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  1. In my cases working, it's strage, probably it's only lucky
  2. Simply repeat Nemesis Boss Fight, after patch I'm beat again Ophin and trophy unlocking, don't restarting the game again lol
  3. After 4 million run on biome 1, FINALLY JESUS I'm dropping scout log 9, I'm try with parasite way, but in my case is totally useless.
  4. I'm restarting the game, my save don't work, the game starting from the begin, and for now I don't have psplus activated.... and now? I'm spread my ass probably RIP
  5. All good, I'm beating again last boss after update, and act II unlocking
  6. I'm beating Ophion, not trophy, finish act II not trophy, revive from artifacts not trophy XD. I'm try again =) good luck
  7. I'm miss only 2 xenoglyph on first biome, I'm repeat this biome 20 times and looking in all rooms.... AND nothing =(
  8. Very easy, simple memorize the position of enemy =)
  9. MMmhh try to different approach, in my randomic seed this warpzones it's on Light world, so I never seen this pattern
  10. BOOYYYY now please get a discount, the digital price it's fucking high
  11. But don't exit to the map, in this case the progress reset. Dev using this option for don't give a chance to charge the save on psplus, so yes no in one sitting but don't exit in the map world selection.
  12. Thanks Hooray, this is one of the most shit level I've found in this game. Probably I'm start to first for no death run attempt