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  1. Personally I love this game. Think I am about 20+ hours in and have 30ish wins. Only 3 trophies left for the platinum (wins, revives and playing in a party) but I intend to carry on playing after I've got the platinum. Looking forward to all the stuff coming on the roadmap. If the game is 'unfinished' then any changes the Devs make are only going to increase my enjoyment.
  2. Thanks makes me feel slightly less stupid 😂
  3. There are a few missions (levels what ever you want to call them). Where I have got a silver or bronze and I just cannot work out what I've got to do to make the machine more efficient. Do the upgrade on the store enable you to go back and improve or are gold medals achievable straight away and I just haven't figured out the solution? Great game either way I'm loving it.
  4. Hangin Out is an absolute nightmare. Literally just turned the PlayStation off with a sigh of "Not today". Finished my first run through with a time of 1 minute 30 only to see no relic at all pop up. Thought I was misreading it when it I then checked the time and saw 1 minutes 3 seconds for the gold. Managed another run through at 1 minute 11 but I have no idea how I shave that time down at all I wasn't going slow or being cautious at all.
  5. I've recently started watching wrestling again and I'm loving Keith Lee. That guy can throw himself about for a big guy it's incredible to watch. I'm also loving Seth Rollins character but he needs some more disciples so he seems like a properly crazy cult leader.
  6. Yep I was being stupid I didn't pick the key card up from the guy in the warehouse after the boss battle 😂
  7. Has anyone else had the issue of not being able to get into to the corridor after you have the materials? I walk up to the door and I can't click on it to open it. Am I doing something stupid?
  8. I got to the same snowbound challenges mentioned in the original post and just thought wtf? No idea how I'm ever going to get them to be honest it's absolute madness, especially the takedowns in the zone in lockdown. Challenges aside I actually love this game. If I could pick one game to have a more active multiplayer this would probably be it and I would play it all the time. Chances are the challenges will stop be getting the plat though.
  9. I will have to see how long the story is. 5-6 hours and I will probably jump back in but if its shorter no way do i was to pay that much for the privilege. If it does turn out to be a rip off I at least hope it doesn't have trophies.
  10. Just like it says in the title. I'm looking to tidy this up on my profile and just wondered if I can still set up a boosting session?
  11. No problem. Please let me know how your progress goes. Fingers crossed for you 👍
  12. Yeah I tried both and was always getting people jumping into the game. After a couple of tries I did manage to get it though so alls well that ends well 👍
  13. I searched all the areas again and I think I had missed some bodies (Or possibly they had respawned) in the area where you get Ermac's amulet. I got them and then the bodies seemed to respawn much more regularly again. It might be a coincidence though I cant be sure. Just angle the camera up and run around everywhere and hit triangle every time it pops up. Really hope that helps.
  14. The first ones always free. That's how they get ya!
  15. Yes I believe so. Although the most efficient way to earn XP is still playing score attack I think. It will be all the DLC trophies I need to do in private matches.