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  1. After 2 months 0 platinum trophy and 5 trophy 0%... the game have a problem, or the platinum it's very hard?
  2. Thanks for the tips, Platinum Achieved !
  3. Really impressive GG man
  4. I don't understand how to obtain this plateā€¦ in the trophy guide don't exist a guide for the Link Disk section.
  5. Yep It's possible play taiko with this keyboard =)
  6. Hi guys, in this days I'm discovered and buy this keyboard, I am a Stepmania/Bms player, so for me this is the best alternative for 100 % of this game. Because the dualshock for me it's very useless in the rhythym game for example Taiko no Tatsujin. Now I'm waiting the ship, so do you think? I hope I have helped someone
  7. Ahahahah good it's really fun, After some years re styling the system of trophy.
  8. That's good, probably are most hard from the previous game, I'm excited
  9. This is my run on NA version, with a good RNG.
  10. I'm bring on multiplayer.com
  11. I'm prefer Ps2 version.
  12. I'm starting this game in a few time, Cross finger for me man
  13. I have a problem with 300k points, I'm play in arcade mode and unlocking 600k points(EU ver), with Na I don't have any problem, I'm try to reinstall the game... EDIT: 2 trophy glitched for me 300k points and collector trophy... I'm fix with reinstall the game and delete previous save data, because with only reinstall the trophy don't pop.
  14. The first column it's very easy, I think to try attempt with random friends thanks =)
  15. Hi guys, I was trying to give co-op trophies alone with two controllers, but every time there is always some level that requires you to face the level at the same time. Do you have any suggestions on feasible levels yourself with two pads? I have already read the guide but I do not find myself the levels I do the wrong ones.
  16. Hi guys, I'm play in versus mode for this both trophy with 2 controllers, I'm using male characters for the first, but I'm unlocking both trophy in the same time... This is a glitch?
  17. Guys I'm try an retry this fucking trophy 40 times, the maximum time reach is 1:40:965. More than this I can't do, do you recommend any particular set-up? Online I see people doing 1:38, 1:39 .... I don't understand what I'm wrong.
  18. Unfortunately I did not record at that moment, but on youtube you can find someone's video, who does not explain anything but at least see the lap to do. I did something like 45 attempts before doing it, always playing with the settings, and in any case the problem and the final curve. I wish you luck =)
  19. It's very easy, but this is useless. I'm love this game, the trophy or difficulty details don't count for me.