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  1. The game is forcing me to link my Blizzard account, and it prompts to go to but I get met with a 404 error. Anyone else having this issue too? Or know a fix/workaround?
  2. Oh damn, didn't realized sorting by points automatically did this. Thanks! Was hoping platinumless titles wouldn't be allowed this gen, but seems the tradition keeps truckin' on.
  3. Just asking as this is the first one I've seen without. If not, what are some others?
  4. While you're doing the 1,000 kills in Murder Marathon, and after getting your 30 kill streak for Gorefest: - Get your streak to 14 and then purposefully miss. - When mom offers you a second opportunity, say no. - Rinse and repeat up to 1,000 kills and level 100 bloodlust. At 14 kills, you will always gain a level no matter what. In my experience, the extra XP does not carry forward into the next level of bloodlust. Therefore, anything over 14 is wasted and will cause you to spend a considerable amount of time grinding after you achieve 1,000 kills.
  5. Ah thanks for the link to the guide. I didn't see it here since it wasn't in this forum or linked to the game. Weird that this game has two separate forums? Even NA and EU converge usually.
  6. Not sure if this is well known or not, I didn't find out until I watched a platinum video for the game since I just could not beat phase 9. At the start screen, if you hold UP on the D-Pad and then hit X, you're invulnerable. This would've saved me so much time, effort, and frustration.
  7. What does holding down on the D-Pad do?
  8. Having this same problem. What case did you pick? I chose the really cheap $40 one. Was gonna try buying a new one to see if that fixed it but haven't done so yet.
  9. I mean, it's your opinion and you're entitled to it. But don't state it as fact. My opinion is that it was good the whole way through and left a lasting impression on me for years. Not everything is meant to be enjoyed over and over and over with the sense of it feeling "brand new" again as you seem to want it to. You watch a movie once, you're going to have a reaction the first time you see it, and generally only the first time. So no, I guess I don't really get your point.
  10. At this point, everything, and I mean everything, has been done to death. It's important to remember that it's not about reinventing the wheel. It's about making the story be atmospheric enough, immersive enough, and captivating enough to leave a memorable impression.
  11. Thanks man, your tips really helped me nail it. This is my first Cooking Mama game anyway. Cheers!
  12. Thanks! I was getting super frustrated. I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. One last question, does how fast or slow you roll the ball matter? Because that's what the instructions make it out to be about.
  13. Any tips on the ball rolling stuff? I can't figure it out. I roll it "carefully" and it'll still seemingly randomly go splat when I put it down. Is it sensitive to how hard you move the analog stick down?
  14. It looks like any other 30FPS title to me. There are pop-ins though, it seems to need some optimization. I wouldn't say it's that bad.
  15. Since it is Cute-Spooky Animal Crossing, the game goes by real-world time. It's not like Story of Seasons or Harvest Moon where 1 minute in-game time = 1 second real-world time. Most people manipulate Animal Crossing by doing "time travel", aka setting your console clock to another day/time. The quests and amount of things you can do in one day are capped and you have to come back the next day before the story progresses (no new quests will spawn). This is the same for Cozy Grove. Edit: Time travelling works on PS4/PS5. Just go into system settings and change the date, you don't have to change the time. The in-game days seem to roll over at 12am your time. You do not have to close your game to change the date for it to work.