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  1. I just found out that you can get Trapper with little/no effort at all. When you get to Idylla, you'll eventually get a side-quest where a guy wants you to go into the sewers to test his traps on giant rats. You use three levers to make the traps go off, and a long string of rats keeps running by. You can easily get the required amount of kills here to trigger the trophy. It just worked for me, and I had no idea this would count towards the trophy until it suddenly popped. Thought I'd give you all a heads up!
  2. Silent Hill: Downpour has a bad habit of just "forgetting" that you just killed or incapacitated an enemy. If you're like me (and several others) who missed out on killing/incapacitating 10 Weeping Bats, and are dreading the thought of a fourth partial playthrough, here's a method that I've confirmed is still working in 2020. 1. Play through the game all the way up until you get to Silent Hill. 2. Make your way to apartment with the fire escape (in the back yard, that also houses a dig site for the Useless Trinkets trophy) that's part of the story. 3. Go through to the other side, and make your way to the art gallery (you have to go through the alley that the postman goes through, then left, then left again through another alley). 4. This alley will have a Weeping Bat. Don't kill it yet!!! 5. Enter the art gallery, wait for the save to complete. 6. Exit the art gallery and kill the Weeping Bat. 7. Enter the art gallery, wait for the save to complete. 8. Reload the save that just occurred. Additionally, it seems as though the game does not count a kill if the enemy dies when it hits the ground. It has to be twitching around, and you have to whack it a few times to kill it. If the Weeping Bat dies on impact, your kill will not count. Keep a tab on your kills in the statistics screen, all the way at the bottom.
  3. I'm lucky I haven't experienced any crashing so far. I'm onto my third playthrough. I'm a big Silent Hill fan and I know a lot of people hated Downpour and the HD Collection. For me, since the patches for the HD Collection, it's tolerable and the fact that Konami literally threw away the source code for the completed versions of both 2 and 3 boggles my mind. Hyjinx actually did pretty well for piecing together all the missing components and everything else that they had to go through due to Konami's lack of support and Team Silent's disbandment. Downpour though... I just don't understand how an AAA developer let so many big things go unchecked. It's the screen tearing for me. I can deal with stuttering and 10 fps in some places, but the tearing kills me. Downright gives me a headache. The story is also like a fever dream and takes a total 180, the monster design is trash, and I just really can't come up with anything good to say about it. Even the "fun" ending isn't that remarkable. It also took them eight months to even send out a patch for this game, so no wonder so many people gave up on it. Here's to my third, and hopefully last, playthrough.
  4. Ah, thank god I found this thread. I was starting to think my PS3 was having problems. I haven't booted the system up in a year or two at this point, and Downpour was the first thing I popped in! Not only are the framerates abhorrent, but the screen tearing is also what really gets me! When the game is finally running smooth, the screen splits in half. I can't believe they let this game fail optimization so horrifically.
  5. Picked this title up on sale for $20 CAD and can confirm; no screen tearing. Worth it at the price IMO for the story. There is, however, unforgivable texture pop-ins and janky framerate issues. PS4 Pro seems to want it to run at 60 FPS but it's often all over the place. The stuttering is terrible. The graphics aren't even that good, so it shouldn't be this poorly optimized. Definitely a developer issue.
  6. I rarely get motion sickness, even in VR. Only flat game that has given me motion sickness was the very first Penny Arcade title. What about it causes you to feel sick? The lagging, texture pop-ins, etc?
  7. I feel bad for the folks that get motion sickness during VR. I'm lucky enough to not experience it very often, only during prolonged climbing for some reason (see Climbey, To the Top, etc). BL2VR is the first 'full length' AAA VR title I've sat down to enjoy. I tried FO4VR which came free with my HTC Vive, but it's terrible due to horrendous picture quality (blurry). I just played 4 consecutive hours of BL2VR without even realizing it, then decided I should proooobably take a break haha. I love it! I'm using the Move controllers too, and the driving takes a bit of getting used to. I have the 'comfort' settings all set to medium. Oddly enough, I found BL2 itself mediocre, even back at launch. It's by far my least favorite entry in the series, but for some reason I'm just having a total blast with it in VR and cannot recommend it highly enough.
