how fast or slow you roll the ball matter? Because that's what the instructions make it out to be about.
  6. Any tips on the ball rolling stuff? I can't figure it out. I roll it "carefully" and it'll still seemingly randomly go splat when I put it down. Is it sensitive to how hard you move the analog stick down?
  7. It looks like any other 30FPS title to me. There are pop-ins though, it seems to need some optimization. I wouldn't say it's that bad.
  8. Since it is Cute-Spooky Animal Crossing, the game goes by real-world time. It's not like Story of Seasons or Harvest Moon where 1 minute in-game time = 1 second real-world time. Most people manipulate Animal Crossing by doing "time travel", aka setting your console clock to another day/time. The quests and amount of things you can do in one day are capped and you have to come back the next day before the story progresses (no new quests will spawn). This is the same for Cozy Grove. Edit: Time travelling works on PS4/PS5. Just go into system settings and change the date, you don't have to change the time. The in-game days seem to roll over at 12am your time. You do not have to close your game to change the date for it to work.
  9. Thanks for this! I only saw the official list from Sony, which was very short, maybe 10 or 12 titles.
  10. That's not what he said. It's what you're inferring/assuming that he meant. Just like what I inferred from his statement was that they don't transfer, period. I did explicitly state it is game-dependent. Many of the PS4 -> PS5 titles that've come out so far have offered cross-saves. YLAD seems to be one of the first that do not. This is also incorrect. There will be a stand-alone PS5 copy. It's not going "to be patched" into a PS5 game. Sackboy, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legions, Maneater... all have separate PS5 downloads. This will be the same.
  11. I know there's an "official" list of games that do not run on PS5, but Deliver Us the Moon is not on that list and there's also no "official" list for games that have issues running on the system. I just bought this title for around $17 CAD, stoked to play it, and in a couple of different parts, the game would just keep going to a black screen and giving me a 'software error'. After happening the first time, the PS5 indicated that this title "may have issues running on a PS5" when I would boot the game up. I did manage to fix the issue in both of the areas of the game that this kept happening with a reboot of the system. But I just thought I would throw this warning out there for anyone who may care, and not enjoy their immersion being broken repeatedly. I did almost quit the game when it kept happening at one point, as it crashed about 5x in a row.
  12. Incorrect. If this were true, we wouldn'tve been able to import the PS4 save data from Spider-Man PS4 to Spider-Man PS5. That said, it's all dependent on whether or not the title allows for PS4 save data importing.
  13. Yeah I'm dumb lol. So for anyone else who may have made this error thinking it didn't matter: the USB connection from the back of the VR box to the PS5 still has to use the front USB port on the PS5. Do not know why this makes a difference, but it does. As soon as I moved the USB from the back to the front of the console, the VR headset had an update and everything is working as it should.
  14. Hey everyone, I've tried searching this issue on the web with no luck, maybe I'm not searching the right terms. I've had my PS5 since launch and just today decided to play some VR. I've had it hooked up for a long time, this is my first time setting it up on PS5 though. Yes, I have the adapter. My problem is, the same image is coming through both lenses, and appearing in front of me. Nothing is "in VR". This has happened with Job Simulator and Intruders: Hide and Seek, the only two VR games I have loaded on my system currently. I double-checked and all of my cabling is hooked up properly. Any ideas?
  15. People have 100% due to save importing from their PS4 version. It will be the same for Nioh 1 as well. It was the same for Spider-Man Remastered, I got my platinum on that in 2 seconds (according to PSNP) due to save importing from the PS4 version.