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  1. Isn't the device limit 2 each for Vita, PS3 and PS4?
  2. This is a dispute thread so what are you disputing?
  3. Oh no
  4. Alright, everything is fine just incredibly busy with work lately.
  5. Post reason for the flag and the trophies that were flagged but I think I see the issue you got professional after Star 69
  6. Reason for flag? Trophies that were flagged?
  7. Need to hide the game to get back on the Leaderboards.
  8. I'll hopefully do better next season, started back at work recently and am on a small break from gaming, I love Soul Sacrifice Delta but it gets a bit repetitive after a while.
  9. However something you said has me questioning a few things you mention that you spent 10 to 12 hours a day playing this game for about a week so we'll over 70 hours and the 10 hour trophy didn't pop, so questions are, is this trophy known to be glitch? What counts towards those 10 hours is it just gameplay time or does being on the start screen count? Also is it saved? As an example you play through a level say for arguments sake you spend 9 hours and 59 minutes in a level and then you quit out to the xmb when you get back in the game would the trophy pop or would you need to spend another 10 hours in the game? Depending on the answer to that question did you regularly quit out of the game before finishing a level?
  10. I know this is an old thread but another issue that will pop up is you need a credit card or PayPal account to link to it, (this may just be the free trial) and being in New Zealand myself I know from experience that my credit card and PayPal account don't work on other region accounts. Although since I'm bumping this thread and I want to ask this anyway can you now use PS Now on another account now that you can download games and not just stream them?
  11. Using cheats is allowed anyway, anything in game is allowed, outside software is what's not allowed, although I do have a question in regards to this, I remember years ago on PS2 Gran Turismo had a cheat disc you could use, not sure if anything like that exists today but would using that be against Leaderboard rules? I remember hiring the disc from the video shop so my guess is that the Gran Turismo developers published it.
  12. Do you remember the reason for the flag and what trophies were flagged?
  13. Nothing else on his list looks cheated at first glance I just checked the obvious games that are usually cheated but his BO2 looks weird up the top he went from level 10 to prestiging in just over an hour and obviously the big leagues trophy, my guess is he got a mod menu, popped the big leagues trophy and gave himself experience to level up faster, although I've only ever heard of the mod menu only popping all trophies at once so my guess is he waited for the big leagues trophy to pop and shut the system down straight away was a bit to slow the that other trophy popped with it. That's what it looks like to me what happened anyway.
  14. I'm about to go to sleep lol I'll need you to do the same in return.
  15. I can't message you due to your privacy settings but I'm up for boosting it. My PSN: DEMONICRUBLE18