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  1. Well, let me try to help you and maybe others giving a comprehensive answer: TLDR: No. I never ever played POE before and searching for a way to start I found the build linked here as the number 1 most popular guide on (still is), so, I decided to start following this guide and while I still feel that the guide is really TOP TIER for a new player (hence the popularity), I came to a conclusion that ANY ARC base build is TRASH TIER at least on the current console league, let me explain. Using the build linked here, following all of the bits, I couldn't level above 83, because I kept dying on TIER 8 maps and on POE, if you die on the end game content, you lose 10% of XP. Eternal Labyrinth was impossible, couldn't kill Atziri either, even betrayal on maps was a struggle... yeah, my thought was, probably I suck at the game, but maybe, just maybe is the build. Yes, I didn't invested much on good gear, but I had 3600 hp and 1500 es using MOM (like the guide) at the time. Even the author's videos have like 5000 hp and 2000 es and I didn't felt that this would changed much for me to justify the investment of my hard earned chaos orbs. The major problem with this build is that it needs a LOT of mobility to survive and so you do use whirling blades and flame lash all the time for movement, but on console you have DESYNC issues with this skills and that's not about lag or packet loss (I have a 20 ping), you are simply teleported back to your last position before using the skill and since you are very squishy (build inherent), you'll die from one shots that you didn't see coming all the time and that's not fun at ALL! So, what I did was create a new char, I didn't follow any specific build guides, but I went to: And saw what builds were thriving on delve depth, let's see, we have Molten Strike, Herald of Agony and Winter Orb... Since I didn't want to go melee (Molten) or channel (Winter Orb), I did go with the Herald of Agony build, heavily inspired by the current number 2 profile on the link above. Of course you don't need to use one of this 3 powers to succeed, but at least look at the most used skills on the left, ARC is no way around, that's maybe makes me half right. I'm not saying that NOBODY will succeed with an ARC build, I'm just saying that is not likely if you are not a GOD at the game. Using the HA build, I completed the all the yellow maps with deaths I can count on half of my hand, the build is so much strong than an ARC build that even hurts and while I have better gear than my ARC build (because now is worth), I'm with only 7400 ES running CI (1hp), no way near the 15000 ES that a top gear could provide me, still I feel I'm able to do all the content now without any stupid deaths, since blink arrow doesn't desync that bad and I can take some hits, Eternal Labyrinth for example feels now like a walk on the park. So, think about it, if anyone is struggling like I was, maybe a better solution is start a new char, since you keep your atlas completion, stash and your hideout. For leveling with any build, I recommend:
  2. Yeah, stupid mechanic, first time I play an "infamous" game and seems that if you take X damage (screen turns whitish) in a short amount of time you "die" no matter what hp you have, I would not upgrade my hp if I did know that.
  3. Tales of Berseria. The game is not bad, but the thropy requeriments got me bored a lot.
  4. I achieved this easily before reaching Black Station on survival (seems that money drop is the same between survival and spartan), just don't miss the safe on Frontline and the one on Trolley Combat after the fight, each one has 150 bullets, like the user above said. Also remember that you can sell almost everything and then reload the checkpoint. If you need help, just follow this video starting on Frontline till the second safe: