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  1. I might be wrong but didn't an earlier patch of the game allow you to unlock all the stars if you co-oped with someone who had them?
  2. Wouldn't sony send through an email though?
  3. Dark Arcana: The Carnival Platinum Quick and easy plat.
  4. Abyss: The Wraiths Of Eden Platinum Quick and easy plat.
  5. Clockwork Tales of glass and ink Platinum Quick and easy plat.
  6. Suicide Guy Platinum Trophy Quick and easy plat. Can be a little annoying at times, and the bastard doesn't always jump when you tell him to. The hardest part of the game would probably be the last level where you have to fight that phantom guy bloody hard to hit him at the last part and jumping on those platforms can be annoying when he doesn't jump like you want him too.
  7. No it's relevant to people who may have the same question at some point in the future while browsing old threads.
  8. I get MK vs DCU the combos are hard as hell. But RE5? It's actually a pretty easy plat. I get what you mean.
  9. You're not flagged from the community, just the leaderboards until you hide the game.
  10. I reported a few. SLYDE the private trophies were unlocked in the wrong order. Tekken 7 it's impossible to do 10 rage arts in 7 seconds. It takes that long to do one. Also you need to get down in health and can only do one once per battle unless in practice mode.
  11. I haven't played this at all but from this comment I'm guessing that the Homeless side quest is the last side quest and a fishing rod not appearing causes you to be unable to finish this quest which results in needing to do another playthrough for the side quest trophy. Like I said I haven't played the game and I'm guessing. However, the trophy for completing all side quests popped 3 hours after the homeless side quest. So is the homeless side quest the last mission. How does the fishing rod stop you from completing all side quests but not the homeless side quest?
  12. Not only looks easy but pretty fast as well.
  13. What do the numbers in brackets mean before and after the name?
  14. Do no work around? Like putting in one that’s been repeatedly used?