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  1. So has anyone else just been buying all the shovelware games on the store just incase they get delisted? Or is it just me? Just doing the one region for now though. Also I see alot of people complain about shovelware games and usually know about a majority of what they are but is there a list of them all somewhere? Oh and for the whole argument thing about them all I'm all for live and let live so you do you, although one thing that I can't help but question some of the trophy hunters that go after these plats, why don't you play anything else? I've seen profiles where it's full of 30 minute or less Platinums occasional other game but it's rare, is it to keep a 100% profile and you play games on another account? I understand the competition and wanting to be at the top of the Leaderboards I really do but seriously some of the profiles I've seen they have a PS5 and like nothing but shovelware titles are played and it makes me wonder why spend so much money on something if you're not gonna play other stuff? Again I get it for the Leaderboards but it's really strange to see sometimes.
  2. Just saying now that yes I want to continue into next season.
  3. I heard there was a plug in on Firefox that could be used to pull data from the way back machine.
  4. Not sure if this has been requested but could you please add PS3 and PS Vita stores? It would be great to see what games are available on the store and be able to sort by trophy time, difficulty and pricing, I'm not sure as to how difficult this would be to do but I'm guessing once it's done you wouldn't have to update very often just remove delisted games.
  5. Sign me up if I'm not already please
  6. So I read some posts skimmed others skipped some entirely, too tired to read everything, but I do like the idea of an additional rarity Leaderboard and another one for removing stacks, but in addition to what we already have also in answer to some comments about ezpz games taking over, atm I'm working on PS3 games trying to get first on every Leaderboard for my country and working on PS3 first, anyway I'm starting off with easier games and one of the ways I've been doing that is looking at the percentage complete and for a the first few pages it makes sense in essence of easy games then you see something like Dark Soul's pop up with a higher completion rate than say Ben 10, I haven't played a souls game beyond about 10 minutes in Demons Souls but I do know that their bloody hard but people enjoy them alot hence the high completion rate, point is that this idea of the color coding wouldn't work not just because it's a form of discrimination against people who enjoy easy games but because it could target people who just enjoy popular games that have a high completion rate, in addition to that, the ezpz games can be alot of fun I have rather enjoyed the ones I've played so far, but I've also enjoyed everything else I've played, in response to Leaderboard positions I've noticed that most people only focus on either one or the other ezpz only or avoid them completely, while I do think people who stick to ezpz games are missing out on some other great games I think the people who don't play them are also missing out on some pretty fun games. At the end of everything we're gamers trophy hunters and people just let everyone enjoy what they do with no judgments.
  7. I'm trying to order the easiest PS3 games as there doesn't really seem to be a list for the system that includes all games, that I've found anyway it's all PS4/5 but this will definitely come in handy as I'm wanting to get a list for all different platforms although this is going to take awhile lol thank you.
  8. Hey not sure if this is possible or if it's already there but I don't know about it but can you make it so we can sort games by difficulty and time estimates taken from the trophy guide/s available? Not just our own games but when browsing games.
  9. Hey so I'm on the final boss, doing the mine strat but I was wondering for anyone who's played this does not hitting him work? Like just let him shock himself to death? I know other enemies have died just on the mines.
  10. Sweet thank you, and yeah I've noticed the high prices.
  11. So I'm not doing the Vita trick so please don't suggest it. So question is for the Limited Run Vita Games what region are they? I was thinking of getting an additional stack if they're not already the EU region, I know eastasiasoft if is Asia but no clue on Limited Run.
  12. I know I'm early but can I please sign up for Season 36?
  13. Hey so not sure if this is the right place to put this but I'm running a give away on my YouTube channel the details are here in the video. If this is the wrong place to put it let me know so I can correct it I have another one planned but that's for a game on steam that I got a spare code for.
  14. Now started on Wolfenstein The Old Blood
  15. Vader Immortal Story videos, with some Jedi Challenges Then the start of the three episodes in the 100% Run but not sure when I'll add to that. Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Here is my Wolfenstein The New Order Platinum Run more will be added just started playing it yesterday.