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  1. Confirmed from tevexb, for paladin equip the cursed relic, and beat all bosses of isle 4 on normal difficulty
  2. Remain only Paladin trophy, any idea? I think Beat all bosses of isle 4 on expert? I'm play the game on steam, and for now only 4 player bringing them. But no solution in the game section forum =(
  3. Hi guys, I'm play in versus mode for this both trophy with 2 controllers, I'm using male characters for the first, but I'm unlocking both trophy in the same time... This is a glitch?
  4. Guys I'm try an retry this fucking trophy 40 times, the maximum time reach is 1:40:965. More than this I can't do, do you recommend any particular set-up? Online I see people doing 1:38, 1:39 .... I don't understand what I'm wrong.
  5. Hi guys I'm finish all trophy in this game for except 500.000 gold. I'm reading the guide, I'm finish the survival to 30 opponents more of one time, but the maximum gold for me is 18k after reac oppponents 30. Exist more fast process for this trophy ?
  6. I have a problem with autopop trophy, I'm charge my save and all trophy pop, but in my previous save I'm starting New Game plus, But don't finish, so now I have a trophy on ps5 list with autopop, but i don't have the trophy on my ps4 list, because I don't finish new game +... I don't understand
  7. Hi guys, I'm finish all tutorial fight before join in online mode, but the trophy don't unlock.... any solution? EDIT: Problem solving, sorry for the useless post
  8. Yesterday I'm watching a beautiful match in both side, it doesn't matter to me who won, I love football and yesterday the match thrilled me, obviously here in Italy a delirium happened, including myself. The only thing I regret is the vandalism and racist comments against Sacka and the vandalism with the rashford mural,.
  9. Confirm on my PS5, the trophy don't sync, and appear and disappear the trophy list, in the section
  10. Yes this is strange
  11. The minimum number of players to boost everything?
  12. Working perfectly, thanks for the tip ahahahaah
  13. In my cases working, it's strage, probably it's only lucky
  14. Simply repeat Nemesis Boss Fight, after patch I'm beat again Ophin and trophy unlocking, don't restarting the game again lol
  15. After 4 million run on biome 1, FINALLY JESUS I'm dropping scout log 9, I'm try with parasite way, but in my case is totally useless.
  16. I'm restarting the game, my save don't work, the game starting from the begin, and for now I don't have psplus activated.... and now? I'm spread my ass probably RIP
  17. All good, I'm beating again last boss after update, and act II unlocking
  18. I'm beating Ophion, not trophy, finish act II not trophy, revive from artifacts not trophy XD. I'm try again =) good luck
  19. I'm miss only 2 xenoglyph on first biome, I'm repeat this biome 20 times and looking in all rooms.... AND nothing =(
  20. Very easy, simple memorize the position of enemy =)
  21. Hi guys, I'm follow the guide of this game from BadDr., before I'm enter in the final basement for Where's Everything trophy, I'm bring a pause and I'm stay in the stairs room. The game show me a black screen and after starting the credits I'm unlocking the "Without Escape" trophy.... it's normal or is a glitch, bug? Video register with PS5: