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  1. Unfortunately I did not record at that moment, but on youtube you can find someone's video, who does not explain anything but at least see the lap to do. I did something like 45 attempts before doing it, always playing with the settings, and in any case the problem and the final curve. I wish you luck =)
  2. Hi guys, I was trying to give co-op trophies alone with two controllers, but every time there is always some level that requires you to face the level at the same time. Do you have any suggestions on feasible levels yourself with two pads? I have already read the guide but I do not find myself the levels I do the wrong ones.
  3. It's very easy, but this is useless. I'm love this game, the trophy or difficulty details don't count for me.
  4. Probably launch with Ps5 same day. I am excited
  5. I'm create new outlaw, and play with the player 2, and trophy finally unlock in my account… I really don't understand this game/boosting
  6. Unfortunately I have no videos, I have more, but I am in the game ranking with my results I can take a screen of that and my rank. This is my situation:
  7. No the problem is that with my player 1, I'm reach outlaw rank, so the player is correct. Tomorrow I would like to try to raise another character to see if the trophy unlocks. But the problem is that now I have a trophy out of order… and this is a real problem.
  8. Hi guys I'm boosting this game, I'm reach a bandit rank and the trophy don't unlock. After 1 hours I'm reach a outlaw rank and a trophy for outlaw rank popped. This a bug or glitch?
  9. Hi guys I have one question for the last 2 ending, I'm read this: TLB Bad = Finish the story with all weapon level 10. TLB Good= S route + all collectibles + all weapon lv. 10 The question is, it's possible unlock this ending with chapter select? Or I'm starting new run? EDIT: I'm finish a new run, I'm follow a S route + all weapon lv. 10, and few collectibles… and I'm unlocking TLB Good ending. So for this ending you don't need bring all collectibles guys.
  10. Easy trophy I'm using restart scene on the last 2 mission. Thanks @Vergil for the video guide
  11. I am very happy for you mate, GG for the goals.
  12. I'm destroy all checkpoint in ng+ and I'm starting a new save but nothing… any ideas guys? EDIT: I'm repeat a single stage, the trophy unlock after finish again, Propeller Knight stage. Probably I'm forgotten one check in the previous run.