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  1. I did the ten times Fenrir solo and it was fun and not hard at all after you get the hang of it. I say, go for it, since you have to farm souls/xp for the other trophies anyway. What is really boring me out of my mind, is reach the max season level, I already did all the challenges and I'm only at 35. The "optimal xp farm", 30 days Saga, that I already did twice, takes 5 hours and gives you only 5 levels, what a grind!
  2. All the details are on my video description, but to synthetize, play the Onigashima map with Whitebeard on "Hard", easy 2 mm berries per less than 3 minutes run:
  3. For the fifth level, close your app and restart, do the trick to go direct to that level and die on the ~76yr guy (is the first difficult one), then it will be just an easy pattern. Got it first try that way, but when I reached the fifth level I closed the app too fast and didn't earn the other trophies, lol.
  4. So, I tried to follow the walkthroughs available for this game and never saw worst walkthrough videos in my life, full of cuts, lucky based, slow and unnecessary hard... and while the game is not great, I did some thinking and could do a FAST, EASY and almost FLAWLESS run that ANYONE can replicate, since this game has ZERO RNG involved. Stop taking hours to platinum this masterpiece 😄. I think a < 9 minutes run is possible, I did 9:57, the UNCUT video is bellow, the only trick part are the "small jumps" that moves you forward and not upward (just jump while running about 15% before the end of the platform), but I only do it two times in this video, on the level 9 (it wasn't good) and on the level 12 (that was good!), for the rest I just use the weapon to move or let it go from the platform, no "normal" jump needed at all. Some notes: * Don't press the buttons while running; * When shooting to move, you will arrive a little bit above your crosshair position if you point your weapon at the 12 hour mark to measure first, the direction you shoot on the floor doesn't matter, the level 7 is very good to understand that; * Running while you shoot will influence all of that, that's why some solutions are possible, like on level 9; * Don't mind my level 1, since the "timer" was not started, I was testing my controller for drifting and yes, it was, lol.
  5. My tips after 2 days trying and finally succeeding, solo perspective: * Get ride of the ice asap, the trouble of have to deal with exploding barrels, rats, flying things, shielded elites and the constant risk of falling of the map is not worth at all. I'm pretty sure I would have got the 10 kills on the first day trying if I did that early; * Use the Ricochet Rifle, it's make the survival easy, you don't even need to proper aim, makes the Riphide a joke; * Get at least one piece Cultist to passive regen your mods (I personnaly did with Cultist + Twisted + Ossesus); * Xp rings/amulets are pretty good, but not a necessity for 10 kills; * The dog mod is super underrated (fyi: he bites the Dream Eater even when he is "invisible"), try it; * Turrets/Mender Aura for the secondary mod, since the dog can't reach some bosses; * For the Barbed Terror, just stay by the door shooting and dodging his melees attacks, very easy (melee pets won't work here); * You don't need to explore too much, just loot/kill everythig in your path and you will be fine for 10 kills; * Use the 2500 scraps consumables when possible; * 6 dragon shards are more than enough; * I personnaly didn't find the 10 kills very hard or unfun, the only annoying part is the long loadings even on a ssd. Tldr: With one piece cultist, ricochet rifle, dog, turrets and without installing the latest dlc, you can reach 10 kills solo without too much issues if you know the bosses (read the wiki for tips!).
  6. I think I did it too fast (no kidding 😄). Had to replay it on the next loop to earn the trophy, if it happens to you, it's faster to start a new game.
  7. Yes, it's enjoyable and addicting, but the first time I played I sucked and the trophies glitched so bad that I almost give up, thats why I posted, the glitches can easily ruin the fun.
  8. Not my type of game, but it was very cheap, so, I played on alts accounts till I "discover" an easy way to avoid 100% of the glitched trophies: First, follow the 3 playthroughs of BadDriver's video, I tried others, but "his" method is the fastest: The story trophies aside of the endings, will never glitch, but the miscs ones and the endings will problably glitch, so, to avoid that, play each playthrough on a different SAVE SLOT and just CLOSE the game via PS Button BEFORE playing each final mission (don't worry, your game is already saved and you can continue from your save slot), so: Close before "This Love" (best place to do the damage trophies, you can also retry from your save slot even after beat it); Close before "Farm"; Close before "Redemption". That's it, due to the percentage completion, people are unlocking trophies without too much trouble, but with the way described here you'll have a painless platinum even if you don't like puzzle games like me.
  9. Yep, I agree, prepper progression felt unnecessary confusing if you are not into guides, also the collectibles being hidden till you max a prepper connection felt silly. About the trivial cutscenes, I'm most grateful that we can at least skip them, lol. People said that playing on very easy or hard didn't make that difference, but I tell you, the timefall is much worse if you play on hard, although vehicles degradation is not a big problem, since you can easily use other players vehicles. About ziplines, I think I didn't described it right, because ziplines lv1 till 300m are fine, it's about zipline upgrade to lv2, when you gain 50 meters, so 350m, but the game don't tell you if there is an obstacle interfering before you upgrade it, sometimes it's easy to tell, but sometimes it's not (mountains, the farm with different terrain elevations etc). Lv3 I think I just built one for the trophy and you don't gain any more meters. The challenge to reach the point to build the perfect zipline is welcomed, but upgrading to level 2 being a hit or miss felt like a bug to me, although is very rewarding when you successful connect ~350m. Overall, the game is great and I wish the platinum journey was longer and more difficult.
