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  1. hello everyone, first time posting so i apologise if i violated anything but here's my issue. 

    with the delisting taking place on my region, i managed to miss one expansion on driveclub bikes. the EBR pack which has 3 trophies. i realised too late and it disappeared from the store. stuck on 'Coming Soon' on my bikes tour homepage. after freaking out i noticed the forum about the NA store still having it. so i went with my NA account and had to buy the bikes expansion and then picked up the EBR expansion for free. it says installed on the 'your add-ons' section but for both the accounts. ie; my primary one and the NA account it's still stuck on coming soon.


    How do i get the events? i have no idea what to do about it except for trying to reinstall the game and add ons, which in some way i did. transferred my saved data to a new console, used the driveclub disc and the adds on were all added on their own, but still EBR has Coming soon on it. Thanks in advance guys