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  1. Just wanted to mention I am going to be streaming "They Are Billions" tomorrow upon release. This game is meant to be really tough based on the early access on PC so if you want to pop by and check it out and see if its for you before you drop your money on it (And risk that sweet completion %) then happy to do the dirty work so you don't have to. Will be live from 8pm UK time at
  2. So lets make no mistake, Jak & Daxter is THE best platformer on PlayStation. I had a friend staying over at my house at the weekend and we rented it from blockbuster on PS2. It was his recommendation as I hadn't heard of it at the time. We played it all night and all the following day until he had to go home. I eventually bought the game and completed it but didn't get the 100%. I then re bought it on PS3 and got that beautiful platinum trophy. Imagine my devastation though when I then started Jak II shortly after having missed it the first time round. Seeing as you guys did a whole patreon episode on why that game is garbage I don't feel I need to explain myself. An honourable mention does also have to go to Rayman Origins. When I got my PS3 it was the only game I had and after finishing the game I had a glance at the trophy list. Having played on Xbox previously and having no inclination to get achievement points I never considered going for a platinum trophy when I bought my PS3 but I thought it looked doable and would get me an extra weeks entertainment before I had to drop another £40 on a game. That was my first platinum trophy and 7 years later I am on a trophy hunting website and a member of your excellent trophy hunting community so I guess I have a platformer to thank for getting me here.
  3. It is on the UK playstation store now: I'm very tempted to pick it up but might wait till its on sale.
  4. Hey Everyone I currently have a pinned tweet on my twitter where you can vote on the next indie game I stream. If you see something that makes you think you would drop in to watch them please cast your vote 👍 Check out @fraidofthefolly’s Tweet:
  5. Hey everyone. I will be live in about 1 hour 45 minutes. I've attached a clip from last week. If it seems like your sort of thing drop by and say hey 👍. IT CAN USE DOORS!!!
  6. About to go live if you want to drop in and say hey.
  7. Today is the day guys! In just under 11 hours I will be playing Soma live on camera. Hope to see you there.
  8. Thank you both. Very much appreciated. You will see me Sunday (I will be the one crying in fear on your chosen twitch viewing device).
  9. I already gave my opinion in the discord but for those who haven't joined (And what the hells stopping you btw) I think it was just "Meh". Partly I think Sony are their own worst enemies in a way. Everyone tuning in would want to hear about either Last of Us Part 2, Death Stranding or Ghosts of Tsushima so if they had no info to share for any of those games I think most people would think "Whats the point?". Having so many amazing games that we know are coming has set them up for a bit of a fall when they don't mention them. They didn't really show anything new either they were pretty much all games we knew about before. I also think the decision to end with MK 11 was bizarre. Anyone who has even a passing interest in that game has been getting announcement from the Kombat Kast every two weeks or so. I like the idea of sporadic PlayStation announcements but maybe just wait until you have something that will get people talking rather than just announcing for announcements sake. To end on a high though I do think Observation looks really cool and I have preordered so I guess it wasn't a total bust.
  10. I've got this game preordered. Really excited about it. I think it looks like such an interesting concept.
  11. Hey Everyone Just wanted to do a quick plug of my twitch channel. 3 weeks ago I started a platinum run through of Hotline Miami. With the main story finished I have paused that run through to start a blind playthrough of Soma (On camera so you can see my very real anxiety when I play horror games). I may go back to Hotline Miami after but at this stage I'm not sure what the channel is going to be (Maybe trophy hunting maybe scaring myself for others enjoyment maybe a mixture of the two). I stream Sundays at 8pm UK time until roughly 11pm with a plan to add an extra day in a month or two if family commitments allow. If it sounds interesting to you please drop by and say hello this Sunday (I have 4 or 5 people currently active in my chat so plenty of room for more) for episode 1 of the Soma Stream and by all means DM me in here or post below any feedback as to how I can improve as I am having a blast and really want to be the best streamer I can be. Currently just streaming directly from my PS4 but should I miraculously make affiliate then I am hoping to invest in a bit more of a professional set up to get the bells and whistles that make twitch streams so fun. Appreciate your time.
  12. I started playing 2064: Read Only Memories to give myself a break from Yakuza Kiwami for a bit. I'm using a guide so it's pretty straight forward but I am enjoying the story so it is keeping me engaged. I'm then going to go back and finish the story for Yakuza Kiwami before I tackle anymore of the completion list. I love the story but this trophy list is not enjoyable. I refuse to give up though. Im going to save the mahjong requirement untill Zack does it though. So tell him to step it up!
  13. Life is strange for £2.79. Yes please!
  14. I'm currently going for Yakuza Kiwami. Think I am about 20 hours in so a while to go. Think I have about 40% of the completion list done though which is good as its the 100% completion I am dreading with this game. Still have a kill playthrough of mafia iii plus dlc and heavy rain part finished but they are parked at this stage until at least the first Yakuza playthrough is out the way.
  15. I would never avoid a game because of trophies but I will write off getting the platinum if there is a no die run on the hardest difficulty without saves. I would probably try the trophy every so often but I really cant ever see me managing to get this type of trophy. I'm not really concerned about my completion % as my step son plays games on my account so there are certain games on my trophy list (Overwatch & Fortnite) which will never have a high completion % as he doesn't trophy hunt so my average is pretty much ruined from the get go. One thing I do though is let trophy difficulty/length affect the order I play my back log. I have had Persona 5 for months and I have started other games ahead of it despite being told every week on The Plast Cast what an incredible game it is. Once I am done with Yakuza Kiwami I keep saying I will start it (Maybe after some quick plats of PS+ indie games first). I will get the Persona 5 plat in 2019! There I have said it so now I have to do it.