  10. The game really gets better as you go, just reach the chapter 3, the power skeleton is a true game changer. I think there is a deluxe version that you get it from the start (I would not spend money on that tho). Later you also get grenade pouches, vehicles, extra batteries etc.You really don't have to carry a lot of stuff normally, but as a beginner, you probably will carry a lot of unnecessary stuff that just happened to be on the floor and you just didn't know that you didn't need it at that moment (don't carry materials like metals/ceramics if you don't plan to use it immediately), I did that. For the most part, you just need your cargo and some small stuff.It's a really easy and delightful platinum once you get a hang of it, it never felt boring to me and my only big annoyance was upgrading ziplines due to what I wrote.
  11. I liked the game a lot, very memorable, full of cool moments, the LOW ROAR songs are a great discover for me, but let me express some gameplay annoyances: BB crying/laughing for everything. What about an option to leave BB in a safe house/facility after you finish the game? I don't care about detecting BTs at this point; Climbing. The worst mechanic of the game by far, basically just button mashing till him grab; Stairs. Why not always have an option to "GRAB" the stair, so I don't fall for nothing!? Ziplines setup. Whenever you set that perfect Zipline that's 340m afar, clear view and you say, ok, cool, I'll upgrade it and then JUST AFTER you go to hell and back to get the components and upgrade it, the game tells you that EXIST an obstacle blocking, like seriously, whoever programmed that distance > 300m and < 350m red message takes priority over obstacle blocking red message should be FIRED, this is just stupid. I recommend saving before upgrade any zipline due to that; Rewards. Whenever you receive a reward (like 400 metals or 1000 blood bags), why can't I immediately put it in my private locker? You have to close the menu first, so, I end up just OFFLOADING. Like I said, I liked and I really recommend the game and the most part of this list must be annoying just if you are a platinum hunter, so, don't be so serious 😁.
  12. The sequence of the circuit is fixed for every time you restart the mission, so, if you reload the checkpoint after your first try on the pit start, you'll get the same circuit over and over, making things much easier (grab the m9 fast from the left box as soon as it opened, so you don't have to get it every time you reload the checkpoint). You can also restart the MISSION from the pause menu till you get one circuit where you can hit 9 doubles or 1 triple and 7 doubles, that way you can do a time of slight above 28s (28.20 or so) and still beat the 19.70 due to the ~170% acuracy bonus, of course you have to nail the other single targets and not miss any other shot. The sequence of 9 doubles is like that (use the m9): start: 1 double middle: 1 triple or 2 doubles (even if you triple, you still have to kill the window target with one bullet, so, the final result is the same of 2 doubles) inside: 1 double (if above the 12s mark when you enter the door, reload the checkpoint) stairs: Switch To Desert Eagle upstairs: 2 doubles (if not possible, restart the mission) ending: 3 doubles (if not possible, restart the mission) If you can get that amount of doubles on the circuit, just keep reloading the checkpoint for every try till you reach ~28s. I also think that's easier if you disable the auto-aim on the options and that way the tutorial part on the start of the mission will be faster due to no auto-aim tutorial. I restarted the mission 4 times till I got a good circuit, if you have the 9 doubles, it's indeed easy, since you can take your time aligning shots and still do ~28s. The video below is not mine, but it's a good reference for what I wrote, including the ~170% accuracy bonus, try to get a circuit like that, remember that you can be almost 4s slower than the guy on the video below for the trophy:
  13. Judging people "lack of success" in real life for playing "bad games" while you can't platinum GREAT (and easy) games like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn isn't the way to go, Santa... Although your quoted phrase is despicable, I will use it, so, I hope your real life is an outstanding success to compensate your outrageous bad profile here, in a TROPHY HUNTER website (gotcha!?).
  14. Yeah, some complete in days, others take years, that's why is called average, and at least for me, it's a relevant information that I would like to known. "How Long to Beat" does what I sugested with the steam api (yeah, the api can return only played hours tho), so, I think it would be great to have that same information on psnprofiles for almost ALL ps games. it's just a general statistic, it wouldn't shame anyone, but of course you can disagree. Game Over.
  15. Since psnprofiles has stored the platinum completion time of every user for every game, why not make use of it and show us the AVERAGE time to platinum for every game? It's a question of simple math. Yeah, yeah, for 100% with multiple DLCs, the average time to completion wouldn't be that accurate, but for average time to platinum, the data is the best on the Internet and should greatly incentivate the engagement of some not so well known games that don't have guides. To make it clear, only the users that completed the game should be accounted (platinum club / 100% club) and must be a minimum of 10 or so completions to the information be displayed.