  8. I just picked up PSVR in June 2020. Moto Racer 4 was on sale for $10 CAD, and it looked like it'd be a reasonably fun 3rd person VR game (I love the niche of 3rd person VR games). For reference, I've played between 200-300 VR titles on Steam with my HTC Vive... and this is the laziest excuse for a "VR game" I've ever seen. If you're thinking of getting it on sale, think twice... all they do is put the game on a cinema screen and call it VR! It's nauseating, and I very rarely experience motion sickness in VR, and headache-inducing because of the low quality. How could Sony let this pass? Edit: After further research, apparently this isn't a full-fledged VR game. The Playstation Store shows this as "PS VR Game". Not "Full Game" or "PSN Game". Even when it's in your library it shows as "PSVR" with the headset icon. This title only has a small amount of PSVR compatibility, as shown by some YouTube videos, but the PS Store AND PS Library both indicate this is a full PSVR title. Disappointed that Sony misled with this, and even more disappointed that there's no way I can get a refund because of their own mistake. For reference, other games with VR capability, like Concrete Genie, do not show any of the aforementioned.
  9. I did it by going to customize, selecting the first robot, going to noisemakers, picking "Good job!" (you have to scroll quite a bit), then doing local quickplay with one other AI and spamming the L3 button when he started to swing.
  10. Against my better judgment of NOT getting involved with this, especially on an identifying account, here we are. I am the only true active moderator over at Reddit's /r/PlayStationNow sub, and Starcade_Legend reached out to me via private PM asking me to load up PlayStation Now to confirm that Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 had all difficulties unlocked from the beginning. It does not. Now, I see that someone else here has already confirmed that, but as I know a lot about PlayStation Now let me elaborate more on how the service works so that you fine people can go back to doing your just duty of determining whether or not this player is cheating. PlayStation Now runs solely on downloaded games. The games are streamed directly from a real console. So this means that Starcade_Legend was playing via PlayStation Now either on PS4 or PC, which was then connected to a real PlayStation 3 console, with a copy of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 downloaded onto it, and streamed via the service. PlayStation Now doesn't offer, or do anything "special" or out of the norm for any games. It has already been confirmed here that: 1. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 only loads up Acolyte and Warrior difficulties at the start. 2. The game goes on a difficulty-by-difficulty basis thereafter and does not unlock the full spectrum of difficulties upon simple completion of Acolyte. The only things left for you to confirm is whether or not this is the same for the downloaded version from the PlayStation Store, if the aforementioned confirmations came from disc-based users, as that (digital download) is what is running on PlayStation Now. Additionally, the game may be in an unpatched state, as many are, so if the game ever did unlock difficulties early on at any point in its lifecycle or have glitched trophy pops, that needs to be taken into account as well. Let me know if I can help in any other way. Don't come and torch me, though. Edit: After a very brief Google search, it seems that 9-10 years ago, people could simply watch replays and get trophies for things; including Mentor difficulty completion. I do not know if this is what is happening here, but as a last bid of playing Switzerland, here are a couple links to take into consideration. Additionally, if the PlayStation Now version of this game is in an unpatched state, that has nothing to do with Starcade_Legend and everything to do with Sony; aka, the user could not have purposefully opted to play unpatched.
  11. I'm having the same problems. I managed to get into the top 4 and then I hit a fucking post and it was all over for me, because I couldn't reverse. Then I got into the top 10 and some wacky physics shit happened to me and I placed 22nd. I'm not bad at games, and I'm pretty decent at racing titles in general but this is just absurd.
  12. Finally got it after a bunch of trial and error. 1. Tell Mary your story (Yes). 2. Give tape to Bill (Yes). 3. Tell Brea you love Mary (Yes). 4. Do not shoot Mark. 5. Shoot Nelson. Trophy pops once you get inside Dave's house.
  13. I have all the achievements for this game on PC, but for some reason this trophy for PS4 is giving me a particularly difficult time. So far I have: 1. Said Yes to Mary 2. Give tape to Bill 3. Told Brea No about loving Mary 4. Didn't shoot Mark or Nelson 5. Slept with Brea 1. Said Yes to Mary 2. Give tape to Bill 3. Told Brea No about loving Mary 4. Didn't shoot Mark, shot Nelson 5. Slept with Brea 6. Reloaded, didn't sleep with Brea This is the last achievement I need, so I've obviously done other combinations and this still isn't unlocking. Probably on my 6th or 7th playthrough at this point.
  14. For anyone else having problems, and if OP didn't already get it: Don't attempt to stand on your horse and jump to another. Only use the Hijack option. You can only Hijack a horse that belongs to a guard, while you are mounted. So find any given horse, mount it, ride along until you see a guard. Ride up alongside the guard, press O to Hijack the horse, ride away. Wait until you're not being chased. Rinse and repeat.
  15. Thanks! We're both also Canadian! If you ever wanna talk BM/Doom, horror, gore, etc. hit me up. I'm always down to meet new people with similar interests.